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  • Sons of Summer

    Sons of Summer View Profile

    The end of a long tour, a broken down RV and a generous friend led Julieanne and Clint Crighton to New York City. They had been on tour. Camping up the west coast of the US and then half way across Canada. Starting at Dockwheiler in Los Angeles and ending in Salt Saint Marie, Michigan. “We had our guitar cases filled with all kinds of things in Willits, hiked through the redwoods in Fe...

  • Thieves of Sunrise

    Thieves of Sunrise View Profile

    Thieves of Sunrise, an intense rock and soul quintet from Dallas TX, aims to bring their rock and roll ruckus to the world. They’ve been featured on radio stations in England, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, and all across Europe and America. Their highly improvisational and attention-stealing show has been featured in festivals, theaters, concert halls, and rock clubs across the Uni...

  • Three Of Swords

    Three Of Swords View Profile

    Three of Swords is a musical project from singer and songwriter Damon Mahoney.  Started in January of 2014, the debut album, "Three of Swords" was released in December of 2014.   Vocals & Composition - Damon Mahoney

  • House of Tarot

    House of Tarot View Profile

    Two years ago, while poring over a favorite deck of Tarot cards, Zoe Jakes was inspired to create a work of art as powerful as the cards themselves. Finally, after years of creative process, House of Tarot has been created, placing the captivating energy of the Tarot deck onto members of the belly dance community. House of Tarot is true performance art, a mutable dance theater performance imbue...

  • Planet of the Abts

    Planet of the Abts View Profile

    With over 1.5 million downloads, the Grammy nominated rock band Gov’t Mule is legendary, and now two of its members have formed a new venture: POA. Each player highly accredited in his own right, POA combines three powerful and extraordinary musicians: Gov’t Mule’s renowned drummer Matt Abts, bassist Jorgen Carlsson, also of Gov’t Mule, and guitarist/keyboardist/vo...

  • West of the Blues

    West of the Blues View Profile

    West of the Blues (WOTB) is a Denver based rockin’ 60’s-rock and blues band  playing all the songs you love to hear. We feature an exciting electric sound of a  medium-sized band doing cover and originals that make you want to get up and dance or just sit back, listen and reminisce.   We can build a...

  • Sound Of The City

    Sound Of The City View Profile

    Sound of the City: A Band and A Business The Band? The acclaimed Sound of the City (SOTC) is a Washington D.C.-based soul/funk/hip hop/soul that has accompanied internationally-recognized recording artists on stage such as Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Chrisette Michele, Eric Roberson, and Leela James to name a few. Band members have played with the likes of megastars like Snoop Dogg and Mariah ...

  • Brethren of The Coast

    Brethren of The Coast View Profile

    A rock n' roll band formed by members of Malibu bands Whitestarr, BackBone69, and the legacy of Dickey Betts & Great Southern. Brethren of the Coast is a rock n' roll band formed in Malibu, CA by Duane Betts, Damon Webb, and Pedro J Arevalo. Duane and Damon started playing together in the Malibu band BackBone69, and later made headlines with California bad boys Whitestarr....

  • Purveyors Of The Conscious Sound

    Purveyors Of The Conscious Sound View Profile

  • Battle of the Corporate Bands

    Battle of the Corporate Bands View Profile

    Employees from Western New York businesses take the stage to compete in the 2018 Battle of the Corporate Bands! Winners of the competition will be determined by a panel of judges and audience response.  Proceeds for this event support Music is Art and Arts Services Initiative of WNY.

  • Sons of the Damned

    Sons of the Damned View Profile

    rock n roll sucka....

  • Avenue of the Dead

    Avenue of the Dead View Profile

  • News of the Fire

    News of the Fire View Profile

    Shirts muffle toms, while amps double as uncomfortable chairs. We hunch over our instruments to avoid the stacks of papers that rise to the ceilings of our dorms. During the day, we study. At night, we hunt for chances to play our music. As four college students strewn across the southern California landscape, we escape hectic schedules and revel in our music. First introduced to live music in our...

  • Fans of the Future

    Fans of the Future View Profile

    Fans of the Future is a Pop Rock band from NYC.

  • Back of the Hand All Stars with DJ Peyote Cody

    Back of the Hand All Stars with DJ Peyote Cody View Profile

  • Crimes of the Heart

    Crimes of the Heart View Profile

  • Honey Of The Heart

    Honey Of The Heart View Profile

    Internationally acclaimed touring musician Justin Ancheta is a guitarist, vocalist, and composer that recently joined forces for performances with the amazing Maren Metke, who is a vocalist/songwriter/pianist from the PNW/Sierra foothills. A new combination, they plan to release an EP in the coming weeks to demonstrate the strong connection in spirit. Their style is described as Folklyrico, Lat...

  • Builder of the House

    Builder of the House View Profile

    Builder of the House is a Portland, Maine based indie folk project headed by guitarist/singer Rob Cimitile. The group blends elements of bluegrass, folk and Americana music with a unique twist that comes from Rob's eclectic musical background. Lyrically the songs tell tales of spirituality, metaphysics, and the human experience at large.

  • Zone Of The Interior

    Zone Of The Interior View Profile

    Music (duh!), family, friends, writing, football, good beer, good wine, and good times.

  • Ghosts of the Kodiak

    Ghosts of the Kodiak View Profile

  • Kids of the Leaf

    Kids of the Leaf View Profile

    Bio: an urban collective of teenagers that dabble into art and music

  • Night of the Living Funk

    Night of the Living Funk View Profile

    Born out of the fiery depths of hell in Florence, Italy

  • Birdsongs of the Mesozoic

    Birdsongs of the Mesozoic View Profile

    Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic began in 1980 as a side project by half of Boston's now legendary Mission Of Burma, Roger Miller and Martin Swope. Miller and Swope joined forces with Rick Scott and Erik Lindgren for what was originally conceived as a recording project only. In 1983, they released a self-titled EP, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic. With the demise of Mission Of Bur...

  • Invasion of the Money Snatchers - HollyShorts Monthly Screening

    Invasion of the Money Snatchers - HollyShorts Monthly Screening View Profile

  • Path of The Moose

    Path of The Moose View Profile

    The path of the moose is a path to navigate around the ordinary and mundane toward something higher and transcendent.

  • Eyes of the Nile: An Iron Maiden Tribute

    Eyes of the Nile: An Iron Maiden Tribute View Profile

    Eyes of the Nile is the Washington DC area's premier Iron Maiden tribute.  Covering the classic Di'anno and Dickinson eras, the band delivers hits and deep cuts alike, with all of the energy, excitement and accuracy of a Maiden show.  Multiple fans have commented that seeing and hearing Eyes of the Nile brings them back to the first time they saw Maiden in the 1980s.  Eye...

  • Heroes of the Open End

    Heroes of the Open End View Profile

    It is time again, when people need to be reminded just how much can happen in this world, when a band must rise from the ashes of the burnt out and collapsing music industry to show people that there's still one band left standing for them. But it is even more than that. It is a time when people must be reminded that a great band does more than just make music: Somehow they touch people, reliev...

  • Order of the Owl

    Order of the Owl View Profile

    With a backstory as epic as their name, Order of the Owl brings some of Atlanta’s most die-hard musicians together in one growling beast of a band. Fronted by Zoroaster’s Brent Anderson, the sound is decidedly metal, but drummer Corey Pallon’s classic rock influence and guitarist Casey Yarbrough’s driving progressive chords give new life to the usual detuned fare Atlanta’s grown so famous for

  • Year of the Ox

    Year of the Ox View Profile

    Heavy rock/stoner metal from Charlotte, NC. Twin guitars, soaring vocals, big riffs and crushing sounds.

  • Ship of the Rising Sun

    Ship of the Rising Sun View Profile

    Ship met at culver high school and started as a trio group with just azuri, kc, and danny out of the fragments of other groups at the time. Over time and many 4th members they have molded their sound into a plethora of styles resembling a fusion of rock, blues, jazz, funk, etc. They have played all over the LA scene and have been together ffor 5 years and intend to continue pushing the musical env...

  • Ghost Of The Robot

    Ghost Of The Robot View Profile

    Ghost of the Robot is an coveted California-based rock band that has performed to sold out crowds in major cities across the United States and Europe. The band recorded two albums before going on hiatus in 2005. Reuniting in October 2010, at the very club in Santa Monica where they had their first show. 'The excited crowd reflected the band's renewed energy and everyone who stood sh...

  • Sweethearts of the Rodeo

    Sweethearts of the Rodeo View Profile

    Sweehearts of the Rodeo is an American country music duo composed of sisters Janis Oliver (guitar, vocals) and Kristine Arnold (vocals). The duo recorded for Columbia Records between 1986 and 1991, releasing four albums and twelve singles for the label. During the 1990s, they also recorded two albums for Sugar Hill Records. The duo reached Top Ten on the Hot Country Songs chart seve...

  • Dj Ayres Of the Rub

    Dj Ayres Of the Rub View Profile

     Originally from Mississippi, DJ AYRES or Ayres Haxton Jr. as his parents know him, is famous for being the founding father of The Rub, the Brooklyn monthly party that swiftly gained a reputation for being “The Best Party in NYC” (New York Press) back in 2002 and to this dayremains one of the staples of NYC nightlife. Combining everything from80’s pop and disco to house, reg...

  • Bob of the Shirts

    Bob of the Shirts View Profile

  • Sons of the South Bay

    Sons of the South Bay View Profile

    € Jim Conroy has been a resident of the central coast since 1989. During that time he has carved out a unique position in the music and art world. In the early nineties, he was the leader of a number of R&B and country bands; The Moments, The Convictions, The Moonstone Cowboys and the acoustic duo Shim & Jim. In 1995, he released the CD “Convinced,” a mixture of R&B, gospel and country pop. For ...

  • Queens of the Stone Age

    Queens of the Stone Age View Profile

    Formed from the ashes of stoner rock icons Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age reunited the group's singer/guitarist Josh Homme, drummer Alfredo Hernandez, and bassist Nick Oliveri along with new guitarist/keyboardist Dave Catching. The project's origins date back to Homme, who in the wake of Kyuss' 1995 demise relocated to Seattle to tour with the Screaming Trees; he soon began working with a revolvin...

  • Villain of the Story

    Villain of the Story View Profile

  • Men Of The Strip

    Men Of The Strip View Profile

    As seen on the hit E! Network tv show, we are now bringing a one-of-a kind Las Vegas male revue experience to the famous Las Vegas Strip! Grammy Nominated Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees and world-renowned choreographer Douglas Packard, who has worked with talents like Michael Jackson, Pink, Usher, and Ricky Martin came together to create an all new show that is sure to leave audiences BREATHLES...

  • Avenue of the Sun

    Avenue of the Sun View Profile

  • Fingers of the Sun

    Fingers of the Sun View Profile

    Swirling organs, tambourines, and four part harmonies abound in the ardent psych-pop of Denver’s Fingers of the Sun. Taking their moniker from The Fugs track of the same name—a song adapted in part from a 5,000 year old Egyptian poem to Nun, goddess of the watery abyss—the six piece group plays music rooted in 1960s psychedelic rock, but as informed by Pixies and Beat Happening as by Jefferson Air...

  • Size Of The Sun

    Size Of The Sun View Profile

    We were a highschool band in the alt rock heydays of the early 90's. now we're back.

  • Stories Of The Sun

    Stories Of The Sun View Profile

  • Valley of the Sun

    Valley of the Sun View Profile

  • Weight of the Sun

    Weight of the Sun View Profile

    Weight of the Sun - Music from San Diego

  • Signs of the Swarm

    Signs of the Swarm View Profile

  • Language Of The Trees

    Language Of The Trees View Profile

    Language of the Trees is primarily an instrumental band that blends the genres of the world into a groove and rock format. We make music that is experimental but still retains an aspect of comfortability. The band consists of two members, drummer Aaron Goldstein and guitarist/vocalist Nathaniel Zeavin, we met in the San Fernando Valley, where we both had mainly grew up. Though we do like to incorp...

  • Call of The Void

    Call of The Void View Profile

    Colorado’s CALL OF THE VOID produces the aural equivalent of getting repeatedly kicked in the teeth by a tenton, steelforged beast. Originally formed in Boulder as Ironhorse in late 2011, the band plays a furious mix of punk, hardcore and grind. CALL OF THE VOID ’s uniquely challenging alloy got the band started off strong the quintet began playing local shows beside heavyhitters li...

  • Disciples of the Watch

    Disciples of the Watch View Profile

    Music for the cleansing for the coming of the Great Adversary.

  • End of The Weak

    End of The Weak View Profile

    EODub (End Of the Weak) was founded in 2000 as one of the few weekly platforms in NYC where hip-hop performers were able to hone their talent. What started as a small Open Mic in the back of a restaurant has grown into NYC’s longest-running weekly hip-hop show and an International Hip-Hop movement. End Of the Weak has expanded into 15 countries across 5 continents and 22 cit...

  • Edge Of The West

    Edge Of The West View Profile

    Edge of the West is a rock n' roots honky tonk jamband. Their catchy, quirky originals and outlaw hippie sound strikes a chord with lovers of alt-country, Americana & the Grateful Dead. The live shows rock. The group writes strong originals and draws from a deep well of eclectic covers, never playing the same show twice. Since the release of their acclaimed debut record in 2016, they have ...

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