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  • Jessie James

    Jessie James View Profile

    Splitting the difference between Shania Twain's twangy pop and Christina Aguilera's R&B acrobatics, vocalist Jessie James made her debut with "Blue Jeans," a song that featured prominently in the film Confessions of a Shopaholic. Born on a military base in Vicenza, Italy, the burgeoning singer relocated to central Georgia during the 1990s. She used the new location to her advantage, making weekly ...

  • Jim James

    Jim James View Profile

  • Jo James

    Jo James View Profile

    Jo James is a Acoustic Singer-Songwriter with heavy blues, funk and pop influences. Jo James delivers smooth grooves, insightful ballads and soulful vocal expressions From heavy-hitting stages to intimate heartfelt performances, JO JAMES continues to captivate audiences in a powerful way.

  • Jordan James

    Jordan James View Profile

    Multitalented songwriter and vocalist "Jordan James” infuses country-pop, R&B and just enough soul to create a sound that is uniquely his own.   A singer for most of his life, Jordan has performed with the likes of Kenny Rogers, Joe Nichols, Jake Owen, Mark Wills, Charles Kelley, and many more. After winning the CMT Rising Star award and being named Most Outstanding Vocalist ...

  • Joshua James

    Joshua James View Profile

    Raised in hard-bitten Nebraska, Joshua James’ work reflects a distinctly American ache, a yearning for a big sky and an open road.  Beckoned westward out of his heartland home by the voices of Jim Morrison and Isaac Brock, he made it as far as the mountains of Utah, where like the settlers before him, he was stopped in his tracks by the arresting beauty. Here, where the mountains pie...

  • Jozsef James

    Jozsef James View Profile

    Born and raised in Australia, in 2009 Jozsef James made the pilgrimage to Venice Beach, CA to take in the rich rock n roll history and gain experience recording in the US music landscape. After previously fronting a rock band and touring Australia for five years and taking on small tours in the US it was time for the band to come to an end and Jozsef to begin working on solo material. Using Ven...

  • Kelley James

    Kelley James View Profile

    National recording artist Kelley James’ music is a fascinating collection of acoustic guitars, hip-hop beats, thoughtful lyrics and freestyle flows.    He has toured nationwide with O.A.R., performed over 600 shows in the past three years, including touring Australia four times and headlined various sponsor events including several after parties for the Warren Miller fil...

  • Kevin James

    Kevin James View Profile

    In 2009, Kevin James starred in, produced, and co-wrote the box office hit Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  This year, audiences can see James headlining the MGM feature Zookeeper which he also produced, and starring in Columbia Pictures’ Grown Ups along with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider; previously James and Sandler worked together on I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Lar...

  • Kyle James

    Kyle James View Profile

  • Leela James

    Leela James View Profile

  • Luke James

    Luke James View Profile

  • MacKenzie James

    MacKenzie James View Profile

  • Markus James

    Markus James View Profile

    Markus James is originally from Virginia and the DC area, where his first musical memory, from the age of four, is of an old, blind blues singer he saw many times playing on a sidewalk. He first encountered West African stringed music at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival when he was mesmerized by the Gambian Kora player and singer, Alhaji Bai Konte. Markus settled in Northern California, writing a...

  • Mason James

    Mason James View Profile

  • Mathew James

    Mathew James View Profile

    From the very beginning Matt knew that music was much more than just something fun to do. Music had become his salvation, his love and his main source of personal expression. Music defines Matt on a daily basis. Armed with his soaring vocals, his love for epic melodies, a newly released EP (The Only Way Out Is Through), and his pure passion for music.

  • Michael James

    Michael James View Profile

    WHAT words can be said to describe an artist, to truly reflect the their talents? Something that hasn’t already been twisted into a million of the same generic biography’s layered with cookie cutter party photos and tons and tons of fluff? It’s almost impossible nowadays and all while the professional mixer is getting drowned out by bedroom DJ’s turned nightclub show guns. MICHAEL JAMES is not ...

  • Myron James

    Myron James View Profile

    Singer/ Songwriter, Myron James blends pop writing style with hints of his musical upbringing in the New York Indie, Folk and Punk Rock music scenes.

  • Old James

    Old James View Profile

  • Preston James

    Preston James View Profile

    Music to Preston James has never been about fame or notoriety. To him, music isn’t a hobby or even a way to make a living. No. Instead, music is so intertwined with Preston’s daily life it’s as essential to him as food, air and water. That may seem like an exaggeration but one only has to spend five minutes with this professed “music nerd” to understand nothing else d...

  • Ro James

    Ro James View Profile

  • Ry'n James

    Ry'n James View Profile


  • Samantha James

    Samantha James View Profile

    Dance-pop singer Samantha James is inspired less by the R&B divas one would expect in her chosen style of music than by a subtler breed of 1980s singers influenced by vintage cocktail jazz and bossa nova, such as Basia, Sade, and Tracey Thorn of Everything But the Girl, as well as contemporaries working in the same general style such as Bebel Gilberto or Miho Hatori of Smokey & Miho. Born and rais...

  • Saxon James

    Saxon James View Profile

  • Scott James

    Scott James View Profile

    I discovered my love of music at a very young age and it has defined my life ever since – singing, songwriting, composing, performing. There is something about music that clarifies life and allows me to express my feelings in the most honest way. It’s hard to describe, but I know my life would be empty without it. Many people ask how I would describe my music and that’s always a...

  • Sky James

    Sky James View Profile

    Luke James Herbert aka "Sky James" is a 24 year old singer/songwriter/producer from Dallas, Texas. He Began writing songs and playing guitar and drums at age 13. (After discovering bands such as blink 182, Sum 41, Say Anything) He Played in various bands from age 14-22. During that time, began producing music for his various bands which varied from Punk Pop to Post Hardcore music. A...

  • Solomon James

    Solomon James View Profile

  • Steven James

    Steven James View Profile

    The past decade has seen Steven James crisscrossing Texas and the South with his past two successful rock bands. Now, he’s ready to strike out on his own. The young singer who often draws comparisons to Kings of Leon or Black Keys has teamed with acclaimed producer/engineer Lars Goransson, in Austin, who has produced international hit records from groups including The Cardigans; and some of Au...

  • Teresa James

    Teresa James View Profile

    TERESA JAMES & The Rhythm Tramps Teresa James was born and raised in Houston. She starting playing piano at 5 and hasn’t stopped since. Called a singer’s singer by many. She has recorded with Walter Trout, Eric Burdon, Spencer Davis, Tommy Castro, Stephen Bruton, Randy Newman, LeeRoy Parnell, Neil Diamond, Kirk Whalum, and many others. She has performed live with lots of other artists, incl...

  • Tim James

    Tim James View Profile

    Grammy nominated songwriter Tim James is the co-writer of the 5 week #1 “My List” by Toby Keith, the Bucky Covington Top 10 “It’s Good To Be Us”, and the smash debut from the Lost Trailers “Holler Back. James has had cuts by platinum selling artists Darius Rucker, Craig Morgan, Chris Young, Montgomery Gentry, LeeAnn Womack, Joe Nichols and contemporary Christian...

  • Zac James

    Zac James View Profile

  • Ro James & BJ the Chicago Kid

    Ro James & BJ the Chicago Kid View Profile

  • Dana James & Jake Knox

    Dana James & Jake Knox View Profile

  • Zachary James & The All Seeing Eyes

    Zachary James & The All Seeing Eyes View Profile

    "Satin pants, shaggy hair and memorable riffs...with born rock star Zachary James at the helm the buzz about the band is almost as strong as the buzz in the audience.” -VC Reporter Young rocker Zachary James, with his born-to-be-a-frontman, lanky, long-haired look, presents a fresh spin on classic rock ‘n’ roll, both sonically and visually. Towering from the stage at 6’7” (topping out quintesse...

  • Whiteboy James & The Blues Express - Kid Ramos Benefit

    Whiteboy James & The Blues Express - Kid Ramos Benefit View Profile

    Having just completed their second album, Whiteboy James and the Blues Express is a detonative force not to be reckoned with. Since reforming in 2006 after a five year absence, the band has re-established themselves as the legendary band that they once were during the Southern California blues explosion of the 80’s and 90’s. Whiteboy James has a mesmerizing, driving and sonic stage pre...

  • Big James & The Chicago Playboys

    Big James & The Chicago Playboys View Profile

    "Big James" Montgomery is a young man with a solid pedigree in the world of rhythm and blues. He played with Little Milton, Albert King and Buddy Guy before becoming trombonist and lead vocalist with the Chicago Playboys, the Windy City's premier R&B ensemble. Some years after the passing of former bandleader Johnny Christian, James and saxophonist Charles Kimball reformed and revitalized the band...

  • Bradly James & The Crows

    Bradly James & The Crows View Profile

  • Eric James & The New Century

    Eric James & The New Century View Profile

  • Shawn James & The Shapeshifters

    Shawn James & The Shapeshifters View Profile

  • Whiteboy James and the Blues Express

    Whiteboy James and the Blues Express View Profile

    Having just completed their second album, Whiteboy James and the Blues Express is a detonative force not to be reckoned with. Since reforming in 2006 after a five year absence, the band has re-established themselves as the legendary band that they once were during the Southern California blues explosion of the 80’s and 90’s. Whiteboy James has a mesmerizing, driving and sonic stage ...

  • Jeffrey James and The Wanted Gang

    Jeffrey James and The Wanted Gang View Profile

    Jeffrey James & The Wanted Gang cover all the bases with their heart-thumping, toe-tapping, Outlaw Rock. Their unique sound rocks the crowd and brings them to their feet to dance or tears to their eyes with heartfelt ballads of love and conviction. Jeffrey James has paid his dues on the music scene, having co-headlined with some of our country’s big music names from the glam rock days of...

  • Saint James and the Whiskey Fires

    Saint James and the Whiskey Fires View Profile

    Saint James is the brainchild of Washington, DC native, Nathan Kastner. Following in the footsteps of singer/songwriter heavyweights Ben Howard, Ryan Adams, and Bright Eyes, Saint James is an artist who is simultaneously paying homage to his heroes and paving his own road. He is known for his simple, yet nuanced guitar abilities and lyrical prowess and, although he has yet to release a formal albu...

  • Alfred James Band

    Alfred James Band View Profile

    The Alfred James Band weaves classical themes with soulful charm into an acoustic rock sound that is both original and musically masterful.  Rich with beautiful instrumental and vocal harmonies, intertwined with the ethereal sounds of Alfred's cello, the music of the Alfred James Band takes acoustic rock to another level. Accompanied by a wildly talented band featuring fiery, virtuosic p...

  • Saint James Band

    Saint James Band View Profile

    George Castrinos, leader of the Saint James Band, it would seem was destined to play guitar; destined for the life of a musician. When he was 10 years old he recalls seeing a red Gibson resting in the bedroom of his best friend’s older brother (the room was strictly off limits). “I was drawn to it, in a way I can’t even explain,” says Castrinos. Though the oft ill-tempered older brother lay sleepi...

  •  James Blunt

    James Blunt View Profile

    A former British Army officer, singer/songwriter James Blunt is a thoughtful performer with a knack for crafting melodic contemporary soft rock tunes. Born in Tidworth, Wiltshire, England in 1974 to a family with a long military history, Blunt entered the Army after graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Ultimately achieving the rank of captain, Blunt served with the NATO peacekeepi...

  • Dylan James Brock

    Dylan James Brock View Profile

    Since graduating from University of Michigan in 2003, Dylan Brock has split his time between New York and Michigan, working as a personal assistant, an IT project manager, a barista, a reader for the Paris Review, a dog-walker, a research assistant for the writer Kathryn Harrison, a construction worker, an instructor of Creative Writing at CUNY, an electronic medical records technician, and a gram...

  • King James Brown

    King James Brown View Profile

  • Jessie James Decker

    Jessie James Decker View Profile

    Since she began singing at the ago of two, Jessie James Decker hasn’t stopped making noise. Jessie won her first talent contest at nine-years-old, yodeling “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart.” As a teenager, she made weekly trips to Nashville to hone her singing and songwriting. Her talent quickly caught the attention of L.A. Reid who signed her to a rec...

  • Russell James Hughes

    Russell James Hughes View Profile

    When Texas based singer/songwriter Russell James Hughes was five years old he ran up to his dad and told him he wanted to be like Elvis Presley. His dad looked at him and said that was fine but that he should also consider Bob Dylan and the Beatles because they actually wrote their own songs. It’s one thing to sing somebody else’s song but if you can write your own, that’s where the real magic is ...

  • The James Hunter Six

    The James Hunter Six View Profile

    Band line-up:  James Hunter Kyle Koehler - organ Rudy Petschauer - drums Freddy DeBoe - alto sax Michael Buckley - bari sax Myles Weeks - upright bass * Band members subject to occasional substitutions  It's been 10 years since the Englishman James Hunter burst onto the scene with his U.S. debut People Gonna Talk (GO/Rounder 2006)...

  • The James Intveld Band

    The James Intveld Band View Profile

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