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  • Mark Nesler

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  • Alex Nester

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    In an industry saturated with fly-by-night singles, auto-tune madness, and packaged artist-development, Alex refuses to conform and instead brings back the musicians to the art of music-making with her highly anticipated 2nd album, #BurnItDown. This album can only be described as a Hell-hath-no-fury collection of original music chronicling her trials and letdowns with the state of music business t...

  • The Netherlands

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  • No Nets

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    No Nets is music written by Sal Mastrocola, brought to life on stage with the help of John O'Neill, Johnny Laslo, and Walter Shock.

  • The Network

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    The Network emerged from a cloud of mystery in late summer 2003. Almost immediately, rumors and reports circulated that the members of Green Day were somehow involved in the band's out-of-nowhere rise to synth-punk power. Were Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool masquerading as Fink, Van Gough, and Captain Underpants? And if so, who were their two accomplices, Snoo and Z? The quintet's ...

  • Brian Netzley

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  • Einsturzende Neubauten

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    Along with Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, Germany's Einstürzende Neubauten ("collapsing new buildings") helped pioneer industrial music with an avant-garde mix of white-noise guitar drones, vocals verging on the unlistenable at times, and a clanging, rhythmic din produced by a percussion section consisting of construction materials, power tools, and various metal objects. Einstü...

  • Scott Neubert

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  • Jake Neumar

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  • Julie Neumark

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      With "No More" , Los Angeles Roots Rock singer/songwriter Julie Neumark delivers her long-awaited EP (produced by Tom Lilly and Todd Wolf) as a prelude to her sophomore full length release. Neumark has spent the past couple of years touring in support of her debut album, "Dimestore Halo" (Lonesome Day Records/E1). It was during that time that Neumark became acquainte...

  • Ready Never

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    Ready Never is new, catchy, electronic dance pop from Beny Ed, his producer Rudi Meibergen; and friends. Debut album due out for the new year 2013.

  •  Never Shout

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  •  Never Shout Never

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    Never Shout Never is a one-man band featuring Christofer Drew, a Missouri native whose songs straddle the border between emo and acoustic singer/songwriter fare. A product of the digital age, Drew originally built a fan base by posting his bright, soul-baring music to the Internet. After averaging over 15,000 online plays a day, he made Never Shout Never legitimate in 2008 by releasing his first r...

  • Rust Never Sleeps

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    RUST NEVER SLEEPS is a unique, live rock show that celebrates the music, and musical career of Neil Young. Based in the Greater Boston area, Rust Never Sleeps pays "tribute" to Neil Young and his music the best way they know how... with integrity. While some groups in the tribute-band genre are content with a note for note replication of the original recordings, a Rust Never Sleeps show is infu...

  • The Neverminds

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    Considered Maui's most dysfunctional cover band, the Neverminds are Nils Rosenblad on lead guitar, Dave Vickers on bass, Shawn Coullahan on drums and Andy Church on lead vocals & guitar.   They are known for packed shows and high energy alternative/punk/rock tunes from MGMT, the Black Keys, Buzzcocks, Green Day, the White Strips, Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Ra...

  • Emily Neveu

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  • Charles Neville (Legendary Neville Brother, GRAMMY AWARD WINNER!)

    Charles Neville (Legendary Neville Brother, GRAMMY AWARD WINNER!) View Profile

    Charles Neville, a Grammy Award winning Neville Brother, is a triple threat- vocals, sax, flute -who has gold and platinum records from six different countries! Charles has performed  on "The Today Show," "Oprah," Saturday Night Live," "Tonight Show," and "Letterman."  He has performed with many notable acts including Ray Charles, James B...

  • Charles Neville and Jeff Pitchell & Texas Flood

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    Grammy Award winner, Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers and Jeff Pitchell with Texas Flood have been in the recording studio creating a new CD entitled "A Taste of New Orleans, Mardi Gras, the Blues, and Rock" which is also the name of their new show! Charles, a vocals, sax and flute legend with the Neville Brothers, has a Grammy Award and gold/platinum records from 6 different count...

  • Pat Nevins

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    Pat Nevins began his musical career in Chicago. He has been performing live shows in the San Francisco area for ten years now, and is known for his heartfelt vocals, deep soul, and rhythm guitar work. Pat performs his own compositions, and is loved by Bay Area music fans for taking on both the acoustic and electric sides of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Gram Parsons, to name a few. He has appeared an...

  • Peter Nevins

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    An American in Montréal, Peter Nevins has recently relocated from NYC to Canada's cultural capital, "because of the huge infusion of inspiration that hit (me) as soon as I got here."Originally from San Francisco, and having lived 3 years in NYC's East Village and Brooklyn, he plays the 8-string bouzouki simply because, "It's the coolest damn instrument I've ever heard; like a guitar, only pre...

  •  New Atlantic

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  • Carter New Band

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    The Carter New Band has been playing since 2011. The award winning band members play all the hits from the 80's, 90's and today, including country rock!

  • The New Black 7

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    The New Black 7 is country music, that’s a fact, but these guys are breaking the rules! The music is energetic and catchy; it’s honest and true; it’s sad and melancholy. It’s everything that great country music should be but there’s more to it than that…The New Black 7 is what you would get if Steve Earle, Hank Jr., Jason Aldean and Dwight Yoakam had a bar-room...

  •  New Boyz

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  • A New Bug

    A New Bug View Profile

    After a night of staying up rampaging through the city; Samson drove at full speed on the wrong side of the road swerving out of the way at the last precious seconds. We then started. At the very same moment of potential death. The meeting was brief until the music started in an acidy explosion. A lysergic dream. "Can you hear the death of me?" Self no more. All selves were dissolved. Screams of c...

  • The New Busy

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    The New Busy is an Alternative Rock group from the small town of Middlesboro, Ky. They have recently released their second music video for the single "Her Story" from their upcoming debut album entitled Still Standing.

  •  New Cassettes

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    NEW RELEASE 2011 - "Silent Guns EP" !! Available now on Itunes!US Airways has chosen the single "Silent Guns" to be on their In Flight Entertainment System National and International, Reaches an audience of over 600,000 - May 2011!!New Cassettes is a five-piece band from Northhampton, England who have been leaving audiences wanting more since 2005. The band released their debut single, "You Won't ...

  • The New Corvairs

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    "Stax/Volt meets The Grateful Dead in New Orleans; The New Corvairs are definitely unsafe at any speed. Ira Ingber, Carl Sealove, Bobby Crew, Scott Babcock, and Steve Bartek have performed with Bob Dylan, Captain Beefheart, Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, Oingo Boingo, Van Dyke Parks, Canned Heat, and Frank name but a few."

  • The New Creatures

    The New Creatures View Profile

    Rock ‘n’ roll fiesta out of McAdenville, NC. Stay spicy.

  • Brand New Day

    Brand New Day View Profile

    Brand New Day, the band is a L.A. based, in-house project made by Telepictures Music, a Warner Brothers company. They have been heard mainly on television shows such as "Anderson Live", "Ellen", "Lopez Tonight", "Tyra" and "Extra". Brand New Day is a upbeat, pop-retro style band with catchy hooks and great song writing involving a 10 piece band inc...

  • Dark new Day

    Dark new Day View Profile

    Dark New Day formed in early 2005 and was quickly billed as a supergroup for the active rock set, since its membership came from various name-brand acts. Clint Lowery (guitar/vocals) had been a cofounder of Sevendust, while his brother Corey Lowery (bass) had played in Stuck Mojo and Stereomud; guitarist Troy McLawhorn was a veteran of Doubledrive, and vocalist/guitarist Brett Hestla had been in V...

  • The New Daze

    The New Daze View Profile

    The New Daze is a band from Syracuse, New York that creates a space for audience members and listeners to bask in the glory of Electric Boogified-Rage-Reggaefunk Crunch Goop that is only otherwise available in the depths of outer-space. They come out on stage often with their "Uncle" who is a giant inflatable Zebra and they journey through time and space with their jams. Get to a li...

  • The New Division

    The New Division View Profile

    Spearheaded by John Kunkel (vox/producer) and amplified by Micheal ‘Janzie’ Janz (sequencing/synths), Mark Michalski (synths) and Brock Woolsey (guitar), The New Division is an LA based tour de force. Influenced by Joy Division, New Order and Depeche Mode, they have taken the tastiest slices of these bands and infused some new life into them. Not stuck under the weight and spell of the...

  • The New Electric Sound

    The New Electric Sound View Profile

    “The New Electric Sound is a five-piece surf-pop-rock band that fuses simple, time-tested, ‘50s-era rock ‘n’ roll with current indie-pop styles, delivering something original, with a sweet sugar coating of nostalgic goodness. Young, handsome, and heavily cardiganed, The New Electric Sound reminds us that songs of love, innocence, and heartbreak are just as cool today as the...

  • The New FOs

    The New FOs View Profile

    The New F-O's are a colorful breath of fresh sound waves that deliver strategic blows to your eardrums via high-end production and well-played vocals. With his raspy voice and melodic yet catchy delivery "Lifted" (one of two MC's in the group) leaves his mark on venues and nightclub dance floors throughout the industry while his vocal counterpart "Pancho", with his contagious smile, bright voice a...

  •  New Found Glory

    New Found Glory View Profile

  • New New Girlfriend

    New New Girlfriend View Profile

    Mostly unabashedly pop-y love songs until further notice.

  •  New Ivory

    New Ivory View Profile

    New Ivory is a three-piece band hailing from London. They’re made up of Mickey (vocals , lead guitar ), Alessandro ( bass ) and Andy ( drums ). They formed a band in 2008 and played several gigs across Europe. In 2010 they recorded their first EP which gained critical success. Dim Mak ultimately signed the band. They’ve just hit the studio to record their first complete album whic...

  • the new Lastfall

    the new Lastfall View Profile

  • The New Limb

    The New Limb View Profile

    Captivating audiences with an incredible live show, catchy hooks, four part harmonies and a creative approach to songwriting, The New Limb pull from a century’s worth of influences to make music that appeals to a wide range of listeners. Named “Best Live Band” by The OC Weekly, KROQ raves “The New Limb’s lush, organically evocative indie-pop channels yearning as it f...

  • The New Mastersounds

    The New Mastersounds View Profile

    In the late 1990’s, guitarist and producer Eddie Roberts was promoting a club night in Leeds called “The Cooker.” When The Cooker moved into a new venue with a second floor in 1999, there was space and the opportunity to put a live band together to complement the DJ sets. Simon Allen and Eddie had previously played together as The Mastersounds, though with a different bassist ...

  •  New Medicine

    New Medicine View Profile

    New Medicine injects a little hope into hard rock on their debut album, Race You to the Bottom, due out this fall via Photo Finish Records. Each song tells a story, whether it's about the loss of a loved one on "Little Sister" or the state of the world on "Race You to the Bottom." For lead vocalist Jake Scherer, the band's message is in their moniker. "Everybody has a different medicine--whether i...

  • The New Millions

    The New Millions View Profile

    Way back when, there was a band called "The Millions". This, now, in its new form, is "The New Millions". It consists of Jeffrey Tucker Jastrow (guitar, vocals) Stephen Albertson (bass) and Isaiah Curtis Hernandez (drums), and it performs blues and rock & roll.

  • The New Peter Gabrielz

    The New Peter Gabrielz View Profile

    the pop electronic/folk band. beau hirshfield- vocals ramon blanco- guitar robby lattimore- bass kris persson- drums

  •  New Politics

    New Politics View Profile

    Rambunctious, Danish indie rockers New Politics formed in the late 2000s around the talents of vocalist David Boyd, guitarist/vocalist/keyboard player Søren H, and drummer Poul Amaliel. The band's high-energy, guitar-driven blend of punk, pop, and electronically induced dance rock (Boyd specializes in wildly unpredictable stage posturing) eventually caught the ears (and eyes) of RCA, who sign...

  • The New Pornographers

    The New Pornographers View Profile

  •  New Radicals

    New Radicals View Profile

    A pop/rock group that was formed in the late '90s but was heavily influenced by the rock and soul of the 1970s, the New Radicals are the creation of singer/producer/songwriter Gregg Alexander -- a native of Grosse Point, MI (near Detroit). Growing up in Michigan, Alexander started listening to both rock and R&B extensively as a child and was only 12 when he acquired his first electric guitar. Afte...

  • The New Recessioinaires

    The New Recessioinaires View Profile

    Bill Ungerman presents The New Recessionaires, a group that plays music of the 20's through the 50's and beyond. The New Recessionaires band is comprised of musicians who are old friends and past members of the group 'Royal Crown Revue'. Band leader Bill Ungerman plays saxophones and is known for his writing and arranging in the 'Royal Crown Revue'. On guitar is James Achor, co-author of 'Hey Pa...

  • The New Regime

    The New Regime View Profile

    The modern age of music is dictating a new approach to releasing material. Gone are the days of reliance on formal singles and/or albums, and in their place waits a space of creative freedom for artists. Ilan Rubin never fit traditional molds anyway. Despite the energy and enjoyment of playing with artists like Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves, and Paramore, Rubin felt the urge to do more...

  •  New Rivals

    New Rivals View Profile

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