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  • Stefanie Keys

    Stefanie Keys View Profile

    When George Clinton asked his touring manager/daughter Barbarella Bishop why he was not on Ms. Keys’ new CD she replied “Because Dad, you take too long!”   “Keys beautifully blends her own brand of folk, rock, and soul, live. Keys’ strong songs and powerful performance embody the spirit of a true front woman. As a singer-songwriter, she unleashes the p...

  • Talia Keys

    Talia Keys View Profile

  • The Keys

    The Keys View Profile

    (Folk’n’Roll, France) Let’s make things clear: The man, you wonder? « The Keys » is actually just a twenty-something French guy. « The Keys » can’t actually play the keys. « The Keys » is soon releasing his 8th album of original songs, entitled « You Can’t Beat Me If I’m Not Playing ». Special pre-r...

  • Bradley Keys & The Misfits

    Bradley Keys & The Misfits View Profile

  • DJ Khaled

    DJ Khaled View Profile

  • Wiz Khalifa

    Wiz Khalifa View Profile

  • Ronnie Khalil

    Ronnie Khalil View Profile

  • Leah Khambata

    Leah Khambata View Profile

  • Chaka Khan

    Chaka Khan View Profile

  • Nadia Khan

    Nadia Khan View Profile

    Ambient house from Charlotte

  • Ruby Khan

    Ruby Khan View Profile

  • Soul Khan

    Soul Khan View Profile

  • Valentino Khan

    Valentino Khan View Profile

    Valentino Khan is a music producer & DJ from Los Angeles, CA. Valentino Khan makes everything. From hip hop club anthems to dance music hits, Valentino's production knows no bounds. He has produced hip hop for multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning artists such as B.o.B., T.I., Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Iggy Azalea, Tyga and Kid Sister.  In the summer of 2014, Valentino signed to ...

  • King Khan & BBQ Show

    King Khan & BBQ Show View Profile

    The pioneering rock’n’roll legend that is The King Khan & BBQ Show announce their first full-length album in over 5 years entitled, Bad News Boys out February 24th on In The Red Records. Bad News Boys is riddled with 13 hits that will take you on a journey through the steamy annals of rock’n’roll history and have you gasping for air by the end. "Let the fumes consume you," says the little turb...

  • Boris Khaykin

    Boris Khaykin View Profile

     Boris Khaykin is a comedian, improvisor, musician, and rapper and has appeared in and written for videos featured on, gawker,, Comedy Central insider, the Apiary, Punchline Magazine,, and more. He is a member of North Coast, New York’s only improv team which incorporates freestyle rapping into their form, who will be featured in this years New York Musical...

  • Mikal kHill

    Mikal kHill View Profile

    Mikal kHill is an emcee, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Charlotte, NC. He is the founding member of The ThoughtCriminals, as well as the co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape and Syltherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock. He has performed countless shows all over the United States with artists as varied as Ceschi Ramos, MC Frontalot, Louis Logic, Random, Tribe One, Astronautalis, Sole, Awo...

  • Aether Khora

    Aether Khora View Profile

    Southern California band Aether Khora have come flying onto the scene with their self-titled freshman release. It is hands down a powerful and gripping display of bone crushing heavy riffs, progressive rhythm, and melody that implants its way into your brain for days. The energy on this album is palpable, and is guaranteed to take you along for a journey of sound. From progressive vibes that pull ...

  • The Khourys

    The Khourys View Profile

    The Khourys are a powerful sister duo from Southeastern Massachusetts and have been raised in a family of singer/songwriters/musicians. A musical story that started four generations ago with their great grandparents singing has led to a legacy that is being played out today with their brand of Pop/Soul/Rock/and R&B. The Khourys are made up of Giulia Khoury on Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Songwrite...

  • Julian Kiani

    Julian Kiani View Profile

    Julian Kiani is quickly making a name for himself in the world of stand-up comedy by means of his clever writing and quick onstage wit. His material covers a range of subjects from dating to growing up in a multicultural household. He offers a refreshing perspective on relatable material and fully engages audiences of all sizes. Kiani was raised in Los Angeles and attended college in Boston, where...

  • Budo Kiba Collective

    Budo Kiba Collective View Profile

    A collaborative platform founded by Matas, Edo Lee, Iota & Tru Type

  • GuTTa KicK

    GuTTa KicK View Profile

    Producer / DJ , born and bred in Memphis ,TN . Gutta Kick (Nolan Leake) has been moving the dance floors across the South with his Glitched out Dubstep and Trap based beats for a few years now.   Gutta Kick started out throwing a monthly Bass Music event "Basszooka" in early 2010 , where he created a regional gathering for bass heads alike that featured talent from the re...

  • The Kickback

    The Kickback View Profile

    The Kickback’s debut, Sorry All Over The Place (Jullian Records), is an invigorating 10-song collection that fuses ‘60s bubblegum sentimentality with modern indie rock’s quirky confessionals and wiry musicality.   The album also represents vocalist/guitarist Billy Yost’s seven-year odyssey, as he shifted from being a small town songwriter living with his par...

  • The Kickback Band

    The Kickback Band View Profile

  • The Kickdrums

    The Kickdrums View Profile

    The KickDrums is Brooklyn based producer/singer/songwriter Alex Fitts. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Alex's music combines a multitude of styles, fusing together electronic with indie rock and trip-hop. During his career, Alex has produced tracks for Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, Freddie Gibbs, Slaughter House, as well as official remixes for Adele, Kanye West, and Linkin Park. As an artist, he records as ...

  •  Kicking Daisies

    Kicking Daisies View Profile

  • Modern Kicks

    Modern Kicks View Profile

    If The Adjusters are my favourite international young gun punk n’ blues band, then Modern Kicks have to be my North American equivalent. Modern Kicks spur my (ahem…non-sexual) infatuation with baby-faced boys in Rod Stewart haircuts, and they’re the exact type of band I hope to find when I cruise for tunes by thin chaps in leather vests and Hanoi Rocks shirts. Listening to th...

  • Rizzle Kicks

    Rizzle Kicks View Profile

    Technically, Rizzle Kicks was founded in about 1996, when both members, in their miniature form, used to play together round Rizzle's auntie's house. It wasn't until eight years later that the pair reunited after both moving to Brighton and facing each other head-on in a Sunday league football match. Four years later, they ended up going to the same college and one day Rizzle got Sylvester to 'Lal...

  • Vista Kicks

    Vista Kicks View Profile

    Vista Kicks are a band making waves in the indie music scene. They're comprised of Derek Thomas, Sam Plecker, Nolan Le Vine, and Trevor Sutton. Four childhood friends who now travel, write music, and live together. The quartet combines deep grooves, spunky guitar riffs, and powerful vocal melodies to yield a full and energetic sound. They've performed across the west coast and just release...

  • Atta Kid

    Atta Kid View Profile

    Atta Kid East Bay Funk meets New Orleans Soul Co-led by Max Cowan (keys) and Daniel Casares (sax), Bay Area-based Atta Kid is East Bay funk with New Orleans soul. Taking funk to a new place, Atta Kid's set consists of smart originals and flipped covers that toe the line between contemplation and booty-shakin'. The band is comprised of the funkiest players anywhere, whose resumé...

  • Colorful Kid

    Colorful Kid View Profile

  • Crystal Kid

    Crystal Kid View Profile

    Crystal Kid is a Los Angeles based pop/rock band consisting of Brazilian-Canadian brothers Frank and Charles Torrealba. The band has toured extensively across Canada and the US, and has supported acts like Three Days Grace, Seether, and Rival Sons. The band is best known for their entertaining and energetic live performance.

  • Kenosha Kid

    Kenosha Kid View Profile

    "Unexpected" just begins to describe this accomplished project that proves jazz continues to sprout vigorously from far-flung fields."~AAJ

  • Keyboard Kid

    Keyboard Kid View Profile


  • Kidnap Kid

    Kidnap Kid View Profile

    Kidnap Kid made his name with a string of successful singles, with debut ‘Vehl‘ on Black Butter going on to receive the accolade of US iTunes ‘Best Electronic Song of 2012‘. Follow up ‘So Close‘ racked up over 100k plays on Soundcloud in just one week, and summer anthem ’Survive‘ went straight to the top of the Hype Machine charts. These...

  • Kruza Kid

    Kruza Kid View Profile

    Staying true to the mile high state of mind, Kruza Kid delivers a fresh new flavor to the burgeoning hip-hop movement that is taking over the country. Seamlessly integrating his personal beats with his gritty, tell-it-like-it-is vocals, producer/emcee Kruza Kid, known by those close to him as Zach Karuzas, has rewritten the equation for merging several musical genres into one thumping package. Kru...

  • Panda Kid

    Panda Kid View Profile


  • Precious KId

    Precious KId View Profile

    Precious Kid is what happens when 70s NYC punk collides with the textures and sounds of 80s New Wave. Think Tears For Fears in Debbie Harry’s clothing. Founded in Orange County in 2017 by singer Justine Dorsey, Precious Kid stemmed from Dorsey’s dissatisfaction with the disaffected cool of OC’s guitar rock scene. Outfitted with a revolving door of musician friends, Precious Ki...

  • Previous Kid

    Previous Kid View Profile

    we may be precious, but we're not your baby.  

  • Residual Kid

    Residual Kid View Profile

    RESIDUAL KID is a 3-piece rock band from Austin, Texas. They have been called a grunge band, a punk band and “the badass teen band that just might change rock music” (Huffington Post). Very simply: they are teenagers and they do play rock music - Deven Ivy (17) is the singer/guitarist and brothers Ben (17) and Max Redman (15) play drums and bass respectively. Despite their youth...

  • Simple Kid

    Simple Kid View Profile

    Irish-born Ciaran McFeely (aka Simple Kid) was about 10-years-old when he strolled home with a copy of Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet to the great shock of his brother. McFeely's hipper, older sibling immediately took him upstairs, tossed the disc out the window and said, "Here's Led Zeppelin." So began McFeely's love affair with the classics-Zeppelin, Neil Young, Bowie. As Jon and the boys hit the ...

  • The Kid Henry

    The Kid Henry View Profile

  • DJ Kid Hops

    DJ Kid Hops View Profile

    DJ Kid Hops is a DJ and radio host on KEXP in Seattle, WA.


    NO KID HUNGRY View Profile

    Share Our Strength® is a national organization that works hard to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry. We weave together a net of community groups, activists and food programs to catch children facing hunger and surround them with nutritious food where they live, learn and play.

  • DJ Kid Lightning

    DJ Kid Lightning View Profile

  • The Kid Rated R

    The Kid Rated R View Profile

    Wording my thoughts, Makin Beats, n Eating cereal on the daily. I'm just an all around iLL individual.

  • DJ Kid Sister Erika (KXLU)

    DJ Kid Sister Erika (KXLU) View Profile

  • DJ Kid Vicious

    DJ Kid Vicious View Profile

    Jerod Scott Aka DJ KID VICIOUS is one of the Bay Area's best kept secrets. DJing for just 3 years he has already left his mark all throughout Northern and Southern California. Born and raised in South Beach Miami, he moved to The Bay six years ago and brought his East Coast Style with him. Djing for some of the bay area's top venues including Slide (SF), Sloane (Sf), Atmosphere (SF), Ev...

  • Jenny Kidd

    Jenny Kidd View Profile

  • Kristina Kidd

    Kristina Kidd View Profile

    Born and raised in North Carolina, Kristina Kidd moved to Nashville in 2009. After graduating from Belmont, where she studied under Thom Schuyler and Tom Douglas, Kristina set her sights on a career in songwriting. Even as an unsigned writer, she has found successes in Canada on cuts and subsequent radio singles with Aaron Pritchett ("VW Bus") and Brody Siebert ("Ring On It"). ...

  • Leo Kidd

    Leo Kidd View Profile

    Leigha "Leo Kidd" Crumbley is an American singer/songwriter and actress based out of Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Tampa, FL, she began singing and songwriting at an early age, performing for family and friends and participating in various school talent shows and plays. After receiving her BFA in Musical Theatre from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Leo Kidd refocused on songwritin...

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