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  • Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar View Profile

    Growing up in the merciless city that is Compton, California, it wasn't long before 23 year-old Kendrick Lamar, formerly known as K. Dot, would become acquainted with the harsh realities of the world. Sheltered by no means, the emcee was exposed to a lifestyle commonly adopted in the inner city. However, this exposure didn't influence his character in a way that on-lookers would expect. WI...

  • Marcel Lamar

    Marcel Lamar View Profile

  • Stephon LaMar

    Stephon LaMar View Profile

    Guitar in hand, Stephon LaMar takes the stage, and a smooth melody bellows from deep within this singer and songwriter. With a voice reminiscent of the "Golden Age" of soul, LaMar seamlessly blends his R&B voicings with jazzy-folk acoustic guitar. Born January 22, 1987 in Fayetteville, NC. Raised in Fayetteville, Stephon began training his voice through church and school choirs at age 5. In his...

  • Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

    Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio View Profile

    A unique 60s and 70s vintage soul trio with the sounds of the Hammond B3 mixed with tasty guitar lines and old school pocket drumming.

  • Jessica Lamb

    Jessica Lamb View Profile

  • Kelsey Lamb

    Kelsey Lamb View Profile

    With poignant lyrics, enchanting melodies and a sunny southern charm, newcomer Kelsey Lamb is undoubtedly a star-in-the-making. Raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Lamb ventured to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her dream in Country music. Lamb has announced her self-titled debut EP, set for release on May 31, 2019. The EP, produced by Matt McVaney and Josh Hoge, will feature six tracks, with Lamb...

  • Lady Lamb

    Lady Lamb View Profile

    To many, Lady Lamb is an enigma. Her songs are at once intimate and unbridled– both deeply personal and existentially contemplative. Aly Spaltro is a fearless performer who can command a pitch black stage with nothing more than her voice. Yet, when the band bursts in and the lights come up, what began as a demonstration of restraint shifts seamlessly into an emphatic snarl. On her newest ...

  • Jess Lamb and The Factory

    Jess Lamb and The Factory View Profile

  • Adam Lambert

    Adam Lambert View Profile

    Before becoming a front-runner in the eighth season of American Idol, vocalist Adam Lambert made his name in the theater world, where he performed alongside Val Kilmer in the debut production of Ten Commandments: The Musical and landed an understudy role in a touring production of Wicked. The California native subsequently parlayed that theater background into a successful multi-month run on Ameri...

  • Adam Lambert

    Adam Lambert View Profile

    Before becoming a front-runner in the eighth season of American Idol, vocalist Adam Lambert made his name in the theater world, where he performed alongside Val Kilmer in the debut production of Ten Commandments: The Musical and landed an understudy role in a touring production of Wicked. The California native subsequently parlayed that theater background into a successful multi-month run on Ameri...

  • Mary Lambert

    Mary Lambert View Profile

    Mary Lambert is good at two things; crying and singing. Nowhere is this better reflected than on her debut EP Letters Don’t Talk. The collection of songs, released in 2012, established Mary as a formidable Seattle artist and caught the attention of local hip-hop duo, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, with whom she wrote and sang the same-sex rights anthem “Same Love”. The revolutionary ...

  • Miranda Lambert

    Miranda Lambert View Profile


    VANESSA LAMBERT View Profile

    Nesta Rae has just released her debut album entitled Fly Free. The album was released in July 2011 and chronicles Nesta’s journey of letting go of the past in order to make room for the future. Born and raised in Northern California the album has a beachy, acoustic pop vibe, highlighted with a little reggae, and underscored with a few darker melodic ballads. With the vision loosely establish...

  • Noah Lamberth

    Noah Lamberth View Profile

    Noah Lamberth is a filmmaker who has traveled the world to capture his client's unique stories. Typically using the documentary medium, Noah's friendly persona allows him to work with anyone regardless of their status in life. He has produced promotional videos for world-famous corporations which have taken him to some of the world's most exotic locations. But he has also produced award-winnin...

  • Stephanie Lambring

    Stephanie Lambring View Profile

    Stephanie Lambring has served as a staff writer for BMG and Carnival Music. Her songs have been recorded by Terri Clark, Clare Bowen, Andrew Combs, Caroline Spence, Mary Bragg, and Hailey Whitters. Several other works of hers were featured on the hit TV show Nashville. In 2016, Stephanie won Atlanta’s acclaimed Eddie’s Attic Open Mic Shootout (previous win...

  • Pancho's Lament

    Pancho's Lament View Profile

  • Phillip Lammonds

    Phillip Lammonds View Profile

    Phillip Lammonds is a songwriter and talented instrumentalist from the musically rich mountains of North Carolina. From his childhood in the mountains to his time in the South Carolina Lowcountry, it was this melting pot of sounds and rhythms that formed his musical sensibilities. When pressed, Phillip describes his musical and writing styles as “raking through a toolbox in the dar...

  • DJ Lamont

    DJ Lamont View Profile

    DJ Lamont has been playing with records for 45 years since he was given his first Close N’ Play record player by his mother in 1970. DJ Lamont is now celebration his 33 1/3  years as a professional DJ spinning at clubs, restaurants, and social events of all occasions. Lamont has also worked in radio broadcasting, event management, and music retail and distribution.     ...

  • Jay Lamont

    Jay Lamont View Profile

  • Owen Lamont

    Owen Lamont View Profile

    Owen Lamont has refined a warm and memorable soul style, tipping his hat to his folk and bluegrass influences. His single 'Hold On' released last year, has registered regular radio play. He's currently working on his debut album which is due out for release later this year.

  • Ray Lamontagne

    Ray Lamontagne View Profile

  • Dan Lamorte

    Dan Lamorte View Profile

    Dan LaMorte is a NYC based stand-up comedian and comedy writer. Dan is one of the youngest comics on the scene but don’t let that fool you. His stand-up has been featured on FOX and he can be seen at multiple military bases working in-country shows for the USO.  Dan has been featured in the Hoboken Comedy Festival, Hampton’s International Comedy Festival, Meadowlands Comedy Festiv...

  • Marc Lamotte

    Marc Lamotte View Profile

    With a unique charm and general ridiculous outlook on life, Marc's comedy career seems to be catching people's attention.  Residing in Georgia, Marc won the 2009 Athens Last Comic Standing Competition and has opened for a handful of headling heavyweights in the past two years.  Incorporating real-life stories with his entertaining physical humor, Marc creates a show that keeps audie...

  • Midnight Lamp

    Midnight Lamp View Profile

    Bio: Midnight Lamp has been a fixture in the South Bay for a solid decade. From their rough beginnings, throwing together jams and shows mostly for friends, oft times struggling to button down permanent members committed to the band, they’ve since evolved into a tight and fully developed blues-based, R&B, funk-jam outfit. They are Jason Flentye (rhythm guitar, lead vo...

  • Lisa Lampanelli

    Lisa Lampanelli View Profile

    Lisa Lampanelli is Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean. Heralded as "more than a standup -- a standout," by comedy legend Jim Carrey, Lampanelli is a cross between Don Rickles, Archie Bunker, and a vial of estrogen. She even won accolades from The King of All Media Howard Stern, who called her "a true original and a brilliant comedy mind who'll steal the show every time." This equa...

  • Nick Lampone & The Sweet Hearts

    Nick Lampone & The Sweet Hearts View Profile

    Flirting with various desires.

  • Evan Lanam & the Live Oaks

    Evan Lanam & the Live Oaks View Profile

    Evan Lanam is a self-taught singer/songwriter/drummer from San Mateo, California. He has been playing in/around SF, in a bunch of different bands, for about 7 years. This is his solo project.

  • Pete Lanctot

    Pete Lanctot View Profile

    Pete Lanctot is a singer songwriter living in Brooklyn NY. His songs are surreal and mysterious narratives often featuring sordid casts of characters who’s time, locations and origins are vague, and seem equally likely to be found in present day New York City, a Memphis juke joint of the 1920s or hitchhiking a depression era plains state highway. Musically, Pete’s songs carry on the american tradi...

  • Nether Land

    Nether Land View Profile

    Nether Land's music sits atop a cloud floating in a nether world between jazz, soul, pop and electronic music.  The band is one of close knit friends, born and bred in Los Angeles, who have been making music together in various incarnations since they were teenagers.  After years apart, they re-emerged as Nether Land in 2010 with a unique, sultry sound that's been aged like a ...

  • Orphaned Land

    Orphaned Land View Profile

  • Rhoderic Land

    Rhoderic Land View Profile

    British singer-songwriter Rhoderic Land is something of an enigma in his adopted French home. Living in Paris for over 20 years, he runs a finance office by day and by night he brings his wise and witty songs to the bars and cabarets of the left bank, the Marais and Les Halles.   He has been playing and writing music most of his life, but had never recorded in a studio until a mutual friend...

  • The Land of Ozz: The Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Expereince

    The Land of Ozz: The Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Expereince View Profile

    The Land Of OZZ is the closest thing to Ozzy Osbourne in his prime years that you will see and hear anywhere in the world, PERIOD! At the center of The Land of OZZ is STEPHEN DESKO and his amazing ability to recreate the look and sound of OZZY. Stephen will make you think you are hearing and seeing OZZY live in the 80s and 90s. His vocal range, tone and appearance is so close to OZZY, it r...

  • Cousin's Land Stomachache

    Cousin's Land Stomachache View Profile

    Cousin's Land Stomachache was conceptually formed in the winter of 2011 and has evolved over rounds of soju and rice wine mixed in a tin kettle. The band's name comes from a Korean proverb "When a cousin buys land, your stomach hurts," which is a commonly used expression for envy. It consists of Jade Kim (vocals/guitar), Sun Young Kim (drums), and Jeeyoo Ham (bass), who are in charge of hangover, ...

  • Dave Landau

    Dave Landau View Profile

    Dave Landau's smart, edgy and fresh humor delivered with a unique laid back and clean style has made him one of the fastest rising comics in America. With a strong Improv background and sharp material, he is an act you're sure to enjoy. Dave performs at top clubs and theatres around the country and has worked with comics including Steven Wright, Dave Chappelle, Ron White and Dennis Miller. Dave w...

  • Lost Lander

    Lost Lander View Profile

    Before she died, Matt Sheehy’s mother used to tell him about a dream she had about Lost Land Lake—a place she spent part of her mid-western childhood. That dream inspired the name of the Juneau-born, Portland-based songwriter’s band, and her memory is imbued in Medallion, their second album. If DRRT, the group’s first independently released album, was about the confluenc...

  • Vaden Landers

    Vaden Landers View Profile

    Vaden Landers is a 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist from Eastern Tennessee. As a teen he began traveling America's highways and railroads, studying American folk music styles such as Old-time, Country, Blues, Cajun & Jug. With a voice often compared to a young Hank Williams, and an acute musical attention to detail, he plays with an authenticity that he hopes will spread the knowledge.

  • Dawn Landes

    Dawn Landes View Profile

    Bridging the worlds of indie rock, alt-country, and folk, singer/songwriter Dawn Landes has played with a similarly diverse range of artists, including Fred Eaglesmith, Amy Rigby, John Gorka, and Rainer Maria. A Louisville, KY, native, Landes moved to New York to attend N.Y.U. and play music; she obtained a weekly spot at the Jack Hardy song exchange and also plays frequent shows in New York as we...

  • Angels Landing

    Angels Landing View Profile

      Former solo artist Keith Varon's new band, Angels Landing, generate enough power live to fuel a fleet of SR-71s to otherworldly spheres and beyond. Thundering verses, towering choruses, and transcendent melodies ignite this flight, and if the band's debut EP, 'Magnetic,' is any indication, the fleet is gone for good.   Hailing from the CIty of Angels, Angels Landing are a rock / pop...

  • Angel's Landing

    Angel's Landing View Profile

  • Icarus Landing

    Icarus Landing View Profile

    Originally formed in Cleveland, Ohio, but now based in Hollywood, California, Icarus Landing is one of the hardest working new rock acts you'll find anywhere. From packing Peabody's Downunder in Cleveland, to filling Hollywood's Viper Room to the gills, "IL" draws lively, energetic crowds everywhere they go, largely thanks to the blood and sweat they spill on stage every n...


    MERCURY LANDING View Profile

    Mercury Landing is metaphysical rock music for your soul and spirit. With their home in New York City, Mercury Landing formed in 2005, constantly evolving into the tight and versatile band they are today. Their sound features diverse, dexterous, and driving songs ranging from classic rock influences, to synth-infused dance beats, to latin and world music. Their live show is accentuated by dualing ...

  • The Landing

    The Landing View Profile

    "The Landing is a solo act stemming from an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, but don’t mistake him for just any new artist; he has a purpose to his music, with an aim to demonstrate and assess the struggle of finding one’s place in the universe through a series of genre-bending songs. He labels his music as “space-pop”, he contemplates the essence of life, and he cr...

  • Emily Landis

    Emily Landis View Profile

  • Trea Landon

    Trea Landon View Profile

  • Drew Landry

    Drew Landry View Profile

    Drew Landry is currently 17 years old and has been doing stand up for 4 years now. He may look like your son, but you'd beat the crap out of your son if you heard him say some of the stuff Drew Landry has said on stage. He has performed at Second City in Chicago and all around the Baltimore area. He mixes cringeworthy bits about touchy topics,with observations on everyday life and ridiculous ...

  • Gill Landry

    Gill Landry View Profile

  • Kelly Landry

    Kelly Landry View Profile

  • Lisa Landry

    Lisa Landry View Profile

    Lisa Landry came up through the famed New York City comedy circuit to become an audience favorite at clubs, colleges and theaters across the country. Landry has appeared on CBS's "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" & "The Bonnie Hunt Show" on NBC. She starred in her own half hour Special, "Comedy Central Presents Lisa Landry". And a nationwide vote catapulted...

  • Yvette Landry

    Yvette Landry View Profile

    Since her appearance on the south Louisiana music scene a few short years ago, Yvette has had such an enchanted musical career that the announcement of her debut album, comprised of sixteen original songs, is not surprising. From touring the world as a multi-instrumentalist, to performing with the likes of Balfa Toujours, Red Stick Ramblers, Pine Leaf Boys, Walter Mouton, Steve Riley, Dirk Powe...

  • Bad Lands

    Bad Lands View Profile

    If pistol black mascara, fairy dust, Technicolor palm trees, dangerous love, and kaleidoscopes could be mixed in a blender and made into an intoxicating alt-electro pop elixir, you would have "Love Heroes," the new EP from singer/songwriter/musicians Rocky Chance and Mowgli Moon, the L.A.-based partners-in-crime formerly known as He Met Her and now continuing their magical musical jou...

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