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  • Tom Kenny

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  • Brian Kenny Fresno

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    "He is the only performer that has ever been told they are too entertaining for Burning Man and asked to stop because the audience was actually paying attention to him and expressing boisterous mellow-harshing enthusiasm. His songs are filled to the brim with humor and biting social commentary, following the Brian Kenney Fresno initiation ritual, the eucharist of raisins." -Sarah ...

  • The Kenny Taylor Band

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    The Kenny Taylor Band is a Pop/Americana blend that exposes their heart on their sleeve while keeping your foot tapping with each song. Kenny Taylor, of the Kenny Taylor Band, is a singer/songwriter based out of California's central coast. Born and raised in Minnesota, Kenny was inspired by music from John Lennon, Dave Matthews, and Ben Gibbard. In college, he taught himself how to play on a b...

  •  Kenny Wayne Shepherd

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    Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his group exploded on the scene in the mid-'90s and garnered huge amounts of radio airplay on commercial radio, which historically has not been a solid home for blues and blues-rock music, with the exception of Stevie Ray Vaughan in the mid-'80s. Shepherd was born June 12, 1977, in Shreveport, LA. The Shreveport native began playing at age seven, figuring out Muddy Waters ...

  • Dustin Kensrue

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    Since the formation of Thrice in 1998, Dustin Kensrue was most notably known as the lead singer, lyricist, and guitarist for the well-regarded Irvine, CA, post-hardcore quartet. And while Thrice always remained his top priority, he began more seriously working on solo acoustic material around 2004. Originally writing under the project name Ursus Veritas, Kensrue eventually dropped the moniker, cho...

  • Billy Kent

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  • Clark Kent

    Clark Kent View Profile

    Blending the nearly perfect, vividly melodic and breathtakingly diverse potential of electro and dubstep, Tal Levy or Clark Kent, 20 year old native of California, has definitely set to make his mark on the electronic music scene. Citing Bassnectar as an early influence in his taste and production, he’s put his musical background in guitar and piano towards creating incredible remixes as well as o...

  • Jamie Kent

    Jamie Kent View Profile

    Named by as an "Artist You Need To Know", and dubbed a "Must Watch Artist" by The Huffington Post, one might say the future of Jamie Kent looks quite promising. Drawing on influences from modern country rock artists like Jason Isbell and Will Hoge, as well as paying tribute to classic greats like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, Kent’s perfectly mellifluous tu...

  • Randall Kent

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  • Sean Kent

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  • Jamie Kent and The Options

    Jamie Kent and The Options View Profile

    So who the f#*k is Jamie Kent? Probably a question most of you have asked yourselves in the last 37 seconds, and rightfully so. I generally get pretty awkward when talking about myself, and end up spilling way too much information about my stint in a mariachi band, or notorious birthmark known as “The Man Patch” (don’t ask). So with that in mind, I decided to let the professionals whip up a bio to...

  • Corey Kent White

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  • The Kentucky Headhunters

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    The Kentucky Headhunters are an American country rock & southern rock band. They were founded in 1968 as Itchy Brother, which consisted of brothers Richard Young (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Fred Young (drums) along with Greg Martin (lead guitar, vocals) and Anthony Kenney (bass guitar, vocals). Itchy Brother performed together until 1982, with James Harrison replaci...

  • Nate Kenyon

    Nate Kenyon View Profile

    “Music is a way to inspire people in a way that nothing else can.” As a 19 year old performing on stage at “America’s Got Talent”, I never realized how true that was, and how it would continue to impact my life for years to come. The person you see climbing on stage now is not the person that I was ten years ago. I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts (nowhere near ...

  • Jordyn Kenzie

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    Jordyn Kenzie is a talented and inspiring 19 yr. old singer/songwriter from the Lehigh Valley. Jordyn's unique, soulful sound and heartfelt lyrics have a way of captivating her audiences around the Valley and the nearby Poconos, where she has been performing since the age of 12. She has recently released her debut single “Stir the Sky” coinciding her first ever music video, inspiri...

  • The Kepler Mission

    The Kepler Mission View Profile

    The Kepler Mission is the world's scariest 3 year-old. Band. A band of five people who play reverb-rock and perform shows around Los Angeles (pending world.) There are no words to describe the band. Except reverb-rock. The two words apart don't entirely represent the eargasm that is TKM, but together, joined in hyphenated glory they become the new completely exclusive genre engendered by TKM. T...

  • Quietly Kept

    Quietly Kept View Profile

    Rob Nakai (formerly of The Cobra Effect, Bat Wings For Lab Rats & Holiday Sail) and Calah Mae met through Albuquerque's open mic scene and realized how crazy they were for music. Like really crazy. Certifiably. Despite this crazy, they are currently working on their first studio release and an upcoming tour for the Summer. Say hello to Quietly Kept.

  • Alex Kerckhoff

    Alex Kerckhoff View Profile

    Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Alex Kerckhoff is influenced by the sonic explorations of Jeff Beck, the restless creativity of Tom Waits and the dangerously funky rhythms of James Brown. Alex's sound and musical attitude is all his own though, and it's on full display on his debut solo album "No More Rain."

  • Mike Keren

    Mike Keren View Profile

    Mike Keren has brought his smart comedy to stages from New England to the Carolinas and New Jersey to Illinois. He produces and appears in “The Bear Show” - a multi-comedian comedy show that appears at bear runs and events across the country. Also, Mike produces and appears in “Life-Changing Comedy” - an evening of comedy starring comedians who have had bariatric surgery and now live to laugh abou...

  • The Kernal

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    Tapping in to Country music’s long-time standard of story-telling, The Kernal uses southern music influences, from jazz to honky tonk, to access a sound both unique and universal. The single "Green, Green Sky", following his debut FAREWELLHELLO, cut live at the Ardent Studios in Memphis and produced by Jeff Powell (Bob Dylan, Big Star, Centromatic, etc.,) is a tale of wanderlust and misguided ways...

  • Ben Kernion

    Ben Kernion View Profile

    Ben Kernion is a Musician, Artist and Producer, currently operating out of Los Angeles. Mixing the aggressive passion of grunge, the emotional clarity of late 90s/early 2000s indie rock, and the tripped out vibes of psychedelic tunes throughout the decades, Kernion aims to hone rock songs that speak truly to the state of his self and surroundings at any given moment. In late 2012, Kernion released...

  • Josh Kerr

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  • K KERR

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  • Les Kerr

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    Songwriter Les Kerr is a Bluebird Cafe favorite who performs throughout the Southeast.  Originally from the Gulf Coast, the long-time Nashville resident is known as the leader of his Bayou Band and has recorded eleven CDs including his latest Part of the Show.  Kerr has headlined Bluebird Cafe shows for many years and has presented consecutive Mardi Gras concerts at the club since 199...

  • Tony Kerr

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  • Eleanor Kerrigan

    Eleanor Kerrigan View Profile

    Eleanor J. Kerrigan is the latest in a long line of historically funny women who cut their teeth at the World Famous Comedy Store. Starting out as a waitress there, Eleanor learned the ropes of comedy, all the while making the best comics in the country laugh, in the kitchen of the club. It would take several years and lots of pushing from one of her biggest fans, Andrew Dice Clay, to finally get ...

  • Dani Kerry

    Dani Kerry View Profile

    Currently performing at the Disneyland Resort in The Mad T Party, Minnie's Fly Girls, Red Car News Boys, Wilderness Explorer, and Disney Jr. Outside of Disney, past musical credits include: "Damn Yankees" -Lola, "South Pacific" with Brian Stokes Mitchell and Laura Bell Bundy, "Into The Woods," "A Chorus Line," "Hello Dolly," and "The Pajama Game" among others. I also got the incredible chan...

  • Lily Kershaw

    Lily Kershaw View Profile

    Sometimes a song is more than just a song. Sometimes a song can be a mirror to the world, or to the hidden selves we are or want to be. Lily Kershaw’s debut album, Midnight In The Garden, explores emotional landscapes and heart clutching melodies that say the unsaid things we struggle to say ourselves. The album takes root in the titans of folk music…those classic songsmiths who weave...

  • Sammy Kershaw

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  • George Kershner

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  • Becky Kessler

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  • Bill Kessler

    Bill Kessler View Profile

    Bill is a cast member on the online TV show "ACME Saturday Night". He has written jokes for "Hollywood Squares" and Us Magazine's Fashion Police column, making him the least funny person in the world. However, he is capable of unhinging his jaw and swallowing an eight-year old whole. And, he'll do it, too, unless you laugh at everything he says. We recommend you play along.

  • Todd Kessler

    Todd Kessler View Profile

    Todd Kessler, Season 3 contestant and member of Team Ceelo on NBC’s hit show, The Voice, started working his way through the Chicago music scene in 2005 getting his hands on every open mic he could.  He was soon headlining shows at Chicago’s best venues (Lincoln Hall, Millennium Park, SPACE, and Schubas), gaining fans and praise with his powerful voice and poignant storytelling. ...

  • Wanye Kest

    Wanye Kest View Profile

    Jacob “Wanye Kest.” Fox is an 18 year old DJ who specializes in genres such as Trapwave and Future Bass. In his freshman year of high school Jake started to experiment with Ableton Live and it grew on him as he learned how to create dope tracks that people enjoy. Now in his senior year, Wanye Kest. has opened for many well known performers at the Westcott Theatre. Carnage, Datsik, Vale...



  • Las Ketchup

    Las Ketchup View Profile

    Daughters of a traditional flamenco guitarist from Cordoba, Spanish pop sensation Las Ketchup comprises sisters Lola, Lucía and Pilar Muñoz. Born and raised in southern Spain, known for its Andalusian traditions (flamenco and bullfighting among them) Las Ketchup emerged with a mix of Spanish rumba, Latin pop and Jamaican reggae. Their first single "Aserejé," named after the 1979's o...

  • Naia Kete

    Naia Kete View Profile

    Naia’s music is a personal/political soul-trip, as grounded and articulate as it is emotive, ever powered by the guitar and voice of this blossoming young visionary. “Crazy Glue” a jazzy soulful pop track shows off her unique vocal tone and her feel for flowing rhythms. Her songs would fit right alongside a radio playlist of Adele’s “Chasing Pavements,” Jason Mr...

  • The Kevin Ball Band

    The Kevin Ball Band View Profile

    Guitarist/vocalist Kevin Ball has been a fixture on the DC music scene since the early 80's.Starting his full time musical career just out of high school, Kevin has played all over the US and Canada in countless venues either as a solo, in a duo, trio or 10 piece band.His early influences included the Beatles, Stones and then acts like Skynyrd and Deep Purple captured his imagination. In the m...

  •  Kevin McCoy Band

    Kevin McCoy Band View Profile

  • Cuzo Key

    Cuzo Key View Profile

    Uncle Pearl the Audio Dope Dealer

  • Kristen Key

    Kristen Key View Profile

  • Kristin Key

    Kristin Key View Profile

  • The Key Frances Band

    The Key Frances Band View Profile

  • The Key Of Life

    The Key Of Life View Profile

    A Celebration of Stevie Wonder's Music and After Party.

  • Oscar Key Sung

    Oscar Key Sung View Profile

    At 23 years of age, Melbourne-based singer / songwriter / producer Oscar Key Sung has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the most prodigious new talents in Australia’s vibrant indie music landscape. Since exploding out of the scene-defining Two Bright Lakes community as one half of Oscar + Martin in 2010, Oscar has received international acclaim for his refreshingly spacious productions...

  • Savannah Keyes

    Savannah Keyes View Profile

    Since forever, I have been the girl telling the person beside her that we should embrace who we are and love our flaws. Yet, when I was home alone, I would look in the mirror and pick myself apart, comparing myself to others around me. I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. And on 6.19.17, I woke up and realized that it was time to call myself out. This was the day Hypocrite was born.&nbs...

  • Alicia Keys

    Alicia Keys View Profile

  • Downbeat Keys

    Downbeat Keys View Profile

    DownBeat Keys are a band from Brooklyn, NY. The group is a favorite on the NYC music scene for their dancefloor music, catchy melodies and high-energy live performances. Their “Urban Pop” sound draws from pop, hip-hop, rock, and soul influences.  The DownBeat Keys (DBK) formed at Hamilton College. Since relocating to NYC the group has been turning heads, sharing the stage with ...

  • J. Keys

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  • Lost Keys

    Lost Keys View Profile

    We are a co-ed a cappella group in NYC singing contemporary and pop music in the NYC area. Please email us at Biography The Lost Keys are a New York City-based a cappella group. Founded in 2011 by alumni of William and Mary DoubleTake and the Bucknell Silhouettes, the group now features fourteen performers with unique backgrounds and interests. Description The Lost Keys s...

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