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  • The New Rivals

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  • The New Romance

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    "The New Romance cranks out an incredible nonstop high-energy show that will leave you breathless. You'll know every song, dance for hours and sing at the top of your lungs. Think of it as your favorite mix tape of the 80s coming to life! Since their inception, their focus is only playing the songs you know and love with stunning accuracy. Together the band has a wealth of experience in t...

  • The New Schematics

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    Known for their diverse sound and high-energy live shows, The New Schematics combine both modern and classic influences (The Killers, The Cars, Bruce Springsteen, and Dawes) as one of only a handful of bands bringing rock 'n' roll to and from Music City. According to Andy Herrin (DJ at 102.9, The Buzz), "They're the type of band you root for because anyone ...

  • The New Self Defense

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    The New Self Defense is a New York City based post-hardcore band that was originally formed in 2003 after the breakup of the NJ-based band Prevent Falls. Their music has aptly been described as "Quicksand/Helmet meets the Police on meth." Over the years, The New Self Defense has written and collaborated with the likes of Tim Brennan (Dropkick Murphys), Brian Carley (Penfold) and Alf Bartone (D...

  • Brand New Sin

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    When rock fans think of Syracuse -- one of the cities in upstate New York -- they often think of hardcore punk and the straight-edge movement, which has used punk to promote clean living, vegetarianism, and spirituality. Many straight-edge bands have been avid supporters of the Hare Krishna sect; arguably, straight-edge has often functioned as a Hindu-minded equivalent of Christian rock, although ...

  • The New Tarot

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    The New Tarot is a alt rock music project fronted by the Walker sisters, and they want to play you music and sing you songs. MONIKA (Vox/Otherstuff!) is insane, and so are you. Her fascination with sanity once led her through the grand halls of Brooklyn College to study AI and philosophy, but now she pals around with all sorts of normans and mormans writing songs about people and singing a synth ...

  • The New Thoreaus

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    Formed originally in 2007 as a group of Special Education teachers in Oakland banging out stress on drums and dulcimer, The New Thoreaus have maintained their original style while broadening their appeal through more traditional bluegrass and jazz instruments. An indie-folk band with a bluegrass bent, The New Thoreaus provide a “modern spin on old-timey folk and bluegrass,” according t...

  • The New Velvet

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  • Times New Viking

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    Much like Guided by Voices, Times New Viking are a noisy, lo-fi indie rock band from Ohio who made the leap from the long-running indie Siltbreeze Records to the higher-profile Matador label. Unlike Guided by Voices, whose hissy, distortion-heavy sound masked a knack for traditional '60s-influenced pop hooks and surreal lyrical wordplay, this Columbus-based trio favors a more punk-derived sound an...

  • The New West Collective

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    The New West Collective is a new formation of artists, producers, and emcees, hailing from Las Vegas, NV. The eclectic hip hop group is set with one goal- To put a fresh spin on the music coming from the Entertainment Capital of the World. Filled with diverse sounds of live and sampled hip-hop, mixed with original strong enlightening lyrical content, The New West Collective is an experience you ca...

  •  New Wet Kojak

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    New York's arty, jazz-inflected rock five-piece New Wet Kojak formed in 1995, when Girls Against Boys members Scott McCloud and Johnny Temple recruited guitarist/engineer Geoff Turner (formerly of Grey Matter), drummer Nick Pelleciotto (a former member of Edsel) and saxophonist Charles Bennington, all of whom hailed from GVSB's hometown, Washington D.C. That year the group released their self-titl...

  • The New Wild

    The New Wild View Profile

    Two brothers making a rockish racket by the brackish waters of the Red River.

  • The New York City Summertime Tribute to THE WHO

    The New York City Summertime Tribute to THE WHO View Profile

  •  New York Dolls

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  • Los New Yorkers

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    Los New Yorkers is comprised of four close friends from Upstate New York. Children of the 70’s and 80’s we have been influenced by the best and the worst. We now humbly make our own original music. It is a unique mix of sound and light in which the four of us change instruments often. Our sound is fun, upbeat and crafted to assist the party that is life. We have been at this a while ar...

  •  New York's Finest (Police tribute)

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    Featuring Mark Rinzel (The Jupiter Deluxe, The Neutron Drivers and Bubble) - one of the few humans who can play bass and sing like 70's era Sting, New York's Finest boasts Oscar Bautista (Session musician, Broadway guitarist for "American Idiot" ) on guitar and Alan Camlet (Paul Collins Beat, Hoboken Recorders recording studio Producer/Engineer) on drums. They play with the intensity of the teenag...

  •  New Young Pony Club

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  • Samantha Newark

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    Samantha began gracing the spotlights of famous venues in England and Africa at age 7. In fact, she cut her first single and booked her first tour while cutting her second teeth.Fondly named "Little Miss Dynamite" by the press, this pint-size chanteuse emigrated with her family from England. With mom and sister in tow, her manager dad booked high-profile shows for Samantha. She found herself perfo...

  • J. Chris Newberg

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    J. Chris Newberg's refreshingly smart and edgy humor, delivered with a streetwise sense of philosophic cool, has propelled the guitarist/songwriter-cum-comedian to the forefront of the National comedy scene. While critics have been singing his praises in the press, audience members are offering true testimonial to Newberg's talent, roaring with laughter and clamoring for more of this hi...

  • Britten Newbill

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     With influences ranging from James Taylor to Prince, Tennessee raised Britten Newbill has crafted a sound all his own. After studying briefly at Berklee School of Music, Britten left Boston as his budding music career became a main priority. In 2009, he released "Six Strings and a Drum Machine" which garnered much attention. So much, in fact, that Seventeen named him an "Unsig...

  • David Newbould

    David Newbould View Profile

    That high lonesome sound, evoking winds that blow through valleys of fear and over plains of wistful peace. David Newbould‘s voice embodies that high and lonesome state of being. His songs have been featured in 10 network TV shows/films (CBS’ Criminal Minds and Harper’s Island, WB’s Dawsons Creek and 7th Heaven, Paramount’s Joan...

  • Johnny Newcomb

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  • Ross Newell

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    “Ross Newell can usually be seen and heard as the lead singer and songwriter in The Mulligan Brother from Mobile AL – his song writing weaves heartfelt tales of love and loss into complex yet comforting storytelling, the combination of which will leave you nostalgic for something (or someone) that you can’t quite put your finger on. With a remarkable universality, you could as ea...

  • Heidi Newfield

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  • Bob Newhart

    Bob Newhart View Profile

    George Robert "Bob" Newhart (born September 5, 1929) is an American stand-up comedian and actor who is best known for playing psychologist Dr. Robert "Bob" Hartley on the 1970s sitcom The Bob Newhart Show and as innkeeper Dick Loudon on the 1980s sitcom Newhart. Newhart also appeared in film roles such as Major Major in Catch-22, and Papa Elf in Elf. He provided the voice ...

  • Cody Newman

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  • Tracy Newman

    Tracy Newman View Profile

    Singer/songwriter Tracy Newman was a TV writer/producer for 20 years.  She started as a staff writer on Cheers.  In 1997, she won an Emmy and a Peabody Award for co-writing the ground-breaking “coming out” episode of Ellen. In 2001 she co-created the ABC comedy, According to Jim. Tracy has been playing guitar since she was 14 and is now a fulltime singer/songwriter. Her ...

  • Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements

    Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements View Profile

    In the early 70s, Tracy Newman joined an improv class taught by Gary Austin, which soon became The Groundlings. Tracy is a founding member, and besides performing, she taught and directed. Her sister, Laraine Newman was the first Groundling to be discovered there by Lorne Michaels for Saturday Night Live. Some other Groundling alumni include: Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Paul “Pee Wee Herman&...

  • Julie Newmark & Sierra West

    Julie Newmark & Sierra West View Profile

    Julie Neumark: Growing up in Cincinnati, the songstress moved to LA after studying music at Indiana University. She found work quickly as an actress on TV shows "Oh, Baby" (Lifetime TV) and "Gilmore Girls" (The WB Network). Neumark then switched her focus from acting to music, and in 2008, her independently produced debut album, "Dimestore Halo" got the attention of Hyena Records in...

  • Old News

    Old News View Profile

    Ryan Ricky Branson Dylan San Diego punk rock

  • Joanna Newsom

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  •  Newstradamus

    Newstradamus View Profile

    Newstradamus is a prophetic sketch comedy revue that explores America's current state and its inevitable future. The cast members are all graduates of The Second City Conservatory Program in Hollywood and the show is directed by Frank Caeti. "Experience one of the best sketch shows in the city.” Starring: LISA BENEDICT, CHAD BIAGINI, JAMIE FLUET, STEVENS GASTO...

  • Jake Newton

    Jake Newton View Profile

    Jake Newton was raised in the Mountains outside of Yosemite National Park. He grew up playing music with his family, and lived the childhood of a dreamer, surrounded by nature; head in the clouds. There was one stop light in his town. The nearest record store was 45 miles away. It was perfect isolation. As he grew, he yearned for the excitement and vitality the city promised, the faint sounds and ...

  • Rylee Newton

    Rylee Newton View Profile

    Rylee Newton is a standup comic from Oregon.

  • Wood Newton

    Wood Newton View Profile

    Wood Newton moved from his home state of Arkansas to Nashville in 1976 to get in the music business. Since then, as a songwriter Wood has written some of country music’s biggest hits, among them are; "Bobbie Sue" for The Oak Ridge Boys, "Twenty Years Ago" for Kenny Rogers, “What I Didn't Do” for Steve Wariner, and “Riding With Private Malone” w...

  • Elliot Next

    Elliot Next View Profile

    Elliot Next has been writing and producing break beat and two-step for almost a decade. While releasing new music and mixes continuously, Elliot Next also holds a residency on Wednesday nights at 5 Star Bar in Downtown LA.


    MR NEXT View Profile

  • Girl Next Door

    Girl Next Door View Profile

    Kelly Yvonne presents: A Pole Dance Soiree

  • The Next Great American Novelist

    The Next Great American Novelist View Profile

    The Next Great American Novelist is the project of Sean Cahill, a currently New York-based singer-songwriter, bassist Jason Cummings and drummer Anthony Spinnato. With an eloquent lone voice and a trusty electric guitar, Sean reinvents the classic singer-songwriter format to weave an age-old sensibility into musical tales for present times. The catchy melodies and ambitious songwriting approach is...

  • The Next Mone't

    The Next Mone't View Profile

    Chelsea Mone’t is a Los Angeles based hip-hop, soul artist whose personal and musical focus is to #practiceLOVE.

  • The Next of Kin

    The Next of Kin View Profile

    From Delta blues to rootsy folk, The Next of Kin offers top notch Americana music for your listening pleasure. The Next of Kin's original songs bring you.

  • The Next Phase Band

    The Next Phase Band View Profile

  • Sahr Ngaujah

    Sahr Ngaujah View Profile

    SAHR NGAUJAH was a stranger to Broadway when he and “Fela!” arrived at the Eugene O’Neill Theater in October. Seven months later, with a Tony Award nomination for best actor in a musical now under his belt, he seems fully immersed in that milieu but still not quite of it, almost like a Times Square tourist trying to absorb everything going on around him while maintaining a saf...

  • The Nibblers

    The Nibblers View Profile

    The Nibblers, a Sacramento based group with a freight train rhythm section, soulful vocals, and blistering horns, honoring rearrangements from the progenitors of classic funk and soul from the late 60's while weaving this influence throughout their original music.

  • Armstrong Nic

    Armstrong Nic View Profile

    Substance, simplicity, soul and a bit of love in the context of rock n' roll are not as common as, perhaps, they once were. Enter Nic Armstrong, a 25 year-old English boy blessed with an uncommonly powerful voice. Nic and his band, The Thieves, have fashioned a remarkably confident and exciting debut album, The Greatest White Liar - a work that mixes rockers with ballads and melody with blues-ey r...

  • Amanda Nicastro

    Amanda Nicastro View Profile

    Amanda Nicastro is a writer/comedian/actress living in New York City by way of Charlotte, NC. She hopes that her work encourages others to be bold and to tell their own weird stories. Seriously, no matter how weird. BOOM Performance: “I’m just Kidneying” Does donating a kidney make you a hero? Even though Amanda has a certificate dedicated to her heroism, she’s not quite...

  • Chuck Nice

    Chuck Nice View Profile

    Chuck Nice is a stand up comic and radio personality from Philadelphia, PA. Chuck is a 14 year veteran of stand-up comedy with a rich history in television and radio. He makes regular appearances on Shovio's TalkBackTV, frequently contributes to VH1's Best Week Ever and truTV's The Smoking Gun Presents: The World's Dumbest..., and performs regularly at the HA! Comedy Club, and Comic Strip Live in ...

  • Smiling Nice

    Smiling Nice View Profile

    Many moons ago, Sir Nathaniel Matthews and Sir Leonard of Franco sought out to change the world with music. Armed with just a bass, a guitar, some golden pipes, and dashing good looks, the duo spent their time commandeering vans into battle on the West Side Highway and charming lovely women state-wide with their musical ability. Soon they ventured south to the bowels of New Jersey and locked th...

  • Phil Nichol

    Phil Nichol View Profile

    Phil Nichol is a Canadian comedian, singer-songwriter and actor. Born in Scotland, but raised in North America, he first found fame as a member of the musical comedy trio Corky and the Juice Pigs. As an actor, one of his most prominent roles was as Philip Salon in Boy George's musical, Taboo, which was shown in the West End of London. His stand-up routines often include musical elements,...

  • Eric Nicholas

    Eric Nicholas View Profile

    Eric Nicholas was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. His childhood was very much shaped by music. At the age of seven, Eric took piano lessons. His interest in music quickly became a full-blown passion. In middle school, he studied percussion, as well as the saxophone. With a firm grounding in music theory, Eric's young ears were eager for new sounds. As a teenager, he was captivated by the guitar...

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