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  • P L a N E T S

    P L a N E T S View Profile

    The band underneath your bed, P L a N E T S, are a tricksy bunch.  From their 4D performances smashed full of choreo-punk witch dancers, ghostly beasts and shadowy puppetry, to their haunted trip of a debut album; this band born in the woods and raised in Alhambra, CA smolders and burns.Vibrating along with modern day musical auteurs such as Fever Ray and echoing ambitious rock acts like The ...

  • Colin L Orchestra

    Colin L Orchestra View Profile

    Described as his new 9 piece orchestra for 4 guitars, 2 drummers, 1 bass, and 2 keyboards, Colin L Orechstra delivers music that is not loud. Rather, it is swirling breaths of psychedelic improvisation around mellow minimalism. Falsetto vocals sung in unison by a choir. 9 nice dudes playing nice & easy. Sounds like if Shuggie Otis joined the Dead and only played Dark Star.

  • Anthony L Smith

    Anthony L Smith View Profile

    Anthony L Smith  is a versatile songwriter, record producer, and arranger who has achieved great success in many different genres, including Country, Pop, R&B, Jazz, and Hip Hop (to name a few). He has worked with such noteable artists as Chris Young, Rodney Atkins, Lonestar, Clay Walker, Reba McIntire, Vince Gill, Donna Summer, Bucky Covington, The Wilkinsons, and Kenny Rogers, all who h...

  • E L Y S E

    E L Y S E View Profile

    Singer, actor, Disneyland Princess and co-creator of NOTASCAR productions.

  • singerZ L.a

    singerZ L.a View Profile

  • Highland LA

    Highland LA View Profile

    Los Angeles based pop-punk band.  

  • Philanthro LA

    Philanthro LA View Profile

    Philanthro is a national 501©(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage young professionals in philanthropy, by serving as the leading platform for young professionals to connect with charitable causes through social, volunteer, and leadership activities. Philanthro is a 100% volunteer-based organization that prides itself on its core values of transparency, efficiency, and creativity. ...

  • Selling LA

    Selling LA View Profile

  • Y La Bamba

    Y La Bamba View Profile

    FOLK ART ROCK by Luz Elena Mendoza of Portland, OR

  • La La Birdtime

    La La Birdtime View Profile

    La La La Birdtime is an American indie pop rock band from Echo Park, California formed in 2015 by way of Arizona and Illinois. The band’s collaborative writings and performances consist of Alisha Fraher (vocals, guitar, synth) and Bradley Dujmovic (vocals, guitar, synth, engineer) featuring amazing musicians from around the globe.     The band name, La La ...

  • Meka La Creme

    Meka La Creme View Profile

  • De La Cuesta

    De La Cuesta View Profile

    Having grown up in small town Florida, Fuller moved to LA with the same dream that brings many to this city: to make it in movies. His foray into filmmaking began at a USC production workshop which compelled him to write and direct a series short films. However, the grind of festival selection and the infrequency of sharing one’s stories via film screenings spurred Ryan to seek more instant ...

  • West LA Fadeaway

    West LA Fadeaway View Profile

    West LA Fadeaway is a Grateful Dead cover band from Los Angeles, CA. Performing songs from across the Dead’s entire career, West LA Fadeaway carefully crafts setlists to embody the flow of classic shows while creating opportunities for new exploration.

  • Denise La Grassa

    Denise La Grassa View Profile

    "Live at the Castle Theatre" is the latest to showcase Denise La Grassa’s immense power and feeling, sophisticated yet melodic songwriting, and guitarist John Kregor’s inventive and soulful playing. "Sunshine in the Toxic Ballroom" and "Pieces of Peace" from the album are hints of what's to come on her upcoming  "American Women" album...

  • Lianne La Havas

    Lianne La Havas View Profile

    Lianne La Havas arrived in the early 2010s with a mostly acoustic and hushed hybrid of alternative folk and soul. The singer, songwriter, and guitarist was born and raised in London, England, the daughter of a Jamaican mother and Greek father. She was a member of the Paris Parade with Christian Pinchbeck (a future member of Elephant), but the act proved to be short-lived. La Havas eventually shift...

  • Viva La Hop

    Viva La Hop View Profile

    We are a live Hip-Hop group with roots from Funk & Jazz. From the horns, to the keys, to the strings, to the kick drum we come to get your heads bobbin and booties movin; combined w/ the words of Philly G & Boh-Lyrics to educate your mind. Viva La Hop is here to ignite any party any day of the week.

  • The La La's

    The La La's View Profile

    The LA-LAs is a unique vocal performance ensemble, comprised of fifteen sexy women who place special emphasis on creating and performing innovative and edgy arrangements of contemporary pop, rock music and lyrical ballads. Our diverse repertoire includes hits from MGMT, Sara Bareilles, Florence + The Machine, Katy Perry, and The Civil Wars.  We have been together performing and rehearsing on ...

  • La La Lush

    La La Lush View Profile

    La La Lush brings an old-school intensity to the modern pop music scene. Their revolutionary sound binds the past with the present, while adding an exciting taste of the future. Blending heavy guitar riffs, syncopated funk rhythms, and the soulful touch of a raspy-pop female vocalist, La La Lush’s eclectic sound has captivated the attention of the music industry and music lovers alike. Lead si...

  • Dom La Nena

    Dom La Nena View Profile

    Brazilian born cellist and vocalist Dom La Nena released her debut album, Ela, on Six Degrees Records in January, 2013. Ela is a stunningly intricate and understated collection of thirteen original compositions, sung in Portuguese and Spanish. Dom’s delicate vocals and multi-tracked cello on the album are supported by spare, minimal arrangements by co-producer and label mate Piers Faccini. ...

  • Hollowbody LA Presents

    Hollowbody LA Presents View Profile

    The hardest working Booking/Promoting Co in the Southland w/ Shows at The MINT, Viper Room, Molly Malone's, Boardner's, Bar 20 & Trip Santa Monica....Entertaining LA 1 show at a time. For booking email

  • Koko La Roo

    Koko La Roo View Profile

    Koko LaRoo is a Los Angeles based songwriter. She wrote and featured on Cole Plante’s #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club song “Lie to Me”. Koko has also featured on songs by popular DJs such as Felix Cartel, Myon & Shane 54, EC Twins, and Greg Cerrone.

  • De La Soul

    De La Soul View Profile

    At the time of its 1989 release, De La Soul's debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, was hailed as the future of hip-hop. With its colorful, neo-psychedelic collage of samples and styles, plus the Long Island trio's low-key, clever rhymes and goofy humor, the album sounded like nothing else in hip-hop. Where most of their contemporaries drew directly from old-school rap, funk, or Public Enemy's dens...

  • Yo La Tengo

    Yo La Tengo View Profile

    Yo La Tengo are in many respects the quintessential critics' band: in addition to their adventurous eclecticism, defiant independence, and restless creative ambition -- three qualities that virtually guarantee music press acclaim -- the group's frontman, Ira Kaplan, even tenured as a rock scribe prior to finding success as a performer. So frequently compared to the Velvet Underground that they eve...

  • De La Torre Band

    De La Torre Band View Profile

    DE LA TORRE is a rock band led by recording artist and actor Anthony De La Torre. Born and raised in Bowling Green, Ohio, Anthony is second generation Cuban-American. As a teenager his passion for music and film led him to write, direct and perform in his own YouTube video spoofs of pop stars like Justin Bieber and One Direction. One of these video parodies caught the attention of mega-hitma...

  • De La Vina

    De La Vina View Profile

    DeLaVina is the folk, soul, blues project of Miguel Bowser. Miguel is a Taurus who behaves like an Aries. It is said that he suffers from Transzodiac Disorder. Psychiatrists around the globe are scrambling for a cure. His first guitar was destroyed by his younger sister in a similar fashion to that of Hendrix when he destroyed his guitar at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. The destruction of the...

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    Sleepy LaBeef View Profile

     For half a century, Sleepy LaBeef has lived his life on stages, in honky-tonks, and on the road. He has released records in six different decades and has had chart success as far back as the sixties and as recently as the year 2000. Sleepy LaBeef has shared bills with practically every great in music history: Elvis Presley, George Jones, Roy Orbison, Wanda Jackson, Carl Perkins, and has been...

  • Dead Label

    Dead Label View Profile

    The band started in November '08. Competed in and won the All Ireland Battle of the Bands "The Crypt Trials" in October 2009. Recorded our debut Self-Titled E.P. in October 2010. Releasing our debut album "Sense of Slaughter" via Nuerra Records March 2013.

  • Jesse Labelle

    Jesse Labelle View Profile

    Time and again, Jesse's career as both writer and artist has taken him to the top of the Canadian Billboard Radio Charts. With 2 gold records in his back pocket, following his 2013 win for "Best New Artist" at the Canadian Radio Music Awards, Jesse set his eyes on Nashville, a town he couldn't be happier to call his new home. “It’s in this city (Nashville) that I h...

  • Leah Labelle

    Leah Labelle View Profile

  • Patti Labelle

    Patti Labelle View Profile

  • Day Labor

    Day Labor View Profile

    Day Labor is a 9 piece Ska/Punk band from Pittsburg California. Its influences include: Skankin' Pickle, Suicide Machines, Streetlight Manifesto, Sublime, NoFX, (old)Green Day, Operation Ivy, Big D and the Kids Table, etc... We also really like jazz and Latin music.

  • Bill LaBounty

    Bill LaBounty View Profile

  • Carl Labove

    Carl Labove View Profile

    If the mark of a great entertainer is the ability to continually reinvent, create and astonish an audience, then Carl LaBove has undoubtedly made his mark. An original founding member of "The Outlaws of Comedy", His powerful approach to stand up comedy has been filling theaters and clubs for over 30 years. LaBove was born in Fort Worth Texas, grew up a military child, which required his...

  • Dave LaBrel

    Dave LaBrel View Profile

  • Shannon LaBrie

    Shannon LaBrie View Profile

    The Lincoln, NE native instantly became a favorite among music fans and critics alike with her powerful 2016 album War & Peace. With lead singles, "Alcohol," and "It's Political" the independent release reached inside the Top Ten on iTunes, Spotify's US viral chart and Triple A Radio charts. Tracked live at Nashville’s House of Blues Studio, War & Pea...

  • Butterfly Labs

    Butterfly Labs View Profile

    The Butterfly Labs is a multi-media production entity.We believe everyone carries the creative spark in some form or fashion. We can help you find the spark within yourself, harness the spark, and produce positve outcomes. Specializing in, but not limited to, audio and photography we can help you acheive results with your project and in life.

  • Gryphon Labs

    Gryphon Labs View Profile

    Somewhere in the sonic universe there's a place where the auditory wizardry of Pink Floyd and Brian Eno intersects with the progressive groove consciousness of Funkadelic and Massive Attack and the experimental, virtuosic extremities of The Mars Volta and Tool. Gryphon Labs begins there, taking those influences and a myriad of others and putting them through an instrumental filter, resulting i...

  • Jess Labus

    Jess Labus View Profile

  • Jessica Labus

    Jessica Labus View Profile

    Jessica Labus is the newest singer/songwriter to join a fray of musicians with a love of art, a folk-pop spirit, and an honest, no-nonsense disposition.

  • Chasing Lace

    Chasing Lace View Profile

  • Straight Laced Crooks

    Straight Laced Crooks View Profile

    Straight Laced Crooks is five psychopaths playing hard-hitting Rock ‘n Roll coming straight for your throat! The band is a fresh mix of old school punk and vintage high energy rock ‘n roll. With sharp dressed looks, and even sharper riffs, they cut through the sea of boring music like a hot knife through satin kissed skin! With each member coming from different backgrounds, but with a shared love ...

  • Sharon Lacey

    Sharon Lacey View Profile

    Sharon Lacey was an award winning middle school teacher before jumping onto the comedy stage. She headlines in clubs, colleges, casinos, and corporate events from coast to coast and Canada. She recently returned from her second tour entertaining our troops in Iraq and Kuwait. You've seen her on the Disney Channel, ABC-TV, and A&E. Sharon is an alumnus of the San Francisco and Seattle Internat...

  • Nick Lachey

    Nick Lachey View Profile

    As the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC redefined pop music for the masses upon the closing of the 1990s, 98° were also making girls scream and swoon with their darling good looks and delightsome harmonies. Fronting the vocal group was the svelte charmer Nick Lachey. This onetime sports medicine major was a bona fide star thanks to his sensitive performance style, thus a career in Hollywood seemed ...

  •  Lachlans Daughters

    Lachlans Daughters View Profile

  • Josh LaCount

    Josh LaCount View Profile

  • Amy LaCour

    Amy LaCour View Profile

    Amy LaCour is a contemporary musician with classic influences. Her music is rooted in soul and singer/songwriter traditions while drawing from modern pop and jazz. Growing up in Seattle, her father introduced her to classic soul, pop and jazz records with a playlist that boasted Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Chaka Khan, The Commodores and Earth, Wind & Fire. While watching the television serie...

  • The Lacs

    The Lacs View Profile

    “People still can’t figure out what to call the music we do,” said Brian ‘Rooster’ King, looking at his longtime collaborator Clay ‘Uncle Snap’ Sharpe. “We just get in there and write about what we want.”The duo has been together since 2000 and Outlaw, which is their fifth album since signing with Average Joe’sEntertainment, is a water...

  • Sylvan LaCue

    Sylvan LaCue View Profile

  • Justin Lacy

    Justin Lacy View Profile

    Nylon-strings, cello, synth, bells, drums and voices. Something like gutter folk.

  • Shawn Lacy

    Shawn Lacy View Profile

    When asked who his biggest influencers were, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Shawn Lacy responded, “I try and surround myself with positive, good people at all times. Everyday they inspire me to write and perform at my very best and also to be the very best person I can be. These same influencers encourage me to keep pushing when things are tough and they provide me with that kick in the a...

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