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  • Elle King

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  • Emily King

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  • Emily King

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  • Fort King

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    Gentle enough to pine over a lover’s escapades, but tough enough to spit tobacco into empty beer bottles. -LA Record

  • Guy King

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    "One of the greatest contemporary blues musicians has arisen." - Soul Bag Magazine   "Guy King hits the sweet spot where Blues, Soul & Jazz meet in high-flying harmony.” - David Ritz   2017 Blues Music Award Nominee Guy King’s music is fresh and unique while maintaining a strong link to the musical masters that came before him. His natural musica...

  • Hannibal King

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    Hannibal King, born in Southside Jamaica Queens was born into a neighborhood with an amazing background in good music. Whether it be A Tribe Called Quest, Run DMC, Onyx or the Lost Boyz, Jamaica Queens has seen its share of talented artists. Having built a name for himself in the underground production scene, Hannibal hopes to continue the trend of creating beautiful New York City music. Hannibal ...

  • Jan King

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  • Joe King

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  • John King

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    It is that drive, paired with raw talent and business savvy, that took this young man out of a little mountain town in Georgia’s Habersham County and into the spotlight opening for award-winning artists, playing over 150 dates per year, prior to having a booking agent. King grew up working with his hands, building character as he built structures. “Those jobs made me who I am,” says John. “I st...

  • Leah King

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    Leah is an LA based diamond in the rough. Her soothing voice and soulful songs captivate her audience and connect with their inner worlds. She is currently in production of her debut EP, due out Spring 2014 featuring organic instrumentation and her fresh new brand of kitchy-acoustic-pop. Don't forget to follow her at @leahhannaking and sign up for her mailing list to get the latest info.

  • Liz King

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    Liz King is a singer-songwriter-guitarist based in Manhattan Beach.  With influenced from folk and modern pop, Liz combines the two to create songs with atmospheric vibes and heartbreaking lyrics.  Liz's one-of-a-kind voice will leave listeners in tears.  Her most recent song, "Talking", can be found online.

  • Madison King

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    Madison started playing guitar at 8 years old, and began singing in her teens. She learned and honed her skills by traveling down a well-worn path. “Growing up, the most natural way for me to practice and get better at playing guitar and eventually singing was in church. It instilled the confidence I needed to be able to perform original songs later on…..” Madison graduated from Southern Method...

  • Matt King

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    "Matt King writes and sings songs that are so achingly true to life that they make you want to cry, or ball up your fists, or burn something down. He writes and sings not in silly cliches about a South that no longer is, but about the scourges of my modern South, about meth and layoffs and men and women grabbing for their last hope. And somehow, it makes it a joy to hear." — R...

  • Mike King

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  • Mollie King

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  • Musket King

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    Fuzz-N-Roll, Stoner rock, Fuzz, Sludge, Fun

  • Nicolas King

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    "Making his 3rd appearance at New York's prime entertainment arena, the Metropolitan Room, Nicolas King returns, with a new album and brand new show! King released his new album ("Nineteen") early this fall, and is available on iTunes! Backed by Emmy Award winning Mike Renzi as musical director, King promises to please, at the ripe age of 19. Having appeared in 3 Broadway shows, television com...

  • Savannah King

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    Savannah began her musical pursuit at an early age and discovered her gift of storytelling through songs – songs whose lyrics have been described as deep and well beyond her years. In addition to headlining her own shows, Savannah has opened for many artists such as Emmylou Harris, 10,000 Maniacs, Harpeth Rising, Field Report, and award-winning Canadian country music singer-song...

  • Shelley King

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    Shelley King has been an ambassador of the Austin, Texas sound for twenty years. She is a self assured combination of singer and songwriter, who is both a successful solo artist and leader of a formidable band. King’s blend of blues, folk, country, rock and soul led her to be the first woman appointed by the Texas Legislature to represent the state as it’s Official Mu...

  • Tammy King

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    Musician, Vocalist, Songwriter, Teacher Fiddler Tammy Rogers was born in Tennessee and raised in Irving, Texas.As an adolescent, she was taught classical music but also performed regularly with her family at bluegrass festivals. Tammy is a member of The Steeldrivers who's 2nd CD "Reckless" was released Fall 2010 and was nominated for two Grammies. In addition to touring with Th...

  • Tara King

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    Tara J. King is an internationally toured LA-based performing artist, songwriter, and musician.  Tara combines soulful pop with americana roots. This dominating diamond flies between all octaves while drawing from multiple genres.  Themes of love, giving back to communities, and awareness have united audiences. From performing on the Apollo in New York City to being a finalist on America...

  • Warrior King

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  • Wolf King

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  • Zane King

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  • Zr. King

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    What would happen if Tom Waits wrote a rock opera and hired Keith Moon to play drums, John Paul Jones to play bass, Lemmy to play guitar, and Chris Cornell to sing? It would sound like a boss. And probably like a Zombie Robot King.

  • Jan King & Medicine Ball

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  • Chris King & The Gutterballs

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    "Chris King & The Gutterballs" is a freshly squeezed bunch of Indie/Soul rockers from the central coast of California. Currently residing and gigging in the greater Seattle area. Now embarking on a wild musical journey. "CKGB" has collaborated with the best of the best in the northwest to release there Debut album "Hidin' Out." Look no furthe

  • Claudette King (daughter of B. B. King)

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    Claudette King is the youngest daughter of iconic blues master and legend B. B. King. She is quick to cite her father as her main inspiration. Trained in the gospel of the Baptist church from age 13, King was mentored by some other legendary singers..Aretha Franklin and Etta James….Blues, Jazz, R&B, and Soul are quite literally in her blood. Watch Claudette  HERE

  • John King Band

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    The John King Band was formed a little more than a year ago by singer/songwriter John King. King (23) was born in the small mountain town of Demorest, GA. As a child, he developed a love for music ranging from Traditional Gospel Hymns to Rock n’ Roll. At the age of 15, King formed his first successful rock band. As King put it, “I realized my voice and my songs were just too Country for R...

  • Marcus King Band

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    Songwriter. Guitarist. Singer. Bandleader.  At only 20 years of age, Marcus King’s dazzling musical ability is evident throughout The Marcus King Band, the young phenom’s 2nd full-length LP and first for Fantasy Records. Operating within the fiery brand of American roots music that King calls "soul-influenced psychedelic southern rock," the album highlights King&rsqu...

  • Anthony King Blues Band

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  • Blue King Brown

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    Hailed by Santana as “The voice of the street and the band of the future!” Blue King Brown, ARIA nominated artist, is Australia’s premier live urban roots & reggae powerhouse. Their cross generational groove and socially conscious sound is lead by the multi talented, relentless energy of Nattali Rize. Powerful vocal & lyrical delivery’s meet a roots, rock & afro...

  • Vanilla King Court

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    Vanilla King Court is a four piece alternative band that formed in the small Northern Californian town Ukiah, in November of 2014. After many hours of practice and playing any gig that the four could find, they released their debut album, After All, in April 2016. "If you need more diversity in your rock music then be sure to check out this alternative album from Vanilla King Court. You won&#...

  • Kuazine King Entertainment

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  • Samuel King Johnson

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  • Folies King King

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    Mario Melendez's Cabaret of the Skin - 2010

  • The King Must Die

    The King Must Die View Profile

    The King Must Die is a thrash metal band formed in 2011 and operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. All five members of TKMD came of age at the height of the Bay Area thrash scene, and those influences are evident in their aggressive, riff-driven, uptempo music. Their new record, "Murder All Doubt," picks up where their 2014 debut, "Sleep Can’t Hide the Fear," lef...

  • The King Of France

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    If anyone deserves their own personal soundtrack, it's those drama-bringin' Real World roomies. And in promos for the show's Austin season, that's exactly what they got: seven custom-made, 30-second songs introducing each cast member. For most viewers, these songs also served as an introduction to the tightly packaged pop melodies and angst-filled lyrics of their creators, New York City band The K...

  • The King Street Giants

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    For the past 5 years the Sonoma County-based group, The King Street Giants, have brought their own special version of New Orleans music to the Bay Area. Whether they’re playing in clubs or on the streets, The King Street Giants are infamous for radiating an infectious energy and always having a blast. While continuing to play the music of their heroes (Louis Armstrong & The All Stars,...


    ALLAN KINGDOM View Profile

      Allan Kingdom's melodic impulses have had as much permanence as his childhood hometown — none. The 21-year-old has drifted from his frigid birthplace of Canada, through dusty winds in Wisconsin, to ultimately touching down in St. Paul, Minnesota. At his disposal are a wealth of influences and cultures intertwined in his music, resulting in a distinctive catalog off which Ki...

  • Iron Kingdom

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  • Lost Kingdoms

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    Lost Kingdoms picks up where the great guitar-rock bands of the 90s left off with tight, structured compositions replete with memorable riffs and driving, syncopated rhythms. It's all topped with powerful, soaring vocals, unforgettable melodies, and a subtle pop sheen. Carefully crafted, yet accessible, Lost Kingdoms tests the boundaries of progressive pop. Lost Kingdoms may be from Brookly...

  • Jonathan Kingham

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  • 22 Kings

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    A friendship of over 15 years has morphed into one of the most exciting times in both Sam and Sandi's lives. Through hardships, life crises, tears and laughter, this last year has brought them closer together than ever before. As a result, they have moved to San Diego to spend 100% of their time focusing on creating music. To both Sam and Sandi, this seems to be the right time and right place: thr...

  • B3 Kings

    B3 Kings View Profile

    The B3 Kings is a Boston-based funky, groove-oriented soul band highlighting the marriage of the Hammond B3 organ and earthy, roots guitar playing. Taking elements from boogaloo, blues, soul, funk, and classic rock and influenced by the Meters, Booker T, Melvin Sparks, Jimmy Smith, Ray Charles, and Sam Cook, this all-star juggernaut unit blends it all into their own hip-pocket rage machine.  ...

  • Carousel Kings

    Carousel Kings View Profile

    CAROUSEL KINGS have anchored their name as one of the most ambitious and creative rock machines in recent years. The Lancaster, PA music scene has definitely had an influence on CAROUSEL KINGS - the same town that bred the metal bands August Burns Red, Texas In July, and This Or The Apocalypse. It gave them the idea that it was possible to be a national act, to go for it. Having gro...

  • Chicano Kings

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  • Comeback Kings

    Comeback Kings View Profile

    The Comeback Kings formed at the tail end of 2014 and spent their first few months getting their songs down and testing the waters in the occasional open mic night before unleashing their songs unto the world. Singer/songwriter Conrad Woods wrote the band’s songs about his grisly divorce that ended a relationship of 9 years. As a result, the songs are a combination of hard hitting rock songs...

  • Common Kings

    Common Kings View Profile

    Common Kings’ style and music is a collection of inspirations orchestrated into an array of head rocking beats, feel good vibes, and emotional fever. Their crazy, fun-loving attitude compliments Common Kings’ live sound, producing phenomenal pop hits with rock, reggae, and R&B influences. These influences originate from each band members love for various genres, and widespread know...

  • Gipsy Kings

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