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  • Highschool Jacob

    Highschool Jacob View Profile

    Highschool Jacob is an alt-pop artist who weaves together catchy melodies and engrossing stories together into music that’s as head-nod worthy as it is heartwarming. While hazy and seemingly subdued in its atmosphere, his sound has a funky groove that serves as a wonderful compliment to his introspective, Passion Pit reminiscent vocals.   Surviving The Golden Age praises HS J...

  • Keith Jacob

    Keith Jacob View Profile

    Keith Jacob is a singer/songwriter living in both the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles and Nashville. He grew up in the South listening to country music in the car with his dad. “My father would laugh out loud at the country lyrics and that made a lifelong impression on me. To this day, I incorporate humor in my songs”, Keith explains. Raised on rock ‘n’ roll, Keith&rsq...

  • Avi Jacob Band

    Avi Jacob Band View Profile

  • John Jacob Magistery

    John Jacob Magistery View Profile

    Montreal’s John Jacob Magistery is making music to connect with people who are simply ‘surviving the dream’. Driven by the lead singer's obsessive personality, the alt-folk group experiments with beautiful / dystopian sounds and emotionally charged lyrics. Their art springs from the joy / frustration of coming to terms with our collective sensory / emotional experience. Of...

  • The Jacob Reynolds Band

    The Jacob Reynolds Band View Profile

    ?In 2010, Jacob Reynolds set out to put together a band of the best musicians he could find. He reached right into the heart of Nashville, Music City USA, and pulled out four of the city’s best musicians to join him in The Jacob Reynolds Band. The band has one goal: making meaningful, lasting, top-shelf, kickass rock music. The JRB still calls Nashville home, but they reach out and grab EVERY c...

  • Adam Jacobs

    Adam Jacobs View Profile

    I'm a Stand-Up Comedian trying to make a living making people laugh. I love to laugh. I love girls who laugh. I love tattoos. I love girls with tattoos. I love a great smile. That's the basics, laughter, tattoos and a great smile. Hi, I'm Adam and I make people laugh all day everyday, like its my job. I Love Jack Daniels and Beer (any beer). I love Midgets and Reggae music. I love Flip-Flops and n...

  • Cris Jacobs

    Cris Jacobs View Profile

    Whether alone with just the guitar and his voice or surrounded by a full band, Cris Jacobs enchants listeners with his inspired, poignant songwriting, virtuous guitar playing, and soulfully transcendent voice. Artists across the board have discovered Jacobs’ musicianship and supple versatility, resulting in an impressive variety of formats in which he has played over the last few years. A...

  • Kyle Jacobs

    Kyle Jacobs View Profile

    Kyle Jacobs moved to Nashville from Minneapolis, MN in 2000 and achieved his first significant success as a writer in 2003 with Kimberly Locke's Top 10 AC single "8th World Wonder."  In 2007 Kyle wrote what became the fastest rising single in the history of country music, Garth Brooks' “More Than A Memory”, which debuted at #1 in R&R on 09/04/2007.  Kyle...

  • Laura Jacobs

    Laura Jacobs View Profile

  • Pi Jacobs

    Pi Jacobs View Profile

  • Stephan Jacobs

    Stephan Jacobs View Profile

    Stephan Jacobs is one of the most exciting multi-genre producers on the scene today. Drawing from a powerful collection of original material and heavyweight remixes, he slings out stimulating sets of uptempo dubstep, twisted glitch hop and straight-up West Coast crunk. You can say all you want about his music, or you can let the numbers do the talking. The LA based producer has earned the top s...

  • Jerry Jacobs Band

    Jerry Jacobs Band View Profile

    Hailing from the coast of the Carolinas, Jerry Jacobs is one of Nashville’s up-and-coming singer-songwriters and entertainers. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Jacobs has spent years traveling around the United States playing his songs for new audiences and crafting songs that capture the American experience. Jacobs’ roots are in southern and country music, but his songs dance across...

  • Will Jacobs Band

    Will Jacobs Band View Profile

    "This band is electrifying and their skill level is way beyond their years....I have often wondered where the blues genre is headed. A lot of the Chicago blues veterans are getting up there in years. I did not think that any younger pickers could rise to the level of these blues masters, man was I wrong.” – American Blues News, January, 2010

  •  Jacob's Ladder: A Tribute to Rush

    Jacob's Ladder: A Tribute to Rush View Profile

    Jacob's Ladder consists of Frank Sellick, Paul Armento and Dave Feld. Paul and Frank first played Rush songs together over 20 years ago as child prodigies on their respective instruments, and their high school band won numerous accolades and “battles.”. This early exposure to the intricate music of Rush set a high watermark for both Paul and Frank’s musical careers. After two decades of individual...

  • Phil Jacobson

    Phil Jacobson View Profile

    Phil Jacobson is a singer, songwriter and guitarist hailing from Chicago, IL. A graduate of the University of Miami’s jazz program, Phil’s style is an eclectic mix of Pop, Rock, Blues and Country. He grew up enamored the music of Stevie Wonder, the Beatles and John Mayer taking notes on their craft and using that find his own voice. His songs are positive, upbeat and melodic. Fans ofte...

  • Joe Jacoby

    Joe Jacoby View Profile

  • Jillian Jacqueline

    Jillian Jacqueline View Profile

    Born and raised in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania and spending most of her teen years in New York City, Jillian began singing at local coffee shops at the age of 7. Singing along to the likes of Patsy, Elvis, Bobby Goldsboro, Trisha Yearwood, The Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, Lorrie Morgan, Restless Heart, Carole King, Martina McBride, and Patty Loveless, she fell in love with songs and the power of ...


    DJ JACQUES View Profile

  • Joseph Jacques

    Joseph Jacques View Profile

  • Rich Jacques

    Rich Jacques View Profile

  • Anderson Jade

    Anderson Jade View Profile

    British singer/songwriter and soul music fan Jade Anderson began writing poetry and composing when she was a teenager. The youngest daughter of Jon Anderson, leader of the legendary progressive rock band Yes, became involved in show business at the age of 16 after joining a female teen pop group. However, she wanted to express herself in a different way. That opportunity came after teaming up with...

  • Bianca Jade

    Bianca Jade View Profile

    Thank you for listening to my music!   My name is Bianca Sirgany-Castro and stage name is Bianca Jade. I am a singer-songwriter of Cuban and Jamaican descent, born in Miami, Florida and raised in Frederick, Maryland. In high school, I majored in vocal music, studied jazz and choral music, learned music theory, jazz theory and performed for numerous events. Currently, I am a twenty year old ...

  • Carleigh Jade

    Carleigh Jade View Profile

    Carleigh Jade is an up and coming music phenomenon based out of New York City. She is quickly becoming one of the highlights of the local scene. Her voice can range anything from the emotion drenched blues to the anthems of rock and roll. The songs are rock influenced pop with the right mix of grit and sugar to entice the crowds. Currently she is finishing up the last touches on her debut album an...

  • Dixie Jade

    Dixie Jade View Profile

  • Jackrabbit Jade

    Jackrabbit Jade View Profile

    Jackrabbit Jade, based in Los Angeles, has transformed to more than just a band; it has become an illustrative concept. With their influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Steely Dan to Amy Winehouse and Tom Waits, they transition through the blues, jazz, funk, punk, folk and rock. Heavily influenced by their desert roots and what it takes to bloom in a desolate, open space… they have hon...

  • Megan Jade

    Megan Jade View Profile

    Los Angeles based Singer-Songwriter Megan Jade began singing professionally at the age of 8 and writing music at the age of 11. Studying Ethnomusicology at UCLA influenced the evolution of her original music. Megan Jade is collaborating with American rock artists, fellow UCLA world musicians and Jamaican Reggae artists on her debut album to be release in the Fall of 2018. 

  • Ms. Jade

    Ms. Jade View Profile

    When no one believes in your dreams but you, it can get pretty lonely. Some people give up eventually, tired of the struggle. Others, like Ms. Jade, stick to their guns, stick it out, and triumph. These days she's on top with a recording contract and lots of people are listening to her music. Not too long ago, however, she had to decide whether she would listen to the dream inside her or to the cr...

  • Sahara Jade

    Sahara Jade View Profile

    Sahara Jade is an accomplished musician, songwriter, actress, and dancer. Born and raised in the heart of the music and entertainment industry, Los Angeles, Sahara has been working professionally since she was a child - from session work, to live background vocals for numerous artists. Sahara has worked in major locations around the world including Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mexico an...

  • Andrew Jadyn

    Andrew Jadyn View Profile

  • London Jae

    London Jae View Profile

  • Roger Jaeger

    Roger Jaeger View Profile

    Tulsa-born, Roger Jaeger made his first trip to India in 2005. Enamored by the welcoming and nourishing culture, and captivated by its music, the Oklahoma native made India his second home where he honed his writing and music production craft, and learned to play sitar proficiently. Roger developed a strong devotion and passion for India, its native people and the arts. Settling in, he became a te...

  • MC JaeNice

    MC JaeNice View Profile

  • Nicole Jaffe

    Nicole Jaffe View Profile

  • Sarah Jaffe

    Sarah Jaffe View Profile

    Sarah Jaffe started work on The Body Wins the day she bought a bass and a drum set at a pawnshop. That day, she wrote the rhythmic “A Sucker For Your Marketing,” and her second full-­‐length began to take shape. It had been building up inside her; she just didn’t have an outlet. Jaffe had been writing songs on her acoustic guitar since she was a teenager. She knew everything ...

  • Matt Jaffe & The Distractions

    Matt Jaffe & The Distractions View Profile

    Matt Jaffe & The Distractions is a rock 'n' roll band based out of San Francisco, CA. After Jerry Harrison, keyboardist of Talking Heads fame, discovered now-19-year-old Jaffe performing solo at a local open mic, the two worked together to produce his first set of studio recordings. Following this first taste of the music industry, Jaffe put together his own band of Alex Coltharp on dr...

  • Chubby JAg

    Chubby JAg View Profile

  • Royal Jag

    Royal Jag View Profile

  • The Jag

    The Jag View Profile

    The JAG consists of Aaron Tyler King, Joe Regan and Gant O'Brien. The band is originally based out of Jackson, Mississippi, and presently dwelling in Nashville, Tennessee. It's drummer is Scott Harper, a California native, also living in Nashville. King, Regan and O'Brien met in the summer of 2002 in their hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, and formed a southern influenced, indie-rock band short...

  • Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger View Profile

    As the lead singer for the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger is one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock & roll. Jagger fronted the Rolling Stones for over 20 years before he began a solo career in 1985. At the time of the release of his debut solo album, She's the Boss, it appeared that the Stones may have been approaching the end of their career, but it soon transpired t...

  • Jet Jaguar

    Jet Jaguar View Profile

  • Adu Jahmal

    Adu Jahmal View Profile

    Deeply rooted in the Chicago Bronzville neighborhood Adu Jahmal represent the musical expression of his early environment. From his uncle George Brown (Captain Dyetts Famous Jazz Band Du Sable High School) local neighbors like Oscar Brown Jr. and living just a couple of blocks from the world famous Checkerboard and Teresa Lounge......Adu express the soulful feeling that comes from hearing Lou Rawl...

  • Ben Jaimen

    Ben Jaimen View Profile

      Ben Jaimen is a young, Jewish singer/songwriter from Germany and quite a star in his former hometown Berlin. Born on May 23 1986, his parents noticesed from a very early age his apparent love for melody and music, his greatest passion.He began piano lessons at the age of six, which proved to play a key role in his life. In his teenage years he developed a love for improvisation a...

  • Pulkit Jain

    Pulkit Jain View Profile

    I dont have a Bio

  • Pulkit Jain Comedian

    Pulkit Jain Comedian View Profile


    COUSIN JAKE View Profile


  • Evil Jake

    Evil Jake View Profile

    NYC rock legends Evil Jake reunite for their first show in almost a decade, returning to their original stomping grounds on the Lower East Side for one night only. After being featured on MTV, NBC, Bravo, Fuel TV, Jack Black's "School of Rock", Macy Gray’s Mountain Dew Commercial and radio stations across the country, and sharing stages in the US and Europe with the likes of Th...

  •  Jake & John

    Jake & John View Profile

    Jake & John are an acoustic folk pop duo serving up fresh tunes and unsullied talent. Originally from Michigan’s Monroe County, the two 22-year-olds grew up writing and performing songs together since the beginning of the Millennium. Their soaring harmonies, tasty strummings and fiery hooks belie sensibilities beyond their years. They are currently courting veteran producers for an upcoming EP. Ja...

  • The Jake Davie

    The Jake Davie View Profile

  •  Jake Shimabukuro

    Jake Shimabukuro View Profile

  • Josh Jakes

    Josh Jakes View Profile

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