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  • James Nash

    James Nash View Profile

    James Nash is no stranger to musical diversity. As at home with Charlie Parker and Bill Monroe as he is with Django Reinhardt and Jimi Hendrix, the accomplished guitarist embraces the potential challenges of playing multiple genres with both joy and aplomb. Nash's broad vocabulary, both as scholar and stylist, has led to a genre-bending approach that has served him well for a decade as a lead ...

  • Jason Nash

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  • Jay Nash

    Jay Nash View Profile

    The legend Levon Helm said that if you give it good concentration, good energy, good heart, and good performance, the song will play you. If that’s true, then Jay Nash and Josh Day are well and truly played by the set of songs in their debut EP, “Meet The Contenders.” The collection breathes with musicality and grit in the tradition of heroes—The Band, Tom Petty, The Dea...

  • JD Nash

    JD Nash View Profile

    My name is JD Nash and I play uplifting and inspiring Rock 'N' Roll. I just really want to help people get through their bad days with some positive music. Plain and simple. These days everyone's moral is low cause the economy is bad and people are losing hope. I think it's time for a change in the music industry. No more of this competition about who is a better player and who has played the most...

  • Jeremy Nash

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  • Jimmy Nash

    Jimmy Nash View Profile

    Jimmy Nash, who grew up sleeping on the floors of recording studios where his parents were working, never thought he would grow up to follow in his family’s footsteps. All he knew at that time was that making records took too long and was way too boring. Well, he grew up to find himself in Brotheryn Studios with producer Todd Hannigan recording his own songs. Not so boring anymore! A singer/...

  • Kate Nash

    Kate Nash View Profile

  • Leigh Nash

    Leigh Nash View Profile

    Leigh is a singer-songwriter who is the vocalist for the band Sixpence None the Richer.  Having received numerous Dove Awards, including Best Artist of the Year, Sixpence None the Richer was also nominated for a Grammy Award and is well known for their smash hit singles “Kiss Me” and “There She Goes”.   Her new studio project, in which she has writt...

  • Liz Nash

    Liz Nash View Profile

    Liz Nash, a singer/songwriter originally from New York continues with her original songs of indie/jazz/blues carving the music of the future one fan at a time. Her music has been featured in HBO and has received honorable mentions in “Billboard” under jazz in the prestigious world song contest. Her regular line up includes herself on vocals and guitar, Oskar Cartaya from Cartaya’...

  • Niecy Nash

    Niecy Nash View Profile

    was sitting in her grandmother’s living room at the tender age of five when she first witnessed an elegant Black actress grace her television screen.  From the sight of the luminous Lola Falana, Niecy decided “That’s what I’m gonna’ do… be fabulous and be on TV!”  And that is exactly what she has done, picking up the nickname “Lola&rdq...


    NEW NASHVILLE View Profile

  • The Nashville Gang

    The Nashville Gang View Profile

  • Nassi Nasiri

    Nassi Nasiri View Profile

  • Eric Nassau and Friends

    Eric Nassau and Friends View Profile

    Raised on Connecticut Coffeehouses, fine-tuned in the Midwestern Cornfields. Troubadour with a memory like a steel trap. If Eric has not played your town before - it is only a matter of time... "One last thing. Who is Eric Nassau? Is best friend you ain't seen in a long time, is rock-salt and whiskey-dipped licorice. Is an Iowa radio tower 2:35 a.m. and buzzing honey goldenrod field high noon. Saw...

  • Nasi Nassiri

    Nasi Nassiri View Profile

    Nasi is a singer-songwriter of Iranian descent, born and raised in Germany. Fusing sounds of neo-soul, pop, R&B, and jazz, Nasi's sound is all her own. With a strong presence in the Los Angeles and Orange County music scenes, she has performed at venues across Southern California, including The Mint, Bar Lubitsch, and has opened for artists like the Grammy-nominated Hot 8 Brass Ban...

  • Justin Nast

    Justin Nast View Profile

    Justin Nast is a singer, guitarist and songwriter living in Los Angeles, California. His original songs have quickly caughtthe attention of audience members and fellow musicians. His compositions are a direct assault on the soulless boundaries of mainstream music. His finely tuned words and unique melodies wake the dark dreams of our minds and bring them to a dusty light. Bringing together infl...

  • Dirt Nasty

    Dirt Nasty View Profile

    “Dirty Nasty,” actor, musician, producer, and comedian, Simon Rex, has developed a die-hard and rabid fan-base across the world since the release of his debut rap-comedy albums 2007 release. Dirt’s second album (2010’s “Nasty As I Wanna Be”) debuted and stayed at the top of Billboard’s comedy charts for weeks and featured guests such as Ke$ha, LMFAO and ot...

  • FreQ Nasty

    FreQ Nasty View Profile

    Born in Fiji, raised in New Zealand and forged in the dance music revolution of London in late 90’s London, FreQ Nasty started his career in 1998 on the seminal UK label Botchit & Scarper where he helped pioneer the global ‘Nu School Breaks’ movement. After becoming one of a select few artists to appear on the front cover of UK dj bible ‘DJ Magazine’ he moved t...

  • Trigger Nasty

    Trigger Nasty View Profile

  • Tropical Nasty

    Tropical Nasty View Profile

    A rebirth of 60s and 70s era rock and Reggae with three part harmonies and a youthful abandon that renders authentic versions of Jimi Hendrix tunes as well as an abundant collection of originals that sound like Jimi could have written them - Tropical Nasty is pure rocking groove. Their influences include Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Marley, The Meters, Southern Culture on the Skids, the Who...

  • Butch Nasty and The Blackout Kids

    Butch Nasty and The Blackout Kids View Profile

    Butch Nasty & the Blackout Kids is a 5-piece punk rock band now based in Oakland, CA. Like the bastard child of the Germs and the Rolling Stones, both fast and slow songs present a furious energy driven by precision rhythms and searing guitar interplay. This noisy backdrop beautifully cradles the half-crazed, unholy ramblings of the last cowboy: Butch Nasty.

  • Johnny Nasty Boots

    Johnny Nasty Boots View Profile

    This is rock, as it has not been heard in time: direct and raw. Riffs, bends, distortion, dirty and classic sound. The root is there, is the blues of Howling Wolf, is the heritage of telling stories decorated with the guitar. Are those changing jazz tempos, slow and fast that generate epic solos with the drums. Are those rhythm bass lines with origins in the soul and funk: Welcome to the so...

  • Bedingfield Natasha

    Bedingfield Natasha View Profile

    Originally from New Zealand, Natasha Bedingfield grew up in southeast London, where she and her siblings were raised around music. By their teens, Natasha, brother Daniel, and sister Nikola had formed an R&B-based singing group. It didn't last, but the experience encouraged the Bedingfields to keep pursuing music. In 2001 and 2002 Daniel Bedingfield scored a hit with the single "Gotta Get Through ...

  • JD Natasha

    JD Natasha View Profile

    With her natural talent and creative style, pop musician JD Natasha is on the verge of becoming a widely recognized singer-songwriter. The recent release of JD Natasha's new album, Imperfecta/Imperfect brings her profound lyrics to an audience that is ready to listen.Born in Miami in a racially mixed family, JD Natasha began singing from her crib when she was 2. In third grade, she started piano l...

  • Taste Nate

    Taste Nate View Profile

    Taste Nate expresses raw and activated emotions speaking poetry in rhyme form over a versatile arrangement of musical influence and inspiration. His path has been exemplified by practicing active release, using both free and stagnant energy. The voice of his truth is being discovered, removing the psychological blocks of our reality and awakening to spirit.

  • The Nate Gross Band

    The Nate Gross Band View Profile

    There are so many great guitar players out there today.  We have the world at our fingertips and have access to every learning resource we can imagine but what is skill without soul? Nate Gross is an old soul.  At 35 years old, he has accomplished great success in the industry playing the styles that have been set aside as a new generation of pop music takes over our ears. ...

  • The Nate Smith Band

    The Nate Smith Band View Profile

    For many artists, creation from one’s life experience is a constant whisper beckoning them to share their stories through their chosen medium. In the case of Los Angeles recording artist, Nate Smith, the opportunity to peer through the window into his soul comes in the form of a new album that details the ups and downs of his recent years.The album, Around and Around, examines the persona...

  • Neil Nathan

    Neil Nathan View Profile

    In the spirit of Ziggy Stardust and The Wall comes a new concept album from Neil Nathan. Sweep the Nation, released under Neil Nathan Inc., a clear jab at corporate personhood, is a “power to the people” concept record inspired by the current political awakening exemplified by the Arab Spring, Occupy Movement and most recently Spain, Quebec, Russia, Mexico, and Japan's record setting protests. Nat...

  • Matt Nathanson

    Matt Nathanson View Profile

  • Hair Nation

    Hair Nation View Profile


  • Hornet Nation

    Hornet Nation View Profile

    Hornet Nation: Hornet Nation plays a wide range of rock favorites and classics from the 50s to today. They started 12 years ago as the Northrop Grumman company resident entertainment team, and now conquering venues and fans around South Bay. Their past performances include the March of Dimes Walk America, the American Heart Association Walk, the Arthritis Foundation M...

  • Imagine Nation

    Imagine Nation View Profile

  • Lost Nation

    Lost Nation View Profile

    In an area saturated with folk and bluegrass music, Lost Nation strives to create acoustic renderings that are thoughtful, well-crafted, melody driven songs and instrumentals that inspire attentive ears, crooked smiles, and restless legs. Based out of the Boulder/Lyons area, Lost Nation is founded by Sam Vance on mandolin and vocals, Brad "Murph" Murphey on guitar, and Dusty Rider on banjo and voc...

  • Outlaw Nation

    Outlaw Nation View Profile

  • Peacemaker Nation

    Peacemaker Nation View Profile

    Peacemaker Nation is a Seattle-based Island Soul band with a hint of RnB, Hip Hop and some Rock fused into our sound. We are a band that will get you up and dancing, reminisce of your childhood, and fall in love all in one show. We're looking to spread great soulful sounds to a stage near you!!  Currently, we are working on releasing a few singles by the beginning of this summer and an...

  • Queen Nation

    Queen Nation View Profile

    Biography Queen Nation, a tribute to Queen, was formed in 2004. Queen Nation consists of: Joe Retta or Gregory Finsley on vocals & keyboards as Freddie Mercury, Mike McManus on guitar as Brian May, Pete Burke on drums as Roger Taylor, and Parker Combs on bass as John Deacon. The mission of the show is to carry on the musical torch and pay homage to the golden age of vintage Queen concerts. ...

  • Vagrant Nation

    Vagrant Nation View Profile

    Vagrant Nation is a 7 piece band in the style of Bad Religion, The Pogues, Flogging Molly. The sound is Punk Rock, mixed with traditional bluegrass and celtic music.

  • Smack Nation (Formerly Smack Molly)

    Smack Nation (Formerly Smack Molly) View Profile

    Tim = Vocals Kossy = Drums Val = Base Dustin = Guitar. 

  • One Nation Under a Groove

    One Nation Under a Groove View Profile

  • Tal National

    Tal National View Profile

    Tal National are from Niamey, the capital city of Niger. They’ve had several #1 songs in their home country, are constantly featured on national TV - folks in Niger leave their TV’s on and use them as boomboxes - and yet they sell their discs on the street, at roundabouts, since there is no distribution system in the country.    And they are a domestic phenomenon. ...

  • The National

    The National View Profile

  • After Nations

    After Nations View Profile

    After Nations is a trio of prog-addicted man-boys. Loud, face-melting, mind collapsing prog rock. They will never doubt the worm. Not ever.

  • Brave Native

    Brave Native View Profile

    BRAVE NATIVE is a calling for freedom and personal journey. That's why lead singer, Dante Brunetto, left his Ohio roots in the summer of 2009. "It was time for me to grow as an artist and as an individual. There's something very liberating about stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing a new challenge in life. That's the only way to grow," says Da...

  • The Native

    The Native View Profile

    Based out of Des Moines, IA, The Native was very busy in 2016, forming in January, playing 20+ shows in multiple states, and recording their first full length album "Prologue" at Ordinary Sounds with Engineer/Producer Nick Powell. Drawing inspiration from bands like Rival Sons, Pink Floyd, Alabama Shakes, The Dear Hunter, Queen, and Led Zeppelin, The Native is constantly creating a new s...

  •  Native Girl

    Native Girl View Profile

    NATIVE GIRL, Kate Earl, born Kate Joy Smithson, October 8, 1981 “Katie” to Charles and Pomposa Smithson in Chugiak, Alaska is a Filipino American singer-songwriter, now based in Los Angeles. Her debut album, Fate Is The Hunter, was released on May 10, 2005. She has garnered moderate airplay with her single, “Officer”. Kate’s music has been likened to that of Bjork, J...

  • The Native Sibling

    The Native Sibling View Profile

  • Rhythm Natives

    Rhythm Natives View Profile

    In the early ’00s, the San Fernando Valley became the meeting grounds for the band that is known as the Rhythm Natives. They were founded on a common love for Hip-Hop and live instrumentation, and the integration of the two. Fronted by two emcees - Jon Narboneta, and Glen Techico - they’ve expanded into a six man unit that also includes: bassist Matt Mora, guitarist Mart Fabros, drummer Robert ...

  • Unknown Natives

    Unknown Natives View Profile

    Unknown Natives are a five piece blues influenced rock band rooted in Baldwin Park, California; a modest city in the Greater Los Angeles area.

  • Wandering Natives

    Wandering Natives View Profile

    The Wandering Natives find their roots in Boulder, Colorado, drawing a new version of an old-timey picture. They play an electro-acoustic style of new grass rock that features sophisticated arrangements that please the ear and tickle the heartstrings.  

  • DJ Natronic

    DJ Natronic View Profile

    DJ Natronic, otherwise known as Nathan Fornal is a Syracuse native, born and raised in the Westcott Nation. Nate got into music at a very young age, as he was brought up by a father who pumped funk and disco jams throughout the house ever since he was born. It was natural that nate became a DJ. After only a year, Nate has moved from house parties to opening for artists such as Tiesto, Krewella,...

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