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  • Agents of Karma

    Agents of Karma View Profile

    Formed by Jay Cavanaugh and Conrad Sparnroft in the mid 2000’s to fill a void in the music scene, Agents of Karma quickly gained a reputation in New York City for high energy live shows, dynamic musicianship and eclectic non formula song writing. With the arrival of energetic drummer Patrick (Paddymike) Conlon in 2007 who along with his acoustic drum kit brought in sampling and additional backgrou...

  • Animals of Kin

    Animals of Kin View Profile

    Monkey met a Koala. They found a Duck, adopted a Tiger, tamed a Wolf, and captured a Lion. Now they make music as ANIMALS of KIN.

  • Queen of Kings

    Queen of Kings View Profile

    A duo nicknamed "the hardest working band in Texas" who left everything behind to come West in search of a team of believers to spread a universal message.

  • King of Kings Reggae Sundays

    King of Kings Reggae Sundays View Profile

    KING of KINGS reggae sundays party in uptown oakland at The New Parish, the premier weekly reggae/dancehall party in the Bay since April 20, 2002. So come down to Oakland on a Sunday night & skank to the sounds of the best reggae / dancehall DJ’s in the Bay Area. Every sunday at The New Parish in Oakland, KING of KINGS reggae Sundays, 579 18th st., Oakland, Ca. Plus rotating Guest Selektaz: JAH...

  • Kings of LA

    Kings of LA View Profile

  • League of Liars

    League of Liars View Profile

    Paradise should be shocking.




  • Family of Light

    Family of Light View Profile

    Somewhere between the psychedelic 60's and the modern sounds of indie you will find Family of Light. The multiple layers of texture including experimental guitar, latin percussion, and electronic ambient noise create a unique sound that can only be attributed to Family of Light. Five dudes, one band, Family of Light

  • Kingdom of Light

    Kingdom of Light View Profile

  • Days of Light Gravity

    Days of Light Gravity View Profile

  • Speed Of Light   

    Speed Of Light    View Profile

    "Inspired by everything from Jack White to Iggy Pop, SPEED OF LIGHT has chosen garage rock as their weapon of choice. This family band has played around the LA area, including shows at AMPLYFi and Chain Reaction, rocking the crowds with their bluesy riffs, hard-hitting drums and relentlessly driving bass. This weapon of rock and roll is fronted by Cameron on guitar, his brother, Tyler ...

  • Parade of Lights

    Parade of Lights View Profile

    Parade of Lights are an alt-electro band based in Los Angeles. Comprised of Ryan Daly, Anthony  Improgo, Michelle Ashley & Randy Schulte, the group combines equal parts rock, new wave, and  shoegaze to create a unique blend of 80's influenced pop drawing on inspiration from artists like U2,  Depeche Mode, M83, and even Madonna. Shortly after meeting in LA ...

  • City of Lions

    City of Lions View Profile

  • LuckyIam of Living Legends

    LuckyIam of Living Legends View Profile

    He is known as PSC, Luckyiam, Lucky, Luckydoot, Luck (of Luck&Lana) or Cool Man number 1!!! In the early 90's Lucky studied the art of dope Left Coast hip hop at the Goodlife Cafe among Heavyweights Freestyle Fellowship & countless others. Wanting to create his own style and identity in hip hop, he headed north to the bay area shortly after the infamous L.A. Riots and joined The Mystik Journeymen ...

  • Troy of LLF

    Troy of LLF View Profile

    Hailing from San Francisco, Ca, Troy came up in the Fillmore district with a passion to one day share his lyrical art with the world. As a member of the collective "Legends Live Forever", formed in 2006, the group released several mixtapes and over time have been able to develop a brand. In 2013, the group set out to work on individual projects. Troy released Debut Solo project "...

  • Hellhounds Of London

    Hellhounds Of London View Profile

    Hellhounds of London are an LA based band which musical styles include, rock, funk, blues, gospel, jazz, country, and a hint of new orleans swagger..

  • Colour of London COL

    Colour of London COL View Profile

    Colour of London is a pop/rock artist from Nashville, TN. They spent 2014 building a fan base through heavy touring of the east coast. Their momentum is still building in 2015 as they continue to tour, write, and record new music, have seen their song "Shine Out" reach #1 on Reach Radio Network's Top 40, and have had strong appearances at Red Gorilla Music Festival, SXSW's Univer...

  • Lots of Love

    Lots of Love View Profile

    The Peppermint Lounge. The Ronnettes. Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound.” Nancy Sinatra. Connie Francis. That moment when the innocence of 50′s doo wop met the highly produced pop sounds of the early 60′s, and our newly confident consumer culture became obsessed with the one thing money can’t buy- love. Here, on singer-songwriter Jessica Fleischer’s debut ...

  • FreeWill of Luminaries

    FreeWill of Luminaries View Profile

  • Ashes Of Luna

    Ashes Of Luna View Profile

    Hailing from Los Angeles, Ashes of Luna is a band with a flare for the epic and the gigantic when it comes to their own brand of sound. The California 5-piece has set out to create texture-rich songs courtesy of a forward-thinking blend of wildly diverse influences; ranging from electronica, to classical, rock and experimental. Because of the dense melodic layers, Ashes of Luna strike as a very ci...

  • Tree Of Lyfe Feat. Bruce Stevens & friends

    Tree Of Lyfe Feat. Bruce Stevens & friends View Profile

    Bruce Stevens. better known by his stage name Tree of Lyfe is an artist, poet & graphic artist from Inkster Michigan. Currently residing in Los Angeles CA.

  • Sol of Manna

    Sol of Manna View Profile

    We are a psychedelic, jazz-funk band seeking to heal the world with our sounds of healing; people say we are influenced by awesome bands like Grateful Dead, "band of horses" and "of monsters and men". We are from texas and met in LA while attending the Musicicans Institute.

  • History of Manners

    History of Manners View Profile

    We grew up all over the place, but we found each other here in LA. A fortuitous chain of pop listserv messages, mutual friends, and east coast basement shows brought us together so quickly and naturally that our first band meeting ended with a search for a practice space. History of Manners is an indie pop group whose sound is most heavily shaped by Brit pop and American indie bands of the 1990s,...

  • Much of Many

    Much of Many View Profile

    A band put together through fate, and craigslist, was born to take over Mothers Day!

  • Ballrooms of Mars

    Ballrooms of Mars View Profile

  • Moons of Mars

    Moons of Mars View Profile

    Moons of Mars is Giovan Polanco & Mario Polanco. With their fresh indie pop sound, they've been drawing crowds all around Los Angeles. Listen to their newest single, "Holiday"

  • House of Mary

    House of Mary View Profile

  • Monks of Mellonwah

    Monks of Mellonwah View Profile

    The Monks of Mellonwah are a four-piece Alternative Rock band based in Sydney. Strongly influenced by artists including but not limited to Led Zeppelin, Muse, Pink Floyd and the Chili Peppers, the Monks’ music displays a masterful yet unique blend of intense space, driving riffs and sharp metaphors, really honing in on those epic moments each listener longs to hear. Their first EP, Star...

  •  Of Mice and Men

    Of Mice and Men View Profile

  • Dawn of Midi

    Dawn of Midi View Profile

    Music to dance to, with or without shoes. " something totally unprecedented " - pitchfork || " a loss for words " - SPIN || " sounds like something completely different " - npr || " moving and addictive...a feat of innovation " - interview magazine || " deep, entrancing soundscapes " - the wall street journal || " a work of lunatic genius " - the village voice ||

  • Shocks of Mighty

    Shocks of Mighty View Profile

    Amber Archer - Trumpet Tara Dean - Flute Verlan Deemy - Drums Heath Dumler - Vocals, Harmonica Hans Estes - Percussion, Bass Marc Johnson - Guitar Jesse Meadows - Vocals, Percussion Paul Paukstelis - Bass, Melodica, Vocals Also featuring... Charles Curran - Guitar Justin Harnett - Baritone Saxophone Tom Johnson - Trombone, Keyboard, Engineering Ryane Keithley - Saxophone Jeffrey S...

  • Roots of Mine

    Roots of Mine View Profile

    Hailing from downtown Los Angeles, Roots of Mine quickly became a popular band in the SoCal circuit. With a keen knack for fusing musical styles, the group excelled at blending the best of each genre they explored. Rock, reggae, and hip hop are among a few of their many styles which can be heard in their debut EP.

  • Miracles of Modern Science

    Miracles of Modern Science View Profile

      On Mean Dreams, strings are neither rock imitation nor classical ornamentation. “There’s no separate string section behind music stands supporting the band,” notes singer/bassist Evan Younger. “The strings are the band.”   “In some ways it’s a limitation, but there are things our instruments can do that others can’t,”...

  • Knights of Monte Carlo

    Knights of Monte Carlo View Profile

    The Knights of Monte Carlo are a distinctly rich, gorgeously handsome, flawlessly refined quartet dedicated to resurrecting the best music ever to have hit the airwaves– 70’s soft rock. Because of their incredible talent and unparalleled style they frequently attract chic and pulchritudinous admirers from all over the United States and abroad, making the Knights of Monte Carlo the most popular and...

  •  Of Montreal

    Of Montreal View Profile

  • Merchants of Moonshine

    Merchants of Moonshine View Profile

    Bio: While playing funk-rock saxophone in all of the "Pay-to-Play", "High Profile" venues of L.A.'s intense music scene, Chris and Chris decided to slow down, pick up a couple of acoustic guitars, and play some Cash, Willie, and Hank. This was soon after discovering they were both pretty much raised on the stuff, being born in Texas and Ohio. They figured if they were lucky they could hit up a co...

  • Puddle of Mudd

    Puddle of Mudd View Profile

  • Afraid Of My Neighbor

    Afraid Of My Neighbor View Profile

  • Pile of Napkins

    Pile of Napkins View Profile

  • Course of Nature

    Course of Nature View Profile

    Based in Los Angeles but originally from Enterprise, AL, Course of Nature are an American post-grunge and alternative pop/rock band along the lines of 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, and Creed. They epitomize the more commercial side of post-grunge, providing the type of material that has functioned as a 1990s/2000s equivalent of old-school 1970s and 1980s arena rock. Quite often, a style of music that ...

  • members of Night Fevers

    members of Night Fevers View Profile

  • Friends of Night People

    Friends of Night People View Profile

    Everyone who has compassion for those experiencing homelessness and poverty will join together on this evening to help make a difference.  Food, drink, music, auctions, entertainment and 3 hours of FUN to benefit “The Shelter of Last Resort.”    At the event every $25 raised     provides 12 meals to an individual or family in need in Bu...

  • Rivers of Nihil

    Rivers of Nihil View Profile

    RIVERS OF NIHIL began their musical journey in 2009, and recorded their first EP, “Hierarchy“, with Carson Slovak. Six years and multiple tours later, the band returned to Slovak and Atrium Audio in Pennsylvania, after having recorded their previous effort “The Conscious Seed of Light” in 2012 with Erik Rutan at Mana Studios in Florida. Since the release of that album ...

  • Strand of Oaks

    Strand of Oaks View Profile

    From the first bars of HEAL, the exhilarating melodic stomp of ‘Goshen ‘97’ puts you right into Tim Showalter’s fervent teenage mindset. We find him in his family’s basement den in Goshen, Indiana, feeling alienated but even at 15 years old, believing in the alchemy and power of music to heal your troubles. “The record is called HEAL, but it’s not a sof...

  • Children of October

    Children of October View Profile

    Overly caffeinated horror punk/thrash from Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Many Of Odd Nature

    Many Of Odd Nature View Profile

    My name is Charly Hatrik. (Charles proper) I write music about love, excitement, chaos, hope, balance, dreams… life and all its things :)  My intention is to stimulate thought and engage your ears while sometimes enveloping a lesson.  When I say “ears” I don’t just mean the ears attached to your head,  but the I’s to your thoughts :)...

  • Empire of One

    Empire of One View Profile

  • River Of Orchids

    River Of Orchids View Profile

  • Gods of Orgasma

    Gods of Orgasma View Profile

  • Sons of Origin

    Sons of Origin View Profile

    “Anthony and his brother Steven are extraordinary writers, musicians, and performers. Anthony’s abilities as a guitarist and vocalist bode well for an exciting future.” - Al DeMarino, Former National Vice President of Artist Development, CBS Records An emerging and exciting new artist, Sons of Origin are an alternative rock band based out of New York City. Led by brothers Anth...

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