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  • Trigger Jack & The Machine Guns

    Trigger Jack & The Machine Guns View Profile

    Rock & Roll 3 piece from Queens, NY Debut EP "A Quiet Place" out now.

  • Caldwell Jack & The Six Pack

    Caldwell Jack & The Six Pack View Profile

    Good time band playin revved up honky tonk and classic country music!  

  • Old Jack City

    Old Jack City View Profile

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Jumping Jack Flash View Profile

    Imagine walking into your favorite music venue and stumbling upon the Rolling Stones themselves! They're all there; Mick is prancing and gyrating, Keith is ripping licks, posing with his trusty beat-up Telecaster. Charlie and Bill are intense as they lay down the backbeat, and Brian Jones looks regal as he lords over his stage. But there's a problem; this isn't London 1964, but rath...

  •  Jack Salley and The Prospectors

    Jack Salley and The Prospectors View Profile

    Whether performing solo, or backed by the racaous band known as The Prospectors, Jake Salley's songs will take you from the bitter blues of the Mississippi delta, to the warm acoustics of the California coast.

  • Michael Jack Shawn

    Michael Jack Shawn View Profile

    The sound of a good night is in the scrapes of shoes on city streets, the wobbled extacy of leaving your problems at the bottom of a beer glass and the thwack of DJ's microphone as he speaks his first calm words before the storm begins, and the tornado of his record starts to spin. (Girls can also be DJ's, but APA media formatting suggests that when talking about no specific person, but...

  • The Jack Stevens Band

    The Jack Stevens Band View Profile

  • Joe Jack Talcum

    Joe Jack Talcum View Profile

    Anthony Joseph "Joe" Genaro is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the guitarist and co-lead vocalist for the punk rock group The Dead Milkmen. Residing in Philadelphia, Genaro has performed with a number of punk and indie rock groups, most recently including The Low Budgets, and is also a solo artist.

  • The Jacked Bennies

    The Jacked Bennies View Profile

  • Lucrative Jacket

    Lucrative Jacket View Profile

    LUCRATIVE JACKET is a French-American rock band with elements of blues, hard rock, and funky beats mixed into one from Manhattan, NY. Their lead singer is Julie, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and who is also a well-known comedienne in the New York scene. Their guitarist, Rich, is from the hip streets of Paris' Left Bank. Their bassist, Sebastien, is from the jazzy and sophisticated streets o...

  • Night Jacket

    Night Jacket View Profile

    Nightjacket writes songs that evoke imagery of the later hours in the city they live in - Los Angeles. Lead by the dreamy vocals of Holland Belle and the swirling guitars of Jordan Wiggins, the band constructs songs with one foot soaked in reverb and the other firmly planted in pop tradition. Hypnotic verses lead to catchy choruses that encapsulate the listener like their favorite warm jacket.&nbs...

  • Venom Jackets

    Venom Jackets View Profile

  •  Jackie Brubaker

    Jackie Brubaker View Profile

    L.A native, singer-songwriter-producer Jackie Brubaker will be the first to tell you how fortunate she is to be able to write and produce music for other artists including herself. With a wide array of genres to write for she is up for anything or any challenge. Apart from being a songwriter Jackie has a side project called Jackie Brubaker and The Ex-Boyfriends, a pop-country-duwop band she wri...

  • Jack Jackmore

    Jack Jackmore View Profile

  • The Jacks

    The Jacks View Profile

    The Jacks stand by their claim, “We are not a rock band, we are a rock n’ roll band.” With a heavy influence from the British Invasion of the 1960s and 70s, The Jacks have developed a rare sound that is unruly, bold, and hard to be ignored - they won’t settle with blending into the scene. While not trying to fix what isn’t broken and pushing the boundaries for tomorro...

  •  Jack's Mannequin

    Jack's Mannequin View Profile

  • Al Jackson

    Al Jackson View Profile

    After spending several years as a 7th grade public school teacher, Al Jackson decided he was ready to pursue his dream of performing comedy. Jackson delivers his edgy, hard-nosed comedy with a laid-back swagger and a giant smile. Al has been seen on television screens across America, most recently coaching an aspiring stand-up comic on MTV’s Made and his upcoming half hour Comedy Central Pr...

  • Alan Jackson

    Alan Jackson View Profile

  • Browne Jackson

    Browne Jackson View Profile

    In many ways, Jackson Browne was the quintessential sensitive Californian singer/songwriter of the early '70s. Only Joni Mitchell and James Taylor ranked alongside him in terms of influence, but neither artist tapped into the post-'60s Zeitgeist like Browne. While the majority of his classic '70s work was unflinchingly personal, it nevertheless provided a touchstone for a generation of maturing ba...

  • Carl Jackson

    Carl Jackson View Profile

    Multiple Grammy award winner Carl Jackson was born in the small town of Louisville, Mississippi. At age fourteen, after playing backstage at a local concert for Jim and Jesse McReynolds, he was asked to be a Virginia Boy by the bluegrass greats and soon found himself on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  As Jackson’s career developed, he caught the eye and ear of Glen Campbell, resulting...

  • Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson View Profile

     As VP of Music at NBCUniversal, Chris oversees the music services team on the Wilshire Campus focusing on the E! and Esquire Networks and Wilshire Studios. Chris also works on operational and planning aspects of music services across NBCU’s television properties, including catalog development and exploitation, international platforms, technology solutions and strategic initiatives. ...

  • Cleveland Jackson

    Cleveland Jackson View Profile

    Another fine product from the birthplace of Art Modell, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the worlds first flammable river...It's the "Dazzling Suburbanite Humor of Ohio's Native Son: William "CLEVELAND" Jackson. Inspirational? No. Role Model? Not even close. Entertaining? Well, yeah if you got that kind of time. "I started doing stand up on the second Tuesday in Ma...

  • Clinton Jackson

    Clinton Jackson View Profile

    Born and raised in Oakland, California, Cinton Jackson is the youngest of 3 and the only son. An imaginative child inclined to perform, Clinton stood empty handed at “Show & Tell”, told his jokes and officially claimed his identity as a stand-up comic at the age of 9. After graduating from high school Clinton began to hone his craft in San Francisco’s thriving comedy scene, ...

  • Delta Jackson

    Delta Jackson View Profile

    Canadian vocalist, singer-songwriter, 2016 Juno nominee and 2016 WCMA Nominee.

  • Erin Jackson

    Erin Jackson View Profile

    Armed with a megawatt smile and a pocket full of dreams, Erin Jackson is poised to conquer the world of stand-up. In fact, she’d probably be well on her way to superstardom by now if her friends and family hadn’t spent so many years stealing her joy. Since making a name for herself at colleges and comedy clubs across the country, Erin has garnered national attention with perform...

  • Jade Jackson

    Jade Jackson View Profile

    Within seconds after a guitar plays the intro to her song “Aden,” Jade Jackson’s voice, illuminated by experience, sings: “I grew up my father’s daughter. He said don’t take no shit from no one. You’ll never see me cry …”   And it’s with that voice and those lyrics that imply a thousand stories, this singer/songwriter hin...

  • Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson View Profile

    Few celebrity siblings can emerge from the shadows of their already famous relations to become superstars in their own right and with their own distinct personalities. That's exactly what Janet Jackson did in becoming one of the biggest female pop and R&B stars of the '80s and '90s. Since her breakthrough in 1986 with the album Control, Jackson's career as a hitmaker has been a model of consistenc...

  • Joe Jackson

    Joe Jackson View Profile

    In his 1999 memoir, A Cure for Gravity: A Musical Pilgrimage, Joe Jackson writes approvingly of George Gershwin as a musician who kept one foot in the popular and one in the classical realms of music. Like Gershwin, Jackson possesses a restless musical imagination that has found him straddling musical genres unapologetically, disinclined to pick one style and stick to it. The word "chameleon" ofte...

  • Jonathan Jackson

    Jonathan Jackson View Profile

  • Jonathon Jackson

    Jonathon Jackson View Profile

    Jonathan plays Avery Barkley, an up and coming singer-songwriter trying to make it in Music City. Along with acting, since 2004 Jonathan has also been the lead singer, guitar player, and songwriter for the rock band Jonathan Jackson + Enation, which CDBaby calls ‘One of indie’s premier rock bands’. Jonathan started his acting career as ‘Lucky Spencer’ on the hi...

  • KoshFace Jackson

    KoshFace Jackson View Profile

    KoshFace Jackson is the super group the rap world's been waiting for. With members and affiliates as strong, sweaty and mean as images conjured by their debut CD's title Old Man Strength, this crew of industry elders is set to send immature rap acts home crying to their mamas. Leading this pack of crotchety shit starters is Bay area emcee the Mad Rabbi aka KoshFace, formerly of Pens & Needles a...

  • Luscious Jackson

    Luscious Jackson View Profile

    With their dark hip-hop-influenced alternative rock, Luscious Jackson re-creates the dense, multicultural bohemian world of New York in a collage of sound, where Spanish guitars, jazzy keyboards, funky beats, and breathy, singsong vocals combine into one. Like the Beastie Boys, Luscious Jackson's eclecticism doesn't acknowledge boundaries; instead, it takes freely from every kind of music. Lusciou...

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson View Profile

    Michael Jackson was unquestionably the biggest pop star of the '80s, and certainly one of the most popular recording artists of all time. In his prime, Jackson was an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed of all the tools to dominate the charts seemingly at will: an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility, and loads of sheer star power. His 1982 blockbuster ...

  • Nate Jackson

    Nate Jackson View Profile

    Nate makes shows and events enjoyable by way of being hilarious, entertaining, and versatile. His comedy gives audiences the experience of consistent non-stop laughs. Busting up crowds with his sharp wit, forward stage presence, and his energetic physical comedy… He got his start at Eastern Washington University as an organizational Communications major with an extracurricular minor in S...

  • Rainbow Jackson

    Rainbow Jackson View Profile

    Rainbow Jackson, the scuzzed-up power pop band from Echo Park, take their name from the greatest American athlete to ever play two sports, Bo Jackson. Band members Chad, Sam, Laith and Andy share a two bedroom house and a practice space with the talented and universally liked band Vanaprasta as well as a cat, a dog and a small collection of uninvited mice. They’ve been a mainstay of Ech...

  • Stealth Jackson

    Stealth Jackson View Profile

    To provide an awesome musical experience to everyone that comes out to see us.

  • Tanner Jackson

    Tanner Jackson View Profile

    Jackson Tanner was formed by two Los Angeles songwriters and backed by musicians from other bands such as: Olin & The Moon, Best Coast, Ryan Adams, Leslie Stevens & The Badgers, Rod Melancon and more. The sound is contemporary country music similar to; Jason Aldean, George Straight, Blake Shelton, Reckless Kelly, and Deirks Bentley.

  • Tim Jackson

    Tim Jackson View Profile

    Tim Jackson is a five decade veteran musician, songwriter, and performer who’s persistence for walking his own path led to a life filled with extraordinary people, twists of fate, and stories that inspired a body of musical work both wide-ranging and characteristically Tim, including writing one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s 2016 Best Songs of the Year. Tim is only getting started w...

  • Tina Jackson

    Tina Jackson View Profile

  • Tom Jackson

    Tom Jackson View Profile

    Hey its tom jack new young comedian on the scene. I’ve been gang banging a selling drugs the last five years all while attending college trying to get my associates. I’m raised in Louisville Kentucky also did a lot of growing up in California   Constantly look out for me I’m like a 15 year old having sex I’m there then I’m gone so keep your eyes open looking f...

  • Tony Jackson

    Tony Jackson View Profile

  • Victoria Jackson

    Victoria Jackson View Profile

    Born Aug. 2,1959 in Miami, Florida, Victoria was raised in a Bible-believing, piano-playing, gymnastic home with no TV. Her dad was a gym coach, so she competed in gymnastics from ages 5-18. Cheerleader..homecoming queen.. attended Florida Bible College; received a gymnastic scholarship to Furman University, attended Auburn University one year, and ended up in Hollywood, CA via summer stock in Al...

  • Wanda Jackson

    Wanda Jackson View Profile

  • Roo Jackson & Street Jaxkson Band

    Roo Jackson & Street Jaxkson Band View Profile

  • Alexis Wilkins & Jackson Odell

    Alexis Wilkins & Jackson Odell View Profile

    ALEXIS WILKINS Along with opening for Joe Nichols and Curtis Grimes, Alexis recently released a music video for her song "I Like It Like This", quickly garnering an impressive number of YouTube views. Alexis' rhythmic writing captures maturity beyond her years, while her lyrics are relatable to people of all ages.  Her magnetic stage presence gave Rock and Roll magazine reaso...

  • The Jackson Rider

    The Jackson Rider View Profile

    The Jackson Rider is a music outfit that hails from Philadelphia. As brothers and musicians, they have come together to create and perform live original music. In the vein of Rock, Rhythm & Roots, Hip Hop and Soul, TJR likes to occasionally stroll the fine line of fusion. Take a little bit of Sublime, a pinch of Citizen Cope, a hint of the Avett Brothers, and you’ve got yourself a slice of Jackson...

  •  Jackson Ross Best Jr.

    Jackson Ross Best Jr. View Profile

    I was ripped from my mother’s womb two weeks late on a balmy August night in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It was very Born Into Brothels (without the whores). I made my official stage debut at the age of 7 as Mr. Bunny in my second grade play, though I had already gained notoriety at home and around our neighborhood for my portrayal of Cinderella, a role I would continue to play in repertory for th...

  • Bumper Jacksons

    Bumper Jacksons View Profile

    The Bumper Jacksons are a big, fat party. Hot and sweet, their early jazz and country repertoire paints America's story from New Orleans' brothels to Appalachian hollers. Unafraid to scrap together new sounds from forgotten 78's, the Bumper Jacksons boldly and elegantly balance paying homage to the traditions while fashioning their own unique, DIY style.   Recognized as the region...

  • The Jacktones

    The Jacktones View Profile

    Indie Jazz/Funk/Rock band from Fresno, CA. Ian Suhovy was born in Pamona, California in the year 1990. When Ian was seven he received his first guitar as a Christmas present from his parents. His uncle b...egan teaching him a few chords and Ian became better at guitar everyday. He made a few bands over the years, but no one seemed to have the love and dedication that he had. When Ian was 14,...

  • Adam Jaco

    Adam Jaco View Profile

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