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  • Jordan Igoe

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  • The Iguanas

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    New Orleans, Louisiana's Iguanas reflected the diversity of musical styles found in their home state by fusing blues, classic R&B, zydeco, Cajun, Tex-Mex, and roots rock & roll. The group formed in 1989 around vocalist and guitarist Rod Hodges, who began playing guitar in San Francisco Bay Area blues and rock bands at age 14. While playing with a blues band in Colorado, he rediscovered...

  • Boyz II Men

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    According to no less an authority than the RIAA, Boyz II Men are the most commercially successful R&B group of all time. They've sold ludicrous numbers of records and been involved in three of the longest-running number one pop singles in history, and they've done it as a unit of equals. In fact, their four-part harmonies blend so smoothly that most of the general public would be hard-pressed to n...

  • Alexander III

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    Alexander first broke onto the Los Angeles music scene as part of rock band , Ancia. The band played LA's premier venues: The Whisky a Go Go, Club Lingerie, The Palace, as well as Orange Countie's; Hogie Barmichaels & Live Bait as well as recording EP 'FInal Seconds'. He then went on to sing and play guitar with Monsoul performing at The Whisky a Go Go and recording a 4 song demo and attracting th...


    BRTHR III View Profile

    Producer and DJ from Long Beach, CA.

  • OBN III's

    OBN III's View Profile

    OBN III's third LP – the appropriately titled "Third Time to Harm" – follows the bands' justly lauded LPs, "The One and Only" (2011), and self-titled follow-up (2012). This latest and greatest slab of guitar-driven magma from Austin's great sons captures best the brute energy of their unique calling card; their live show (an experience that oscillates be...

  •  Ill Nino

    Ill Nino View Profile

    The New Jersey-based Latin metal sextet Ill Nino includes members Cristian Machado (vocals), Dave Chavarri (drums), Marc Rizzo (guitars), Jardel Paisante (guitars), Lazaro Pina (bass), and Roger Vasquez (percussion). Most of its members are of South American descent, resulting in a type of music that combines crunchy heavy metal with Latin rhythms and lyrics that alternate between English and Span...

  • Tdot illdude

    Tdot illdude View Profile

    Since an early childhood birthday where his parents gifted him a toy microphone and cassette recorder, Tdot Illdude began to understand his one purpose in life,... he NEEDS to perform for you. From his Willingboro, New Jersey neighborhood to Hollywood, California, the well-versed songwriter and recording artist has touched some of the most premiere platforms nationwide, while working behind t...

  • The Ill-Legitimates

    The Ill-Legitimates View Profile

    New age reggae from Issaquah, WA.

  • Terry Ilous (of Great White and XYZ)

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  • Terry Ilous (Singer for Great White and XYZ)

    Terry Ilous (Singer for Great White and XYZ) View Profile

  • Albert Im

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    The first joke Albert Im ever wrote was a submission to Laffy Taffy. Back then Laffy Taffy came in squares and the jokes were printed on the inside of the wrapper - it was a very different time. The joke had something to do with trickle-down economics, but he never got a response. Comedy's a tough business.

  •  I'm Bad You're Bad

    I'm Bad You're Bad View Profile

    Two DJs: brothers by blood and in an affinity for naughty basslines. Having cut their teeth in rock bands since the good ol' days, both are accomplished live musicians and producers and have a synchronicity to their ears thanks to some shared DNA. Digging deep into motown, funk and classic rock roots and reinterpreting classics for a modern disco house dancefloor, I'm Bad You're Bad is a dynamic l...

  •  Ima

    Ima View Profile

    Los Angeles-bred Ima Robot makes hooky, punky modern rock out of terribly fashionable musical byproducts. The band started in the early '90s, just willowy Alex Ebert and crazy Timmy Anderson making beats and trying to rap. The stardom-dreaming duo was eventually joined by electronics whiz Oligee, and the trio hit the L.A. music scene with a wiry, fiery mix of electronics, guitar, and sort-of singi...

  • Public Image Ltd.

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    Public Image Ltd. (PiL) were originally a quartet led by singer John Lydon (formerly Johnny Rotten, born January 31, 1956) and guitarist Keith Levene, who had been a member of the Clash in one of its early lineups. The band was filled out by bassist Jah Wobble (John Wordle) and drummer Jim Walker. It was formed in the wake of the 1978 breakup of Lydon's former group, the Sex Pistols. For the most ...

  • Mirror Images

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  • Amanda Imani

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  • Marc Imboden

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  • Tyler Imbrey and On the Run

    Tyler Imbrey and On the Run View Profile

    Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Tyler Imbrey, grew up in Charlotte but traveled to Chicago to form the band On The Run with guitarist/co- writer Luke Gale. The group now reformed and revived, have made Charlotte their new home. Combining Imbrey’s strong, passionate writing with award winning live performance, the band has already made a stir in the southeast and will be touring and putting out...

  • Natalie Imbruglia

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    By mixing Lisa Loeb/Alanis Morissette-like singing with music that sounds similar to a more mainstream Portishead at times, Natalie Imbruglia became one of the biggest pop sensations in Europe. Born in Sydney, Australia, on February 4, 1975, Imbruglia was one of four sisters and grew up in a tiny beach town. After becoming a teen actress and landing a spot on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, ...

  • Quese IMC

    Quese IMC View Profile

    Quese IMC... emcee, producer, performer, artist, actor, activist, indigenous founded and driven by the artwork created by the stars. IMC comes from the group, CultureshockCAMP. With allie and bro Shock Beezy, they perform all over the country. IMC expresses himself through hiphop and cultural activism. IMC has performed with everyone, either on the same line-up or in his dreams. IMC's dream is to ...

  • Ryan Imming

    Ryan Imming View Profile

    “Watch closely, now listen, keep watching right there, see how it keeps going. It’s all live, ALL OF IT.” That’s a sample of what you might hear in the audience when one person is describing Ryan Patrick Imming, or RPI at one of his shows. Ryan is a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/loop artist based out of Kansas City. He goes by his initials RPI because, in his own words “spelling ‘Im...

  •  Immortal Technique

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  •  Imogen Heap

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  • Tame Impala

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  • Maxwell Implosion

    Maxwell Implosion View Profile

    The Maxwell Implosion is Torsten Heller, a German DJ who fuses lounge, jazz, bossa nova, and soundtracks of the '60s and '70s. Before recording his own work, the record connoisseur had stints on the turntables in Japan, the United States, Moscow, Barcelona, and Rome. The Maxwell Implosion has played shows with Dimitri From Paris, the Brand New Heavies, Towa Tei, and the Cardigans, while remix work...

  • Real Impossibles

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  • The Imposters

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  • Group Improv

    Group Improv View Profile

  • Omaha Improv Festival

    Omaha Improv Festival View Profile

    Schedule for Slowdown:   7:30 PM Polar Bear Centric (MN) 8:00 PM That's No Moon (MO) 8:30 PM Big Canvas (NE) 9:00 PM Weisenheimers (NE) 9:30 PM I Am The Show (CA)   Be sure to check out all the shows you can! Full list at    

  • On Impulse

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  • Caged In

    Caged In View Profile

    fuck the internet

  • Cave In

    Cave In View Profile

    Alt metal outfit Cave In originated in 1995, in Methuen, MA, when Stephen Brodsky and Jay Frechette got the idea to start a band in the vein of some of their favorites: Failure, Unwound, Snapcase, etc. With Brodsky on guitar and Frechette's vocals, they added bassist Justin Matthes, guitarist Adam McGrath, and drummer John-Robert Conners, and recorded some early demos. Split 7"s with Gambit, Pieba...

  • Sink In

    Sink In View Profile

  • England in 1810

    England in 1810 View Profile

  • England in 1819

    England in 1819 View Profile

    In August of 2007, brothers Andrew and Dan Callaway found themselves living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the entire family together for the first time since their childhood spent in the English countryside. Along with their father, Liam Callaway, the trio of musicians began writing songs reflective of their Athens, Georgia roots and their fortuitous return to the South. The result is an unusual ...

  • England in 1980

    England in 1980 View Profile

  • Drunk in a Dumpster

    Drunk in a Dumpster View Profile

    Punk / Hardcore / Metal

  • Beggars in a New Land

    Beggars in a New Land View Profile

  • Snow in Africa

    Snow in Africa View Profile

    For music lovers of all genres ~ We’re an alternative indie rock band like the Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon & Imagine Dragons. With an original International sound, our name SNOW IN AFRICA is like our music & reflects the extremes in life & love. The band is from all over: Japan, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Puerto Rico. Thanks for checking us out. www.sno...

  •  In Air

    In Air View Profile

    In Air was born from the intent of creating music based on instinct and experimentation, rather than structured assembly. While influences such as Radiohead and Coldplay are evident, the music is nothing less than unique. With an approach free from the pretense and spectacle, In Air strives for music that is traditional and accessible, yet subtly profound; something that bares our collective soul....


    ADAM IN AMERICA View Profile

    Adam in America unites the most independent aspects of the "Indie" genre with the most popular, catchy riffs of the "Pop" conglomerate to bring you something wholly paradoxical and contrived. Come listen to marketing's biggest scam! They think they're okay, do you?

  • Crime in America

    Crime in America View Profile

  • Gone In April

    Gone In April View Profile

  • Drown In Ashes

    Drown In Ashes View Profile

  • Lost in Atlantis

    Lost in Atlantis View Profile

    Lost In Atlantis, also known as LIA, was formed in 2008. LIA consists of band members Liz, Eric, Tim and David. LIA is planning on world domination! Their 15 song debut album, "Silent World", is available on BigCartel, iTunes, CD Baby, Napster, etc. LIA is a constant battle between evil alien bunnies across the universe.

  • Witches in Bikinis

    Witches in Bikinis View Profile

    "Combining three beloved staples of 60’s pop culture – the girl group, the beach party movie and the low-budget horror flick – 'Witches in Bikinis' perform catchy and funny original songs, with arrangements heavy on the goofy rock/gothic sound." - Michael Dale


    ALL IN BLIND View Profile

  • Coda In Blue

    Coda In Blue View Profile

    CODA IN BLUE originally hails from Santa Cruz, CA. After moving to the SF Bay area, his music is now much more heavily based on electronic performances with live drums and jazz-sampled rhythms.

  • Laced in Blue

    Laced in Blue View Profile

    Formed in Long Beach, Laced in Blue brings a heavy presence of rock, while staying true to music's deepest root; the blues. By blending a balance of progressive experimentation, high energy guitar riffs, with a bluesy finish, Laced in Blue has begun tapping into the vast world of expression. No matter what type of music you listen to, the fabric of such has stitchings of blues music which h...

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