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  • Damage Inc.

    Damage Inc. View Profile

    Damage Inc is Southern California's premier tribute to Metallica. Damage Inc has been privileged to be featured on AXS TV’s “The World's Greatest Tribute Bands” show. They have spent the last ten years playing numerous sold-out venues, as well as donating their time to several benefits concerts. With a never-ending library of timeless classics mixed with today's hits, Damage Inc captivates audie...

  • JP Inc.

    JP Inc. View Profile

    JP Incorporated Bad news for all you Pleaseeasaur fans out there; Pleaseeasaur is no longerasaur. On the other hand, good news for all you Pleaseeasaur fans out there; Pleaseeasaur's JP Hasson is back as JP Incorporated. And now you can now enjoy JP Incorporated's debut debut release from Comedy Central Records, An Album of Distinction.

  • Motley Inc.

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  • Robbery Inc.

    Robbery Inc. View Profile

  • Blood Incantation

    Blood Incantation View Profile

  • Nine Inch Nails

    Nine Inch Nails View Profile

    Nine Inch Nails were the most popular industrial group ever and were largely responsible for bringing the music to a mass audience. It isn't really accurate to call NIN a group; the only official member is singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Trent Reznor, who always remained solely responsible for NIN's musical direction (he was, however, supported in concert by a regular backing band). Unlike t...

  • Jaded Incorporated

    Jaded Incorporated View Profile

    Mayer Hawthorne & 14KT are Jaded Incorporated

  • The Incredible Heavies

    The Incredible Heavies View Profile

    The Incredible Heavies take their love of classic 1960's instrumental surf and garage rock such as Link Wray and Dick Dale and kick it up with blistering punk rock energy and noir-ish, spaghetti western soundscapes to create a sound both authentic and fresh that echoes with Fender reverb and crashes like the waves of the Pacific Ocean.  The Incredible Heavies' second EP of original...

  • Nigerian Independence Day

    Nigerian Independence Day View Profile

    Nigerian Independence Day is Americas Fourth of July. It is the independence from British rule and it’s the 55th   anniversary.  Come celebrate a culmination of culture dating back to ancient Nsude Pyramids in Abaja, Nigeria. Eat plainten with jellof and meat, like the Oba’s ate, in the gigantic dining halls; decorated with bronze statues of pass kings of the great Benin K...

  • The Independents

    The Independents View Profile

    Formed in early 1992 by Evil Presly and Willy B, The Independents was born out of the frustration of music being stereotyped and just plain fucking boring. Willy B and Evil both loved all types of music, from Conway Twitty to Iron Maiden, from the Ramones to Etta James and The Specials. Both loved horror and sci-fi movies and wanted to find some way to include it in their music. Evil started writi...

  • Little Indian

    Little Indian View Profile

    Little Indian Is a DJ / Producer Living in LA. She produces for herself + other artists + remixes. She DJs in LA.

  • Neon Indian

    Neon Indian View Profile

  • Old Indian

    Old Indian View Profile

  • Wooden Indian Burial Ground

    Wooden Indian Burial Ground View Profile

  • From Indian Lakes

    From Indian Lakes View Profile

    From Indian Lakes is the experimental indie rock brainchild of California based multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi. He began writing songs in a small mountain community just outside Yosemite National Park and later enlisted the help of friends to perform his material. Able Bodies (album) gained acclaim when it was released independently in 2012. Vannucchi continues to evolve the project's so...

  • DJ Indica Jones

    DJ Indica Jones View Profile

    Based out of Seattle, DJ Indica Jones is the official DJ for Ra Scion of Common Market and The Good Husbands. He also does theme parties and club parties throughout Washington State.

  • The Indicators

    The Indicators View Profile


    KJAZZ INDIE BLUES View Profile

  • Mammoth Indigo

    Mammoth Indigo View Profile

    -"If you’re looking for art-oriented indie-rock without all the pretense – here it is." - Earbuddy

  • The Indigo Girls

    The Indigo Girls View Profile

    The Indigo Girls (Emily Saliers and Amy Ray) released their sixteenth studio album, One Lost Day, on June 2nd.Vast in its reach, but unified by the traveler's sense of wonder, gratitude, and empathy, One Lost Day moves like a centrifuge, pulling the listener close to linger in the small moment, then casting out onto sonic currents. This is music of the past, present, and future — a bound...

  • The Indoor Fireworks

    The Indoor Fireworks View Profile

  • La Inedita

    La Inedita View Profile

    Formed in 2010 in Lima, Peru. LA INEDITA is positioned on top of the Peruvian independent scene. Exploiting the many musical influences of its 5 members, LA INEDITA has created his own style: CHICHAMUFFIN, fusion of Chicha (traditional Peruvian cumbia) of Raggamuffin and Dancehall with subtle touches of Hip-Hop and other nuances. The power of CHICHAMUFFIN broke boundaries from the start bei...

  • La Inédita

    La Inédita View Profile

    Formed in 2010 in Lima, Peru. LA INEDITA is positioned on top of the Peruvian independent scene. Exploiting themany musical influences of its 5 members, LA INEDITA has created his own style: CHICHAMUFFIN, fusion of Chicha (traditional Peruvian cumbia) of Raggamuffin and Dancehall with subtle touches of Hip-Hop and other nuances. The power of CHICHAMUFFIN broke boundaries from the start being recom...

  • The Infamous Stringdusters

    The Infamous Stringdusters View Profile

    With a nod to the past and a firm foot down on the gas toward the future, the 'Dusters... don't leave bluegrass behind; they're stretching it from within." - New York Times "...these stellar bluegrass players are pushing the music forward." - David Dye/World Cafe The Infamous Stringdusters rise to new heights on their ninth full-length re...

  • That Infernal Machine

    That Infernal Machine View Profile

  • Shark Infested Daughters

    Shark Infested Daughters View Profile

    6 piece Metalcore from Calgary, Alberta "These Tides, Our Tombs" is an album that has the originality to break down genre walls and create a truly diverse and dedicated fan base. A sound that has the consistency that veteran fans know and love, but still manages to remain dynamic enough to attract a plethora of new listeners. It's rare to find such a definitive offering from ...

  • La Infinita

    La Infinita View Profile

    Since their humble beginnings in the backyards of South Central Los Angeles in 2005, La Infinita (formerly known as La Infinita Protesta) has become one of the most renowned Ska-Reggae bands in the underground Ska movement. Throughout the last seven years, La Infinita’s unique style of Ska-Reggae has gathered a large following of all age groups. While many bands in the underground Ska movement dec...

  • Jasmine Infiniti

    Jasmine Infiniti View Profile

    The Queen of Hell  Trans Woman of Color  Artist, Model, DJ, socialite, and aspiring Producer/Performer ⚧

  • Orlando Infinito

    Orlando Infinito View Profile

  • Sterling Infinity and The Evolution

    Sterling Infinity and The Evolution View Profile

    Like many great singers before him, Sterling began in gospel music, where his songwriting abilities and extraordinary vocal range won the attention of other gospel stars and the adulation of audiences. Soon he was singing not only at church venues, but also at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Avery Fisher, and the Jacob Javits Center. Pop music always had equal influence on Sterlin...

  • Bad Influence

    Bad Influence View Profile

    we are better at being a duo than tenacious d. you will surrender to us once you see us play. as soon as the show starts, you will be under the influence

  • Jans Ingber

    Jans Ingber View Profile

    Jans started his journey in a log cabin in the woods of Nelson, BC, Canada. He was born to hippie parents who met on a communal traveling school bus and moved to the woods of Canada as part of the "Back to the Land" movement.  At 2 years-old he and his family moved to Eugene, Oregon, a place where counter culture walks side by side with rural living. In his teenage years, whe...

  • Brandon Ingle

    Brandon Ingle View Profile

  • Chuck Inglish

    Chuck Inglish View Profile

  • Caylea Ingram

    Caylea Ingram View Profile

  • Eric Ingram

    Eric Ingram View Profile

  • Jack Ingram

    Jack Ingram View Profile

    When Jack Ingram won the 2008 Academy of Country Music award for “Best New Male Vocalist,” thousands of people in the audience had to be smiling to themselves about that whole “new” thing. They knew the thirty-something, steel-eyed veteran accepting that trophy on that stage in Vegas had been rocking roadhouses, theaters and stadiums relentlessly since 1997, that he’d...

  • Wally Ingram

    Wally Ingram View Profile

    Wisconsin-born percussionist Wally Ingram is the rock world’s version of Kevin Bacon & there aren’t too many degrees of separation between him and just about every star on stage over the past decade or so. A frightening battle with cancer forced Wally to step away from a magical time on the road with Eric Burdon and the Animals but he’s back, healthy, happy and soaring after a massive outpouring o...

  • Mix'd Ingrdnts

    Mix'd Ingrdnts View Profile

    Mix'd Ingrdnts is a collective of female artists who work together as an all styles dance group with the intent of cultivating a stronger community of artists of all ages through urban performance and education.    WE EXIST TO EMPOWER WOMEN TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES!   Mix’d Ingrdnts is Samara Atkins, Giulianna Blasi, Gail Burks, Ahsia Devis, Poco Devis, Yes...

  • Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company

    Mix'd Ingrdnts Dance Company View Profile

    Mix'd Ingrdnts is a multi-ethnic and diverse collective of female artists who work together as an all styles dance company, with the intent of cultivating a stronger community of artists of all ages through urban performance, dance education and connection.    Co-Founders Jennifer "Jenay" Anolin and Samara Atkins began the company in 2010 wanting to affect their ...

  • Sebastian Ingrosso

    Sebastian Ingrosso View Profile

    (born Sebastian Carmine Ingrosso on April 20, 1983) is a Swedish DJ and producer of Italian descent. Born in Grahamstown South Africa but raised in Solna, Sweden. Sebastian spent his teenage years in his fathers studio learning how to make music, with his first official remix released on Mega Records in 1999. He is head of A&R for his own record label, 'Refune', which has pioneered many ar...

  • Motor Inn

    Motor Inn View Profile

    Adrian= guitar Candace= drums

  • Neil Innes

    Neil Innes View Profile

    is an English writer and performer of comic songs, best known for his collaborative work with Monty Python, and for playing in the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and later The Rutles.

  • Ryan Innes

    Ryan Innes View Profile

    Fresh off the hit TV show The Voice, Ryan Innes has always been one for breaking the ice. From his newsboy cap to his bold kicks, his personal style makes him “fat and sassy”, but it is his wit and boldness that will make you fall in love. With a laugh that melts your heart and a beard that claims it, Ryan Innes has created his own brand of soul. If Michael Buble and Joni Mitchell had a love child...

  • The Inns

    The Inns View Profile

    Once upon a time Tyler Phillips and Lauren Stockner started a company called Phillstock Entertainment. One thing this company does is produce live shows around New York. Their second show scheduled for February 3rd had an allstar line up of bands and this selfishly caused Tyler and Lauren to want to be added to the bill, so they started a band called The Inns. It turns out they didn't suck, and no...

  • Tony Inorbit

    Tony Inorbit View Profile

    Tony began throwing parties in the early 00's under the auspices of g.o.a.Play, a San Francisco-based psytrance crew best known for their weekly events at the Taco Portal. Dreaming of bigger and better things, he co funded Symbiosis in 2005 with the vision of creating a gathering where everyone, regardless of musical tastes or personal interests, could come together for celebration that was al...

  • Twisted Insane

    Twisted Insane View Profile

    Outside of little bits of information picked from the internet, not much is known about Twisted Insane other than the fact that he has one of the hardest, fastest flows in the history of hip-hop. Twisted Insane started out his career homeless selling cd's just to get money for food and a room. Eventually, Twisted Insane's buzz grew into something out of control. Fans became more than fans,...

  • Laura Inserra

    Laura Inserra View Profile

    Laura Inserra is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and artistic director. She is a classically trained musician with a strong improvisational background. She plays contemporary and world music in different projects as a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. She authors and performs music for theater, dance performances, exhibitions, and soundtracks for movies with interna...

  • From Inside

    From Inside View Profile

    Started in 2009 as a pseudonym for singer/songwriter Alex Vejar's solo act. Influenced by such bands as The Spill Canvas, Dashboard Confessional, and Death Cab for Cutie; From Inside offers tantalizing rhythmic guitar riffs, addicting lyrics, and soothing vocals. Their five song EP, Inside Out, dropped in April 2010 and can be found on their website, iTunes and various other websites. From Inside ...

  • Rony's Insomnia

    Rony's Insomnia View Profile

    Rony's Insomnia is a local New York band led by Rony Corcos, a Singer-Songwriter, guitarist and producer. Their music is a combination of Alternative Rock with a Soulful, honest and unique edge. Rony's Insomnia has performed in New Yorks 'Meany', CMJ Festivals and in venues such as The Living Room, Arlene's Grocery, Pianos, Brooklyn Bowl, The City Winery, BB King's and Tarrytown music hall. ...

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