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  • John M

    John M View Profile

    John M has been busy lately!   A 35 year veteran of the music business, this NYC born, CT raised and California based award winning singer/songwriter has done it all! He has self-produced FIVE albums, several music videos, and a MOVIE about house concerts!   The acoustic LIVE recording,“No Overdubs!” is a fan favorite. Said one reviewer: “He holds the lis...

  • J M E 9

    J M E 9 View Profile

    JME features Javie Mosley on guitar, stringing together some melodic and blazing musical lines, Songstress Daisy Villa on vocals and Carlito Hendy the MIC. JME presents sultry and dynamic Fusion of Latin, Jazz, Hiphop Soul.

  • The M Machine

    The M Machine View Profile

    After months of silence, San Francisco's The M Machine have released the first half of their debut album, a six track release dubbed Metropolis Pt. I, on multiple Grammy Award winner Skrillex's label, OWSLA. Boldly bridging genres, The M Machine's latest release offers an original sound that justifies the increasing buzz surrounding the band since their inception and stakes a claim on the map of e...

  • Alex M.

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  • Sky M.S.

    Sky M.S. View Profile

  • DJ M2

    DJ M2 View Profile

    Michael McDowell a.k.a. DJ M2 was born in a small suburb of St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been behind the turntables and rocking a variety of parties and events for over the past fifteen years. M2's distinct style is creatively soulful and punctuated with precise attention to detail. His intense dedication to the art of DJing is evident as his knowledge and experienc...

  • BL4CK M4SK

    BL4CK M4SK View Profile

  • The M-80s

    The M-80s View Profile

  • The m9

    The m9 View Profile

    The m9 was conceived of on a front porch in Austin, Texas in March of 2013 during Honk!Fest TX. Present on the porch were Stef Brendler, Eleni Govetas, Erik Peters and a band mate from the Bucharest Drinking Team, Peter Lippman. The goal was to create a group which played the Balkan brass classics with the energy of new releases. The true inspiration for the band's sound would come in the s...

  • Remy Ma

    Remy Ma View Profile

    Remy Ma, who grew up in the Bronx, the second oldest of five children, spent much of her youth writing and performing both rhymes and poetry. In 1999, she caught the attention of rapper Big Pun, who soon became Remy's mentor and invited her into Terror Squad, a group of which he was also a part. After Pun's death in 2000, the young MC signed to Universal Records. She first broke onto the mainstrea...

  • Young MA

    Young MA View Profile

  • Chhoti Maa

    Chhoti Maa View Profile

    Nacida enfrete del mercado en Guanajuato, Guanajuato empece a entrarle a la poesia con la ayuda de mi abue. Adentro de la sangre llevo el templo de las madres asi que represento mientras pienso yo confieso ser emigrante desde antes de nacer. La lirica salio ya despues en un salo escuchando reggeaton disgustada por la hablada hacia la mujer manoseada. Born out of a tradition of immigrants and force...

  • James Maakestad

    James Maakestad View Profile

  • Lily Maase

    Lily Maase View Profile

    Lily Maase is a country, rock, jazz and classical guitarist and composer educated at the University of North Texas and currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Lily Maase & the High Life Band

    Lily Maase & the High Life Band View Profile

    Lily Maase & the High Life Band began their tale as JP & the Gilberts, but changed their name after JP and the rest of the Gilberts clambered out of their trusty van and back into the real world. The transformation began in a barn outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in which guitarist Lily Maase and drummer Adam Loudermilk (distant cousin of the Louvin Brothers, no less) attended a birthday par...

  • Tom Mabe

    Tom Mabe View Profile

  • The Mables

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    COREY MAC View Profile

  • Jeff Mac

    Jeff Mac View Profile

    Jeff grew up in suburban Connecticut, but he left as soon as he realized that you're allowed to. He studied classical acting at the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts where he also began to write and perform in comedic sketches and short films. Jeff wanted to be a standup since he was 12 when his dad played him an old George Carlin album. And just 20 short years later, he worked up ...

  • Kevin MaC

    Kevin MaC View Profile

    A talented and high-energy performer, this Virginia singer/songwriter mesmerizes crowds with a diverse stage show that highlights his talents and draws on his melting pot of musical influences. Artists ranging from hip hop trendsetters to country icons have inspired Kevin, and he pulls musical threads from each genre to create a magical weave all its own. Kevin has honed his craft and his perf...

  • Kid Mac

    Kid Mac View Profile

    After years of writing, recording, international touring, single releases, movie projects, a popular TV series, collabs and mixing it with some of the more interesting characters in the music world, Kid Mac is about to release his 2nd album – Head Noise. Hailing from Sydney’s south, Kid Mac has carved a name for himself in the Australian music scene with a sound that sets him apart from other a...

  • Robert Mac

    Robert Mac View Profile

    In 2001, Mac was a Finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition[1]. He won Comedy Central's national Laugh Riot competition in 2001, and subsequently appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend[2] and secured a spot at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival in 2002. He has appeared on NBC's Late Friday, A Dating Story on The Learning Channel(TLC), and the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon,...

  • Toby Mac

    Toby Mac View Profile

  • Tony MacAlpine

    Tony MacAlpine View Profile

    The name Tony MacAlpine is synonymous with modern musical virtuosity. Whether performing as a solo artist, band member, session player, touring hired-gun, or as a producer, Tony MacAlpine continues to prove that he truly is one of rock’s most amazing and versatile musicians. He incorporates classical, jazz and fusion influences into the hard rock/metal genre on both guitar and keyboards. In his...

  • Arielle MacArthur

    Arielle MacArthur View Profile

    Arielle Mac Arthur has been creating music for her entire life.  Discovering the piano at 18 months of age, she learned to reach down deep into the music inside of her and bring out unparalleled emotion to share with the world. Connecting to her soulful idols such as Sara Bareilles, Adele, and Christina Aguilera, Arielle began to develop a style and a sound of her own.  Already a success...

  • Hayes MacArthur

    Hayes MacArthur View Profile

    He took first place at the 2003 Rebels of Comedy Competition. He has been featured on such TV shows as Mad TV, Comedy Central's Premium Blend and Medium. In 2005, MacArthur co-wrote, produced and starred in a 16-minute short film, The Adventures of Big Handsome Guy and His Little Friend, with Jason Winer. The short was produced as a pilot for TV in 2006. In 2007, MacArthur appeared with fiance Al...

  • Arielle MacArthur and Mercy Colazzo

    Arielle MacArthur and Mercy Colazzo View Profile

  • Sandra Macat Band

    Sandra Macat Band View Profile

    A few years ago I answered an ad on Craigslist for some folks looking for a guitarist. The thing about that ad was that it seemed to have been written directly to me; as if they already knew me. I replied, and we agreed to get together. We played music that, at the time, was new to me - a mix of country and roots and Americana, yet recalled the music I loved when I was a kid, and I had more fun pl...

  • Ouija Macc

    Ouija Macc View Profile

    Finding an appropriate home with the Juggalo family in the late 2010s, Las Vegas rapper Ouija Macc honed his dark style over the years with other artists -- including Swag Toof, Lil Rydas, and the Loony Goons -- before going solo with 2018's Gutterwater. Delivering eerie trap inspired by Three 6 Mafia, Macc had a difficult childhood and struggled with men...

  • Joseph Macchia

    Joseph Macchia View Profile

    By day, Joseph John is a full time floral designer and event planner, creating fabulous one of a kind events kind of like the Gay Martha Stewart. He has been the official florist to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS for the past 13 years. He has worked with such celebrities as Jennifer Holiday, Phyllis Newman, Robin Strasser, and more. He was part of the set design team for the one night benefit ...

  • Joseph Macchia

    Joseph Macchia View Profile

    By day, Joseph John is a full time floral designer and event planner, creating fabulous one of a kind events kind of like the Gay Martha Stewart. He has been the official florist to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS for the past 13 years. He has worked with such celebrities as Jennifer Holiday, Phyllis Newman, Robin Strasser, and more. He was part of the set design team for the one night benefit ...

  • Doug MacCraw

    Doug MacCraw View Profile

     Doug is the most professional comedy hypnosis show in the country. During this hilarious experience, subjects and audience members journey into a world of hilarious hypnotic hi-jinks. Doug even headlined his own show at Universal Studios.

  • Maggie MacDonald

    Maggie MacDonald View Profile

    Maggie MacDonald was in veterinary school when she decided to give stand-up comedy a try. After her first performance in front of classmates and professors, she was hooked. Even so she decided to finish vet school to keep her parents from disowning her. Maggie now performs all over the country. She incorporates material from her interesting day job as a veterinarian as well as from her personal li...

  • Margot MacDonald

    Margot MacDonald View Profile

    Featured on NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, Voice of America and TEDx; songwriter, vocalist and live looper, Margot MacDonald embodies a one-woman band. A long time guitarist and pianist, Margot’s instrumentation has expanded to include unconventional vocal accompaniments created and looped live on the spot through the use of a loop pedal. Haunting, powerful and indie-pop driven, Margot’...

  • Micheal MacDonald

    Micheal MacDonald View Profile

    is an American actor, writer, comedian, and director, best known for starring in the sketch comedy show MADtv. McDonald joined the show during the fourth season (1998) and remained in the cast until the end of the thirteenth and penultimate season, having become the longest-tenured cast member. While on the show, he developed many memorable characters. He was a contributing writer and director on ...

  • Norm MacDonald

    Norm MacDonald View Profile

    Norm is a Canadian comedian, actor and professional poker player. He is known for his three years anchoring Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. He performs as a stand up comedian in comedy clubs across Canada, the United States, and Australia. In Los Angeles, he wrote for the popular sitcom Roseanne and performed on shows including The Drew Carey Show and NewsRadio. He also produced and co-crea...

  • Pat MacDonald

    Pat MacDonald View Profile

  • Tracey MacDonald

    Tracey MacDonald View Profile

    After conquering the comedy landscape in Canada. Tracey exploded onto the American Comedy Scene after recording unprecedented voter support on CBS’S Star Search. She was the first Comedian to win four times and was awarded a two year Development Deal with CBS. Tracey has recently been seen on the Hollywood E! Network, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen and she recently entertained the Troops...

  • Carrington MacDuffie

    Carrington MacDuffie View Profile

    Singer-songwriter Carrington MacDuffie first got into music from listening to what her dad, a huge music aficionado, was spinning — Teddy Wilson, Beethoven, Herb Alpert, Hudson River folk, Scottish marches, the Mamas and the Papas, and Arlo Guthrie, among many, many other artists and genres.   Carrington’s spirited, multi-genre music flows freely out of that original influence, ...

  • John Mace

    John Mace View Profile

  • Eric Macek

    Eric Macek View Profile

    Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it all started, while still in diapers, (around 3yrs old) when my pops made me learn the accordion. See, coming from a strict Slovak background (former Czechoslovakia) I was raised with polkas and waltzes as my first major influence. So throughout my childhood I was thrown multiple instruments and told "figure it out" as there became a need for it in our ethnic, ...

  • Erick Macek

    Erick Macek View Profile

    2013’s Diesel Indie Music Series winner Erick Macek, has been compared to some of the best in the business, many of whom he has performed with, including Jason Mraz, David Gray, Gavin DeGraw, G Love and more.     Erick’s professional history includes television appearances on The Voice and six invitations to perform at Sundance, as well as multiple awards, includin...

  • Kelly MacFarland

    Kelly MacFarland View Profile

    As an experienced stand up comedian, Kelly has an extensive and well-rounded resume including comedy clubs, theaters, colleges and several television appearances. She has been the opening act for the international craze, Puppetry of the Penis. She has opened for Melissa Etheridge and LeAnn Rimes at both the Cape Cod Melody Tent and South Shore Music Circus. Kelly has appeared on Comedy Central&...

  • Pato Machete

    Pato Machete View Profile

    Patricio Chapa Elizalde better known as "Pato Machete" was born on October 6, 1975. From the age of 12 started classes on electric bass. Begins to form a small band with his classmates for a school play. His constant curiosity for music led him to discover instruments such as drums, guitar and flute-from the beginning wanted to be baterista- however, the artistic influence of his moth...

  • Kumo Machi

    Kumo Machi View Profile

    An umbrella organization that focus on, creates, distributes and culturalize arts through our lifestyle brand

  • Cumbia Machin

    Cumbia Machin View Profile

    Cumbia Machin is an Electro-Cumbia band that combines the use of live electronics.   The Zendrum is not a typical instrument and it is used by Joaquin Hernandez to continue playing music due to the disabling effects of Focal Dystonia in the right hand. Focal Dystonia is a genetic nervous disorder that surfaced after years of playing the drums. There is no known cure for Focal Dysto...

  • Ex Machinae

    Ex Machinae View Profile

  • Death Machine

    Death Machine View Profile


    DREAM MACHINE View Profile

  • Failure Machine

    Failure Machine View Profile

    Soul, baby. Failure Machine has channeled the ghosts of late great soul/R&B artists, dirtied them up and electrified them. A grungier Four Tops if ya get me. Coming out of Reno, NV Failure Machine's sound is instantly recognizable behind their power trio of horns and freewheeling rock and roll rhythm section. After hitting the road for most of last year their soon-to-be-released album, &qu...

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