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  • Barenaked Ladies

    Barenaked Ladies View Profile

    By combining humor with an eclectic mix of folk and pop/rock, the Barenaked Ladies enjoyed considerable popularity in their native Canada before rising to international status with 1998's "One Week." Vocalists Ed Robertson and Steve Page launched the band in the late '80s as an acoustic act, traveling to different college campuses and playing warm-up gigs for comedy troupes. These early shows play...

  • Leading Ladies Concert Series

    Leading Ladies Concert Series View Profile

    Hey All ! Our Leading Ladies Concert Series celebrates and supports influential female artists in music.When you purchase tickets to one Leading Ladies concert, your confirmation email will include a PROMO code that you can use for $2 off up to 4  tickets to other Leading Ladies show. Children ages 10+ are welcome with tickets purchased in zone seating.Johnny D's also has part...

  • Evie Ladin & Keith Terry

    Evie Ladin & Keith Terry View Profile

    EVIE LADIN lead vocals, banjo, guitar, body music, feet • KEITH TERRY bass, cajón, pizza pan, metal toys, bells, body music, vocals • often seen with ERIK PEARSON guitar, banjo, vocals   A deeply evocative banjo player, clever songwriter and rhythmic dancer, with a powerful voice that draws you in – EVIE LADIN is “a natural entertainer with a gift for i...

  • Cathy Ladman

    Cathy Ladman View Profile

  • Hello Lady

    Hello Lady View Profile

  • The Lady

    The Lady View Profile

    The Lady is a project led by musician Laura Jean Anderson. Rooted in the American tradition, The Lady's original music takes a firm twist on the old roots offering an opportunity for tribute and rebirth to the classics that deserve to be remembered. Stirring together influences of legendary greats such as Bessie Smith and Patsy Cline with modern influences like Tom Waits and Neko Case, The Lad...

  •  Lady Antebellum

    Lady Antebellum View Profile

  •  Lady Black Diamond

    Lady Black Diamond View Profile

  • the lady comes first

    the lady comes first View Profile

    we show up on jet skis and list our friends in order of disappearance

  • The Lady Crooners

    The Lady Crooners View Profile

    The Lady Crooners formed in 2010 as a collaboration of siblings, Nadia and Joseph Krilanovich. Songwriting was a natural fit for the duo, him with a guitar, her with a love of storytelling, and both wanting to create something good. Adding little sister Megan, bassist Jason Braatz, lead-guitarist Kevin Conness, and producer/engineer John Smart on percussion/mandolin launched The Lady Crooners i...

  •  Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga View Profile

  • Our Lady J

    Our Lady J View Profile

    Our Lady J is a singer/songwriter known for her visionary gospel stylings and powerhouse pianist skills, who has delivered her new testament of post-religious gospel music to sold out crowds from Carnegie Hall to Radio City Music Hall. She has also accompanied and musical directed artists including Sia Furler, Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Antony Hegarty, Jake Shears, Justin Tranter, Tayl...

  •  Lady May

    Lady May View Profile

    Female rapper Lady May joined the ranks of Eve, Truth Hurts and Charli Baltimore in mid-2002 when her duet with urban chanteuse Blu Cantrell "Round Up" became an MTV smash. Only in her early twenties, Lady May (born: Rhonda Robinson) hails from the Long Island suburb of Central Islip. She left school at fifteen to be a video dancer for LL Cool J and Jodeci, but was left unsatisfied; Rap music was ...

  •  Lady Sovereign

    Lady Sovereign View Profile

    The self-proclaimed "biggest midget in the game," MC Lady Sovereign has an unmistakably British delivery and style, but a string of singles showcasing her sly wit and brash charisma over bottom-heavy beats brought on a worldwide buzz. Born Louise Harman, Sovereign was raised in northwest London's notorious Chalkhill Estate, a public housing project known for being especially rough and ragged. Alth...

  • The Lady Tigra

    The Lady Tigra View Profile

  • The ladyfingers

    The ladyfingers View Profile

  • Ryan Lafferty

    Ryan Lafferty View Profile

  • Rob LaFond

    Rob LaFond View Profile

    Rob LaFond wasn’t a kid like you. He skipped classes and railed on the electric guitar he was given for his 14th birthday. He crashed sets at Worcester, Mass. blues clubs and he learned to play the entirety of Hendrix’s The Ultimate Experience by the time he was 15. He engineered a 16-track recording studio in his Vermont college dorm room because he needed a place to roll out h...

  • Natalia Lafourcade

    Natalia Lafourcade View Profile

  • Jet Lag

    Jet Lag View Profile

  • Joel Lager

    Joel Lager View Profile

    Brooklyn born singer-songwriter, Joel Lager pretty much defines the term “all-round musician”. He had spent most of his early life, playing guitar for various bands and artists in the NY bar scene, as his skills were in regular demand. Primarily self-taught, Lager first picked up the guitar at 12 years old. It was by listening to his mother’s vast collection of classic rock, f...

  • Kris Lager Band

    Kris Lager Band View Profile

  • Clint Lagerberg

    Clint Lagerberg View Profile

    Grammy, ACM, Billboard Music Award nominated and NSAI Song Of The Year winning songwriter/producer, Clint Lagerberg has been working in Nashville since 2005. Since then he has seen success in multiple genres but most notably in country music.   He’s had songs recorded by Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Josh Kelley and more. His first #1 was with Rascal Flatts ca...

  • El Lago

    El Lago View Profile

    Galveston, Texas might be known as a coastal destination for Texas vacationers, but for the pedal soaked music of El Lago, Galveston is home. Mixing sounds that remind you of what would happen if Cocteau Twins and Ringo Deathstarr covered the music of Spiritualized, the band has been known to cause a stir with their dreamlike performances.

  • Doom Lagoon

    Doom Lagoon View Profile

    Four young souls trampled by the stampeding hooves of reality, trying to enlarge their existence through the sonic prism.

  • The Lagoons

    The Lagoons View Profile

    The Lagoons, a five piece band, are based in Huntington Beach, California. The Lagoons are a self proclaimed Hobo Rock band, intent on bring back the "human" to the music industry. Formed in late October in 2012, they punch out air tight numbers with growling guitars, tongue in cheek lyrics, and feelings of disillusionment with the world around them. To see them live is to jump into thei...

  • Kevin Lahaie

    Kevin Lahaie View Profile

    Kevin's philosophy on life is simple. "If not for those that go too far, how would you know how far you can go?" Whether it's talking about his overdose, fear of death, learning how to fight by watching Rocky movies, or giving out ice cream cones to cholos, Kevin Lahaie will leave the audience laughing. If you are a fan of alternative comedy you will love the punk rock comedy of Kevin Lahaie. A...

  • Leigh Lahav

    Leigh Lahav View Profile

  • Ronobir Lahiri

    Ronobir Lahiri View Profile

    R­onobir Lahiri holds a BA in Theater and Literature from Yale University. He formally trained on the sitar in North Indian Classical Music under the guru­ship of Deepak Choudhuri, a preeminant disciple of Pt. Ravi Shankar, in Calcutta, India. In 2000, he was awarded the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Sound Design for a production of Tom Stoppard’s Indian Ink. ...

  • Jolie Laide

    Jolie Laide View Profile

    (jo·lie laide: French term \zh?-l?-led\): good-looking ugly woman : woman who is attractive though not conventionally pretty. Formerly The Katie Letts Band, Jolie Laide's burlesque rock sound will make your toes curl and your dierriere shake.

  • Denny Laine & The Cryers

    Denny Laine & The Cryers View Profile

    Denny Laine first came to prominence as the lead vocalist with his hometown group The Moody Blues notably on their 1964 chart hit, a version of Bessie Banks soulful ‘Go Now’. During the late 60’s Denny wrote and recorded the classic pop psych single ‘Say You Don’t Mind’, in collaboration with fellow Birmingham musician Trevor Burton (The Move), and Viv Prince. T...

  • Corky Laing's Mountain

    Corky Laing's Mountain View Profile

  • Luke Laird

    Luke Laird View Profile

    Luke Laird is a GRAMMY® winning producer and hit songwriter. Since moving to Nashville from a small farming town in Pennsylvania, Luke has been hailed as one of the top songwriters in the industry with 22 Billboard No. 1 singles, 2 Billboard No. 1’s as a producer and he was named this year’s ACM Songwriter of the Year and the BMI Songwriter of the Year in 2012. As a songwriter, he ...

  • Lanes Laire

    Lanes Laire View Profile

    Rock that tells a story…sometimes sarcastic, sometimes cynical and humorous, sometimes moody and serious…all the time entertaining. Singer/songwriter Lanes Laire brings his unique style of music from Sedona, AZ. On a special solo acoustic tour, hear an intimate performance of music from his upcoming album “11:11,” due for release this February. Check out for the latest music and...

  • Dany Laj & The Looks

    Dany Laj & The Looks View Profile

    Dany Laj flies the flag for Power Pop in Canada. Bursting out of woods with the hooks and harmonies of Power Pop's mid 1970's heyday. This ain't no skinny jeans new wave revival band. This is pure pop.

  • Jon Lajoie

    Jon Lajoie View Profile

    Lajoie is a series regular on FX’s comedy THE LEAGUE, which premiered to critical acclaim and was recently picked up for a second season. Jon just finished touring North America in a series of sold out shows promoted by LiveNation. He has been named to Variety’s Top Ten Comics to Watch list, THR’s top 10 Global Comedians list, was recently seen on Comedy Central’s ‘To...

  • Alma Lake

    Alma Lake View Profile

    Bluesy, sassy with no filter and with a modern kick, vocalist-songwriter Alma Lake is a solo female artist who channels influences from Etta James and Janis Joplin into fiery contemporary motifs. Born in Miami, raised in Colombia and now living in Los Angeles, the young artist displays a fierce intensity that reflects her music.Alma has already made her artistic presence felt in Los Ange...

  • Chris Lake

    Chris Lake View Profile

    Chris Lake taps into a singular spirit evocative of dance music's golden age by infusing funked-out grooves and natural instrumentation into decidedly modern house. It's a sonic aesthetic that instantly incites movement and has established him as a trailblazer in the electronic dance music world. That perspective also set the stage for his forthcoming full-length debut available on Ultra M...

  • Kendall Lake

    Kendall Lake View Profile

    Los Angeles native, sultry rock singer Kendall Lake is no stranger to the entertainment industry. At a very young age, Kendall got her start by being cast in music videos with Rock and Roll legends such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Fleetwood Mac. Since her breakout into the scene, Kendall Lake has toured multiple countries and can be seen performing regularly at some of L.A.'s most legendar...

  • Madina Lake

    Madina Lake View Profile

    Fusing the forceful guitars of heavy metal with crisp harmonies, electronic accents, and the melodic conceits of indie rock, Madina Lake is a conceptually ambitious group whose songs tell the stories of the imaginary community of Madina Lake, a secluded hamlet in the woods where life is much as it was in the 1950s. However, beneath the town's peaceful façade lurks a disturbing undertow that r...

  • Red Lake Circus

    Red Lake Circus View Profile

    REDLAKE CIRCUS was born in London, England, where Le Sxantanas met Luis Iriarte but it was not until February 2008 when in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Erik Ruy join the band and formed REDLAKE CIRCUS. In mid 2008, the band met Allan Ahearne, well known Events Producer (NIN / JHONNY CASH / MARILYN MANSON / ALICE IN CHAINS / KISS / METALLICA / among many others), who invited the band to perform in N...

  • Grand Lake Islands

    Grand Lake Islands View Profile

    Grand Lake Islands is a indie-folk collective led by Portland-based songwriter Erik Emanuelson. Emanuelson’s expressive tenor recalls Nashville Skyline era Dylan and delivers lyrics soaked in metaphor and stark emotional landscapes. Their forthcoming album, “Song from Far” was written following a sea change in Emanuelson’s life. The record echoes themes of uncertainty and isolation, yet Grand Lake...

  • Lauren Lakis

    Lauren Lakis View Profile

  • Ilan Laks

    Ilan Laks View Profile


  • ilan Laks and The Electric Skeleton

    ilan Laks and The Electric Skeleton View Profile

    ilan has been recording, performing, and leading bands in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Portland, Oregon for twenty years.  He has performed his original songs with legends like Jackson Brown and in historic venues such as the Great American Music Hall (SF), The Mayan (LA), and the Crystal Ballroom (Portland,OR.)  Now Laks has teamed up with three young LA talents to record his new ...

  • Ireesh Lal

    Ireesh Lal View Profile

    Ireesh Lal is a multi-instrumentalist and programmer whose debut solo EP– ETHNOTRONICA – combines original electronic music with exotic East Indian elements alongside the distinctly Western tones of the jazz trumpet, creating a captivating new sound. Currently based in Venice, California, Lal sites Thievery Corporation, Miles Davis, and Ravi Shankar as three of his influences, and you can hear tra...

  • The Lalas

    The Lalas View Profile

    We dance. We celebrate female empowerment, respect, and LOVE. The Lalas was created by celebrity choreographer Erin Lamont, and features THE most elite working female professional dancers working in the film and entertainment industry in Los Angeles. The Lalas tour the globe performing custom, comedic, audience interactive burlesque shows. By day, you can see The Lalas on any hit ...

  • Stephanie Lallouz

    Stephanie Lallouz View Profile

    Lovely Stephanie Lallouz was born in Montreal, Canada, and has had a lifetime of musical and poetic pursuits. Raised in North Miami Beach, Florida, she sang in elementary school and attended art and drawing classes on weekends. During summers, she performed as the lead Soprano in the Folk Song Festivals at Camp PineValley in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec. She studied operatic vocal training at ...

  • Kyle LaLone

    Kyle LaLone View Profile

    Kyle LaLone was born in Watertown, NY and started playing guitar at age 9.  He spent his formative years taking guitar lessons, participating in his high school’s jazz band and chorus programs, and playing shows around the Northeast. After high school Kyle attended Berklee College of Music on scholarship and graduated in 2008 with a B.M. in Professional Music.  He then staye...

  • Brian Lam

    Brian Lam View Profile

    At just nine years old Brian knew that the music bug had bitten him. For ten years Brian immersed himself in music and quickly found his passion for singing, writing and entertaining anyone who would listen.  In 2005, at nineteen years old with not even a suit case Brian made the bold move from his hometown of Augusta, GA to Hollywood, CA. The dream quickly became reality as Brian bega...

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