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  • Born of Osiris

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  • State of our Art

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  • Edge of Paradise

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    Edge of Paradise might be a new band, but when your debut album includes the rhythm section of bassist Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, The Firm) and drummer Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth Band), you know you're already in great shape. Now add the powerhouse vocals of Margarita Monet and Dave Bates' towering guitars and you have yourself a record essential to any fan of melodic metal.

  • rebirth of paradise

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    Rebirth of Paradise is a four piece band from the Temecula-San Diego, California area.

  • Ghost of Paul Revere

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    Born on the banks of the Saco River, brothers in all but name, the Ghost of Paul Revere is Maine's holler-folk band. With a sound built around powerful three-part harmonies, energetic performances, and a non-traditional way of interpreting traditional American music, their songs have unique identities while still remaining undeniably the Ghost of Paul Revere. They use a masterful combinatio...

  • Mother of Pearl

    Mother of Pearl View Profile

    Rock/Pop/Jazz/R&B/Trip-Hop group from Seattle.

  • Freestylers of Piping

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  • Orbit of Pluto

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  • Vale of Pnath

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  • Shot of Poison

    Shot of Poison View Profile

    Shot of Poison is the world's only tribute to the 30th anniversary of the greatest rock & roll party band of all time, Poison! Lights, sound, video, special effects, and party favors make every show an event to remember.  

  • Cult Of Positivity

    Cult Of Positivity View Profile

    Have you ever met someone that was so happy all the times that it made you uncomfortable and/or suspicious? If you feel like everyone is assaulting you with their happiness then Cult of Positivity could be your escape pod into the icy void. The philosophy of the pursuit of happiness in spite of bitter reality is what crushed this two-piece into the diamond of cynicism that you see befo...

  • Tower of Power

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  • Bird of Prey

    Bird of Prey View Profile

    Bird of Prey is bay area native Torin Goodnight. Pursuing electronic music for over a decade, he has refined his sound and style to offer something unique and powerful to the electronic music community. He aims to provide an alternative to the current trends, where focused intent and sound waves convene to create the circumstances for magic. Bird of Prey offers a cohesive blend of organic, trop...

  • Strikes of Psych Ward Druggies

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  • House of Rabbits

    House of Rabbits View Profile

  • Gods of Rap

    Gods of Rap View Profile

  • Promise Of Redemption POR

    Promise Of Redemption POR View Profile

    POR is Shane from the band Valencia's solo project

  • Kings of Reseda

    Kings of Reseda View Profile

  • Isle of Rhodes

    Isle of Rhodes View Profile

  • School of Rock

    School of Rock View Profile

    School of Rock teaches guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums and combines weekly private music lessons and group band rehearsals to prepare students to take the stage in front of live audiences in an authentic concert setting. To date our students have played thousands of concerts, to more than 100,000 people, at such legendary venues as CBGB's, The Trocadero, The Knitting Factory, The...

  • School Of Rock

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  • School Of Rock Allstars

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  • School of Rock House Band

    School of Rock House Band View Profile

    The School of Rock, the original school of rock founded in Philadelphia in 1998, has now grown to 160 locations worldwide, including three in the Washington DC area (Ashburn, VA, Silver Spring, MD and Vienna, VA). Paul Green, the inspiration for the Jack Black character in Paramount's hit movie "School of Rock", created the school to help our students realize their potential as artis...

  • Boys of Rockingham

    Boys of Rockingham View Profile

    Originally from New-Brunswick Canada, Serge Richard and Dan Leblanc have been singing and playing music together since their teen years. They were introduced to music at early age by watching Dan’s aunt and her band perform Cajun/Country style music. They quickly became influenced by the sound of Country music and the way it made them feel. They related to its stories and found that Country music ...

  • Fall of Rome

    Fall of Rome View Profile

    fter living and playing music in Memphis for over a decade, brothers Tommie and Brandon Closson have stuck together throughout many different original projects and lineup changes. They grew up learning music together and eventually began songwriting at a young age. This ultimately sparked a collaboration between the two that took them all across the midsouth, getting a chance to open up for r...

  • Noise of Rumors

    Noise of Rumors View Profile

    Noise of Rumors is an indie pop band with a truly unique approach to their sound, delivering melody and energy in equal doses. Over the past few years, this Californian combo set out to dazzle fans and critics alike with their music, as well as secure opening spots to share the stage with major artists, including No Doubt or Fitz & The Tantrums, among others. The band has been performing exten...

  • Spirit of Rush

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  • Beware of Safety

    Beware of Safety View Profile

    Los Angeles is a 24-hour city, but unlike other metropolises who put their constant bright lights and availability on display, Lotusville is different. She makes you work for it. Beware of Safety has done their homework, and their latest album is deeply influenced by the city they call home. It's a mix of locals and transplants, concrete and gardens, all thrust into the same space. But it isn&...

  • Battalion of Saints

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  • Father Of Sam

    Father Of Sam View Profile

    The band Father of Sam was formed in the summer of 2008, when Alec (vocals) have met Stephan Kuziv (guitar) in one of the fast food joints in Brooklyn. Stephan dropped a guitar pick on the floor, while looking for some change in his pocket, after what Alec asked him if he was a musician. Their discussion about music interests turned into an exchange of a home made demos. They clicked right away. A...

  • Sounds Of Satellites

    Sounds Of Satellites View Profile

  • Lords of Sealand

    Lords of Sealand View Profile

    Lords of Sealand come brandishing literary depth and poetic diversity. In a garage in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco, the band of craft-focused musicians blend aspects of classic prog-rock with modern indie rock influences. Their most recent release, the 7-song Found Fiction EP, is album-like in structure with a cohesive focus on storytelling. Melodies triangulate between complex dual guitar...

  • Rites of Sedition

    Rites of Sedition View Profile

    Triumphant Melodic Black Metal

  • Sons Of Serendip

    Sons Of Serendip View Profile

    The Sons of Serendip (SoS) are a musical ensemble of four friends, who through a series of serendipitous events, came together in graduate school at Boston University and auditioned for America's Got Talent. SoS quickly became an audience favorite on the show, winning fourth place in the 2014 competition.  The members are, Micah Christian, a teacher from Randolph, MA and...

  • Best of Seven

    Best of Seven View Profile

  • Sons of Seymour

    Sons of Seymour View Profile

    Brothers Logan and Dylan Seymour have been performing music together since their childhood. With music described as a mix between early rock legends like the Beatles, 80's hair bands like Aerosmith, and modern performers such as OneRepublic, the brothers honed their craft in their hometown of Ocean Springs, Mississippi until they relocated to New York City in 2013, looking to spread their music an...

  • Valley Of Shadows

    Valley Of Shadows View Profile

    Valley of Shadows is a heavy rock band from the farthest reaches of the galaxy that due to a navigation error ended up stuck in Omaha, NE.

  • Talk of Shamans

    Talk of Shamans View Profile

    We met inside a trance. It's like we all became one consciousness, and within this current incarnation of ourselves, we formed an everlasting musical bond that has lasted and grown, and continues to grow within ourselves and each others, selves, we bring love and form it into, musical, notes, and, we love earth, water, mountain, and...........

  • Circus of Sin

    Circus of Sin View Profile

    It's Femme Fatale Cabaret; it's film noir stories, it's contortionists, aerialists, moving to the backdrops of violins, mandolins, bass guitar and drums.

  • Scale of Six

    Scale of Six View Profile

    Scale of Six is a new rock band playing around and about New York City. With just a kiss of the funk, our mission is to find your butt and make it shake.

  • Angel of Sona

    Angel of Sona View Profile

    A friend once told me the world was going to be taken over by robots in the year 1999. I recall we were sitting on the stairs to my house, and my only thought was: “Doesn’t matter, there’s still plenty of time until then.” I was around 7 at the time and back then I liked to dream of making it really big one day, like Whitney Houston in Bodyguard. Of course, I had no idea ho...

  • Philosophy of Soul

    Philosophy of Soul View Profile

    Philosophy of Soul is not your conventional or stereotypical band. They are more commonly referred to as Young Musical Hybrids. Their unique and influential upbringing surrounded them with talent and celebrated musicians that helped them create and define their own signature sound. Brothers Danny and Andee Avila are the sons of Hammond Sam Avila who is a renowned B3 Organ blues musician (Walter...

  • Tsunami of Sound

    Tsunami of Sound View Profile

    Tsunami of Sound was formed in the spring of 2008.ToS plays originals,classic,TV themes and kooky covers all in their own style.They're live show is second to none.Occasionally they perform with their own go go dancers called The Cameo girls which are Nicole Huggins and Cha Cha Epps.

  • Knives of Spain

    Knives of Spain View Profile

    multi-instrumental electroacoustic experimental folk avant pop solo singer-songwriter

  • Petals Of Spain

    Petals Of Spain View Profile

    With an aim of pushing the pop idiom to new plateaus, Petals of Spain creates original compositions and arrangements that merge fusion-jazz, rock, soul and pop into a refreshing style that leaves fans breathless. A nationwide tour is in sight for Petals and afterwards, to the “toppermost of the poppermost.” Having studied the great rock bands that came before them, ...

  • Orchestra Of Spheres

    Orchestra Of Spheres View Profile

    Orchestra of Spheres - Channeling ancient future funk from the IS! Warping spatioelastoplasticity with sound! Born out of Wellington's Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society in 2009, the Spheres have developed a cult-like following in New Zealand. Playing house parties, dance parties, DIY shows and opera houses, the Spheres have built a reputation for musically and visually ec...

  • Suits of Steel

    Suits of Steel View Profile

    Music is the expansion of time; encapsulating and recreating the beauty of breathing.   We of Suits of Steel salute all who fight and strive to find the truth in this world of music. We play tunes that will lift you out of your seat and off your feet. We work to construct stories within the chords and shatter strict definitions of performance. We play for you; and write to express ...

  • Band of Strangers

    Band of Strangers View Profile

    Foregoing synths and loops for honest instrumentals, The Band of Strangers creates an authentic blend of alt-country/rock. We hear it has healing powers. Frontman Ryan Saliman (guitar, vocals, songwriting) is joined by Lianne Ward (ukulele, organ, piano, vocals), Johnny Abella (guitar), Matt DelVecchio (bass), and Chris Lovejoy (drums), in an ensemble that recalls the classic Americana sound of ti...

  • Women of Substance Radio & Podcast

    Women of Substance Radio & Podcast View Profile

  • End Of Summer

    End Of Summer View Profile

    Meet THE END OF SUMMER, a rock and roll four-piece from UCLA whose blazing songs stare you straight in the face and don't look away until they come crashing to a close. Being that their driving yet ethereal sound is indebted to everyone from Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire to Tame Impala and Ty Segall, it is no surprise that the band's energetic shows deliver a unique and diverse listening exper...

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