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  • MC Nine Hundred Ft Jesus

    MC Nine Hundred Ft Jesus View Profile

    Taking the name MC 900 Ft. Jesus from an Oral Roberts' sermon, the Dallas native Mark Griffin began recording in the late '80s. MC 900 Ft. Jesus' first records were bracing fusions of hip-hop, industrial, and spoken word, with hints of jazz. He became a favorite on college radio with his 1990 debut, Hell With the Lid Off, and 1991's Welcome to My Dream, yet he never established much more than a cu...

  • Shinobi Ninja

    Shinobi Ninja View Profile

    Shinobi Ninja is a Brooklyn-based party rock circus with an explosive live show. The band’s music mashes up the sounds of 311, The Beastie Boys, Sublime, and Rage Against the Machine. This year, Shinobi has completed two back-to-back national tours, including notable performances at Summerfest, The Warped Tour, 311’s Pow Wow Festival and Nerdapalooza. The official video for their new single “Ro c...

  • Abstract Ninjaa

    Abstract Ninjaa View Profile

    Rapper/Producer from Sacramento CA.

  • Benjah Ninjah

    Benjah Ninjah View Profile

    Benjah Ninjah (Benjamin Gilbert) is from South Lake Tahoe Ca. He has been blessed with a passion to share his idea of what music means to him! While he explores all genres of music, he focuses on glitch hop, world (middle easten and asian) sounds, up beat half-steppin, psychedelic crunk, and anything else that makes him dance (in weird ways hehe)! By mixing drum beats/bass to vocals and equalizing...

  • Grande Nino

    Grande Nino View Profile

    Two Piece Riff Rock from Charlotte, NC. Members from Base Of Bass. For fans of Eyehategod, Fu Manchu, Weedeater, Torche, The Melvins and Lightning Bolt.

  • Yung Nino

    Yung Nino View Profile



    TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES is the most colorful, unique and energetic Japanese performance group representing a new sound and style emerging from Tokyo in the year 2012. They fuse elements of electronic music, raw punk energy, tribal warfare, pop music, video art, fashion and performance art into a one of a kind live experience. Recently co-hosting the Vice documentary, “Tokyo Rising,” with Pha...

  • Not Nirvana

    Not Nirvana View Profile

    We are a tribute band rockin Nirvana songs in NYC

  • Sarah Nisch

    Sarah Nisch View Profile

    Sarah Nisch is a Brooklyn-based, St. Louis-bred folk singer who's dedicated her life to love, purpose, and performance. Her debut album, By Heart, is a major mile marker on that journey. The songs played a huge role in healing brokeness and contributed to her growth as a human/artist. "Liberez-Vous!"

  • James Nisky

    James Nisky View Profile

  • Date Nite

    Date Nite View Profile

    Date Nite's formation came to fruition when three like-minded spirits, converged during an annual NASA Jet Propulsion conference on 'Robotic Exploration of the Solar System.' Realizing they had a shared love for science and beats, they assembled a musical collective dedicated to dynamic ass shaking. Calling San Francisco their home, they call upon their scifi-paganistic background f...

  • Jon Nite

    Jon Nite View Profile

    Born in Amarillo, Texas, Jon Nite is a CMA and ACM award winning singer/songwriter who has written over a dozen top ten country hits. Jon's songs have been recorded by stars like Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, David Nail, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Phillip Phillips, Chase Rice, Jake Owen, Michael Ray, Chris Young, Adam Craig, Darius Rucker, Dustin Lynch, and more. T...

  • Nerd Nite

    Nerd Nite View Profile

      We all know that learning is more fun when you’re drinking with friends and colleagues. Thus, Nerd Nite is a monthly event held in more than 50 cities across the globe during which several folks give 18-21-minute fun-yet-informative presentations across all disciplines – while the audience drinks along.

  • The Nite Crawlers

    The Nite Crawlers View Profile

    Jon Whitlow-Lead Vocals/Harmonica Jared Bliss-Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Gary Snodgrass-Bass Ross Anzalone-Drums

  • Spend The Funniest NIte Of Your Life!

    Spend The Funniest NIte Of Your Life! View Profile

  • Billys Nite Out

    Billys Nite Out View Profile

  • Late Nite Reading

    Late Nite Reading View Profile

  • Andrea Nittoli

    Andrea Nittoli View Profile

    Andrea’s career started at the ripe old age of six months old in a Pampers Commercial...and that is the only time her "naked ass" has appeared on screen. Fully clothed (well, scantily clad in some) she has appeared in dozens of commercials, films, and television shows...such as "Married with Children", "Frazier", "Arrested Development" and many more...she has worked with great directors such as Ma...

  • Jason Nix

    Jason Nix View Profile

  • Aza Nizi Maza

    Aza Nizi Maza View Profile

    A full six-piece band complete with a burning horn section – funk psychedelic soul, complex in rhythms, layers, and distortion. Randa Eid (singer) and Brian Abbott (bass) hit the road in 2010 for a 30-show tour with their new wave rock outfit Grub Animal. With a deep passion to keep writing and performing, Randa approached Brian about collaborating on a new funky soulful project. Randa Eid (singer...

  • MR NO

    MR NO View Profile

    MR NO is a born & bred Angelino.. And he's excited to be back @ The Witzend! He is currently a solo act and encompasses the sounds of rock, pop, electronic, funk, hip hop, r&b, jazz, reggae & alternative into his music. Do you know Mr. No? You will soon. 

  •  No Age

    No Age View Profile

    Los Angeles experimental lo-fi drum-and-guitar duo No Age are Dean Spunt and Randy Randall, ex-members of hardcore band Wives. Through assorted indie labels, No Age released limited runs of vinyl-only EPs before collecting many of those tracks for the singles collection Weirdo Rippers, issued by U.K. label FatCat in summer 2007. The record's cover pays respect to the Smell, a venue/art space they ...

  •  No Doubt

    No Doubt View Profile

    With the return of the punks in the mid-'90s came a resurgence of their slightly more commercial rivals, new wave bands. No Doubt found a niche as a new wave/ska band, on the strength of vocalist Gwen Stefani's persona -- alternately an embrace of little-girl-lost innocence and riot grrrl feminism -- exemplified on the band's breakout single, "Just a Girl."Formed in early 1987 as a ska band inspir...

  • We're No Gentlemen

    We're No Gentlemen View Profile

  • Race No More

    Race No More View Profile

  •  No More Kings

    No More Kings View Profile

    No More Kings is essentially the creation of singer/songwriter Pete Mitchell. A native of Providence, RI, Mitchell moved around a lot as a child thanks to his Air Force father. In middle school he met and became good friends with guitarist Neil Robins, and though they played shows together throughout high school, it wasn't until college that the first incarnation of No More Kings was officially fo...

  •  No Motiv

    No Motiv View Profile

    A punk-pop quartet from Oxnard, CA, No Motiv specialize in the sort of personal introspection and emotional catharsis that defines the subgenre known as emocore. They released two albums on Edge Records, Cynical and Scarred, and soon became one of the first bands to sign to the then-fledgling Vagrant Records. No Motiv continued their recording career by contributing songs to films and to Vagrant's...

  • The No Name Gang

    The No Name Gang View Profile

  • Cast No Shadows

    Cast No Shadows View Profile

    "Originating from the east and midwestern states now residing somewhere to the south of Venice, Cast No Shadows comes to entertain you. Prepare yourselves for an alternative-underground duo with psychedelic issues. and "    

  •  No Warning

    No Warning View Profile

    Suffer, Survive, the debut release on Machine Shop Recordings from the fast-rising Toronto band No Warning, puts a whole new slant on hardcore with a sound that mixes melody with mayhem. Equal parts punk and hardcore, with a secret songwriting ingredient all their own, Suffer, Survive features a whole new musical direction from a band with a big future. That future began in the late '90's when a 1...

  • Trevor Noah

    Trevor Noah View Profile

    Trevor Noah is the most successful comedian in Africa. He is the host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning program The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Noah joined The Daily Show in 2014 as a contributor. Born in South Africa to a black South African mother and a white European father, Noah has hosted numerous television shows including South Africa’s music, televisi...

  • Jamal, Noah & Everett

    Jamal, Noah & Everett View Profile

  •  Noah & The Whale

    Noah & The Whale View Profile

  • Dupester  Tiffani noay

    Dupester Tiffani noay View Profile

  • Gene Noble

    Gene Noble View Profile

  • Keri Noble

    Keri Noble View Profile

    After growing up in an environment where secular music was not readily available, Keri Noble was inspired, like so many, by Joni Mitchell’s historic album Blue, to find her own voice in songwriting. Keri gained the attention of the world-famous producer, Arif Mardin, and a recording deal with EMI/Manhattan Records soon followed. Worldwide touring supported her debut release Fearless. In 2009, she ...

  • Tommy Noble

    Tommy Noble View Profile

  • Blake Noble Band

    Blake Noble Band View Profile

    Blake Noble is currently touring his brand new album, with a phenomenal new band. The new album 'Those Who Know' from the Aussie multi instrumentalist delivers an electric mixture of Aussie Roots with American Rock and Bluegrass. Featuring the Australian Didgeridoo, the obvious passion from Noble shines through, along with new members Matthew Rieger on Lap Steel, Dobr...

  • That Noble Fury

    That Noble Fury View Profile

    That Noble Fury is the brainchild of songwriters, singers, and multi-instrumentalists Anthony Blaha and Tom Fellows who met on their first day as students at Johns Hopkins University over their mutual interest in rock and pop music. Now as a full-fledged five-piece, That Noble Fury has been taking New England by storm, including being featured on AOL Listening Party, winning Deli Magazine's Artist...

  • Sweet Nobody

    Sweet Nobody View Profile

  • The Nobody Famous Band

    The Nobody Famous Band View Profile

  • Leo Nocentelli

    Leo Nocentelli View Profile

    Leo Nocentelli - guitarist, composer, founding member of the internationally known group THE METERS! In their 41-year history, The Meters have grooved their way around the globe. They have toured with such talents as The Rolling Stones, and have been the rhythm for such diverse artists as Dr. John, Paul McCartney, Robert Palmer and Patti Labelle. Considered by many to be the founding fathers of...

  • Los Noches Cabrones

    Los Noches Cabrones View Profile

    "With the nights fall. The ground beyond the caverns of light began to break open with a mystical gleam blasting in to the dark sky. Three what seemed to be dead men rose from the ground as the rats, bats, and scorpions began to awaken and flock to the new light. The three dark figures made their way out of that mystical gleam into the darkness of the desert with the bats, rats, and scorpions gain...

  • DJ Nocturn

    DJ Nocturn View Profile

    DJ’ing for over a decade, LA native Nocturn brings the latest cutting edge tracks from house to techno.

  • DJ Nocturnal

    DJ Nocturnal View Profile

    DJ Nocturnal (or Christopher Jaime if you’re his mother) is a true cutter and scratcher. His skills have carried him around the country, competing, touring, studio engineering and doing radio.   Nocturnal’s often referred to as a turntablist, located deep down at the roots of hip-hop culture.He’s a member of Sacramento’s epic Sleeprockers Crew, DJ for ARG (A...

  • The Nocturnal Affair

    The Nocturnal Affair View Profile

  •  Nodes Of Ranvier

    Nodes Of Ranvier View Profile

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota isn't exactly what you'd call the hotbed of metal and hardcore. However, Nodes of Ranvier--comprised of lead vocalist Nick Murphy, drummer/vocalist Ryan Knutson, bassist Terry Taylor and guitarists Jon Parker and Jake Stefek--were inspired by the city's isolation to create catchy, heavy-hitting hard rock. Nodes of Ranvier's latest disc, The Years to Come, combines swagger...

  • Cecilia Noel

    Cecilia Noel View Profile

    Cecilia Noël is passionate, flamboyant, exotic, and incredible talented – and on her aptly titled CD, A Gozár! (to enjoy), she demonstrates why critics have long called her the “Latin Tina Turner.” “Salsoul”, the genre Noël created to describe her sound, combines elements of salsa, soul, jazz, funk, and afro­cuban. Featuring smoking hot Latin ...

  • Christine Noel

    Christine Noel View Profile

    Christine Noel is a singer/songwriter/producer who believes in the power of vulnerability. Using soaring melodies, down-to-earth lyrics, and soulful vocals, she aims to let audiences know they are not alone in what they feel and experience. Drawing from a variety of influences from Coldplay to Corinne Bailey Rae, Christine creates a unique sound that sets her apart in today's pop world. Her de...

  • Kennedy Noel

    Kennedy Noel View Profile

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