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  • Ghosts of Eden

    Ghosts of Eden View Profile

    The year 2009 lead to a revelation. After years of experimenting with different bands throughout the New York/New Jersey alternative, hardcore, punk and metal scenes, four men found themselves at a loss. They each sought to stray from the trends that they were seeing in the current state of the music industry. They wanted to write songs that could withstand the test of time. They met with a shared...

  • Eye Of Ember

    Eye Of Ember View Profile

    Melodic rock from Los Angeles

  • Crush of Empires

    Crush of Empires View Profile

    Crush of Empires is an original four piece alternative rock band born out of the New York City music scene, consisting of Earl Drummond (vocals), Steven Cimino (guitar), John-Paul Baker(drums,percussion, back up vocals)and Randy DeGesero (bass).  With a unique dark driven sound, Crush of Empires take the listener on an emotional journey from start to finish. They have played sold out shows...

  • Age Of Entitlement

    Age Of Entitlement View Profile

  • Opus of Era

    Opus of Era View Profile

    Opus of Era, the new refined version of the former San Diego band Days to Change, was born July of 2014. Founding bandmates Paul Addario, Theron Quill, Jackson Redfield and Joaquin Torres have been making music together since 2010. The addition of bassist Andrew Vargas lead to the creation of Opus of Era; a fresh new musical concept and creative venture that maintained its foundation of musical co...

  • Feelings of Euphoria

    Feelings of Euphoria View Profile

    Feelings Of Euphoria is a new and exciting progressive surf rock band that is emerging onto the music scene. The dynamic musicianship and swaying three part harmonies of this group showcases their spirited original music which bridges old school surf rock with a new progressive edge that generates an appeal to a multi generational audience. Feelings Of Euphoria is comprised of the international cr...

  • end of ever

    end of ever View Profile

    Pop music band from Los Angeles, CA! Hear them on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify and more...

  • Age of Evil

    Age of Evil View Profile

    Bound by blood, two sets of teenage brothers are delivering a level of electrifying talent to the world of metal that would be uncommon for any age group. With the release of their debut album Living A Sick Dream, Age Of Evil is ready to unleash their angst, brutality and metal upon the world. Combining their own fresh exciting new twist with old school metal, Age Of Evil is already recognized for...

  • M:PIRE of EVIL

    M:PIRE of EVIL View Profile

    You now hold the key to the eighth gate. Beware within – for it’s your fate!’ In 1979 a dark formation occurred, a black ripple that would soon become a wave: one which made a huge impact on the metal world. Taking the name of Mantas, the legendary guitarist Jeff Dunn formed an outfit that rivalled the stage shows of bands such as Kiss and challenged the occult themes that Black Sabbath had ...

  • Pigs of Exile

    Pigs of Exile View Profile

    Rising amid the refuse of Southern California’s false counter culture, Pigs of Exile annihilate massive audio landscapes with flagrant promiscuity. More fun than a George W. Bush funeral, the band likes to rock out with their collective cock out. Their intention is to attack the nervous system of the listener, to cause acute emotional discomfort, to raise the hairs on the back of the neck, to ca ...

  • Cradle of Filth

    Cradle of Filth View Profile

  • Bachelors of Fine Art

    Bachelors of Fine Art View Profile

  • Birds of Fire

    Birds of Fire View Profile

    Chris Blea (Vocals & Guitar)   Luis Mayorga (Bass)   Rito Fonseca (Drums)

  • Hearts Of Fire

    Hearts Of Fire View Profile

    The Hearts On Fire Band have been together since December of 1993. The members started out as members of the worship team at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in San Bernardino, CA. It soon became apparent that God was calling them to go and spread His message to other people through their original music. Since that time they have performed to a wide range of audiences. They have played with and op...

  • Jar of Flies

    Jar of Flies View Profile

    JAR OF FLIES is a gathering of top Seattle musicians with an addiction to live energy and showmanship. In honor of Alice in Chains, this Seattle, WA-based tribute band brings an authentic and powerful sonic experience. They do not try to look like the bands, act like the bands, or try to "be" the bands; they just painstakingly recreate and make sure that they sound exactly like the ...

  • House of Floyd

    House of Floyd View Profile

    The S.F. Bay Area’s HOUSE OF FLOYD performs the music of Pink Floyd, and has gained a strong following for their unique ability to enthuse both the hard-core fans of the early adventurous Floyd and those who enjoy the songs and soundscapes that later brought them widespread appeal. They capture the essence of each of the various Pink Floyd eras from the formative Syd Barrett days, through th...

  • Gang of Four

    Gang of Four View Profile

    UK's legendary post-punk GANG OF FOUR will release a new album, "What Happens Next," on February 24, 2015 on Metropolis Records in the USA and Canada, and Membran in Europe. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed album Content, "What Happens Next" features collaborations with Alison Mosshart from The Kills, Robbie Furze from The Big Pink, Gail Ann Dorsey, German super...

  • Best of Friends

    Best of Friends View Profile

    Multi-instrumentalists Morgan Dorr, John Keefe, Jamel Hawke, Ethan Dorr, and Kevin McHugh came together to write a song they would perform at McHugh's wedding. The excitement and energy of that little project has led to the formation of a modern folk quintet comprised of singers and shouters.  

  • Feast of Friends

    Feast of Friends View Profile

  • Band of Friends - A Celebration of Rory Gallagher feat Davy Knowles Gerry McAvoy Brandan ONeill

    Band of Friends - A Celebration of Rory Gallagher feat Davy Knowles Gerry McAvoy Brandan ONeill View Profile

    Band of Friends featuring Gerry McAvoy, Davy Knowles, Ted McKenna. Have completed 2 very successful USA tours in 2018. Sadly after losing Ted McKenna in January 2019.The band have been joined by Brendan O’Neill on drums ( Rory Gallagher 1981-1991) They toured the US in March of this year, and will return for another US tour November/ December 19. For Rory&rsq...

  • Gift of Gab

    Gift of Gab View Profile

    The Gift of Gab is a critically-acclaimed rapper/MC who hails from the Bay Area California. He is 1/2 of the group, Blackalicious and 1/3 of the group The Mighty Underdogs.

  • Ides Of Gemini

    Ides Of Gemini View Profile

    As Above So Below, California

  • Remains of Giants

    Remains of Giants View Profile

    They moved as silent shadows in the dawn of pre-time; beings of infinite beauty, grace and power. Their feet churned bedrock to dust and their crowns lit upon the heavens. But this was an age before man and preceding the plagues of war, famine, disease, pain, suffering and rage. They were giants of fire, giants of ice, giants of song, giants of wind and rain and the keepers of eternal light. So...

  • Temple of Glass

    Temple of Glass View Profile

  • Lamb of God

    Lamb of God View Profile

  • Graves of Gods

    Graves of Gods View Profile

    (Formerly Nomad-NC) We play Doom, Sludge, Ambient metal & rock. From North Carolina Featuring members of The Seduction, Wretched, End of All & Uzzard

  • State of Grace

    State of Grace View Profile

  • Ghosts Of Guyana

    Ghosts Of Guyana View Profile

  • Theatre of Hate

    Theatre of Hate View Profile

  • Depths Of Hatred

    Depths Of Hatred View Profile

  • Queen of Hearts

    Queen of Hearts View Profile

    Straight from the world-famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, an evening with QUEEN of HEARTS is like a grown-up pajama party with butt-kicking harmonies – full of wit, warmth, and wonderful acoustic music.  And just as their individual voices blend into gorgeous four-part harmonies, the Queens combine bluegrass, pop, folk, and blues to cre...

  • Tournament of Hearts

    Tournament of Hearts View Profile

  • West Of Hell

    West Of Hell View Profile

  • Sons Of Hippies

    Sons Of Hippies View Profile

    Sons of Hippies is a dark psych/space rock band from Florida who believe the moon landing was staged and that free love doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t charge a fee. Singer/guitarist Katherine Kelly meanders on topics such as post-apocalyptic wastelands, desertion, true love, and untimely death amid a sonic web of noisy, glitch psychedelia.  The band released four albums indep...

  • Linus Of Hollywood

    Linus Of Hollywood View Profile

    Linus of Hollywood's beloved LA's musical heritage so much that he not only called himself after his glitziest quarter, he gave his heart and soul to the place of these kinds of Linus' recorded output so far - all three albums of it - caring for his totally un-cynical love pure laced pop music (mostly) with honey-soaked harmonies, witty - sometimes caustic - lyrics and infectious hooks...

  • Bucket of Honey

    Bucket of Honey View Profile

    Bucket of Honey is an acoustic-pop Seattle based band with soul soothing original melodies and covers of cherished tunes you never thought you’d hear again; a double rainbow on an otherwise grey canvas.

  • Glimmer Of Hope

    Glimmer Of Hope View Profile

    The Glimmer of Hope Concert is part of the annual benefit concert for the Food Bank for the Heartlands. Started over 10 years ago, local artists have put their talents and abilities towards supporting the Food Bank and helping needy area families. According to the Food Bank of the Heartland?s website, ?About 25,700 different people in the Food Bank for the Heartland's service area receive emergenc...

  • Parade of Horrible's

    Parade of Horrible's View Profile

    Like Primus got in a car crash with Nine Inch Nails while they were pregnant with the punk rock spawn of Tom Waits.

  • Eye Of Horus

    Eye Of Horus View Profile

  • War Of Icaza

    War Of Icaza View Profile

    "Your abuelas favorite punk band.  Oakland CA   Vocals Geraldo Chimalxilotl. Nicaraguan Nahuatl flexin   Drums Justin Lazcano. Argentinian Death Drum   Guitar Lord Lo. Afro Native at your Baes crib   DJ: Jesse. Mr. 9-5 aka Mr.NeverMissShabbat"

  • Hounds of InnsMouth

    Hounds of InnsMouth View Profile

    Straight out of fiction, Hounds of Innsmouth is a death-thrash metal band local to the SF Bay Area that seeks to conquer the various forms of metal music without being bound to the restrictions of genres. Formed in 2013 by John Kelleher (Guitar), Vince Biancalana (Bass), Nick Suncin (Drums), Henry De la Fuente (Guitar), and Ariel Feist (Vocals), the Hounds sought to write catchy, heavy songs th...

  • Sick of It All

    Sick of It All View Profile

    Formed by brothers Lou and Pete Koller in the mid-'80s, Sick of It All became a seminal band in the New York City hardcore scene. While remaining true to their roots and without compromising their style, Sick of It All have progressed from an indie band with a strong live following to a major-label act touring with the likes of Helmet and Rancid. Sick of It All remain a vital influence on the hard...

  • Gentlemen of Japan

    Gentlemen of Japan View Profile

    The Short Skinny: Pete from Cutlass Supreme. Jon and Kem Time Spent Driving. Keanu from Reeves. Darnold from Fantasy Football. A rock band that sounds like a combination of all of the above, plus some special treats.   The band played countless shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, and recorded a debut full length record ("Versus Utah" - mixed by Alex Newport). &nb...

  • Suns of Jimi

    Suns of Jimi View Profile

  • Fans of Jimmy Century

    Fans of Jimmy Century View Profile

    Based in Las Vegas, pop groove dance band Fans of Jimmy Century originated in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007 co-founded by singer Alicia Perrone & guitarist Victor James. Signed to Butown/Street Scholar/Bungalo/Universal Music Group Distribution, their debut single “Va Va Voom to the Moon” produced by Gary Miller was released on Sept 24th, 2013. A pop noir video for the song wa...

  • Blaze of Jovi

    Blaze of Jovi View Profile

    A Sexy take on The Bon Jovi Tribute. Local band with Chris Runowicz and Priscila Barbie, with National Singer Paul Gizzo.

  • Pimps of Joytime

    Pimps of Joytime View Profile

    When it comes to modern groove, the Pimps of Joytime raise the bar with swagger to spare. Rhythms and textures drawn from New Orleans funk, 90s club house, 60s salsa and hip-hop all collide and fracture upon one another on their new LP, Jukestone Paradise. Dubbed "raucous and captivating" by Okayplayer, album cuts play like the soundtrack for a ride through the diverse Brooklyn neighb...

  • The Pimps of Joytime

    The Pimps of Joytime View Profile

    If you have yet to encounter the Brooklyn-based band, The Pimps of Joytime, prepare to take a funky ride! The PJT’s live events and recordings have captivated fans all across the country, as they have begun writing their own success story, show-by-show, and track-by-track. Bandleader Brian J is a charismatic and soulful visionary, whose well-crafted songs invite the listener to enter a world...

  • Brand of Julez

    Brand of Julez View Profile

    When one thinks of the South Bronx, one does not think modern rock, melodic rock anthems, heavy guitars, double bass drum or guitar solos for that matter. However, the SoBro streets of the Bronx gave birth to just that. Brand of Julez formed in 2010, when brothers Julez and Brandon Zamora began playing together, then writing together and finally taking their sounds to the local bars at the ri...

  • Mountains of Jura

    Mountains of Jura View Profile

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