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  • The Installers

    The Installers View Profile

    The Installers play the blues. Sounds simple, right? Think again. At one end of the band you have drummer Jim Burns itching for a romp through “Texas Flood,” or any other sort of Austin-inspired, guitar-driven blues. At the other end, guitarist Kevin Visnaskas is teaching The Installers Tiny Grimes’s 1940s jazz blues “Drinking Beer.” Yet this long-running combo formed...

  • Musicians Institute

    Musicians Institute View Profile

    Featuring Ricky England, Jamie Cunningham and Anna Beatriz

  • The Institution

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  • Audio Intel

    Audio Intel View Profile

    The quest of truth and knowledge begins on the dance floor. To seek true enlightenment one must tune into a higher frequency and tap into that positive energy source that we all have within us. You may ask yourself how can one find this power within us? Audio Intel. The concept of Audio Intel begins as a means to bring a progressive and positive change to the dance floor and life beyond it. St...

  • The Intelligence

    The Intelligence View Profile

    Around since 1999, The Intelligence has to date released seven singles, five split singles, two EPs, seven albums and have made eight compilation appearances. That said, with each release The Intelligence continues to evolve, grow artistically and top themselves. And, yes, you do need to keep up with all the releases. With Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me, The Intelligence do indeed top themse...

  • Calamitous Intent

    Calamitous Intent View Profile

    In an effort to buck the trend of being cornholed into a specific subgenre, Calamitous Intent opts to simply consider themselves "metal" and hope for the best.

  • Highest Intention

    Highest Intention View Profile

    Highest Intention was formed on January 1, 2011 at the Ave Sports Bar in San Francisco next to SF City College as the tuesday night reggae band. The band quickly picked up three more weekly gigs in the Bay Area and found themselves playing out four nights a week after a month of forming. They have now played alonside other popular reggae bands throughout the bay area and released two full length ...

  • The International Noise Conspiracy

    The International Noise Conspiracy View Profile

    With roots in five different bands, the (International) Noise Conspiracy formed during the latter half of 1998 in Umeå, Sweden. The quintet set out to use its music as an attack against capitalist culture at large by taking the universal idea of popular culture and molding the basis of its phenomenon into statements of resistance. As for the music, the band created a hybrid of garage rock and...

  • The Internet

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    We are an all-female a cappella group in NYC. We love to perform all types of contemporary music and perform in many different kinds of venues. Current repertoire includes songs by Mariah Carey, Sara Bareilles, Cee-lo Green, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Queen and more!

  • The Interstellar Overdrive

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  •  Into Century

    Into Century View Profile

    Into Century is a well established band on the international rock scene. Within the last 4 years, they have played at nearly every venue/music scene in Denmark, and abroad they've had gigs in Manchester at the ''In The City convention'' and at several venues in California.Due to Jon's very rare and unique voice, combined with the bands incredible high standard, Into Century have made themselves a ...

  • Dive Into Fall - A Yin Yoga and Mindset Coaching Class

    Dive Into Fall - A Yin Yoga and Mindset Coaching Class View Profile

    We had so much fun in August, we're back for Sept. Join Lindsay from Picture Perfect Mind and 200 hour and Yin-certified Yoga Teacher, Margaux V for this is a beautiful opportunity to turn inward and welcome the season of fall into our lives. You'll walk away with a toolkit courtesy of Lindsay from Picture Perfect Mind to ready yourself for this seasonal change, a time of transition, a...



    Without a distinguishable understanding of the pop and intensity, a silent video of a Lemuria show would appear to be that of a blistering hardcore trio. To the viewers surprise, turning the audio on they’d find the stage diving mania and screamers are really chanting “Maybe I should wear lipstick too” or “You fit in my skin, softest I’ve let in” as guitarist/vo...

  • Slips into Space

    Slips into Space View Profile

  •  Into the Moat

    Into the Moat View Profile

    The Florida-based metal band, Into the Moat, was started by band drummer Matthew Gossman in 2001. Initially, Gossman started the band as a one-man project, recording all the instruments on several demo tracks in an attempt to hone the yet-to-be-formed bands' general sound before recruiting its actual members. After a brief recruiting process, Gossman brought on Kit Wray (guitar), Rob Shaffer (guit...

  • LeLe:  Introducing Kawasi

    LeLe: Introducing Kawasi View Profile

    The 20 year old, singer/song-writer never choosing comfort over fashion, from head to toe, is a walking expression of the original artist she is. Sterling Heights, Michigan Native Amanda McCauley, traded in her given name for LeLe when she signed recording contracts in the summer of 2013 . She was scouted by producers at age 19 from TV show/live convention from self-music videos posted on ...

  • The Intros

    The Intros View Profile

    The Intros are a southern California based rock band originating from Orange County. The band was formed in April of 2018 by the lead singer/guitarist Maxx Gomes. The band also includes Brenley Johns, Jack Durbin, and Ranen Hicks.

  • Masked Intruder

    Masked Intruder View Profile

    WHO: Well, ya see, that depends on who’s askin’. Nobody likes a squealer and snitches get stitches, am I right?! We got four masked men: Blue (self-described “hopeless romantic” and probably the brains behind the operation), Red (said to be a “loose cannon”, plays drums, the wheelman), Yellow (the “heart breaker” that plays bass, so you know he&rs...

  • James Intveld

    James Intveld View Profile

  • The Invalids

    The Invalids View Profile

  • '80s Invasion

    '80s Invasion View Profile

    The band was formed by good friends who have spent years touring and recording in a variety of musical settings. We love to play music together and have always had a fondness for the music of the 80s. After perusing our LPs for inspiration, the band put together a list of favorite songs and took up the challenge to become the definitive 80s experience. The synth-based dance music of the ...

  • Thee Invention

    Thee Invention View Profile

    Thee invention consists of the three known elements of the primal spectrum dirt, electricity, and thunder otherwise known as heart,skull,and bones. After a failed attempt at bieng the worlds greatest superhero fighting team, they realized their true strengths lied in bashing on drums and guitars rather then criminals. Since then Eddie, Mike, and Anthony have been zapping circuits in spectacular fa...

  • The Inverse Effect

    The Inverse Effect View Profile

  • Todd Ipsem

    Todd Ipsem View Profile

  • DJ Irias

    DJ Irias View Profile

    Started as a drummer, grew up in the Bay... then became a producer & DJ in LA.

  • Blue Irie

    Blue Irie View Profile

    We are Blue Irie. Fusing classic rock and folk into psychedelic reggae and ska grooves that make you want to move, and make you feel Irie!

  • DJ Irie Dole

    DJ Irie Dole View Profile

    Irie Dole is a well established DJ, promoter, radio personality, event host and all around Reggae advocate. Growing up in the Bay Area, he was guided by veteran Reggae figures such as Spliff Skankin, Robert Rankin, Tony Moses and Isa the Ion Lion. Irie Dole is the leading promoter of Reggae talent from the Bay Area and beyond, getting young and underrepresented talents the spotlight they deserv...

  • Johnny Irion

    Johnny Irion View Profile

  • Arc Iris

    Arc Iris View Profile

    Arc Iris is the orchestral pop project of Jocie Adams, a former core member of The Low Anthem. The singer, multi-instrumentalist, classical composer and former NASA technician formed the collective to present her ambitious new songs. The band includes Zach Tenorio-Miller (keys), Mike Irwin (trumpet), Ray Belli (drums), Max Johnson (bass) and Nora Fox (voice, flute), with additional players includi...

  • First Irish Theatre Festival

    First Irish Theatre Festival View Profile


  • Ron Irizarry

    Ron Irizarry View Profile

    RON IRIZARRY is an award-winning, multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer from Carlisle Pennsylvania whose seasoned experience of extensive touring and recording projects has garnered worldwide acclaim. He began his career professionally in 1996 and has graced stages across the world including Madison Square Garden, The Staples Center, and The Rose Bowl. Ron has toured the United States and C...

  •  Iron & Wine

    Iron & Wine View Profile

  • Black Iron Gathering

    Black Iron Gathering View Profile

    The Columbia, South Carolina based group has earned a reputation since 2011 as a dynamic live band, pulling its style from bluegrass, punk, Celtic, and old age country music to form an exciting, energetic hybrid that showcases strong vocal harmonies, driving banjo, and some classic chicken pickin’ (telecaster) guitar licks. The Black Iron Gathering are first cousins to Americana, combining John ...

  • My Iron Lung

    My Iron Lung View Profile

    San Diego, California

  • The Iron Maidens

    The Iron Maidens View Profile

  • Buffalo Iron Works Season Pass 2020

    Buffalo Iron Works Season Pass 2020 View Profile

    Introducing the Limited Edition Buffalo Iron Works Season Pass! This pass will entitle the holder entrance to all concerts held at Buffalo Iron Works for 2020. **This year we'll be adding some extra bonuses. Each season pass holder will receive 1 FREE DRINK at each show they attend throughout the year. On top of that at a date to be determined Iron Works will be hosting a very special conce...

  • Juliette Irons

    Juliette Irons View Profile

  • Seek Irony

    Seek Irony View Profile

  • Dom Irrera

    Dom Irrera View Profile

    Nominated, six times for an American Comedy Award, Dom Irrera's stand-up material was honed in a multi-generational Italian household in South Philadelphia with his mother, sister, grandmother, uncles and cousins all under one very big roof. A great-grandmother even lived across the street. Together there were three floors and four generations of family. His first big break was his performance on...

  • Isaac Irvin

    Isaac Irvin View Profile

    Isaac Dean Irvin born on June 13, 1977, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and visual effects artist that currently lives in Venice California & can be found playing live at various Venice bars/clubs.

  • Mark Irwin

    Mark Irwin View Profile

    Former Bluebird Cafe bartender Mark Irwin co-wrote Alan Jackson's first number one hit "Here In The Real World", a two time CMA Song of the Year nominee and winner of the Music City News’ Award for Song of the Year 1990.  As well as having songs on Alan Jackson's more recent CD “DRIVE” and Garth Brooks' “THE...

  • Kissing Is A Crime

    Kissing Is A Crime View Profile

    Kissing is a Crime was conceived by singer/guitarist Matt Molnar back in 2012, but formally coalesced only in the last year or so. The intervening time was spent writing, demoing, perfecting, and planning. Raised in New Jersey, Molnar spent his formative years performing in punk and hardcore groups before relocating to Brooklyn where he co-founded the bands Soft Black, Friends, and Pagan Ritua...

  • america is a mistake

    america is a mistake View Profile

    We are a NC heavypop/janglepunk band.

  • Music is Art Battle of the High School Bands

    Music is Art Battle of the High School Bands View Profile

    Music is Art Battle of the High School Bands: Check out local high school bands battle it out for the Music is Art Casullo Cup.  This year's line up: - Michael DeLano - Drake - Gunther's Radio - Muddle - Not 4 Nothing - The Royals Closing the show will be the 2018 Battle of the High School Bands Winner - The Progressions  

  • Who Is BC?

    Who Is BC? View Profile

    Originally from Houston, TX, BC is unafraid to test the limits of genre. Taking us from the suburban sounds of the CB Kings to the untamed alt-rock energy of the Crisis, this artist is bold and unique. Utilizing live looping, engaging subject matter, and a keen sense of entertainment, his one-man act is a spectacle of a show - usually described as awesome and confusing. Now based in Nashville, BC ...

  • Life Is Cool

    Life Is Cool View Profile

    “Live shows encase the audience with fog and funk. They give the crowd something to dance about with cowbell beats, sultry vocals and a kickass trumpet player (Cam Breezy, whose music experience before LIFE is COOL came courtesy of the National Guard).” – Hear Nebraska Voted Lincoln Exposed 2013, “Life of the P-A-R-T-Y” – Daily Nebraskan “LIFE is COOL ende...

  • Bitches is Crazy

    Bitches is Crazy View Profile

    We are BIC and we do our best to make good hip-hop...

  • Eken is Dead

    Eken is Dead View Profile

    What is EKEN IS DEAD you ask? EID stands for taking the next step in your life; It’s conquering your old dreams and moving on to new. It’s killing off what you once believed in and fighting for what matters to you now. Started in a garage in 2003, Vic Arevalo formed the band then known as Eken. A word that essentially meant nothing, but stood for everything Vic believed in. Eken was an untainted p...

  • Goose Is Dead

    Goose Is Dead View Profile

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