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  • Robert Kelly

    Robert Kelly View Profile

    Boston native. Nationally-touring comedian. Television appearances include: Comedy Central Special, iTunes Comedy Album of the Year in 2008 with "Just the Tip," HBO's, "Tourgasm" with Dane Cook, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comics Unleashed, "Premium Blend," NBC's "The Carson Daly Show," "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn," VH1's "Awesomely Oversexed" a...

  • Ruston Kelly

    Ruston Kelly View Profile

    Ruston Kelly is a Nashville based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. At only 23, Ruston is gaining great esteem as a sought after songwriter in the Nashville scene. As the former lead singer of Elmwood, Ruston has toured with the likes of O.A.R. and G. Love to name a few, and graced the stages of festivals such as Bonnaroo, Forecastle, and Wakarusa. In 2012 Ruston has toured with Truth &...

  • Steve Kelly

    Steve Kelly View Profile

  • TK Kelly

    TK Kelly View Profile

    A native New Yorker, TK Kelly now lives in Los Angeles as a writer and blogger for Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. He has performed at clubs across the country like Gotham, the Improv, the Comedy Store, and Standup NY, and has written for Comedy Central Studios, Second City, Funny or Die and SportsNet NY. He co-hosts “Movie Night,” a weekly podcast with fellow comedian Dwayne Perkins, and ...

  • Trevor Kelly

    Trevor Kelly View Profile

    Uninterested in a world that sticks creativity in a box, Trevor Kelly challenges the status quo and dives into the depths of the human creative stream. Trevor inevitably takes his listeners on a sonic journey, bending genres, and bridging musical worlds. Born and raised in Southern California’s OC, Trevor Kelly is a San Francisco transplant that has been making big waves with his innovati...

  • Mike Kelly & Andy Skib (of To Have Heroes)

    Mike Kelly & Andy Skib (of To Have Heroes) View Profile

    What do you do when you’re not a band, but you’re not a solo artist? You give it a name. I chose, "To Have Heroes", to be that name. This is my "project". Over the past eight years of my life I’ve become friends with some incredible musicians. Some live in Tulsa, some in Austin, Nashville, and New York. Oh yeah, and one lives in American Idol. To Have Heroes is my way of beginning to see what I so...

  • Vance Kelly & The Backstreet Blues Band

    Vance Kelly & The Backstreet Blues Band View Profile

    Guitarist Vance Kelly, a stalwart on Chicago's south side for some years, has been making occasional forays north and west, including a torrid appearance at last year's Blues Festival. His repertoire ranges from 12-bar Chicago-blues chestnuts to funky soul and R & B to contemporary postfunk aggression; he's also been experimenting with a rough but promising jump-blues swing. Joy...

  • Sean Kelly & The Samples

    Sean Kelly & The Samples View Profile

    25 years after starting his full fledged music career with The Samples, Sean Kelly continues to delight fans with music that transcends genres, age and shatters the rules of the established music industry. Throughout his career, Sean has been the driving influence of 20 albums and over 1 million records sold.   Sean started playing guitar at age 16 listening to Neil Young, Rolling ...

  • Dom Kelly Band

    Dom Kelly Band View Profile

    The Dom Kelly Band is: Dominic Kelly (guitar & lead vocals), Jeff Gray (bass guitar) & Aaron Weiner (drums & percussion) Dominic Kelly has composed hundreds of music tracks & songs used in primetime network television shows including NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, and NCIS Los Angeles. Dominic's dramatic electronic music has become an integral part of the gothic style forensic char...

  • Carolyn Kelly Blues Band

    Carolyn Kelly Blues Band View Profile

  • Brendan Kelly of Lawrence Arms

    Brendan Kelly of Lawrence Arms View Profile

    Brendan Kelly (born September 8, 1976) is the bassist/vocalist of Chicago-based punk band The Lawrence Arms, as well as guitarist/lead vocalist in The Falcon and Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds. Kelly’s former bands include Slapstick and The Broadways. He is known for his raspy vocals, drunken demeanor, and onstage witticisms. Kelly also appeared on The Daily Show in a correspon...

  • Michael Kelsh

    Michael Kelsh View Profile

    I was raised in San Antonio, Texas. At the age of eleven, I started playing guitar: a Sears and Roebuck's acoustic and a Framus electric. I learned 'Hide Your Love Away', House of the Rising Sun', 'Louie, Louie', and 'As Tears Go By'. In 1967, our combo played 'Gloria' to our elementary school in Heidelberg, Germany. Back in the states, I absorbed the musi...

  • Kemo Kemoss

    Kemo Kemoss View Profile

    Independent rock music produced in Oakland, California with very little commercial success- naw, but for real, we're cool.

  • Chris Kemp

    Chris Kemp View Profile

  • Ellie Kemper

    Ellie Kemper View Profile

  • Baba Ken and The West African Highlife Band

    Baba Ken and The West African Highlife Band View Profile

    Nigerian master musician Babá Ken Okulolo is one of the few popular African musicians of today whose roots extend deep into his country’s musical history and traditions. As a bandleader and educator, he spreads a universal, uplifting message — the healing magic of African music — to every audience, while preserving and imparting its techniques with accuracy and integrit...

  • The Ken Crow Agency

    The Ken Crow Agency View Profile

    Ken Crow is an actor, playwright, director, songwriter, guitarist, singer and producer. Ken Crow is an actor, playwright, director, songwriter, guitarist, singer and producer currently known for his work with the pop-music bands Lila Bloom , The E Project and The Crow Agency. Ken has performed and toured with the Strawberry Alarm Clock , as well as several other iconic bands. ...

  • Sarah Kendall

    Sarah Kendall View Profile

  • Marion Kendrick

    Marion Kendrick View Profile

  • Hadley Kennary

    Hadley Kennary View Profile

    Hadley Kennary is a singer-songwriter whose music is a folk/pop blend of heartfelt, clever lyrics and infectious melodies. Kennary, appropriately pronounced like the bird, grew up outside of Chicago. In 2014, she graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and has since independently released a full-length album and two EPs. Her warm sound is refreshingly honest and contagiously catchy...

  • Andrew Kennedy

    Andrew Kennedy View Profile

    Comedian Andrew Kennedy was born in Bogota, Colombia. His mother is a short Colombian woman, his father an absent minded (but very intelligent) Englishman. Comedian Andrew Kennedy spent most of his childhood moving around the world and by the time comedian Andrew Kennedy was thirteen had lived in seven countries, spanning three continents. Although the reason has never been fully disclosed, the Ke...

  • Bre Kennedy

    Bre Kennedy View Profile

    Bre Kennedy is an indie-pop/singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN known for her commanding vocals and completely riveting live performances. With the release of her buzz worthy debut independent EP “Jealous Of Birds”, Bre Kennedy has become a well-known name of New Nashville. Her innate ability to connect with her audience and silence a room is what makes Kennedy’s mus...

  • Breanna Kennedy

    Breanna Kennedy View Profile

    Breanna Kennedy is a young singer, writer, musician and actress with an old SouI well beyond the 20 years she's been here on Mother Earth. Growing up in a musical environment, Breanna's father was also a musician and taught her so much during the early years. At 16 Breanna was discovered by Johnny Vieira who mentored and developed the young starlet as she blossom into the vibrant soulful a...

  • Bryan Kennedy

    Bryan Kennedy View Profile

    Bryan Kennedy is credited as a singer, songwriter, author, playwright, actor, keynote speaker and a certified Life Coach. Possibly best known for co-writing over 10 songs, five singles, and three #1 Garth Brooks hits. He also penned Garth’s most recent hit “All Day Long”.The former Ole Miss football player turned writer has penned numerous works outside the songwriting world i...

  • Carl Kennedy

    Carl Kennedy View Profile

  • Clive Kennedy

    Clive Kennedy View Profile

    Clive Kennedy is a "Country Singer With A British Twang," growing up and spending much of his adult life on country estates in England, South Africa and France, and has even penned a few number one hits in Europe with his first band, The Dead Sea Fruit.  However, being based out of Southern California for the last twenty years, he has made quite an impact on the local country s...

  • Corey Kennedy

    Corey Kennedy View Profile

    Coffee, Cigarettes, And Blues from Akron, Ohio

  • Dom Kennedy

    Dom Kennedy View Profile

  • Drew Kennedy

    Drew Kennedy View Profile

    Drew Kennedy has devoted his life to writing and performing his songs his way. With a catalog seven-albums deep, one novel penned, and a music festival created­­ (the annual Red River Songwriters’ Festival), Kennedy has done more than build a strong career-- he has reimagined what it means to be a songwriter, both artistically and entrepreneurially. No Depression, Engine 145, CM...

  • Dwayne Kennedy

    Dwayne Kennedy View Profile

  • Gordon Kennedy

    Gordon Kennedy View Profile

    Gordon Kennedy is a Grammy award winning songwriter, (change the world - co-written with Wayne Kirkpatrick and Tommy Sims), and is also a Grammy award winning producer, (best pop instrumental album for Peter Frampton’s “Fingerprints”) as a writer: co-writer on 4 of last 5 Bonnie Raitt singles including most recent  “Gypsy in Me” as a writer: Eric Clapton, Bonnie ...

  • Jackii Kennedy

    Jackii Kennedy View Profile

    Writer ~ Singer ~ Islander ~ Cancer New single VULTURE out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Jamie Kennedy View Profile

  • John Kennedy

    John Kennedy View Profile

  • Scott Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy View Profile

  • Sean Kennedy

    Sean Kennedy View Profile

    Sean C Kennedy is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Ayrshire, Scotland. Sean has worked with established artists and producers including Fred Mollin (Jimmy Webb) Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) and co-written songs ‘Watercolour Dreams’ & ‘Still Hanging On’ with Nik Kershaw. Influenced by the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Del Amitri, Bryan Adams, John Mayer, Amos Lee...

  • Twin Kennedy

    Twin Kennedy View Profile

  • Clive Kennedy ~

    Clive Kennedy ~ View Profile

    Clive Kennedy is a "Country Singer With A British Twang," growing up and spending much of his adult life on country estates in England, South Africa and France, and has even penned a few number one hits in Europe with his first band, The Dead Sea Fruit.  However, being based out of Southern California for the last twenty years, he has made quite an impact on the local country s...

  • Liz Kennedy Meyers

    Liz Kennedy Meyers View Profile

  • Brittany Kennell

    Brittany Kennell View Profile

    Brittany Kennell is a local Montrealer from Quebec, Canada, grown up on Classic 70's rock. Her music is influenced by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Carole King & Bruce Springsteen.  Discovering Country music was present in her studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA which in turn led her to move to Music City USA. She has released two EP's and is current...

  • H Kenneth

    H Kenneth View Profile

    While H. Kenneth’s commercial success has been benchmarked by his work co-writing with artists such as Chord Overstreet (Fox’s Glee), Quinn Lewis (Arista Records), Sleeping with Sirens (Warner Brothers) and beyond; he began his songwriting career as an artist. After years of recording and releasing music independently, his career as a collaborating songwriter and producer bloomed in th...

  • H. Kenneth

    H. Kenneth View Profile

    After graduating college with a degree in vocal performance and jazz guitar, Kenny Fleetwood (performing and writing as H. Kenneth) landed in Nashville in 2008 with hopes of beginning a new path. He began this journey to success as a Nashville songwriter armed only with an acoustic guitar, a backpack, and a laptop. However, as many who come to Nashville do, Fleetwood quickly found himself with end...

  • The Kenneth Brian Band

    The Kenneth Brian Band View Profile

    JUNE 8: Performing with: Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) on drums Brandon Eugene Owens (Lauryn Hill, among others) on bass "The Past, Present, and Future of Country Music" - Gainesville Sun As the title suggests, the debut album from The Kenneth Brian Band is an introduction to the New South, by way of a relentless attack of tracks- featuring masterful song-crafting...

  • Madeline Kenney

    Madeline Kenney View Profile

    Madeline Kenney is an Oakland-dwelling Seattle transplant, whose background in bakeries, neuroscience, and modern dance curiously add up to an individual form of twang-hazey dream-pop. Imagine if Loretta Lynn had a secret shoegaze project and a looper pedal obsession—you might come pretty close to Kenney’s enchanting songs. Recently, Kenney traded in her looper for an ace backing ba...

  • Mo Kenney

    Mo Kenney View Profile

    Mo Kenney never had that archetypal I-want-to-be-famous moment. But somehow she was always going to make albums, play live and get noticed in her native Canada and way beyond. Maybe the clues were there in the way she saved up her lunch money to buy records, begged her parents to book guitar lessons for her and made demos in the modest recording facility at a school she wasn’t even a...

  • Brian Kenney Fresno

    Brian Kenney Fresno View Profile

    Armed with raisins, sing-along lyric sheets, and his giant supermagic guitar, Kenney Fresno seeks to create a performance so dense, with a gravitational pull so great, that even light cannot escape.   This black hole of entertainment is so heavy that it ultimately collapses on itself upon spewing the audience with all that is Fresno.

  • Kerri Kenney-Silver

    Kerri Kenney-Silver View Profile

  • John Kenny

    John Kenny View Profile

  • Keith Kenny

    Keith Kenny View Profile

    If the audience at a Keith Kenny show were to close their eyes for the performance they would swear that there was a full band on stage.  Kenny's fans, however, are too busy dancing to the one-man act's layered guitar riffs, foot stomping percussion, blues harp and emotionally charged vocals to even think about looking away.  His latest release "And the light came blari...

  • Medeline Kenny

    Medeline Kenny View Profile

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