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  • Kristen Noel

    Kristen Noel View Profile

    As an emerging singer-songwriter, Many Rooms is Kristen Noel's debut album. Kristen's love of music is passionately expressed through her soulful vocals and intimate lyrics. She feels people will relate to the songs because they speak to the unified experience in our human condition - that of love, heartache, loss, and healing. One song particularly close to her heart "Watch Ov...

  • Breyanne Noelle

    Breyanne Noelle View Profile

    Born and raised in Seattle, WA, Breyanne Noelle was an artist at a young age. She learned the art of bringing her imaginary world to life while dodging the raindrops and creating sunshine out of the grey, dreary skies of the Northwest. Today in LA, she wears her artist through the persona she carries, the song she sings, and the picture of life she paints whenever she enters a room. She always li...

  • Marchan Noelle

    Marchan Noelle View Profile

    Marchan is a self-proclaimed '2nd Generation Hippie’ singer/songwriter from Hermosa Beach, California. A nomad since childhood, her time was occupied by teaching herself guitar and developing a set of prolific songwriting skills. Her insatiable hunger for learning has seen her through 3 1/2 years at the Musicians Institute Hollywood, studying and earning a degree in Guitar Performance as...

  • Sara Noelle

    Sara Noelle View Profile

    Sara Noelle is an alternative folk singer-songwriter whose music blends ambient instrumentals and ethereal vocals. A classically trained singer, she drew attention for her piano-based, vocally-driven songs performed at New York City and Southern California venues. Her five-song self-titled debut EP was released in February 2014, followed by her newest EP, 'Saltwater or Here' in October 201...

  • Yoko Noge

    Yoko Noge View Profile

    Yoko Noge, a transplant from Osaka, Japan, moved to Chicago in 1984 to pursue her interest in blues music. Already a recording artist for Victor, JVC Japan with a smash hit number, Japanese blues tune titled [Ossan Nani Surunya-what do you think you’re doing], a protest song against groping in commuter train.  Yoko soon made Chicago her home. At age 30, started learning piano under leg...

  • Hadar Noiberg Trio

    Hadar Noiberg Trio View Profile

  • Artist Noir

    Artist Noir View Profile

  • Aura Noir

    Aura Noir View Profile

    Agressor Apollyon Blasphemer

  • Film Noir

    Film Noir View Profile

  • Honey Noir

    Honey Noir View Profile

    With soul inspired vocals and keyboard based grooves mixing 70's R&B, neo soul, trip hop, and afro beat with classic pop songwriting and production, Honey Noir is Southern California's answer to the recent steady stream of retro flavored soul arriving from the UK. With an aesthetic and look inspired by 70's film icons like Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones, lead singer Bridget Graham's powerful voice...

  • Pop Noir

    Pop Noir View Profile

    Young, gifted and Noir.

  • Ukulele Noir

    Ukulele Noir View Profile

  • Vixen Noir

    Vixen Noir View Profile

    Vixen Noir is a rising SupaStar singer, songwriter, recording artist and performance artist who’s been wowing audiences worldwide with her in-your-face, kickass, sexy-as-hell brand of entertainment. In 2013, she burst onto the music scene with her debut single, Dangerous, to rave reviews! She released her follow up single, Lusty Lady, in May 2014. Her much-anticipated debut EP, DANGEROUS ...

  • Belle Noire

    Belle Noire View Profile

    Belle Noire is a Rock/Alternative/Ambient Quintet from San Jose, Ca.    Late 2014 They entered the Studio with Dryw Owens (from indian lakes, sianvar)to record the single "sleep", which garnered great reception upon its premier on, and from there Decided to to the Full LP with Owens, which is due out Early 2016, and honored to have shared the stage wit...

  • Le Noire

    Le Noire View Profile


  • Blu Noise

    Blu Noise View Profile

  • Dinosaur Noise

    Dinosaur Noise View Profile

    We are a Rock N Roll Band. We came here to do 1 thing...


    MAD NOISE View Profile

    Fans have described MAD NOISE's sound as everything from "Acoustic Neo-Soul Street-Funk" to "Punk-Blues", crediting their diversity and DIY aesthetic. While deeply rooted in the blues, what makes MAD NOISE inimitable is their ability to draw from styles around the world, from folk and jazz to punk and pop. Their live performances are characterized by their raw energy, intri...

  • The Rebel Noise ~

    The Rebel Noise ~ View Profile

    By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a unique new sound, singer/guitarist Leo Rodriquez, bassist Ben Travis, drummer Ashley Pintor, and lead guitar player Collin Pintor have helped to redefine the landscape of the Coachella Valley's indie-rock music scene. The backbone of their work? Stylistically eclectic songs—suggesting a range of influe...

  • New Noise Continuum

    New Noise Continuum View Profile

    Originating in New Yok City New Noise Continuum combines members of Mother Headbug, Lone Vein, Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement and Lovecraft to form a unique musical soundscape. Used primarily as a think tank New Noise Continuum features Centipede and other experimental music projects allowing it's members to be free of boundaries that commonly limit the members of most bands.

  • Chaotic Noise Marching Corps

    Chaotic Noise Marching Corps View Profile

    Chaotic Noise Marching Corps is a Seattle based renegade marching band that is dedicated to keeping the tradition of music, performance, energy, havok, discipline and sheer stupid fun alive in Seattle’s streets. Founded by committee members and participants of HONK! Fest West as well as other Seattle groups such as Titanium Sporkestra, and Sounders FC Soundwave Band, Chaotic Noise lo...

  •  Noisecontrollers

    Noisecontrollers View Profile

      Noisecontrollers (Arjan Terpstra and Bas Oskam) started in the end of 2005. Arjan produced hip-hop and Bas was producing hard-trance. They decided to start producing hardstyle together and from that moment Noisecontrollers was born with only 1 goal; Bringing hardstyle to a next level. Noisec...

  • Desert Noises

    Desert Noises View Profile

    Desert Noises is Kyle Henderson, Tyler Osmond, Patrick Boyer, and Brennan Allen, four adventurers from Utah Valley, UT. Ask about their recent musical influences, and you'll extract a litany on the riches of Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, and Tame Impala. If it seems an unlikely trio of choices, it simply means that you haven't yet become acquainted with their propulsive, jangle-rich breed of rock 'n r...

  • Bare Noize

    Bare Noize View Profile


    TROY NōKA View Profile

    Born in Austin, Texas, Antwoine “TROY NōKA” Collins is a Grammy Award-winning Record Producer and Solo Triple-threat Artist, (Record Producer/Songwriter, Pianist, and Hip-Hop Recording Artist). Troy demonstrates an affinity for fashion, art and music as a result of his well traveled and cultured childhood. His early Hip-Hop musical influences include: Lil Flip, Zro, Lil KeKe, ESG, Phat...

  • Cary Nokey

    Cary Nokey View Profile

    So by now you probably heard that the ‘80s are back… Maybe…. But not quite… Sure, bands like She Wants Revenge, Shiny Toy Guns and the Killers brought us a taste of that Robert Smith (The Cure) crying out, distressed, dark melodic vibe... Because, of course, Rock n Roll is supposed to be dark and mysterious, right? But the ‘80s weren’t all that dark, now were they? Times were good, people wante...

  • Joe Nolan

    Joe Nolan View Profile

  • Rosy Nolan

    Rosy Nolan View Profile

    Rosy Nolan combines many American music traditions to form a heart-wrenching isle of authenticity amidst a sea of affectation. Her soulful vocal style harkens back to great blues and country singers while barreling full speed through a gritty spectrum of confessional hymns and folk-tinged melodies. Fans of Nolan’s have commented on her mesmerizing stage presence. “Her honesty and her u...

  • Scott Nolan & Joanna Miller

    Scott Nolan & Joanna Miller View Profile

  • John Nolan Taking Back Sunday

    John Nolan Taking Back Sunday View Profile

    The Birthday Tour featuring John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run) and his Band will kick off in Charlotte, NC on Friday, February 23, the day before John’s birthday, and travel up the east coast for a week+ of shows ending in Harrisburg, PA on March 4. The shows will be a traveling birthday celebration, with streamers, balloons and party favors every night. There will be an acousti...

  • Ernie Nolasco

    Ernie Nolasco View Profile

  • Matt Nolen

    Matt Nolen View Profile

    Texas native Matt Nolen, is an accomplished singer/songwriter, piano and guitar player with a gift for studio production. His style is a mixture of classic rock, country, pop, gospel and the blues. After graduating from Belmont University in Nashville, he moved to New York City and began playing songwriter rounds. Matt was told that his music was “too country,” so he moved back to Nash...

  • Elijah Noll

    Elijah Noll View Profile

  • Win Noll and the Rockin' Souls

    Win Noll and the Rockin' Souls View Profile

    Win Noll is sensational and captivating; audiences can’t get enough of her authentic, soulful sound!  Win Noll & The Rockin' Souls thoroughly entertain with their eclectic mix and interpretation of Blues, Rock, Soul & Funk. The band’s varied repertoire appeals to everyone! Performing songs by Adele, Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin, Susan Tedeschi, Etta James, Lenny Kravit...

  • American Nomad

    American Nomad View Profile

    American Nomad is an award winning acoustic group in the widely eclectic Bay Area music scene. They were honored for best vocal performance in the 2013 Berkeley Old Time Music Competition, as a finalist in the 2011 International songwriting competition, and were recognized in the 2013 and 2011 Rocky Mountain Folk Festival Songwriter Competition. Rooted in Americana and folk/swing traditions, their...

  • Ben Nomura

    Ben Nomura View Profile

    Ben can't remember a time when he didn't know at least three guitar chords. It's a blessing and a curse, in a sense that his songwriting reflects a more technical aspect, when compared to other songwriters in his genre. The music leaves you wanting to listen more than just one time, because it might take a while to "get it". But hey, the best things always do.  The singe...

  • Zwanger Non

    Zwanger Non View Profile

  • Fiction Non Fiction

    Fiction Non Fiction View Profile

  • Nous Non Plus

    Nous Non Plus View Profile

    NNP’s eponymous first album, which BUST magazine said “overflows with confident savoir-faire,” shot to the top 10 of the CMJ charts. Songs from the album have been featured on Gossip Girl and in European mobile phone commercials. The band is renowned for their highly charged, sweat-inducing live shows. They’ve played in Paris, La Rochelle, London, Ljubljana (Slove...

  • Chippy Nonstop

    Chippy Nonstop View Profile

    Chippy Nonstop is this short little dynamo from Oakland who makes hyper music. She’s associated with Kreayshawn and Andy Milonakis and is a very together person. She recently released a four song EP that she and her cohorts made in twenty-four hours.

  • DJ Noodles

    DJ Noodles View Profile

  • High Noon Whiskey

    High Noon Whiskey View Profile

  • CC Noone

    CC Noone View Profile

  • Jonny nope Goodnope

    Jonny nope Goodnope View Profile

  • Moth Nor Rust

    Moth Nor Rust View Profile

    MOTH NOR RUST was born in 2010 from the performance art and music community around San Francisco's OmniCircus Space. The founding members are Frank Garvey, David Earl, Diana Rosalind Trimble and Daniel Berkman, now with current featured vocalists Scarlet Moon and Lila Rose. We are engaged in an effort to make works of art which address the contemporary crisis of civilization effectively by dis...

  • DJ Nordic Soul

    DJ Nordic Soul View Profile

    DJ and founder/curator for Decibel Festival. In 2014, Nordic Soul (Sean Horton) was named #43 on Rolling Stone’s “50 Most Important People in EDM”:

  • Chris Nordlinger

    Chris Nordlinger View Profile

    From Santa Monica, California, Chris Nordlinger has been playing music since the age of seven.  He started with piano lessons, studying classical and jazz styles.  While these genres were a great musical base to start from, he was drawn toward classic rock and such artists as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones.  He wanted to play guit...

  • Andrew Norelli

    Andrew Norelli View Profile

    Andrew has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, Comedy.TV, Entertainment Studios with Byron Allen, and Comics Unleashed where he was also a staffed joke writer. Las Vegas, New York, and Boston, where he placed 2nd in The Boston Comedy Festival, are just some of the U.S. cities he has hit. International performances have included T...

  • Susan Norfleet

    Susan Norfleet View Profile

  • The Nories

    The Nories View Profile

    The Nories is an up and coming indie pop-punk band formed in 2014 in NYC. Cody and Ryan had been playing music together for years in Oakland, California. Cody and Sydney met while making films together in NYC leading to Sydney contributing with vocals and songwriting. They started recording the band’s first 8 track EP “Lo(v/n)ers" in late 2014. After working hard on the record all...

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