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  • Zoe Jakes

    Zoe Jakes View Profile

    Inked Magazine Article 06/08/11 / Author: Kara Pound When Zoe Jakes was starting out as a belly dancer, she made her living by dancing for Arabic and Persian groups—cultures that traditionally don’t approve of tattoos. “I had the girl on my back, but the rest of my body stayed untattooed because I needed to be able to work at restaurants, private parties, and weddings,...

  • Josh Jakes & The Colluders

    Josh Jakes & The Colluders View Profile

  • Dylan Jakobsen

    Dylan Jakobsen View Profile

    Dylan Jakobsen is a solo artist based out of Seattle, WA. Since starting out in the Spring of 2010 as an acoustic myspace musician, Dylan slowly began to grow as an artist and work his way to the top of the scene. Making a name for himself not only locally but nationally, Dylan has been invited to participate in huge opportunities such as receiving a highly coveted spot on the SXSW festival in Aus...

  • Jakwob Jakwob

    Jakwob Jakwob View Profile

     James Jacob AKA 'Jakwob' has seen his nascent career take off in the last few months. With champions such as Radio 1's Huw Stephens, Zane Lowe, and Annie Mac, the NME, Dazed & Confused, Mixmag, The Guardian, RWD, and beyond, the 21 year old is in the curious position of having just finished his final year at university, completed while juggling a busy gig schedule, production work, daily...

  • Emmanuel Jal

    Emmanuel Jal View Profile

    Genre-straddling African Christian gospel rapper Emmanuel Jal was born in the village of Tong (sometimes spelled Tony) in southern Sudan around 1980. His mother died when he was still a young child of seven or so, and Jal was forced into a Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) military training camp in Ethiopia, where he was trained to be a soldier, participating in military battles before he was ...

  • Sabrina Jalees

    Sabrina Jalees View Profile

  • Wannabe Jalva

    Wannabe Jalva View Profile

    Wannabe Jalva makes uterus space-groove rock

  • Epic Jam

    Epic Jam View Profile

    The songwriting team of Travis Raab, Jonathan Mallaley, and Zac Blakeley were responsible for the majority of South American TV show themes and radio jingles in the 1970s before they decided to form seminal pop sensation 'Epic Jam'. After huge success with their first single 'Pajama Party' in 1979, Epic Jam performed to sold out arenas across the world while simultaneously enjoying immense c...

  • Nicky Jam

    Nicky Jam View Profile

  • Open Jam

    Open Jam View Profile

  • Pearl Jam

    Pearl Jam View Profile

    Pearl Jam rose from the ashes of Mother Love Bone to become the most popular American rock & roll band of the '90s. After Mother Love Bone's vocalist, Andrew Wood, overdosed on heroin in 1990, guitarist Stone Gossard and bassist Jeff Ament assembled a new band, bringing in Mike McCready on lead guitar and recording a demo with Soundgarden's Matt Cameron on drums. Thanks to future Pearl Jam drummer...

  • Rat Jam

    Rat Jam View Profile

    Rat Jam started a year ago. it is made up of 3 Oceanside surfers that love to poop, pee and fuck da sheet up!

  • Uni Jam

    Uni Jam View Profile

  • Jeff Jam Dance Party

    Jeff Jam Dance Party View Profile

    Jeff Jam is a friendly, goofy guy that sings and performs songs for children of all ages. He travels all over Massachusetts, New England and the world with his acoustic guitar, bringing songs and smiles to children everywhere. Born in Massachusetts, Jeff Jam grew up watching Sesame Street, reading Dr. Seuss, and listening to The Beatles. Three of his favorite things are books, music and baseball, ...

  • FUNK JAM hosted by DELTA NOVE

    FUNK JAM hosted by DELTA NOVE View Profile

    The Downtown Long Beach Harvelle's Funk Jam! Hosted by Delta Nove with special guests weekly!

  • Koffeehouse JAM Session

    Koffeehouse JAM Session View Profile

  • A.J. Jamal

    A.J. Jamal View Profile

    Being funny comes easy for A.J. Jamal. A product of the Cleveland, Ohio comic scene, A.J. knew he was destined for this particular aspect of show business. Growing up, he was always armed with a technique for making people laugh at the drop of a dime. There is no mistake that there was already a master plan created for him to use his talents for this one special purpose.  A.J. Jam...

  • The Jamboree Sunday

    The Jamboree Sunday View Profile

    The Jamboree Sunday is a simple little band who like nothing more than to sit around and jam as well as watch samurai films and comedy television. Tim and I (Eric) met in their youth in Philadelphia and upon moving to New York sought each other out to play a little music. they soon cams to the conclusion that they wanted to make graspable music that combines an old rock energy with melodic tapestr...

  • Trinidad Jame$

    Trinidad Jame$ View Profile

  • Brooks Jamen

    Brooks Jamen View Profile

    Born in 1972 and hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah - Jamen Brooks fronted the popular Utah local band Clover. After 3 successful albums in the late 90's and opening for countless national acts (Beck, Toad the Wet Sprocket) Jamen decided to venture out on his own. With the release of his solo debut Sleepyhead and in 2004, Jamen explored a more experimental approach to songwriti...

  • Aaron James

    Aaron James View Profile

    Aaron James makes movies and music.  His CD Cranberry Wind is available wherever fine hillbilly music is sold.  His feature films include Hank Williams First Nation and Campus Radio.  He’s won awards around the world in both film and music.  As a singer-songwriter he has been compared to Leonard Cohen some nights, Lou Reed on others - depending on the room and the plac...

  • Adam James

    Adam James View Profile

    Adam James is a Country music songwriter hailing from a tiny 800 person town in central Illinois. Raised by equal parts CMT and SNL, his songwriting found its own lane once he began mixing his rural perspective with sharp observational humor. He currently writes for Jeffrey Steele’s publishing company (3 Ring Circus Music) in partnership with Kobalt.

  • Age James

    Age James View Profile

    Ever since he was 10 years old, moving to Nashville, TN has been on his radar. After college, he decided it was time to pursue the dream. He took everything he owned, including his  coveted collection of Garth Brooks albums and headed to Nashville. Since then, he has played numerous shows in Tennessee and California, including the Hard Rock Cafe and the Roxy on Sunset Blvd. He ...

  • Aidan James

    Aidan James View Profile

    Aidan has been playing the ukulele since he was 4 years old. Not until the age of 8 did he find his passion when he heard “Hey Soul Sister” on the radio prominently featuring the ukulele. Aidan quickly learned it and performed the song at various music festivals and events. Someone posted a video of one of his performances and 19+ million views and counting, Aidan became a youtube s...

  • Aiden James

    Aiden James View Profile

    philly native. touring songster. coffee lover. beard enthusiast, seen on MTV LOGO & #28 on iTunes Top 100.

  • Airplane James

    Airplane James View Profile

  • Beau James

    Beau James View Profile

  • Brandon James

    Brandon James View Profile

    Born originally in Toronto, Canada, Brandon James is an accomplished performing artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and mix engineer.  Inspired much by the music of James Taylor, The Beatles and The Eagles, Brandon’s career started in an all boys choir at the age of 7 and has since toured all over North America and the world as a solo artist and his former Pop/...

  • Brendan James

    Brendan James View Profile

    Brendan James website Brendan James on Facebook “Simplify represents me finding a clarity I have been searching for for years,” says critically acclaimed piano-based singer-songwriter BRENDAN JAMES of his new album Simplify. His fifth album, it is also his most elegant and emotionally direct album to date.  An active supporter for all levels of equality (he has spoken o...

  • Brendan Willing James

    Brendan Willing James View Profile

    I love to write, hug, laugh and eat. I sing all the time, frequently with others. I can probably beat you at arm wrestling. My middle name really is Willing. And most times I am. I'd prefer it if I drove. And I'd prefer if we were gone for a while. I sing and act in a new folk musical called Lonesome Traveler. It moves to The Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach, CA for the month of Jan...

  • Brett James

    Brett James View Profile

    For over a decade, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Brett James has been one of the most prolific and versatile songwriters in Nashville having had more than three hundred of his songs recorded by major label recording artists. James has become a fixture on the Billboard Country chart with thirteen #1 songs and scores of top 20 singles to his credit.   The list of artists that h...

  • Brian James

    Brian James View Profile

  • Casey James

    Casey James View Profile

    19 Recordings/BNA Records artist Casey James first emerged on the national scene with his third-place run on Season 9 of American Idol, but Casey had already been making music for more than a decade when he took his mom’s advice to try out for the hit series. A native of Cool, TX, James grew up surrounded by music; both his parents played guitar and sang, as did other family members, and Cas...

  • Cyrus James

    Cyrus James View Profile

    Cyrus James was born in the Arizona desert, raised on a farm in Colorado, and now calls Austin, Texas home. Cyrus is one of eleven children raised by a father who built houses and a mother who stayed home and ran the farm. As Cyrus grew into working age he took various jobs that would lead him to the experiences that shape the subjects of his music. Starting in construction, Cyrus was led to su...

  • Daniel James

    Daniel James View Profile

  • Debbi James

    Debbi James View Profile

    Debbi James African-American, French & Israeli. Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Dancer.  The daughter of the late great actor Steven James. (B/K/A "Kung-Fu Joe" aka "Karate Joe" who played in major Cannon Films movies in the late 70's, 80's and early 90's such as Delta Force, American Ninja 1, 2 & 3, I'm Gonna Get You Sucker Etc.) Debbi J...

  • Emily James

    Emily James View Profile

    Emily James is a pop-influenced singer/songwriter originally from New York, recently relocated to Los Angeles. The lyrics and melodies she writes in her songs often take the listener on a journey through the heartfelt stories they tell. Her music has been influenced by artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, and Fleetwood Mac. Emily recently released her debut self-titled E...

  • Etta James

    Etta James View Profile

    Few R&B singers have endured tragic travails on the monumental level that Etta James has and remain on earth to talk about it. The lady's no shrinking violet; her autobiography, Rage to Survive, describes her past (including numerous drug addictions) in sordid detail.But her personal problems have seldom affected her singing. James has hung in there from the age of R&B and doo wop in the mid-'50s ...

  • Gavin James

    Gavin James View Profile

    Gavin James is a singer songwriter from the heart of Dublin, Ireland. At just 21 years old, Gavin developed his songwriting and performance skills through a series of live residences in Dublin's pubs over the last three years. He released his debut No.1 EP "Say Hello" in Ireland through Believe Recordings in November 2012, with the title track recently winning the much coveted "Song Of The Year...

  • Gladius James

    Gladius James View Profile

    Gladius James is a Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter who's worked with artists like Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Ty Dolla Sign, XXXTentacion, Sage the Gemini, and others. Now he is an incredibly talented artist signed to Island Records. The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and Prince enthusiast seek to explore both the limitations and the liberations of masculinity...

  • Gregg James

    Gregg James View Profile

    dj/producer/promoter just trying to rinse crowds and promote bass culture.

  • Gregory James

    Gregory James View Profile

  • Greylan James

    Greylan James View Profile

    Greylan James is a singer-songwriter and producer raised just north of Knoxville, Tennessee. At age ten, he began playing bluegrass festivals, barn dances, and practically anywhere with a stage. He started writing songs at age thirteen, and would make frequent trips to Nashville with his family. Two years later, Greylan appeared on season four of NBC’s The Voice.   Greylan signed with...

  • Holden James

    Holden James View Profile

  • Hudson James

    Hudson James View Profile

  • Jaz James

    Jaz James View Profile

    I grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by music and musicians in my family and lifestyle. I was brought up listening to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. As a kid, I preferred to listen to Motown and Stax RnB from the 50's and 60's than what was on the 90's radio. At 12 years old, I found Billie Holiday and was turned on to jazz music. It wasn't until I took a jazz class at a vocal workshop that I...

  • Jeffrey James

    Jeffrey James View Profile

    Jeffrey James Binney is a midwestern-born actor/comedian from Laredo, MO. Jeffrey was born and raised on his parents pig farm until he left the pig manure and ice cream socials for the dirty streets and overcrowded subways of New York City. Jeffrey had stood up alongside Jim Gaffigan, Judah Friedlander(30 Rock), and Nate Bargatze(Conan O’Brien), at clubs all over New York City including Carolines,...

  • Jeffrey James

    Jeffrey James View Profile

    Jeffrey James sings a lot like he talks–a little bit lower and more robust than you'd expect. This Nashville based pop artist/songwriter has penned songs that have been used by brands like H&M and Gibson Guitars, and featured on TV shows like ABC's Nashville, CMT's Party Down South, MTV's Finding Carter, and CBS's Criminal minds

  • Jerry James

    Jerry James View Profile

  • Jessie James

    Jessie James View Profile

    Splitting the difference between Shania Twain's twangy pop and Christina Aguilera's R&B acrobatics, vocalist Jessie James made her debut with "Blue Jeans," a song that featured prominently in the film Confessions of a Shopaholic. Born on a military base in Vicenza, Italy, the burgeoning singer relocated to central Georgia during the 1990s. She used the new location to her advantage, making weekly ...

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