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  • Nigel Lawrence

    Nigel Lawrence View Profile

    He is a favorite at clubs, colleges, festivals and food courts. Performing everywhere from “that place you’ve never heard of before” to Las Vegas (but mostly “that place you’ve never heard of before”). He has written and starred in his own half hour comedy special for CTV and The Comedy Network. Performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy festival, where he won The ...

  • The Lawrence Arms

    The Lawrence Arms View Profile

    The Lawrence Arms got together in 1999 after the departure of Chicago pop-punkers the Broadways, Slapstick, Baxter, and Tricky Dick. The collaboration of Brendan Kelly (vocals/bass), Neil Hennessy (drums), and Chris McCaughan (guitar/vocals) produced music in the same vein of their previous bands: clever -- often politically inspired -- pop-punk with an aggressive, gritty edge. Asian Man Records r...

  • Clyde Lawrence Band

    Clyde Lawrence Band View Profile

    The Clyde Lawrence Band is a soul-pop group based in New York City and Providence, Rhode Island, led by sibling duo Clyde (21) and Gracie Lawrence (17). Influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Amy Winehouse, the Clyde Lawrence Band mixes new and old to create a distinctively vintage yet modern sound. Armed with an arsenal of original material and many wide-rangin...

  • The Laws

    The Laws View Profile

    The Laws were created to share music made in the basements of New Haven over the past 3 years. Drawing from influences ranging from classic rock, prog, funk, blues and jam-rock, they deliver a familiar sound that you’ve never heard before. With a driving, high-energy live show, the Laws put a modern spin on the classic rock experience that is bound to get you moving. LISTEN

  • Adam Lawson

    Adam Lawson View Profile

    At 12 I was inspired to learn to play guitar by my dad initially adopting his jazz style which is still a major influence in my writing and playing. I love all things music. Listening to up and coming and legendary acoustic and rock artists inspired me to start writing and singing songs at 18 when I went to college. The majority of my songs are written about life experience throughout the years i...

  • Damien Lawson

    Damien Lawson View Profile

    Damien Lawson is a American recording artist who's acclaimed for his thrilling vocals, Youtube videos and live performances. He is considered one of America's top rising artists. He was introduced to the world as a finalist on the hit television show "The Voice" and has worked with artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Nick Jonas, Stevie Nix, Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boys and Adam ...

  • Shannon Lawson

    Shannon Lawson View Profile

  • The Lawsuits

    The Lawsuits View Profile

    Recognized as the City of Brotherly Love’s ‘crown jewel,’ The Lawsuits have secured their place in Philadelphia’s vibrant music scene. With a fearless approach to music, the group doesn’t follow traditional rules of genre, pulling inspiration from blues to reggae, Americana to gospel, to make a sound that is effortless and beautiful. The band released their debut full-length album, Cool Cool C...

  • Brandon Lay

    Brandon Lay View Profile

    Growing up in Jackson, Tennessee, Brandon Lay lived out the songs of John Mellencamp, Alan Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. He played sports during the day, fixed up cars after school and eventually wrote down his experiences in song, telling not only his story, but the story of other kids raised in small town America. Now signed to EMI Records Nashville, he's able to share those songs on ...

  • Fam Lay

    Fam Lay View Profile

  • Josh Lay

    Josh Lay View Profile

    Southern boy from Tennessee, Josh Lay is no hillbilly. With his biting wit, sarcasm, and rockin' chair philosopher's outlook on life he will leave you laughing, and thinking. Easy-going Josh Lay brings you new thinking of a political flavor with his southern comfort routine. He has featured for great acts such as Andy Andrist, a writer for the New Man Show and Sean Rouse from Dave Attell's Insomn...

  • Emmy Laybourne

    Emmy Laybourne View Profile

  • Shy Layers

    Shy Layers View Profile

    Shy Layers is the musical incarnation of Atlanta (by way of Brooklyn) artist JD Walsh. He has been profiled in Pitchfork, Uproxx, Stereogum, and TrackRecord, among others. His latest release, on Hamburg's Growing Bin Records fuses elements of Krautrock, 80’s r&b, dub, African highlife, and rock & roll, Balearic pop, Caribbean percussion, and free-form modular-synth jams. As eclectic as these eleme...

  • Gravity Layne

    Gravity Layne View Profile

  • Ivory Layne

    Ivory Layne View Profile

  • Tarra Layne

    Tarra Layne View Profile

      Tarra’s music resides in a place where Grace Potter, Amy Winehouse, and Gretchen Wilson collide – where gritty, care-free, home-grown soul meets sultry pop-rock ‘n roll. Combining her heavy 90s R&B upbringing with a love for rock and blues, Tarra is uprooting and constructing a style of her own. It has been referred to as “Funktry” due to her big...

  • Mandi Layne & The Lost Highway

    Mandi Layne & The Lost Highway View Profile

  • Briana Layon & The Boys

    Briana Layon & The Boys View Profile

    Briana Layon & the Boys, Rock & Roll Warriors in the extreme, are three hard-hitting dudes and a fiery frontwoman with more fury than Cherie Curie and Jinx Dawson combined. When they storm the stage, your attention has nowhere else to go. This is a group that hasn't forgotten a time when Rock was Rock and the job of every band was to become someone's obsession. Their heavy riffs and pulsing melod...

  • Dan Layus

    Dan Layus View Profile

    Dan Layus, primarily known as the frontman of the critically acclaimed band Augustana, released his debut solo album, "Dangerous Things," October 21, 2016 on Plated Records/ADA. 'Dangerous Things' spans influences from Hank Williams to Tom Waits, from Dwight Yoakam to Woody Guthrie. The album was recorded in Nashville at South Sea Studios with minimal production. The lyrics ar...

  • Felice LaZae

    Felice LaZae View Profile

    Felice LaZae is an LA based singer/songwriter whose sound has roots in Blues, R&B and a dash of rock 'n roll. Her vocal style is compared to Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin and funk singer Betty Davis. Musically, her bluesy, soulful blend creates a southern gothic, dark pop sound. LaZae's debut EP, Prologue, is set to release on October 14, 2016. Her song ...

  • Bryan Lazar

    Bryan Lazar View Profile

    At an early age, Lazar had a strong passion for music and says that his main inspirations were musicians Eric Clapton and Peter Frampton. When he was 11, Lazar began playing guitar and played in various bands throughout grade school, middle school and high school. After high school, Lazar decided to explore and develop his musical talents, and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. La...

  • Lewis Lazar

    Lewis Lazar View Profile

  • Vic Lazar

    Vic Lazar View Profile

  • Lady Lazarus

    Lady Lazarus View Profile

    Lady Lazarus is the solo project of Melissa Ann Sweat, a singer-songwriter, artist, and creative writer from San Jose, Calif. now living in Los Angeles.

  • Gary Lazer

    Gary Lazer View Profile

  • Major Lazer

    Major Lazer View Profile

  • Pat Lazetta Band

    Pat Lazetta Band View Profile

  • DJ Laznek

    DJ Laznek View Profile

  • Angela Lazon

    Angela Lazon View Profile

    Angela Lazon is a Native American recording artist, of Apache and Ojibwe descent. Her music is modern, and is inspired by everyday people and everyday love. Her new release, "Natural" introduces a new facet for Angela; a "re-birthing" of sorts for this most talented of artists. Angela Lazon could very well be Native America's first truly "mainstream" artist. Angela was born in Las Vegas Nevada. S...

  • Lantz Lazwell  ((duplicate use other)

    Lantz Lazwell ((duplicate use other) View Profile

    We are a live band that can take many shapes... We can perform as a power Trio, or with a dance troupe (feat members of lucent dossier), including fire dancers, aerialists, and choreographed numbers that tell the stories we sing about... But even as a trio, the music speaks for itself... Our eclectic brand of rock 'n' Soul, groove based dance music, is ever changing... We now began experimenting w...

  • Lantz Lazwell & The Vibe Tribe

    Lantz Lazwell & The Vibe Tribe View Profile

    Lantz Lazwell & the Vibe Tribe service the deep, melodic desires that drives us to dance. Their eclectic Rock ’n Soul beat, is sure to deliver you to your most righteous dance floor groove. Lantz has not only been a national touring artist for years, touring and sharing the stage w such greats as George Clinton, Bernie Worrel, Eric McFadden, Norwood Fisher and Angelo Moore (Fishbone...

  • Lantz Lazwells Cirque du Rawk

    Lantz Lazwells Cirque du Rawk View Profile

    A VAUDEVILLE VARIETY SHOW In 2007 Lantz Lazwell took home the LA Music Award for Best Rock Vocalist, and soon after joined the all-star lineup of "Trulio Disgracias" which included members of "Fishbone," "The Red Hot Chili Peppers", and his future "WahnderLust" partner, Kim Manning. They then begun to tour the country extensively with "Ge...

  • 20 Lb Sledge

    20 Lb Sledge View Profile

  • Sublime LBC

    Sublime LBC View Profile

    first we want every body to know that we are not sublime ,bud or eric.we are a tribute to the great sublime..we have way to much respect for bud ,,eric ,,bradleys family ,,sublime with rome,and sublime to alow any confusion.thank you...sublime lbc was created by bass player qball in long beach 2002.qball was freinds with the late sublime singer bradley .qball was very lucky to have been able to wr...

  •  LCD Soundsystem

    LCD Soundsystem View Profile

  • Simone Le Cesne

    Simone Le Cesne View Profile

    Twenty-one-year old, Simone LeCesne, is an up and coming Singer/Songwriter from Upland, Ca. With plenty of original songs already written, she has dedicated herself to sharing her music by targeting open mics and booking various shows around the LA area. She has captured the attention of all her audience with her soulful yet unique sound and her meaningful lyrics. Simone is now in the process of r...

  • Fedde le Grand

    Fedde le Grand View Profile

    is a Dutch house DJ and producer whose single "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" (UK/USA) / "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit" (Europe, excluding UK) reached number one on the UK's singles and the top 5 in the Dutch singles chart, and spent five weeks in the Spanish dance chart. On 28 October 2009, DJ Magazine announced the results of their annual Top 100 DJ Poll, with Ultra Records ar...

  • Gaelynn Lea

    Gaelynn Lea View Profile

    Classically trained violinist and songwriter Gaelynn Lea has been bewitching scores of fans with her experimental and ambient takes on fiddle music, an approach that incorporates her love of traditional tunes, songwriting, poetry and sonic exploration. Her work most recently won NPR Music’s 2016 Tiny Desk Contest, a competition drawing submissions of original songs from more than 6,000 music...

  •  Lea & The Exes

    Lea & The Exes View Profile

    Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Lea Marie's most recent release Undercover Lover is out and creating a buzz. You may remember Lea Marie as one of the more memorable American Idol contestants (2009). Lea Marie has made a name for herself releasing multiple albums thus far and making a name for herself within the Recording Industry as a premier Independent Artist.

  • Jessica Lea Mayfield

    Jessica Lea Mayfield View Profile

    The 23-year old from Kent, Ohio first performed with her family band One Way Rider at the age of 8. At age 15, she recorded her first album White Lies in her brother’s bedroom, printing only 100 copies. One of those copies fell into the hands of Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). After an introduction, Mayfield and Auerbach hit the studio, laying the foundation for her debut album With Blasph...

  • Austin Leach

    Austin Leach View Profile

    Singer-Songwriter out of Dallas, Texas. Check this page for news on new music, videos, shows and much more!!  

  • Eric Leach

    Eric Leach View Profile

    For over 30 years, the dynamic Eric Leach has fronted Symbol Six, a well respected punk rock band that shared the stage with everyone from Social Distortion to Bad Religion to Guns N’ Roses.Yet, Eric’s first solo acoustic album, PERFECT LIFE shifts from his established “in your face” punk rock roots to a paced reflective, 13 song album he describes as his most personal. Eri...

  • Carbon Leaf

    Carbon Leaf View Profile

    Blending rock, folk, Celtic, bluegrass and Americana traditions into a high-energy style the group calls ether-electrified porch music, the Virginia quintet’s poetic songs are brought to life with acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, fiddle, bass, drums, cello, banjo, penny whistle, pedal steel, accordion and rich vocal harmony.    Carbon Leaf writes, records and produ...

  • Loose Leaf

    Loose Leaf View Profile

  • New Leaf

    New Leaf View Profile

    The seeds of New Leaf were planted years ago in the LA based reggae/jam band, International Farmers, and the San Diego based roots reggae band, Shoreline Rootz.    After years of playing shows and entertaining crowds both locally and nationally, key members of both bands took a well earned break. Danny Primavera (songwriter/guitarist of International Farmers) was ready for a f...

  • Vine Leaf

    Vine Leaf View Profile

    Vine leaf is the ambient, spiritual, mystical and uninhibited creation of Mary Mettias. Much like her songs she based her project name on the notion that one can only tell a story in as much one can write on a single vine leaf. Her songs tell deeply honest stories of moments where she felt hope, loneliness, heartbreak, and simple wonder for the world that surrounds her. The inspiration for the&nbs...

  • Tea Leaf Green

    Tea Leaf Green View Profile

    It ain’t easy being a gypsy, especially if one sings for their supper. San Francisco’s Tea Leaf Green are newfangled Lost Boys, a traveling gang dedicated to seeking wisdom and experience in places both glorious and seedy. In many ways, this quintet is the essence of rock’s adventurous, playfully outlaw spirit, all of which ultimately fuels songs that resonate with classic vib...

  • The Leafy Greens

    The Leafy Greens View Profile

    A husband and wife garage blues band...

  • Temperance League

    Temperance League View Profile

    What do you do when the rock & roll Gods and odds stack up against you? When Time says the velvet ropes, limousines and magazine covers have passed you by, or that rock & roll is only a young man’s passing digital fancy? Do you pack it in, pull up a bar stool and content yourself with re-living the glory days? Or do you hunker down, turn it up, and tell the Gods and Time to fuck the ...

  • Youth League

    Youth League View Profile

    Youth League is an emo/math/rock band based in Durham/Chapel Hill, formed in 2014

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