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  • Wizards of the West Coast Harps

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  • Heart of the Whale

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    Heart of the Whale is a San Francisco rock'n roll band with something very dark up their sleeves. They blend psychedelic gospel, fuzzed out blues and heady distortion. Raucous, beautiful and sometimes harrowing but they do it all with a sideways smile and a tip of the hat.    Their songs are stories heard from across a campfire or lived through a young boy in a small North...

  • Cousins of the Wize

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    The new self-titled COUSINS OF THE WIZE album drops this summer! 11 new songs! The album features a wide array of styles of music and features CPT on the tracks "I Told You" and "Dodge The Sun". Vargas Montecito (Golden Tung) joined COTW and helped to bring the hip-hop flavor for the new album. Due late J THE HISTORY: Formed in 1998, COTW consists of two lead vocalists, guitar, bass, drums, k...

  • Out of the Woods

    Out of the Woods View Profile

    OOTW. Also known as Out Of The Woods, is a rock band from Los Angeles, California. Tomas on drums, Conrado on guitar, and Zach on vocals............OOTWxLA

  • Rookie of the Year

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    Billboard top 100 artist Rookie Of The Year established itself upon the strength of two early indie label releases. 2006 saw the release of their debut breakthrough album, The Goodnight Moon, on OneEleven/Warner Bros. Records. This album would put Rookie in the international spotlight and go on to sell over 120,000 units. Two more records (EP/LP) would follow over the next six years while the band...

  • Least of These

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  • Brotherhood of Thieves

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    Brotherhood of Thieves is a 5 piece rock band from Western MA. After joining together in college at the Hartt School of Music, the three original members (Jake Wardwell (guitar/vocals), Nicholas Cole (lead guitar), and Jack Reynolds (bass)) have combined forces with Mike Antionetti on keys and Monte Arnstam on drums to form a single musical organism. Coming from a rainbow of different musical back...

  • Caravan of Thieves

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    Like many families, this one started with a married couple- Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni, (guitar, vocals, various percussive “instruments”) writing and performing as a duo. “It started as a romantic, bohemian vision of a couple making music, performing on the road, in parks, venues, traveling around and avoiding responsibility as much as possible,” says Fu...

  • Rites of Thy Degringolade

    Rites of Thy Degringolade View Profile

  • Hands of Time

    Hands of Time View Profile

  • Birds of Tokyo

    Birds of Tokyo View Profile

    Birds of Tokyo and their insistent, bittersweet, rock sounds have resonated deeply with Australian critics and fans. Following two acclaimed albums, the indie band’s self-titled third studio release spent over eight months in the Australian Top 20 and was certified double platinum. It also picked up an ARIA Award for ‘Best Rock Album’ in 2010. Early in 2011 the band’...

  • Birds of Tokyp

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  • Scars Of Tomorrow

    Scars Of Tomorrow View Profile

    What is Southern California, anyway? A place where people go to make their dreams come true. An alluring vacation spot with gorgeous beaches, warm weather, hills, mountains, valleys, and more sunshine than some can handle. However, Southern California is becoming a renowned home to some of the most metallic and malevolent metalcore bands in the country. There are other places in the world that hav...

  • Moi of Tomorrows Bad Seeds

    Moi of Tomorrows Bad Seeds View Profile

  • City Of Trees Brass Band

    City Of Trees Brass Band View Profile

    Budding iterations of City of Trees Brass Band have been hitting the streets of Sacramento, California since 2012. By 2014 they had started repeatedly making their way to San Francisco (a two hour commute each direction) in search of larger audiences. Having logged over 1200 grueling hours of street performance in California and beyond, The Brass Band makes an impact on every community it touches....

  • Arms of Tripoli

    Arms of Tripoli View Profile

    Since its humble beginnings, AOT has pioneered the art of instrumental rock, utilizing a non-conventional format to creating innovative and timeless sounding indie music. Not easily pigeonholed, Arms of Tripoli has often been dubbed post-rock and math-rock, due to their progressive tendencies and dynamic and layered sound. Using some standard rock fare such as guitar, bass and drums along w...

  • Colonels of Truth

    Colonels of Truth View Profile

    The Colonels of Truth are a 6 member high energy bluegrass band out of Seattle. This band wasn’t formed by child hood friends nor was it formed in some magical meeting one night at a bar. Like good whiskey it was distilled over years of playing with many musicians at various jams, house parties, and festivals. These are the guys that at 2 am are the ones that think the jam is just getting go...

  • TWO OF US with Joe DeJesu & Eddie Profet Jr

    TWO OF US with Joe DeJesu & Eddie Profet Jr View Profile

  • Saints of Valory

    Saints of Valory View Profile

    Saints of Valory are the type of band that swing for the bleachers, crafting dramatic, sweeping, arena-ready rock filled with elegant pop hooks, shimmering guitars, and emotionally genuine lyrics. Songs like the rhythmically charged “Kids,” “Long Time Coming,” and “Neon Eyes” (all of which appear on the band’s current EP Possibilities) are widescreen in sc...

  • Pictures of Vernon

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  • Art of Verse

    Art of Verse View Profile

    Hailing from the cloudy mountain peaks of Ketchikan, Alaska, Los Angeles-based emcee Art of Verse hails from a lineage and school of thought of hip-hop connected with the golden age.With three critically-acclaimed albums under his belt, AoV is back with another full-length effort. Except this time, the native Manileño has enlisted a little help from his friends. Teaming up with pianist/p...

  • Dreams of Vertigo

    Dreams of Vertigo View Profile

    Dreams of Vertigo, essentially, started with an idea. The idea in question is that recent music just isn't up to par with the high standards of the average music listener (Hahahahahahah). So Doug decided to do something about it. Armed with a six string and a handful of songs, he went to find a few more members to complete his vision. So, Devin McCrea plays lead guitar, and Brandon Betts plays dr...

  • House of Vibe

    House of Vibe View Profile

    “It’s not about the perfect song or a perfect show, it’s about a perfect VIBE!” The House of Vibe embodies this truth. A group composed of talented producers, limitless lyricists, and gifted musicians whose combined talents lay a foundation, for nothing short, of musical excellence. Their frequent live shows are always electrifying and genre-less. Complete with...

  • Aisle of View

    Aisle of View View Profile

  • Vultures of Vinyl

    Vultures of Vinyl View Profile

    Hot Karate is a power trio hailing from Highland Park, Los Angeles. Rob Krauss (guitar) melds harmony and melody in dense riffs; Cyrus Ghahremani (bass and vocals) provides both rhythm and solo work over soaring vocals; and Adam Subhas (drums) brings everything together with a background in jazz and blues. Since its beginnings in 2010 as a casual jam, Hot Karate&nbs...

  • Fountains of Wayne

    Fountains of Wayne View Profile

    Although Fountains of Wayne didn't enjoy mainstream attention until the release of "Stacy's Mom" in 2003, the band had already established itself as one of America's strongest power pop acts. Based in New Jersey, the group first appeared in 1996 with a mix of British-influenced pop songs, lo-fi production, and wry lyrics about dead-end jobs and biker boyfriends. Fountains of Wayne expanded their l...

  • Edge of West

    Edge of West View Profile

    Edge of the West is a rock n' roots jam band that plays danceable, fun music with heart. Their quirky originals and inventive instrumental journeys take you out there, and then bring it all back home with good old hippie classics and soulful covers. The shows are always a good party. Edge of the West mixes their own songs with eclectic selections from a variety of genres. On any given night...

  • House of Whales

    House of Whales View Profile

    House of Whales, formerly known as Treehouse, is an alternative hip hop band from Chicago, IL. The band is touring across the US in celebration of their upcoming self-titled LP release.

  • Angie of WhatAngieSays

    Angie of WhatAngieSays View Profile

    As the daughter of a songwriter/producer— Angie of the music blog WhatAngieSays knew she’d most likely land somewhere in the world of entertainment. Her father is largely responsible for Angie’s obsession with music — Having written and produced songs for artists all the way from Smokey Robinson to 80’s Pop Icon Tiffany — she learned everything she knows about m...

  • Den of Wolves

    Den of Wolves View Profile

    Metalcore / Technical Hardcore

  • Sons of Wolves

    Sons of Wolves View Profile

  • Body of Work

    Body of Work View Profile

    Body of Work is a musical collective that seeks to deliver a tasteful mix of conscious lyrics, a steady backbeat and jazz flavor that manifests itself within a hip-hop/Neo-soul template.  The Seattle-based band is comprised of five aspiring artists: Paolo Escobar; vocalist, emcee and beatboxer, Alex Dyring on the upright/electric bass, Max Holmberg on the drums, Shawn Schlogel on the keys,...

  • Pillow of Wrongness

    Pillow of Wrongness View Profile

  • Band of Wyatt

    Band of Wyatt View Profile

  • Clan of Xymox

    Clan of Xymox View Profile

  • Band of Young Saints

    Band of Young Saints View Profile

    Band of Young Saints play commandingly melodic garage, punk and surf inspired rock 'n' roll designed to make you want to dance with somebody. These carefully crafted pop songs are sure to make you move and sing along with their earnest lyrics, and emphasis on hook driven melody. With comparisons that go from Superchunk to Elliot Smith, their range is broad but always rooted in the rock tradition....

  • News of Your Departure

    News of Your Departure View Profile

    What inspires us to be what it is we tell ourselves to be, from the depths of our youth to the edges of adulthood? For many of us that will be many different things through the course of our lives but one thing will stick and never leave us. If you ask, 24-year old singer-songwriter, Shonda Holman, it has always been the comfort of her guitar and the ability to write about her experiences in life ...

  • Gang of Youths

    Gang of Youths View Profile


  • Dogz of Zeus

    Dogz of Zeus View Profile

    2010 was the year that Eddie Shiffler (ex-Keyser Soze, Dangerous Ones) Mark Bohrer (ex-Grannie, Goat Singer, Boot Pie) Tony Roina (ex-Hip Joint Chamber, Naked City, Boot Pie) and Tyler Land (ex-Grannie, Naked City, Boot Pie) came together and became Dogz of Zeus. Boot Pie, which had success with MTV and exciting live shows, was no more. Once Eddie joined the band, they recorded an EP and re-enlis...

  • House of Zombie

    House of Zombie View Profile

    Based in Los Angeles, HOUSE OF ZOMBIE is the ultimate tribute to White Zombie and Rob Zombie. Lead vocalist Greg Weiss is the splitting image of Rob Zombie... All natural, no wigs or fake beards, while female demon bassist Biz, is Sean Yseult reincarnated. Backed by gifted Berklee College of Music graduate Dan Yob on guitar.

  • The Ofersures

    The Ofersures View Profile

    So I was conversing yesterday, and during the exchange, a question was posed to me that demanded a straightforward, honest, yet hip answer. Without pause, I immediately let slip an "Oh, for sure", which in my native cali tongue approximated to more of an "Ofersure". This puzzled me; I paused while a strange look of contentment washed over my face. Off in the distance, the faint...

  • Stereo Off

    Stereo Off View Profile

    Stereo Off is a five piece group of New York City based indie rockers with electronic overtones. When producer/ lead vocalist Sebastian began the new project, he enlisted an eclectic roster of friends from the band scenes of London and NYC. With influences ranging from electronic bands and rock influences from classic rock to 90’s indie bands, Stereo Off takes a straight forward approach in their ...

  • Better Off Blonde

    Better Off Blonde View Profile

    Better Off Blonde is made up of the singing and songwriting duo Shannon Hunt and Lauren Tarantino. Shannon is originally from West Virginia and is a country girl at heart. Lauren, hailing from Northern California, thinks of herself as a pop princess, they are still waiting to see about that one. The girls met while working at The Abbey in West Hollywood, and quickly discovered that not only did t...

  • Walk Off Hits

    Walk Off Hits View Profile

  • Star Off Machine

    Star Off Machine View Profile

    Southern California Active Rock Band STOFMA (Star Off Machine) was honored and awarded “Best Hard Rock Band” and “Rock Group of the Year” at the prestigious Orange County Music Awards (OCMA) and the Los Angeles South Bay Music Awards (SBMA) and is quickly finding prominence in the national music scene. STOFMA entered the studio to record their sophomore LP with the guidance...

  • The Off White

    The Off White View Profile

    What do you do on a lonesome barrier island off the coast of New Jersey with no one but cops, retirees and closed beach marts..? Buy 40's with the last of your change and smoke the left over cigarette butts from the night before. Psychedelic Punk drenched in Rock and Roll debauchery, with the excitement of a bag of fireworks in your moms broken washer machine.

  • The Off Years

    The Off Years View Profile

    The Sacramento based band The Off Years didn't start as an actual band. "Embryo" started as the name for singer and bassist Emma Simpson and guitarist Brodie Mills first record together. The idea of making a record came after Emma and Brodie stopped going to Cornish college of the Arts in Seattle, WA in 2013. Emma needed to express herself in a new way, and the only way she knew how ...

  • Catie Offerman

    Catie Offerman View Profile

    Catie Offerman, born and raised in New Braunfels, TX, got her start as a fiddle player for artists all over the country. After graduating college and a brief stint in LA, she made her way to Nashville in 2015.  Working with some of Nashville's most accomplished songwriters and musicians, she's honed a sound rooted in traditional country music with thoughtful lyrics.  Her talent o...

  • Nick Offerman

    Nick Offerman View Profile

    Nick Offerman (born June 26, 1970) is an American film and television actor. Offerman grew up in Minooka, Illinois. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1993. That year, he and a group of fellow students co-founded the Defiant Theatre, a Chicago-based theatre company. Offerman lived in Chicago throughout the mid-1990's, where he participa...

  • It's Official

    It's Official View Profile

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