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  • Chasin' Jaymie

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  • April Jayne and the Players

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  • ERICK Jayson

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  • Elham Jazab

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    Elham Jazab: I was born in Shiraz, but soon after we moved to Tunisia, and later to the United States. I started school here, then went to junior high and high school in Zaire, Africa (now the Congo). I live in Los Angelese now and moved here to pursue my acting and comedy career, and to get better weather since I had been in Chicago for many years before that. I studied and got my degrees in thea...

  • Samohi Jazz Bands

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    The Samohi Jazz Band program is offered as a dual enrollment class through Santa Monica College. The program consists of two full big bands and two jazz combos. Wade Thomas created/organized the first jazz band at Santa Monica High School - in 1937. They were known for many years at the Samohi Serenaders. The current directors are Tom Whaley and Sean Pawling. Tom Whaley started t...

  • The Jazz Cats

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    Legend has it that the members of the Jazz Cats met on a safari and they were approached by a lion that bestowed upon them the secrets of jazz. The band consists of students from Loyola Marymount University, LA Recording School, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal State Northridge. While scholars maintain that the full name of the band is The Jazz Cats: A Ballad Queen and the Knights of Tunisia, they ha...

  • CSM Jazz Combos

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    Adam Theis is the Jazz Mafia guy, always a little bit different. Watch him on YouTube wailing on his trombone -- while wake surfing on Lake Sonoma. Or directing his band Supertaster, while backing Stevie Wonder in a packed San Francisco lounge. And then marshaling his troops onstage at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre: 55 rappers, singers and instrumentalists, performing one of his hip-hop symphoni...

  • Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (JFJO)

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    While navigating 20 years, 16 members, 25 albums, and countless tours around the world, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey has become an institution in modern music. Defined by evolution and change, the band has invented it’s own language, one which permeates JFJO’s sound regardless of configuration. Though there is no Jacob or Fred, the last 20 years have been a Jazz Odyssey. Beginning in Tulsa,...

  • Vertigo Jazz Project

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  • Strange Jazz Universe

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    "Band Observation" Rather. Better music does not make a better world. From Jesus' day til now there has always been the music of the day. It relieved the stress, celebrated life and death. Comemorated the occasions, offered a platform for philosophy and it forever evolves. New instruments, new concepts, new techniques, new technology (from log drums with goat skin heads to layered ma...

  • DJ Jdstealth

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  • The Jealous Sound

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    Sunday's Best's Pedro Benito (guitar), John McGinnis of Neither Trumpets nor Drums (bass), ex-Knapsack singer/guitarist Blair Shehan, and former Pulley drummer Tony Palermo began their journey as the Jealous Sound at the tail end of the 1990s. They signed with Better Looking in summer 2000 and quickly issued a self-titled EP; it went on to sell 11,000 copies and show dates with At the Drive-In, th...

  • Betty Jean

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    For the last two years, The Betties have occupied a bit of a strange place in Lincoln and Nebraska music.   They’ve dealt with out-of-state moves and shifting lineups and have popped up every once in awhile in two- and three-person live variations.   After releasing two tender and enthusiastic folks albums Songs For Mary Jane and Hold Me Tight in 2011 and 2012 re...

  • Lori Jean

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    ... performing with guitarist Bobbo Byrnes Top Charts Rock Mom Discovered in Her 50's by Factory Fast Records Portuguese Singer and Songwriter 'Lori Jean' Deemed a Very Unique and Creative Talent by Label   Portuguese Singer and Songwriter, Lori Jean, has been picked and displayed by music media while being discovered as a top charts artists for her songs, "Resurrect My...

  • Nora Jean

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    Nora Jean Bruso (now Nora Jean Wallace) is a Chicago Blues singer with deep Delta roots. Like so many blues greats that hail from the Delta of Mississippi, Nora Jean Bruso was born and raised in Greenwood, a town in the heart of this blues-rich region. From birth her father, Bobby Lee Wallace, a professional blues singer and sharecropper, and her Uncle, Henry “Son” Wallace, a blues sin...

  • Wyclef Jean

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  • Yves Jean

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    Yves spent all 2011 writing and recording in a studio for the new album ,that was released in 2012. On this new album Yves has added more influences to his already diverse sound,with a mix of Pop,Rock,Reggae,Hip Hop,Classical,Electronic and Blues. In order to achieve this sound,Yves enlisted the help major artist and an array of others to record and write on the new album. Such as members of the b...

  • Megan Jean & the Klay Family Band

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    Megan Jean and the KFB, or Klay Family Band, arrange a demented blend of americana, punk, dance, and the avant-garde that they've taken to describing as, "a metal band, if it was 1927." Inventive percussion, electrified banjo, and a voice like the Devil Herself have earned Megan Jean and the KFB a dedicated following all over the East Coast. Calling the road home on a “never-ending tour,” this tr...

  • Sista Jean CB's Blues Machine

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    SISTA JEAN & CB makes no bones about what they play and sing about. Whether its Americana, Blues, Rock, R&B, or Jazz, there stories come in many colors and rhythms. Influenced by the west coast sound, there presence is amazing. She started as a background singer for the studios in Los Angeles over 20-years ago and still has the fire inside to groove wi...

  •  Jean on Jean

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    After the breakup of Out Hud in 2005, cellist and vocalist Molly Schnick began recording songs that were far removed from the dance-punk sounds of her previous group. The intimate and reflective songs she worked on over the next three years are collected under the name Jean on Jean, and her debut self-titled album was released on Kanine in the autumn of 2008. Aided by ex-Supersystem member Rafael ...

  • Megan Jean the KFB

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    Megan Jean and the KFB, or Klay Family Band, arrange a demented blend of americana, punk, dance, and the avant-garde that they’ve taken to describing as, “a metal band, if it was 1927.” Inventive percussion, electrified banjo, and a voice like the Devil Herself have earned Megan Jean and the KFB a dedicated following all over the East Coast. Calling the road home on a “never-ending tour,” this ...

  • The Jeanies

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    The Jeanies are a 4-piece from Brooklyn, influenced by the jangle and boogie of lost 70's powerpop, and the romantic hooks of Brill building pop, 60s R+B, Brit Invasion, girl group and doowop.

  • Livy Jeanne

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    Livy Jeanne is a Canadian country singer and songwriter. She is currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee where she’s expanded her songwriting opportunities as an independent artist. Recent songwriting highlights include Livy securing a cut on The Shires album “My Universe”, which peaked at #3 on the UK Billboard Charts. Her song “Daddy’s Little Girl&...

  • Mom Jeans

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  • Michael Jeansonne

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  • Zydeco Jed

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    n late spring of 2013, a group of musician friends decided to get together to play a Labor Day music festival at Fantastic Farm in Frederick County, Maryland. One thing led to another, and few jams later the group rounded out to its current line up to delight audiences with a fresh blend of roots rock, Grateful delta, honky tonk and just about anything that makes you happy and dance. Darrell Ba...

  •  Jedi Mind Tricks

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  • Turquoise Jeep

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    “Everything is not meant to be understood,” says Flynt Flossy co-CEO of the musical phenomenon Turquoise Jeep. Like many other visionary artists, founders Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamacallit felt industry boundaries were stifling their creativity. This encouraged them to combine their own talents with other like-minded friends and create their own label/ genre of music, EMB (Existing Musical Beings)...

  • L.A. Jeff

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    L.A. Jeff is a psychedelic garage rock band formed in late 2012 in the dank basements of Harvard University. While the band's sound is grounded in sixties psychedelia and late eighties/early nineties shoegaze, echoing artists like the Doors, the Sonics, Spacemen 3, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre,  L.A. Jeff's highly energetic live performances also evoke the swagger of seventies gla...

  • DJ Jeff Boozer (Smoothday)

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    Solid gold sounds of the 1970s and 80s from the soft frequency and beyond... Oakland, Ca graphic artist and record collector, Jeffrey Boozer is the resident Smoothday DJ, an all vinyl AOR night at Bar ThreeFifty-Five, bringing mellow sounds of the 70s together with free thinking treks into disco, electronic and soul.

  • The Jeff Brinkman Band

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    When Jeff Brinkman left his songwriting days in Iowa for the indie music scene in Colorado nine years ago, he was in search of exposure—but not the kind that brings fame and fortune. Rather, he wanted an outlet to get his message of hope across; and as of late, he’s found it, playing numerous events for the Love Hope Strength Foundation and the Cancer Care Initiative. Brinkman&rsquo...

  • Trent Jeffcoat

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  • Jim Jefferies

    Jim Jefferies View Profile

    Jim Jefferies, hailing from Australia, headlines around the globe. His unprecedented rise in the comedy world is due to his charming, Carlinesque storytelling which has made him the most sought after comedian on the world stage. Jim’s one-hour HBO Special “Jim Jefferies: I Swear to God,” which debuted in May, 2009 with great success received rave reviews. Jim’s bold and...

  • 77 Jefferson

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  • Paul Jefferson

    Paul Jefferson View Profile

    Combining elements of country, bluegrass, and folk music, singer/songwriter Paul Jefferson writes songs that concentrate on positive examinations of love, whether it be romantic or spiritual. Jefferson’s first taste of success was as a songwriter, co-writing Aaron Tippin’s chart-topper “That’s as Close as I’ll Get to Loving You.” He’s also had songs record...

  • Slim Jefferson

    Slim Jefferson View Profile

    Go big. Go against the norm. Go against those who hate you. Dream bigger than what anyone says you could do. And when no one believes in you, write down those words, vow to sing them to the world and never give up on that dream. Born Khalid Jefferson in Los Angeles’ Leimert Park, the center of the city’s African-American arts scene, Slim Jeff grew up heavily influenced by hip-hop, soul, and old...

  • Half Jeffersons

    Half Jeffersons View Profile

    Richmond, VA, natives the Half Jeffersons formed in 2002 with the sole goal of writing tunes with extremely catchy punk/pop hooks. Ranging from fiery screamo rockers to gentle acoustic ditties, their songs took musical cues from John Mayer, He Is Legend, and most blatantly, Fall Out Boy. Recording only three demos in five years while playing shows consistently, the boys stayed true to their craft ...

  •  Jeffertitti's Nile

    Jeffertitti's Nile View Profile

    "The energy of the cosmos, like the intangible ether inside a crystal ball traveling the edges of space-time, is packed into every nanosecond of every song. The deeper down the rabbit hole you go with these cosmic warriors, the further from reality you get, and the closer to a mystic truth steeped inside a universe with infinite dimensions." - Jacqueline Caruso / The Deli Magazine

  • Captain Jeffery and his Musical Chumbuckets

    Captain Jeffery and his Musical Chumbuckets View Profile

  • Sir JefFREEy 5D

    Sir JefFREEy 5D View Profile

    Sir JefFREEy 5D is a combination of a futuristic sound intertwined with a vintage soul. This mixture creates a one of a kind sound that cannot be duplicated nor replicated.

  • Garland Jeffreys

    Garland Jeffreys View Profile

    He’s been called an edgy urban poet, the sound of New York, a confessional singer-songwriter, and an explorer of the links between rock, race and rebellion whose work should be taught in schools. With songs covered by artists as diverse as punk pioneers The Circle Jerks (“Wild in the Streets”) and the neo-folk band Vetiver (“Lon Chaney”), Jeffreys is truly unclassifiable. After a hiatus from reco...

  • Jacob Jeffries

    Jacob Jeffries View Profile

    Jacob Jeffries is a singer/songwriter signed to Warner Chappell, with an extremely talented group of musicians behind him. They incorporate a unique style of storytelling in their songwriting displayed through captivatingly raw performances. Fans proclaim Jacob (lead piano and vocals) as the modern day Billy Joel. This recent BMI "Pick of The Month Artist" won the Florida Grammy Showcase...

  • Ben Jelen

    Ben Jelen View Profile

    New York City-based multi-instrumentalist Ben Jelen writes lush orchestral pop songs that celebrate the breadth and complexity of human emotion. The nomadic tunesmith -- he's lived in England, Scotland, Texas, and New Jersey -- spent his formative years honing his skills on the guitar, violin, and piano, occasionally sitting in with friends' bands. He made a self-produced demo while working as an ...

  • Green Jelly

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  • Royal Jelly Jive

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    “San Francisco Soul” is the best term Royal Jelly Jive can find in describing their unique and intoxicating sound. Led by dynamic front-woman Lauren Bjelde, this sultry sextet rocks into uncharted musical territories with their infectious blend of modern and throwback sensibilities. Armed with retro horns, heavy grooves, and catchy songs that are impossible to resist, RJJ can pair w...

  • Caitlin Jemma & The Goodness

    Caitlin Jemma & The Goodness View Profile

    Caitlin Jemma is a singer-songwriter on the rise. Marked by country and delivered with soul, her songs are love notes offering encouragement to be your baddest self—in the pursuit of magic, adventure, and discovery. Raised in the high desert of Northern Nevada, Caitlin Jemma is a small town girl with a big country heart. Her band, The Goodness, attracts listeners into both an intimate a...

  • Austin Jenckes

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  • Mikahala Jene

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    Mikhala Jené is a Singer/Songwriter from Jacksonville, North Carolina. Her voice and musical style is heavily influenced by the vocal stylings of Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Brandy and Beyoncé. She has a dynamic tone that is often described as angelic yet powerful; a befitting description considering she grew up spending most of her time singing in the church choir. “My mother introduc...

  • Brandon Jenkins

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