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  • Joshua James Jackson

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  • Maynard James Keenan

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  • Jared James Nichols

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    You can't teach the blues. It's not something that can be codified in music books or learned on YouTube. It goes much deeper than that and it comes from the inside. It's about the way the guitar strings are bent and the sound gets transmuted directly from a player's soul. It's simple at the end of the day. Either you've got it, or you don't. JARED JAMES NICHOLS has defi...

  • DJ James Supercave

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  • Trevor James Tillery

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    Trevor James Tillery, born in Indianapolis and raised in Phoenix, has traveled a winding road of self-discovery as an artist, which has been instrumental in making him who he is today. He played in various bands since he was young and moved between Phoenix, Seattle and Nashville before settling in Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue music under his own name for the first time. The musician, who came out...

  • Colby James West

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  • Elon James White

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    is a New York City-based stand-up comedian.[1] White is the founder of the Brooklyn Comedy Company and the Black Comedy Experiment[2]. White is the host of the web series "This Week in Blackness"[3] which has been featured on Crooks and Liars[4], Daily Kos, and Jack & Jill Politics. White is a contributor to the Huffington Post[5],[6]and is a part of the comedy troupe Laug...

  • Danny James, ETC

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    "Bay Area musician Danny James once described his music as "Larry Graham and Queen on the floor with the Raspberries," which accurately sums up his passion for hooky rock & roll with a funky undertow. Born Daniel James Aaberg, Danny James was born and raised in Oakland, California, and first earned recognition as a bassist with the garage punk band the Cuts, who released three a...

  • Derek Jameson

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    Singer, actor, dancer, and philanthropist, Derek Jameson is an exploding star on the brink of an entertainment supernova. This talented performer is not just a triple threat, but the definition of. With the recent release of his debut album Timelines and history of film and TV work, Derek Jameson is on the fast track to becoming an artist known and respected by all. Timelines Vol. 1: Space and ...

  • Tucker Jameson

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    Where were you when Napster slammed the coffin lid shut on the old-school music business? Tucker Jameson was writing songs in his suburban Connecticut bedroom and playing guitar till his little 10-year-old fingers ached or his mother commanded, “Lights out!” While his classmates pored over Harry Potter books or glued their thumbs to Nintendo games, Jameson scrutinized the liner note...

  • The Jamie Shew Quartet

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    “Forgive me if I don’t have the words. Maybe I can sing it and you’ll understand.”  -Ella Fitzgerald    Whether on stage or in the classroom, these are words that vocalist Jamie Shew seeks to achieve – to be able to project personal emotions and experiences through song.    Jamie grew up in the Tri-Cities, a group of towns loc...

  • Don Jamieson

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  • Jake Jamieson

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    Jake Jamieson is a freelance performer and educator in Los Angeles on drum set and percussion. As a performer, he has been called to play a variety of musical styles ranging from Jazz to Indian Classical to Hip Hop to Opera. He gained his versatility at UCLA where he received his B.A. and M.A. in Ethnomusicology, world music. During his stay at UCLA, Jake studied drum set from Bruce Becker and ta...

  • Vanessa Jamison

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  • Homemade Jamz

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    Ryan Perry (21) -- vocals, guitars Kyle Perry (19) -- bass Taya Perry (14) – drums “These young kids have got energy, talent and do the blues proud with their own flavor. I believe they’ve got a GREAT future ahead.” – B.B. King How does a seven-year-old kid get the blues? Ryan Perry, now 16, laughs heartily at the notion—like he’s a father himself, maybe even a grandfather...

  • Jazzi Jan

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  • Guests Jan 15

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    Jan 15 Bass: Abby Travis (Eagles of Death Metal, Go-Go's) Drums: Michael Jerome (Richard Thompson, Better Than Ezra)  GUESTS: Jesse Hughes (EODM), Louise Goffin, Sid Brown, delphine de St. Paër, Travis Kasperbauer, Jesper Munk, Tuesday Petrie, Tony Braunagel (Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt)

  • Guests Jan 22

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    Bass: Doug Wimbish (Living Colour) Drums: Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction)  GUESTS: Blackbyrd, Norwood Fisher, Charlie Cheney   Art By:  Norton Wisdom

  • Guests Jan 29

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    Norwood Fisher, Paulo Baldi, Blackbyrd McKnight, Delphine De St Paër, Andrea Dolbec, Charlie Cheney, David Graham Jr., Lantz Lazwell, David Bianchi, opening act THE CLAMS

  • Guests Jan 8

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    Jan 8 JANUARY 8 Bass: Seth Ford Young (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Tom Waits)  Drums: Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Rait) & Michael Jerome (Richard Thompson) Trumpet/Percussion: Stewart Cole (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros) GUESTS: Tom Freund, Lantz Lazwell (Vibe Tribe), Robbie Gennet, Brooke Benson, Omar Torrez (Tom Waits)

  • Apollo Jane

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    Apollo Jane; An alternative, industrial soul, rhapsody, and a breath of fresh freaking air. Harnessing a body of work with cryptic but emotionally stirring lyrics, her ability to have emotional nudity has availed the trust of her followers. With the skin of African American, Italian and Irish ingredient, the Savannah GA born, Scranton PA raised songstress talks of the trenches she endured in her e...

  • Baby Jane

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    “Whatever happened to real rock ‘n roll?” many ask. Remember when bands actually put on a show, and were not afraid to let down their hair, throw a party on stage, and sweat it out with the audience all night long? Never fear…Baby Jayne is here! Utilizing the look, feel, and energy of the big hair era of the 1980’s, Baby Jayne is redefining the modern rock world, kick-starting it with overdue ex...

  • Coldwater Jane

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  • Cora Jane

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  • Dinah Jane

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  • Georgia Jane

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    Georgia Jane is a singer/songwriter/ musician who composes mainly through guitar and piano. Currently co-writing her debut album with Artists like Stef DM, Eric Nicolau, she loves to collaborate with other songwriters to push genre boundaries. As a performing dancer, she has been influenced by hip hop, soul and world music. As a singer, she performed in a jazz ensemble and a Calypso band for sever...

  • Hayley Jane

    Hayley Jane View Profile

    Hayley Jane’s performance is layered with raw intensity + linguistic prowess. She has a deeply emotive + highly magnetizing presence that’s generating a serious buzz in the industry. Hayley Jane pulls inspiration from a variety of styles, including 60s/70s rock + pop, musical theater, folk, blues, soul, reggae, psychedelic, funk, bluegrass + country. Her music has been praised ...

  • January Jane

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    "Erupting on the scene just a few months ago, January Jane already has a kick-ass LP and a legion of loyal, young fans. Their sound brings with it a full range of material, from seductive ballads to monster metal. You heard it here first... January Jane is on the express track straight to the top." -Metal Edge Magazine

  • Laura Jane

    Laura Jane View Profile

    Laura jane is still also one of the most sought out vocalists in the business having performed or recorded with some of the biggest stars in the business, including Enrique Iglesias, Dave Matthews Band, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, Aaron Neville, Joss Stone and Michael Bolton and most recently Joe Cocker to name a few. She recently sang background vocals on three songs on the legendary rock band ...

  • Olivia Jane

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  • Orphan Jane

    Orphan Jane View Profile

    Orphan Jane is circus tents and gypsies, traditional blues and vaudeville, a dear friend of whom you're just a little afraid. Like a drink cut with sharp mandolins, wheezing accordions and thrilling falsettos, chased by the driving lines of a standup bass. A vocalist equal parts Lotte Lenya and Little Mermaid with a band of hooligans growling close behind. Orphan Jane is the classic American f...

  • Rhetta Jane

    Rhetta Jane View Profile

    Only 18 years old and now residing in Nashville, Rhetta Jane is country music’s newest sensation—impacting people of all ages with her music and attracting the attention of many prominent professionals in the industry. Her first two singles “Saturday Dreamin’”and “Take It All” were produced by legendary songwriter/producer Robert White Johnson, with whom R...

  • Saving Jane

    Saving Jane View Profile

    What started out as simply a campfire song between strangers soon turned into a musical connection in the form of the Columbus, OH-based alternative pop/rock group Saving Jane. It was at this bonfire that vocalist Marti Dodson (then a junior at Ohio State University) and rhythm guitarist Pat Buzzard first met and subsequently became friends. The pair began writing songs together and when the time ...

  • Sydney Jane

    Sydney Jane View Profile

    Sydney Jane is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. Although she is originally from Hartford, CT, she grew up in many cities that influenced her musical character such as London, Virginia Beach, and Washington, D.C. When she was 16, she wrote, arranged, and released her first project, entitled "Hello Jane", which was praised by artists of many musical backgrounds such...

  • Tasting Jane

    Tasting Jane View Profile

  • Hayley Jane & the Primates

    Hayley Jane & the Primates View Profile

    Hayley Jane and the Primates deliver a rich, genre-bending sound with a tantalizing live performance. Winners of the New England Music Awards’ Roots/Americana act of the year, The Primates have created a serious buzz in the music world.  Their music draws inspiration from many styles including early rock and pop; old musical theater; folkadelic, bluegrass and country; along with blue...

  •  Jane Carrey

    Jane Carrey View Profile

    The sad clown has been a key figure in pop culture since Billie Holiday, but few 21st-century singers and songwriters know better than Jane Carrey the way the tears of a clown also have the power to make people smile. With the Jane Carrey Band, this guitar-playing chanteuse has been showing Southern California audiences the beauty in melancholy for about two years now. The quartet's forthcoming d...

  • Fibi Jane Changes

    Fibi Jane Changes View Profile

  • The Jane Doe's

    The Jane Doe's View Profile

    The sultry, deeply-grooved sound of the Jane Doe's owes some of its resonance, insight, and kaleidoscopic imagery to front man Andy Tubman’s day job. As a music therapist in psychiatric hospitals and rehab centers, he uses music to communicate in new ways with people living in pain and at the very edges of the human experience. One of the first things to attract your ears and eyes at a Jane Doe's ...

  • Hannah Jane Kile

    Hannah Jane Kile View Profile

    Hannah Jane Kile (*Kile pronounced like *smile) has performed at countless venues & is a favorite opener among celebrated artists some of which include Grammy award winning Patty Griffin, Ingrid Michaelson and blues legend Carolyn Wonderland. She is currently working on 2 new albums, scheduled to be released by the end of this year. These will mark her 3rd and 4th self composed works all under...

  • Sophie Jane Loomis

    Sophie Jane Loomis View Profile

    Born into a rock n roll family, Sophie Jane has been surrounded by instruments from day one. On her childhood walls rested photographs & records of John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash, Aretha Franklin, The Staples Singers, Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder…. These legends influence is apparent in her singing and songwriting. Playing with a band for the fir...

  • Jane Jane Pollock

    Jane Jane Pollock View Profile

    Jane Jane Pollock is an experimental-pop quintet. They border hop for slumber party practices in a comfy trailer hidden in the woods of Thomasville, GA. The sound of their music ranges from a haunted carnival to a hyper moldy children’s toy marching band. They use pots and pans, bells, mandolin, space echo, Wandering Genie organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, guitars, drum machines, and vocal

  • Laura Jane Shoot

    Laura Jane Shoot View Profile

  • Nora Jane Struthers

    Nora Jane Struthers View Profile

    Nora Jane Struthers has written "some of the most quietly powerful narratives within the new wave of Americana artists," says Ann Powers of NPR Music. There’s an honesty and energy to Nora Jane’s stage presence; a vulnerability that is part and parcel of great artistry. In one moment, she joyfully leads the audience in a dance party … in the next, she lays her s...

  • Laura Jane Vincent

    Laura Jane Vincent View Profile

    Laura Jane Vincent was raised in the wilds of North Carolina on Hank and Patsy, and it was fate (disguised in the form of her father/mentor, Al) that she picked up a guitar in her tender preteen years. Dave Tippetts spent his childhood creating his own wild in the Montana mountains, banging his head against the air and the world. While she was strumming the chords to country songs, he was muscling...

  • Emily Jane White

    Emily Jane White View Profile

    There’s a rare confidence to Emily Jane White’s songwriting: it’s at once generous and tough-minded, reflective and unsentimental. Her work shares some elements with folk music, but the term does not do justice to her ambitious songwriting and robust arrangements. White possesses a singular voice inspired by the raveled threads of the uncanny in American culture, including depres...

  •  Jane's Addiction

    Jane's Addiction View Profile

    Jane's Addiction were one of the most hotly pursued rock bands when they gained notice in Los Angeles in the mid-'80s, with record companies at their feet. Flamboyant frontman Perry Farrell, formerly of the band Psi Com, had an undeniable charisma and an interest in provocative art (he designed the band's album covers), and Jane's Addiction played a hybrid of rock music: metal with strains of punk...

  • Joanna Janet

    Joanna Janet View Profile

  • Joe Janiak

    Joe Janiak View Profile

    Joe Janiak is an exciting young talent from the UK. blending an ethereal, sometimes haunting sound with classic songwriting; Drawing influences from artists such as Neil Young, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan and Arcade Fire. Hot off of a 32 date UK tour supporting Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Joe has released a free acoustic EP, which is a available at

  • The Janks

    The Janks View Profile

    Los Angeles based rock group THE JANKS, fronted by brothers Zachary and Dylan Zmed along with rhythm section Nate Light and Leon LeDoux, make it their mission to produce music in the same way they live their lives; with both sincerity and irreverence.  The Janks create a sound that combines the traditional two-part vocal harmony of The Everly Brothers with the adept musicianship and...

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