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  • Musicians On Call

    Musicians On Call View Profile

    It’s no secret that music can help you feel better. That’s why Musicians On Call brings music to the people who need it most – hospital patients. Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. By delivering live, in-room performances to patients undergoing treatment or unable to leave their beds, we add a dose of ...

  • knights on earth

    knights on earth View Profile

    together we are the musical band of humans called Knights On Earth. Individually, have played or recorded with spoon, gil scott-heron, phil ramone, antibalas, earl greyhound, and charlie hunter among many other wonderful humans. each member of this band has toured all of the world in different projects. we all believe that this band has the same traveling destiny. we spent much of 2009 working on ...

  • Man On Earth

    Man On Earth View Profile

  • Books on Fate

    Books on Fate View Profile

    Books on Fate is the solo moniker of the San Francisco artist Adam Dishart (formerly of the Catholic Comb). Playing pop music tinged with melancholy, Books on Fate showcases Dishart's penchant for 80's-era pop and his ability to "capture the alienation and wistfulness of youth.

  • Lights On Festival

    Lights On Festival View Profile

  • City On Fire

    City On Fire View Profile

    CITY{ON} FIRE formed in 2010 when Andrea Diaz (vocals, keyboard) met Marc Anderson (violin) at a Halloween party in Brooklyn. The two began collaborating with Marc’s younger brother, Stephen Anderson (drums) in the Anderson’s home in Jamaica Queens. Since it’s inception, CITY{ON} FIRE expanded to include Adriel Williams (violin) and Mat Miller (keyboards,synths). CITY {ON} FIRE’S pop-noir music ...

  • Portrait On Fire

    Portrait On Fire View Profile

  • Tongues on FIre

    Tongues on FIre View Profile

    Formed in the mid 1980's in NYC's East Village, TOF was a staple at CBGB's and many other Downtown venues. The band at the time consisted of Shauna, Roger, Chuck and guitarist David Lee. TOF recorded a CD out of sessions at the famous Harold Dessau studio and at Concrete Music (David Lee) on the TOF label. After life carried us in different directions, reunited in 2010, performing in NYC and Woods...

  • Hands On Fire Band

    Hands On Fire Band View Profile

  • Trip on Gravity

    Trip on Gravity View Profile

    Trip on Gravity is like a slap of fresh pavement to the face. We embody all the chaos, enormity, and uniqueness that is New York City. Our sonic qualities mimic the melting pot fervor of a metropolitan iron giant. The sound? It's a prog metal heart attack caused by molasses thick dance grooves, tribal beatings, a dose of high-octane guitar riffing, and a pinch of sassy vocal pop. We're the f...

  • Robbers On High Street

    Robbers On High Street View Profile

    Although Robbers on High Street only started playing together and in public in 2002, singer/guitarist/keyboardist Ben Trokan and guitarist/singer Steve Mercado had been friends since their childhoods spent in Poughkeepsie, NY. After high school, Trokan moved to New York City and began jamming with drummer Tomer Danan while Mercado stayed at home, getting together to play with friend and bassist Je...

  • Breakfast on Neptune

    Breakfast on Neptune View Profile

    Indie/Alternative rock band based in Shelton, CT

  • Planes On Paper

    Planes On Paper View Profile

    Technically, you might say Planes on Paper began to exist in some form quite a while ago. Navid Eliot and Jen Borst began their musical partnership in 2011, performing under the name Not Amy, though they often traveled as a duo, to promote the larger band. After some time, though, the inspired duo decided that a more writing-focused project would better suit their individual and joint artistic des...

  • Lost on Purpose

    Lost on Purpose View Profile

  • Youth on Soda

    Youth on Soda View Profile

    Youth on Soda - is the anti to today’s pop culture - we are not after the perfect  - the pleasant or the pretty - we are the departure from ideal love and lovable idealism  - bringing a form of last century rebellion, aesthetics and seething rock heard in songs like “Panpal”, the mocking anthem “Lovesong” and the antipop “Too Many”. ...

  • 5 On Sundays

    5 On Sundays View Profile

    5 on Sundays is a new cover band based out of Charlotte, NC We play a little bit of everything (rock, country, R&B, blues, funk and pop).

  • Crooks on Tape

    Crooks on Tape View Profile

    CROOKS ON TAPE is John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac), Rick Lee (Enon, Skeleton Key, Butter 08), and Joey Galvan (Mannheim Steamroller, Anthrax). The unscripted band was born out of a simple notion: convene, improvise, and record every moment. In 2010, the Los Angeles trio assembled a rotating fortress of instruments, synthesizers, samplers, and loopers. Crooks recorded hundreds of hours of materia...

  • DJ On Target

    DJ On Target View Profile

  • Murder on the 405

    Murder on the 405 View Profile

    "Murder On The 405 is a South Bay band that operates within the beefy realms of hard rock and heavy metal – or somewhere in between and outside." - Jeff Vincent, The Easy Reader

  • Rain On The Blacktop

    Rain On The Blacktop View Profile

  • Blood On The Dance Floor

    Blood On The Dance Floor View Profile

    Starting out as an electronic band almost 9 years ago, the duo has now participated in Warped Tour twice, their CD Evolution topped the charts as #1 on the Billboard Top Electronic Charts, and #8 on the Top Independent Albums Chart. They were also able to attract the attention of Joel Madden from the well-loved band Good Charlette, and the artist Deuce.    The dark Electronic ...

  • Flowers on the Fence

    Flowers on the Fence View Profile

    San Franciscan emo-indie rock band.

  • Jesus on the Mainline

    Jesus on the Mainline View Profile

  • Alone On The Moon

    Alone On The Moon View Profile

    Alone on the Moon is a video-obsessed, instrumental post-rock/stoner/post-metal band from Houston, Texas. The group formed in 2012 as a collaboration between Joe Lovchik (guitar) and Seth Johnson (bass). Joe and Seth met through mutual friends and found they had the same vision for a heavy, instrumental sound. Nathan Smith (drums) was quickly recruited to fill out the jam sessions, and the trio...

  • Band On The Moon

    Band On The Moon View Profile

    While we originally formed in the summer of 2009, Band on the Moon has its beginnings rooted much further in the past. Members Felicia Anderton (vocals), Addison Aldous (drums), Elan Bartholomew (guitar/vocals/keys), Amber Waldron (bass/keys), and Steve Hutchinson (guitar) all started playing music together at the age of 15 with the (incredibly influential) help of Dave Murphy and Joshua Payne at ...

  • Lady On The Moon

    Lady On The Moon View Profile

    Alex Keating, the drummer and back-up vocalist of “Lady on the Moon,” found a passion for music at the age of six. Raised in Las Vegas, NV, Alex was given his first drum set for Christmas in 1999, and he immediately enrolled in private lessons. Participating in bands as well as classical ensembles throughout middle school and high school, Alex also became a professional musician playing all around...

  • Mansions on the Moon

    Mansions on the Moon View Profile

    These guys come from Virginia, Tennessee, California and Iowa. Formed in 2011, Mansions on the Moon hit the ground running. Their band name comes from the concept of turning a dream into a reality, and thats what they are accomplishing with their music. Their first release Paradise Falls was produced by Diplo and DJ Benzi and gained attention from everyone. They went on the Green Carpet Tour, w...

  • Pedal On The Pier

    Pedal On The Pier View Profile

  • Boys on the Radio

    Boys on the Radio View Profile

    Boys on the Radio is an American, alternative, pop/rock band hailing from Nashville, TN. Formed in 2013 by frontman/singer Michael Shepard. Their debut album "Horizons" is expected out in early 2014.

  • Death on the Radio

    Death on the Radio View Profile

    Los Angeles is the backdrop for the newly formed project lead by Powers, a booming talent heavily featured during the four episodes of “Hollywood Week” on American Idol Season 9 and the result was nothing short of outstanding: “You are beautiful and you sing beautifully,” - Simon Cowell. “I like you in your pain,”- Kara Dio Guardi. “Mary, you can sing anything,” - Randy Jackson. And ...

  • Rust on the Rails

    Rust on the Rails View Profile

    Cody Beebe and Blake Noble have been no secret to the Pacific Northwest music scene. Beebe, a Washington State resident and front man of Cody Beebe & the Crooks, has toured extensively, nationally and internationally, developing a die-hard following of their Northwest rock influenced, Americana sound. Australian born Noble was an instrumental breath of fresh air when he arrived in Seattle i...

  • Eyes on the Shore

    Eyes on the Shore View Profile

    San Francisco/Oakland quintet Eyes on the Shore is comprised of Cory Tauber, Kayhan Golkar, Antrom Kury, Kevin McCann & Erik Huang. The music is a blend of guitars, drums, washed out effects, harmonies, and electronic beats. Dipping into psychedelic rock, chill wave, and tropical grooves, the band's sonic signature has a floating, ethereal feel. Eyes on the Shore is currently recording a...

  • Night on the Sun

    Night on the Sun View Profile

    Based in the North Jersey/NYC area, Night on the Sun is a 4-piece band focused on pioneering a unique brand of pop music: catchy and accessible, yet vulnerable and daring. Headed by singer/songwriter Nick Rezzonico, the music plays to his emotive strengths as an artist; melding what is authentic, raw and intelligent with a modern soundscape lush with hip hop percussion, heavy synths and arena-wort...

  • Dead on the Wire

    Dead on the Wire View Profile

  • Wasted on the Young

    Wasted on the Young View Profile

     Wasted on the Young. Classic Rock from the Eagles, Bob Seger, Bad Co, Dishwalla, Black Crowes, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Beatles, Talking Heads, Joe Cocker, Matthew Sweet, Elton John and more.

  • Whos On Third

    Whos On Third View Profile

    Who’s On 3rd is a trio of singers, songwriters, and producers that explore various genres, such as: Pop, R&B, Indie, Edm,  World, and Afro-Caribbean. They hail from NJ, but make their home in Los Angeles. The core members are: Keith Cunningham: Songwriter, Mike Cunningham: Producer/Songwriter/Vocalist, and Chris Halliwell:Vocalist/Producer/Engineer. In their music you can hear influ...

  • Beans on Toast

    Beans on Toast View Profile

  • Only On Tuesday's

    Only On Tuesday's View Profile

    Only on Tuesdays was founded by Singer-Songwriter Autumn Skibinski in 2009. Autumn’s unique, breathy vocals are key in separating Only on Tuesdays from the growing sea of artists. As a solo artist based out of a small town in Wisconsin, Autumn toured and connected with fans and musicians alike all across the Midwest and the South. In late 2011, Autumn relocated to Los Angeles where she joine...

  • Raised on TV

    Raised on TV View Profile

    We are a rock trio from Los Angeles, CA. Our sound? Well, if Jimi Hendrix and Weezer had a baby... huh, that'd be really weird. Feel free to contact us. Also check out our debut EP!

  • Cosmonaut on Vacation

    Cosmonaut on Vacation View Profile

    Cosmonaut on Vacation is space-pop a.k.a echo-ey and melodic rock-and-roll played loud and proud. Full stop.Imagine clashing plaid, Ray Ban Aviators and Mickey Mouse and you've got it. Hmm, well sorta. LET THE MOMENT LAND is born from the wildly inventive, collaborative world of the Birmingham, Alabama Indie rock scene. In May 2011, Greg Slamen, formerly of Through the Sparks and Stateside, dec...

  • Nightmares on Wax

    Nightmares on Wax View Profile

    Nightmares on Wax is an institution, albeit a delightfully different one. The man behind the moniker, George Evelyn, just keeps reinventing, not in a wilful Bowie way, but flowing along, going at whatever speed he fancies to wherever his ideas carry him. For the last seven years he’s lived in an Ibizan farmhouse and, while he’s Warp Records’ longest serving artist – &ldq...

  • 100 Onces

    100 Onces View Profile


    AWOL ONE View Profile

    California artist Awol One is rumored to be over one thousand years old and every single one of those years can be heard within the cracks of his voice and lyrics. One may call him a crude poet, a drunken rambler or a melodic voice for slackers but nobody can deny that he's maintained an uncompromising level of intelligence, honesty, melody, dark humor and originality. Touring the planet as a ...

  • Conjure One

    Conjure One View Profile

    Conjure One is the main creative outlet for producer Rhys Fulber, former member of industrial flag bearers Front Line Assembly and ambient electronic crossover act Delerium. He is also known for his extremely varied production resume which includes artists ranging from Fear Factory to Josh Groban.

  • Dregs One

    Dregs One View Profile

    Hip hop started out as a way to organize and uplift the community – with a mixture of civil rights and creative expression, Dregs One is an artist who is doing just that. And as an influential emcee/producer and a community organizer in the movement, he “can’t help but be aware.”   “I’m tired of the gangster rap bling bling fantasy that they show...

  • Electric One

    Electric One View Profile

    Electric One is a rock band from Los Angeles, CA formed by two pairs of brothers.

  • Jace One

    Jace One View Profile

  • Level One

    Level One View Profile

  • Murder One

    Murder One View Profile

  • Psalm One

    Psalm One View Profile

    With accesories and regimines being more exciting than some females these days, it's nice to know that some of us can still rap. Rhymesayers has its hands full with this one, but part of that is because she has boobs. Psalm One, the self-proclaimed "fuck a" fem-cee is gearing up for her second offering, the follow-up to 2006's critically acclaimed "The Death of Frequent Flyer". After telling ac...

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