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  • Donnie Lee Strickland

    Donnie Lee Strickland View Profile

    The undeniable Southern sound of Donnie Lee Strickland took root early on when his love of country music began at the tender age of 5. Born and raised in North Carolina, Donnie was influenced as a child by the music of George Strait, Loretta Lynn and Reba McEntire, which inspired him to sing in church and perform in school plays while growing up. Since then, Donnie has entertained crowds all o...

  • Sheldon Lee Sweeney

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  • Aaron Lee Tasjan

    Aaron Lee Tasjan View Profile

    Half way across America for the 2nd time in two months, Aaron Lee Tasjan is putting his van in storage before  he  leaves on  yet another tour, though this time someone else  is doing the driving.  For some, playing guitar for Todd Snider in Pennsylvania, driving back to New York City overnight, getting into Alberta Cross's van at 8am and driving straight through ...

  • Stephen Lee Veal

    Stephen Lee Veal View Profile

  • Jessica Lee Wilkes

    Jessica Lee Wilkes View Profile

    Raw, Rhythm & Blues-tinged Rock & Roll from a bygone era yet to come

  • Tamar Leek

    Tamar Leek View Profile

    Singer. Songwriter. Supermodel.

  • Hanna Leess

    Hanna Leess View Profile

  • King Leez

    King Leez View Profile

    Stemming from the oft-overlooked city of Tacoma, Washington, hip-hop artist King Leez is bringing his momentum to the rapidly growing Seattle hip-hop scene.  West Coast luminary Kokane has been an influential mentor to Leez, appearing on songs with him and Kurupt and spearheading his movement past the Northwest.  He has collaborated with Smoke DZA and Pusha T and he opened for...

  • Dinah Leffert

    Dinah Leffert View Profile

  • What's Left

    What's Left View Profile

    What's Left? is a question that me (michael bova), Connor Bloore (guitar) Tyler Boyer (back up vocalist) and Tyler Hayden (drummer) had asked each other in February of 2012. What is left in music? What can we do to spruce up a dwindling scene? We decided that the best way is to take a base genre (one of our favorites, Punk Rock) and throw in a mixture of different genres, from jazz, to funk to any...

  • My Left Tit

    My Left Tit View Profile

    My Left Tit formed in 1982 when the first band member, Lord Blah Blah, was released from his mother's womb. MLT is an acquired taste, inspired by Michael Jackson, Fisherspooner, Rhianna, Britney Spears, and Enya. Basically a rock/folk/classical/rap band (genre "Rolk-Crap") with a bit of Renaissance flair. The band booked their first show without ever having written a song, mostly acc...

  • The Left-overs

    The Left-overs View Profile

  • King Leg

    King Leg View Profile

    A high plains rocker born near the west roads of Nebraska, the young Leggin’ kicked up the dust and moonwalked atop the sod. By the tender age of eight, he discovered abilities lingering in his limber legs, swivel hips, and ankles while imitating the King himself; thereon, he’d carry a comb to coif his Elvisian pomp. Soon after, he’d pluck his first chords on the guitar. He wa...

  • One Leg Rooster

    One Leg Rooster View Profile

    Mickey Floyd and Warren Leazer who are the founders and songwriters for One Leg Rooster spent their lives as “hired players” for some of America’s top touring and recording bands in the 70’s & 80’s.  They played for Percy Sledge, Dr Hook and Conway Twitty, just to name a few.  Now they have come off the road and returned to their roots in Statesville Nor...

  • Andre Legacy

    Andre Legacy View Profile

    Countless sold out shows, worlwide tours and more than 10,000,000 views on YouTube across music videos, freestyles, and battles have carved his name into the foundation of Hollywoods underground-rap meets pop culture movement. This is Andre Legacy. The Legarachi. The King of Hollywood. His highly anticipated upcoming Lp Beverly Hills Adjacent on its way is sure to set the party off... Is the world...

  • John Legend

    John Legend View Profile

  • The Legend Lives

    The Legend Lives View Profile

  • Urban Legends USA

    Urban Legends USA View Profile

    Urban Legend USA is a live performance talent competition that showcases talents of inner-city youth, men and women in various categories, featuring a lively crowd audience that cheers, gives interviews, and selects best performers in each category and ultimately the Urban Legends in each category in the finals. Each episode also showcases a true Urban Legend guest-of-honor (someone who persona...

  • Natasha Leggero

    Natasha Leggero View Profile

    Natasha Leggero is an accomplished actress, writer, stand-up comedian and lover of men. She co-created, wrote, produced and stars as Lillian Bellacourt in the Comedy Central series “Another Period" (a show set in 1902, not about menstruation), now in it's second season.   She has appeared on the popular Comedy Central Roasts of her mistress James Franco, and her meditation t...

  • Vince Leggett

    Vince Leggett View Profile

    In 1993, Vince Leggett moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting on a national level and spent most of his days writing and most nights performing on Music Row at the 16th Avenue Café, as well as, Lower Broadway’s Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. Although, surrounded by and working with world-class talent, Texas soon came calling. In 1997, Vince was signed to Austin based Heritage Record...

  • Irukandji Legion of Brass

    Irukandji Legion of Brass View Profile

    Irukandji Legion of Brass brings equal parts soul, live hip-hop, jazz fusion and a hip-hop vocalist, Soladoye Oyelowo, a.k.a. M.C. DOYE to the stage. Combining live instrumentation with mind-bending poetic lyrics and soundscapes, the dance floor stays electrified all night long.

  • The Legion of Croon

    The Legion of Croon View Profile

  • B Legit

    B Legit View Profile

    Brandt Jones, better known by his stage name B-Legit, is an American rapper from Vallejo, California.   He is a member of The Click, a rap group formed by his cousin E-40. He was featured on the track "Aint Hard 2 Find" on 2Pac's All Eyez on Me album. He has been on several independent and major labels such as Sick Wid It Records, Jive Records, and Koch Records. He ha...

  • Even Legler

    Even Legler View Profile

  • The Legler Brothers

    The Legler Brothers View Profile

  • Elise LeGrow

    Elise LeGrow View Profile

    Elise is still winning new fans with her hit single, “No Good Woman”, a mainstay on the Canadian airwaves, which spent 13 weeks in the Top 10 at Adult Contemporary Radio in 2012 and was nominated for Song of The Year in the Mainstream AC category at the 2013 Canadian Radio Music Awards. In her late teens and early twenties, Elise honed her talents performing selections from the American Songbo...

  • Dominant Legs

    Dominant Legs View Profile

    Ryan Lynch, Noah Brodsky

  • Folding Legs

    Folding Legs View Profile

    Folding Legs is an alternative rock band based in New York, consisting of members who hail from different parts of the world. They merge music with art and performance.

  • Sammy Legs

    Sammy Legs View Profile

    SAMMY LEGS He traveled the world to find his uniqueeclectic sound. He snagged a sprinkle of jazz and a wee bit of techno as he grooved through Berlin. He wiggled his way through San Francisco, one leg shaking to House, the other to electro swing. He flowed through the Southern California Desert squeezing Psy and Breakbeat between his sandy toes. 

  • Weary Legs

    Weary Legs View Profile


  • John Leguizamo

    John Leguizamo View Profile

    Fast-talking and feisty-looking John Leguizamo has continued to impress movie audiences with his versatility: he can play sensitive and naïve young men, such as Johnny in Hangin' with the Homeboys (1991); cold-blooded killers like Benny Blanco in Carlito's Way (1993); a heroic Navy SEAL, stopping aerial terrorists in Executive Decision (1996); and drag queen Chi-Chi Rodriguez in To Wong ...

  • Patrick Lehman

    Patrick Lehman View Profile

    Patrick is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer. As a teenager, he would often rifle through his family's vast vinyl collection. It was then he developed a great love for classic soul, gospel, R&B, rock&roll and blues. Some of Patrick's many influences include Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Fleetwood Mac, Lauryn Hill, Sly and the Family Stone, The Rolling Stones and Bill Withers. ...

  • Jon Lehning Underground

    Jon Lehning Underground View Profile

    JazzBuffalo, in association with Buffalo Iron Works, is pleased to present The Jon Lehning Underground. A group that edifies the new movement inspired by the likes of Chris Potter, Donny McCaslin, Kamasi Washington and others exploring the merged boundaries of jazz and funk. Chris Potter, the noted modern saxophonist exploring new boundaries in jazz, states “you have to have people that...

  • Carol Leifer

    Carol Leifer View Profile

    Carol Leifer is an American comedian, writer, producer and actor whose career as a stand-up comedian started in the 1970s when she was in college. David Letterman discovered her performing in a comedy club in the 1980s and she has since been a guest on Late Night With David Letterman over twenty-five times as well as numerous other shows and venues. She has written many television scripts inc...

  • Bari Leigh

    Bari Leigh View Profile

  • Brenden Leigh

    Brenden Leigh View Profile

    Brenden Leigh is an R&B singer, songwriter, producer and keyboardist located in Los Angeles, California.  Classically trained with an extensive music education, Brenden’s goal is to provide listeners with intricate musicality, while implementing his emotion and individuality that he is known for. ​ Since his first self-released solo album in September of 2015, Brenden has...

  • Brennen Leigh

    Brennen Leigh View Profile

    Brennen Leigh is an American songwriter, guitar player, mandolin player and singer whose to-the-point storytelling style has elevated her to cult icon status in Europe, Scandinavia, across the United States, South America and the United Kingdom. It's easy to see why she's caught the ear of greats like legendary Lubbock fiddler Tommy Hancock (widely regarded as the godfather of West Texas m...

  • Jenny Leigh

    Jenny Leigh View Profile

    Jenny Leigh brings an edge to country music with unique songwriting, soulful grit, and larger than life vocals. The Jenny Leigh Band, comprised of musicians from Tennessee to Baltimore to Canada have performed and worked with artists across multiple genres including: Dierks Bentley, Ricky Scaggs, The Eli Young Band, Joe Nichols, Gloriana, Jana Kramer, Ivan Neville, Eric Lindell and Hootie & the B...

  • Michelle Leigh

    Michelle Leigh View Profile

    Her songwriting style can only be described as raw and honest. That honesty and purity of emotion comes straight from her life, her heart, and a genuine ability to put herself in other people’s shoes. Whether it’s the soulful longing that can be heard in “Friends with Benefits,” the venomous tones of “Black Ink” or the playful lyrics of “Triple J” &n...

  • Morgan Leigh

    Morgan Leigh View Profile

  • Richard Leigh

    Richard Leigh View Profile

    He's a 3-time Grammy Award nominee and Grammy Award winner for "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"; he's a 2-time CMA Award nominee and CMA Award winner; he's one of only 10 to receive ASCAP's "Song Of The Century" Award; he's an ACM and NSAI Award winner for "Somewhere In My Broken Heart"; he's had 8 #1 singles, and his songs...

  • Sonia Leigh

    Sonia Leigh View Profile

    Sonia Leigh is carving a unique path that winds in and out of country music.  Her genre-jumping influences are on full display in her own music, which makes room for everything from pop melodies and country storytelling to the no-rules spirit of rock & roll.   Back in her adopted hometown of Nashville, she's become a popular songwriter on Music Row, with a pair of #1 hits to he...

  • Morgan Leigh Band

    Morgan Leigh Band View Profile

    The Morgan Leigh Band is a Southern California based Pop/Country band led by the talented singer/songwriter Morgan Leigh. Leigh was recently on Season 12 American Idol making it to the semi finals as one of the top 40 girls in the country. Over the years, Leigh has been awarded titles such as: Top Ten Best Female Vocalist (IPOP), Best Female Singer (Star Rep.), Artist to Watch 2013, Jag Idol, and ...

  • G.B. Leighton

    G.B. Leighton View Profile

  • Connor Leimer

    Connor Leimer View Profile

  • Rob Leines

    Rob Leines View Profile

    The "Rob Leines" sound originated in the Southeast within the Appalachian Mountains. With the mix of Soul, Bluegrass, country influence, and fast pace blues guitar and vocals, a unique Americana sound was born in early 2009. Soon after playing throughout the Southeast , the Southwest expansion began. While welding and metal working for the oil and gas industry along the pacific coast, a ...

  • Karen Leipziger

    Karen Leipziger View Profile

  • Corey Leiter

    Corey Leiter View Profile

  • Kayleigh Leith

    Kayleigh Leith View Profile

  • Margot Leitman

    Margot Leitman View Profile

    Standing 5ft 6 by fourth grade, Margot developed a thick skin and a sharp sense of humor instead of learning how to play basketball. Measuring 5ft10 today, Margot’s off beat, brutally honest, fearless comedy has earned her two ECNY “Best Female Stand Up” nominations and the “Joke of the Week” in Time Out New York. Margot now regularly appears as various characte...

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