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  • The Neighborhood

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  • The Neighborhood Bullys

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    Formed in 2002, The Neighborhood Bullys are a Los Angeles band of eclectic musical masterminds; featuring singer / bass player Davey Meshell, lead guitarist Greg West, rhythm guitarist Zach Jones, who also provides soulful backing vocals. It's this element that elevates the Bullys beyond a regular rock band and gives them a Lou Rawls with Sam Cooke dynamic...and on drums is the hardest work...

  • Bad Neighbors

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    BAD NEIGHBORZ, with good music, is coming straight up and out of the north county San Diego surf scene and is about to release their first album which will be a full EP. Made up of Caleb Wilborn on guitar/vocals, Jay Crew on bass/vocals, and Mikey Poulos on drums, the Bad Neighborz rock/reggae style is utterly contagious. Rounding out their first album with songs sure to get the dance floor ...

  • Damn Neighbors

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  • Just Neighbors

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    Florida math rock

  • The Neighbors

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    The Neighbors are a collective of college students and dropouts from Los Angeles who write and produce their own music. Singer-songwriters Lucas Tameran and Max Subar met as random roommates their freshman year of college in 2012. After gigging as an acoustic act for a couple years, Max and Lucas enlisted multi-instrumentalist Henry Was to produce their first record. Henry joined the band as drumm...

  • Bad Neighborz

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    The 7-piece Rock-Reggae band from Southern California have been brewing a music monstrosity with catchy hooks, great melodies, feel good lyrics, tight harmonies, topped off with charismatic and stellar stage presence.    The next big thing in Rock-Reggae is on schedule to release their full length, self titled, debut album & complementing high definition music videos on Ap...

  • Debbie Neigher

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    Debut Record Available Now for FREE download! Without an apartment or job waiting for her, the then 22-year-old singer-songwriter Debbie Neigher uprooted herself from her native state of New Jersey and flew across the country to San Francisco to pursue her music fully. By day, Neigher began working at a nonprofit organization located in one of the city’s poores...

  • Zach Neil

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    All Zach Neil ever set out to do was to learn to play his guitar so he could play along with his favorite songs. But then after his first few attempts at singing in front of a crowd he saw how people responded to him, so he thought that music could be something he needed to explore a little further. All that landed Neil in Nashville, where the 23-year-old singer just completed work on his late...

  • Dennis Neil - tribute to Neil Young

    Dennis Neil - tribute to Neil Young View Profile

  •  Neil Cowley Trio

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    The Face of Mount Molehill is the magnificent new album from the pioneers of the British "post-jazz" scene, the Neil Cowley Trio.  Featuring soundtracks in search of a film, exploratory minimalist miniatures, power pop songs without words and the coolest TV theme tunes you’ll ever hear, this new recording looks set to launch the music of Neil Cowley into the American public&rs...

  • The Neil Deal

    The Neil Deal View Profile

    America's Tribute to Neil Young is The Neil Deal. Led by singer/guitarist Dennis Neil, The Neil Deal has been performing together for over 12 years across the USA & Canada. This award winning Tribute band is a top choice for event centers, concerts in the park, casino & festival venues. Recent headliners at KRTH's Fantasy Concert at the Gibson Ampitheatre & While many tribute acts have a limited a...

  • Vincent Neil Emerson

    Vincent Neil Emerson View Profile

    Vincent Neil Emerson has a reputation around Texas. He’s got a reputation around Nashville, and with his recent appearance in Jason Mamoa’s "On The Roam" YouTube series alongside his good friend Colter Wall, he’s getting a reputation with fans of classic country music everywhere.     In support o...

  • DJ Neil Martinson

    DJ Neil Martinson View Profile

    spins Psych, Soul, Glam, Bubblegum, Laserboogie and such like...

  • Casey Neill & The Norway Rats

    Casey Neill & The Norway Rats View Profile

    Casey Neill & The Norway Rats perform rock music informed by post punk ethos, combining haunting dirges and diesel fueled rave-ups. Neill's original weather beaten narratives eschew irony in favor of romance, celebrate society's miscreants, and explore the hidden corners of the American landscape. The Norway Rats, a crack gang of Portland musos, perform Neill's originals with unhin...

  • Erin Neimeyer

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    Erin is a proud improv and sketch member at ACME. She has appeared on stage at ACME in several seasons of the improvised soap-opera "Scandal", and the "ACME 2 Nite" sketch show. Erin has appeared on stage in "A Hatful of Rain", "Homesick for a Hangover", and "Searching for the 'A'" all at CAP Theatre. In addition, she was in the indie film, "Me, Miami, and Nancy" as well as two short films, "A Pai...

  • Barb Neligan

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  • Rory Nellis

    Rory Nellis View Profile

    Around 1990, a small boy saw Matthew Broderick miming to a Beatles song on a carnival float. Shortly afterwards, he started writing songs, and he’s been doing it ever since. Fast forward a few years and Belfast singer-songwriter Rory Nellis is currently working on his third album, the highly-anticipated follow-up to an LP widely considered one of the strongest Northern Irish albums...

  • Adam Nello

    Adam Nello View Profile

    Adam Nello is living his dream behind the decks and in the studio. His personal style has developed into an energetic and emotional ride electricfying audiences everywhere! He has created an awe-inspiring sound that has become his own. Adam is currently based in the Los Angeles area but still travels the Country to play the sound that has become his lifeblood. He has made his presence known acr...

  • Mark Nelsen

    Mark Nelsen View Profile

    Mark Nelsen’s take on popular song and urban complication keeps his heart heavy and muse mysterious. The results are beautifully and tragically varied. Like many contemporary ‘indie’, ‘rock’, or ‘folk’ cases, the San Franciscan singer-songwriter revokes most genre semantics while clearly adding to the mess on his own. Somewhere tucked inside the opaque cul...

  • Bernie Nelson

    Bernie Nelson View Profile

    Like new strings on a well-traveled guitar, Bernie Nelson is both timely and timeless. Bernie’s rich, country vocals and well-crafted lyrics comfortably draw you in at his sellout shows. With his roots seated deep in the truest form of country music, Bernie attributes his selection and conviction with his songs to his closeness with country’s best like Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, Townes...

  • Derik Nelson

    Derik Nelson View Profile

    Derik Nelson is a singer, songwriter, and producer, who is popularly known as the guitarist on the FOX television show "Glee." His singing voice has been heard on FOX's "Raising Hope" and "New Girl," CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother,” NBC’s “Go On” and “The Voice,”&nbs...

  • Hunter Nelson

    Hunter Nelson View Profile

    Born in Houston, Texas, Hunter Nelson is a brother, son, and proud uncle living in Nashville pursuing a career in music and songwriting. Since his relocation in 2013, Hunter can be found playing at venues such as Belcourt Taps, The Cobra Lounge, The Basement, Mercy Lounge, The Bluebird Cafe and more. Hunter is a staple performer and original member of the weekly showcase, East of The Row, held at ...

  • Ida Nelson

    Ida Nelson View Profile

  • Josh Nelson

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  • Kaja Nelson

    Kaja Nelson View Profile

    Growing up in upstate New York, Kaja's fondest childhood memories involve music. From watching her mother perform Off Broadway, to hearing the sound of her father's trombone playing throughout the house. Music has always been the one constant in her life. Being a part of a generation that views social media stars as Gods, she has always considered performers and musicians to be her in...

  • Marques Nelson

    Marques Nelson View Profile

    I come from a big family and was always exposed to a lot of music, a lot of sports and a lot of church. I still remember that definitive moment when at an event I was able to hear a musician making this unbelievable sound on the organ. It was as if he made the music come alive. In that moment I knew that I wanted to make THAT sound. I think I got my rasp and soulful sound from my grandfather who...

  • Michael J Nelson

    Michael J Nelson View Profile

    When Michael was an extremely shy eight-year-old growing up in Orlando, Florida, he found his parent’s VHS camcorder and started shooting his own sketches and commercial parodies. From that moment on, Michael discovered his love and talent for making people laugh and has been doing just that ever since. He has been featured on Will Ferrell’s website “Funny Or Die” many times, a sketch he wrote, di...

  • Sean Nelson

    Sean Nelson View Profile

    Sean Nelson is an editor, actor, and writer among many other creative pursuits.  His writing has appeared in/on Pitchfork, The Los Angeles Times, Salon,, The Talkhouse, Entertainment Weekly, MSN, Bright Wall/Dark Room, Alternative Press, The Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, The Portland Mercury, DIW, and Heeb Magazine. His book about Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark was published b...

  • Willie Nelson

    Willie Nelson View Profile

  • Lukas Nelson & the Promise of The Real

    Lukas Nelson & the Promise of The Real View Profile

    Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real are an American rock & roll band based out of Paia, HI and Southern Calfornia. The band consists of Lukas Nelson (Vocals/Guitar), Anthony LoGerfo (Drums), Tato Melgar (Percussion) and Corey McCormick (Bass). The band's name represents a pledge made by the group to always be real to who they are both musically and individually and for better or worse. ...

  • Erik Nelson and Leo Altman

    Erik Nelson and Leo Altman View Profile

  • David Nelson Band

    David Nelson Band View Profile

  • Paula Nelson Band

    Paula Nelson Band View Profile

    Paula Nelson was born on October 27th, 1969 in Houston Texas. Born into a family of music and entertainment,she started playing piano and singing at the age of seven. She drew early influences from singers like Rita Coolidge and Jesse Colter whose bluesy, supple vocal style provided one of Paula’s earliest templates as she found her own voice.  Texas Monthly has called that voice &ldqu...

  • John Nemeth

    John Nemeth View Profile

    John Németh is a rising blues star; a singer steeped in the tradition and reminiscent of B.B. King, Ray Charles and Junior Parker, and a harmonica player of riveting intensity and virtuosity. His decade long career has found him opening for Robert Cray, Keb Mo', and Earl Thomas. Performing major music festivals around the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia has brought him critical acclaim.

  •  NeoFresco

    NeoFresco View Profile

    In 2008, Kyle and Danny Parra founded Shifty Rhythms ( It is a collective of quality driven, optimistic music taste testers who are dedicated to sifting through the mounds of music unleashed by the instant internet generation to find what matters. The mission of Shifty is to offer a progressive, creative, respectful and musically-driven lifestyle alternative. Shifty manifest...

  • Chasing Neon

    Chasing Neon View Profile

  • Inzomnia Neon Foam Party

    Inzomnia Neon Foam Party View Profile

  • The Nepotist

    The Nepotist View Profile

    The Nepotist makes rock and roll like a family, in that it is fractured, familiar, and the only thing that matters. Their songs are raw and crafted, borrowing unabashedly from trip-hop, old pop, Motown and blues. Chris Frank plays guitar and sings. Hayden Frank plays bass and sings. They are brothers, not married. Dana Billings drums. The band is based in New York, NY.

  • Missing Neptune

    Missing Neptune View Profile

    We are a san diego based progressive hard rock band. all our members hail from different parts of the country and bring with us a mix of styles and energy. FIND OUR BAND PAGE ON FACEBOOK TO HEAR TRACKS AND SEE VIDEOS OF US LIVE! full web site under construction to be up soon as well as the release of our new ep "rising"

  • Romancing Neptune

    Romancing Neptune View Profile

  • The Nere Do Wells

    The Nere Do Wells View Profile

  • The N'ere Dowells

    The N'ere Dowells View Profile

    Four friends from Brooklyn

  • Ayla Nereo

    Ayla Nereo View Profile

  • Dante Nero

    Dante Nero View Profile

    Welcome to my website. I've been told that this internet thing is the wave of the future. "Dude you got to have a Website or you're nobody in this business." I'd much rather write jokes and make fun of people less fortunate. The thing is this -- staring at a computer while e-mailing people "love me because I'm funny" kills my soul a little bit every-time I press SEND. However, I must admit that my...

  • Willie's Nerve Clinic

    Willie's Nerve Clinic View Profile

    Willie's Nerve Clinic is Dirk Lance (founding member of Incubus), his first bass teacher Stray Deuce, and Germany native Alexa Brinkschulte. Their debut album "Vampire Kiss" is on sale now. Description Willie's Nerve Clinic is bassist Dirk Lance, singer/guitarist Stray Deuce and drummer Alexa Brinkschulte.

  • The Nervous Wreckords

    The Nervous Wreckords View Profile

    In 2008 after 3 albums 4 EP's, and 5 years of extensive international touring with LOUIS XIV, Brian Karscig met Anthony Saffery producer and member of UK band Cornershop when having a drink in a hotel bar before a gig in Cambridge, MA. "I've always been a fan of Cornershop, and have seen Anthony playing Sitar with Noel Gallagher on a Beatles tribute performance on the BBC, and loved "Brimful of As...

  • Nina Nesbitt

    Nina Nesbitt View Profile

  • Moses Nesh

    Moses Nesh View Profile

    Born in Cherryville, NC, Moses Nesh grew up playing mandolin in the family bluegrass band, singing gospel songs in church, and listening to jump blues on the farm his people "bought from the king, I reckon." He does not feel at home in this world.

  • Neisha Neshae

    Neisha Neshae View Profile

    Through tragedy comes triumph, a mantra that Neisha Neshae holds close to the chest. As the newest addition to Roc Nation readies her EP Queenin’ the Michigan native maintains her strength in tackling everything that life throws her way, while simultaneously reigning as the Queen of R&B Trap. From childhood, life threw a series of curveballs at Neisha. At a year old, Neisha was ta...

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