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  • Never I

    Never I View Profile

    In January, 2015, a project two years in the making came to light with the release of their first single, “The Gentle Wind That Tears Down The House.” In the months that followed, the band began performing all over the surrounding states, and on April 14th they released the debut ep entitled “Speak” (prod. Jeff Long, 2014). The EP was performed alongside former members Kyle Nesslinger and Richard ...

  • Zion I

    Zion I View Profile

    “It’s interesting where we are right now,” says Zion I co-founder Zumbi. “I’m so firmly into hip-hop, and Amp is into so many other genres. Somehow it just works” For over 20 years, Zumbi and Amp Live have made music together, celebrating a juxtaposition of influences, with a shared message to preserve the art of music. After two dozen releases, spanning ...

  • Vices I Admire

    Vices I Admire View Profile

    Vices I Admire is an alternative rock band from Denver, CO. The current lineup is Dave Curtis (vocals, guitar; 2002-present), Dan Battenhouse (bass, vocals; 2009-present) and Alex Simpson (drums, vocals; 2012-present); for performances, a second-guitarist spot is filled by various musicians, the most recent being Scott Uhl (of Glass Delirium). “The music is refined and potent. These songs...

  • Lion I Am

    Lion I Am View Profile

    We are Lion I Am. A San Diego based band made up of five dudes, all from different backgrounds, but with one passion, which is making music we love and want to hear. We are constantly striving to bring something new to the table while staying true to our hardcore roots.

  • Will I Am

    Will I Am View Profile

    The work of rapper and producer helped make Black Eyed Peas one of the most intriguing acts in hip-hop, and later made them one of the most popular acts on the charts when the albums Elephunk (2003) and Monkey Business (2005) started ascending the charts. During 2005-2007, he also helmed tracks for Pussycat Dolls, John Legend, bandmate Fergie, the Game, Ciara, Nicole Scherzinger, and Mac...

  •  I Am the Avalanche

    I Am the Avalanche View Profile

    A second-generation post-hardcore act, I Am the Avalanche features members of several earlier emo and screamo outfits. Singer and songwriter Vinnie Caruana was the leader of the Movielife, guitarist Brandon Swanson was in Further Seems Forever, and bassist Kellen Robson is a former member of Scraps and Heart Attacks. Formed in Brooklyn by Caruana in 2004 after the Movielife broke up (and following...

  •  I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business

    I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business View Profile

    The things we lose sight of are best rediscovered in a dark room with our eyes closed and our ears open. That is how Ace Enders would like you to become acquainted with his first solo release, I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business. The project was born out of a desire for a clean start. Enders, a 22 year old New Jersey native is armed with knowledge and experience gained through his band, The E...

  • Till I Fall

    Till I Fall View Profile

    Till i Fall is an Alternative/Pop-Rock band from San Jose, Ca. Having started in September of 2011, Till i Fall released their debut EP "Solutions, Not Answers" in the Spring of 2012 and followed the release with two tours across the West Cost during the Summer and Winter of the same year. In March of 2013 the band released their sophomore EP, "11 Years," and they are currently...

  • Revolution, I Love You

    Revolution, I Love You View Profile

    Revolution, I Love You, like the 1968 Paris Student Uprising that inspired the band's name, is a volatile mix of impulses that come together in a joyous riot of sound. Their music is an eclectic blend of indie rock and dance beats: "[It] may be relatively indescribable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also mighty fine. Revolution, I Love You’s overall effect might just restore your faith in rock & ...

  •  I Nine

    I Nine View Profile

    Hailing from central South Carolina, the female-fronted pop/rock quintet I Nine first appeared in 2005, having received a personal invitation from screenwriter/director Cameron Crowe to appear on the motion picture soundtrack for Elizabethtown. The fresh-faced band -- comprised of vocalist Carmen Keigans, cellist/guitarist Bryan Gibson, guitarist Brian Whitman, and bassist Matt Heath -- had formed...

  • Beyond I Sight

    Beyond I Sight View Profile

    Beyond I Sight...the manifestation of a divine vision. Formed in early 2010, Beyond I Sight is quickly emerging as a prominent voice of the southern California Reggae scene. With deep influence from the roots, dub and early dancehall of the late 70's and early 80's, combined with the vast and eclectic musical backgrounds of the individual members, Beyond I Sights' sound is original ...

  •  I Twenty

    I Twenty View Profile

    A featured spot on "Move Bitch," a Ludacris-led single from Disturbing tha Peace's 2002 album Golden Grain, proved to be a crucial moment for deep-voiced Southern rapper I-20. Based in Decatur, GA, the MC (real name: Bobby Sandimanie) was originally known as Infamous 2-0, but he eventually altered his stage name to echo the interstate route that runs through the Southeastern U.S. He met a prestard...

  •  I Wayne

    I Wayne View Profile

  • Axel Ian

    Axel Ian View Profile

    On his debut album This is the New Year Ian Axel celebrates relationships, personal transformation and fresh starts. While examining ties to family, friends and significant others, Axel has created an album full of playful anthems extolling these human connections and rediscovers that all-important, yet under-considered, link to one's younger self along the way. "I always feel like I'm trying to r...

  • Genesis Ian

    Genesis Ian View Profile

  • Janis Ian

    Janis Ian View Profile

  • Genesis Ian and the NRG

    Genesis Ian and the NRG View Profile

     Genesis Ian and the NRG is placed under the genre of Rock / Pop with a major emphasis on new wave and electronic influence. There's a sense of mystery, classicness, and edge when you listen to Genesis Ian and NRG.

  • Michael Ian Black

    Michael Ian Black View Profile

    Michael Ian Black regularly tours the country performing his ribald brand of humorous jokes and observations. Black’s latest special and CD, “Very Famous,” was released in 2011 and was followed by the nationwide “Black is White” tour. His first comedy CD, “I Am A Wonderful Man,” was released in 2007. Black is currently co-host of a popular podcast with Tom...

  • Adrienne Iapalucci

    Adrienne Iapalucci View Profile

     Born and bred in the Bronx , Adrienne Iapalucci's skewed look on life is reflected in her unique brand of intelligent comedy. Her dark sense of humor is enhanced by her political incorrectness, and counteracted by her love of puppies. You can see Adrienne on this season of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Adrienne won the 2009 First-ever People's Choice Opening Act Competition, and got the opport...

  • Justin Ibrahim

    Justin Ibrahim View Profile

  • The Icarus Line

    The Icarus Line View Profile

    As a modern echo of the rock & roll terror that was inspired by Black Flag and the Stooges, the Icarus Line offered a screaming wake-up call to the West Coast underground in the late '90s. Coming together following the demise of a handful of aggro-punk projects in their Los Angeles homes, singer Joe Cardamone, bassist Lance Arnao, and guitarists Alvin DeGuzman and Aaron North went through several ...

  • Vanilla Ice

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  • Thin Ice Band

    Thin Ice Band View Profile

    The Thin Ice Band, from the Denver area, is made up of four veteran musicians. All have played professionally on the local and national music scene. Their individual resumes are too lengthy to appear here at this time - but in the course of their long and varied careers, they have been opening acts or shared the stage with such artists as The Vanilla Fudge, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Strawberry ...

  • Candyland Ice Bash

    Candyland Ice Bash View Profile

    Admission Ticket with 2 hours all you can drink Community Beer Works Frank American Pale Ale Amazing Larry Cream Ale from 8pm to 10pm: $30.00 PRE-SALE ONLY Ends Sunday December 17th. Will not be available at the door. 50% of sales from these bands will be donated to Roswell Park. Candyland Ice Bash: Enter the time machine to a magically frozen land of Candy and Holiday joy....

  •  Ice Cube

    Ice Cube View Profile

    Ice Cube began his career with the notorious gangsta rap group N.W.A. He broke away at the height of their national notoriety. On his initial solo release, 1990's Amerikkka's Most Wanted, Ice Cube injected virulent political and cultural rhetoric that stepped above N.W.A's gangbanging braggadocio. Ice Cube squashed the bi-coastal rap rivalry and collaborated with New York's hip-hop heavyweights Pu...

  • The Iceman Special

    The Iceman Special View Profile

    The Iceman Special is a 4 piece outfit transplanted from the swamps of Louisiana to New Orleans. They create a sound that resonates with the psych rock community as well as writing songs that explore reggae, funk, melodic pop, prog, and other influences. The bands live shows are notorious for their intensity and their use of innovative and creative visual stimuli while also taking pride in song...

  • DJ Icey

    DJ Icey View Profile

    Born and raised in Florida, DJ Icey has been mesmerized by electronic music ever since hearing the synthesizer breakdown on The Edgar Winter Groups "Frankenstein." "My mom had that album and I would play that middle part over and over wondering how they made that sound, Icey recounts. I was little and thought it was so cool." Rising to worldwide prominence out of the fertile O...

  • Test Icicles

    Test Icicles View Profile

    Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969),[3] known by his stage name Jay-Z (sometimes stylized as Jay Z, or JAY Z),[4][5][6] is an American rapper, record producer, andentrepreneur. He is one of the most financially successful hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs in America. In 2014, Forbes estimated Carter's net worth at nearly $520 mil...

  • Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

    Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley View Profile

    Based on a mutual love of bluegrass, country, blues, rock, western swing, jazz and other string band music of all kinds, the partnership of 15-time IBMA Dobro Player of the Year Rob Ickes (who also plays superlative lap steel guitar in the duo on occasion) and widely respected acoustic/electric guitarist and vocalist Trey Hensley continues to delight and astound audiences of...

  • The Icy Hot Club

    The Icy Hot Club View Profile

    Skillfully Conjuring 1930's Gypsy Jazz with their own unique twist! The Icy Hot Club is a Los Angeles based group that plays Gypsy Jazz music in the style of Django Reinhardt. Their group consists of two guitars and upright bass, violin, clarinet, and drums. They play a wide range of material including Gypsy, Pop, and Jazz. Their versatility and extensive repertoire allow them to perform...

  •  Ida Maria

    Ida Maria View Profile

  • Sariyah Idan

    Sariyah Idan View Profile

    "Sariyah Idan creates an eclectic palette... wildly imaginative, and soulful" -Sabrina Okoegwale Sariyah Idan, jazz trained, hip-hop educated and influenced by music of her Jewish roots, she blends musical styles into an alternative sound seasoned with soulful and passionately longing while riffing on topics from romance to politics. Akin to Nneka and Amy Winehouse, she...

  • Strange Ideas

    Strange Ideas View Profile

    It kicked off in the summer of 2013 like a rabid wildebeest: Primitive folk singer-songwriter Matthew Hable (center) launched his latest musical vision, Strange Ideas, and hasn’t looked back. Later that year, Hable enlisted Eliot Curtis (left) on bass guitar and Fred Jennings on drums, quickly establishing themselves as core members of Strange Ideas.   The Monterey native cit...

  • TS Idiot

    TS Idiot View Profile

    The musical world of TS Idiot runs the gamut from the melodic theatricality of David Bowie to the raw aggression of the Sex Pistols. An unflinchingly honest songwriter, singer/guitarist Terence Sheehan leads the group through his darkly humorous narratives. Featuring drummer Kyle Crane (Daniel Lanois, M. Ward), his most recent album “Lay L.A.” paints a gritty yet haunting portrait of h...

  • The Idle Tyrant

    The Idle Tyrant View Profile

    Christopher Pennison - Guitar  Thom Beckman - Bass  Joe Henrickson - Drums 

  • The Idles

    The Idles View Profile

    The Idles is a rock and roll duo from Los Angeles California. Taylor (drums) and Jona (guitar/vocals) both moved to Los Angeles at the end of summer 2016 for more work and a better music scene. Although they both moved from the south, and lived only 45 minutes away from each other, they didn’t meet until finally residing in Los Angeles. Bonding over being raised on 1970s rock and roll and gr...

  • Billy Idol

    Billy Idol View Profile

    Along with Duran Duran, Billy Idol was one the first pop/rock artists to achieve massive success in the early '80s due to a then brand-new U.S. television network, MTV. Mixing his bad-boy good looks with an appealing blend of pop hooks, punk attitude, and a dance beats, Idol quickly rocketed to stardom, before hard living derailed his career and almost proved fatal. Born William Michael Albert Bro...

  • Generation Idol

    Generation Idol View Profile

    Veteran Las Vegas performer Craig Knight personifies Billy idol in his best light. An amazing performer and dead on look a-like. Craig’s rock and roll tribute to Billy Idol, aptly named GENERATION IDOL, is a burning hot time machine back to the fun filled 80’s!    Re-live some of the biggest radio hits of the era with GENERATION IDOL.  Craig and his profes...

  • Jesse Idol

    Jesse Idol View Profile

    Contemporary R&B has been longing for a fresh new voice and the wait is officially over. Jesse Idol is the answer, the beginning of a new era in the genre. Raised in a musically inclined family, music courses through Idol's entire being. Idol got his start in the church and cites Fred Hammond as a strong influence. He showcased his vocal talent early as a member of the prestigious Newark Boys Choi...

  • Golden Idols

    Golden Idols View Profile

    Like a fat person at the beach, Golden Idols covers a lot of ground (sonically speaking). The Seattle based band is influenced by everything from surf to dream pop to country funk, and it all finds its way into the music in a surprisingly thrilling amalgamation. The common thread throughout their ever growing repertoire is the danceability of every note of every song. Ne...

  • Wax Idols

    Wax Idols View Profile

    "The third album by Wax Idols is equal parts declaration of independence and meditation on togetherness, and this is, perhaps, where it strays from the band’s previous work: American Tragic stands out for its profound empathy — elegiac in its approach, but connective by nature. To say that it’s simply a break-up album is to sell short an idea that Hether Fortune has been pla...

  • As If

    As If View Profile

    All the ROCK, HIP HOP, POP, and DANCE favorites from the 90's performed live w/ DJ Dark Wing Duck spinning the 90's remix dance party in between live sets. Pumping up the jam while jumping around, thumping tubs and getting' knocked down! As If brings you a transcendent nostalgic experience that you'll never want to end!

  • Harmful If Swallowed

    Harmful If Swallowed View Profile

    Harmful if Swallowed’s infectious sound offers a fusion of punk and Rock. This trio offers their own formula evolving from its earlier days of punk to a modern array of Pop Punk and Rock, layered with their own flavor and views. Their latest album, “The Chronicles of Losing” features songs that are political, mysterious and heavily sentimental. From the start to the finish, the r...

  • Eddie Ifft

    Eddie Ifft View Profile

    It’s safe to say that Eddie is one of the most traveled comedians in show business. This year alone, he has headlined not only all over the United States and the UK, but also in 15 other countries including South Africa, Australia, China and the United Arab Emirates. His travels were chronicled for an upcoming feature length, documentary film, entitled "America the Punchline." It all started for E...

  • Lil Iffy

    Lil Iffy View Profile

  • Miss Iggy

    Miss Iggy View Profile

    bringing those block rocking beats, be it pedaled on bike, or pumped in a warehouse... the party will be had everywhere BoomZilla does roar

  •  Iggy Pop

    Iggy Pop View Profile

  • Enrique Iglesias

    Enrique Iglesias View Profile

  • Gabriel Iglesias

    Gabriel Iglesias View Profile

    Gabriel Iglesias (born on July 15, 1976) is a comedian who is best known for his loud, funny voices and animated style of comedy. Iglesias was born in San Diego, California. Raised by a single parent (his mother). Because of his large frame, he is the self-proclaimed "Fluffy Man" as he says "I'm not fat, I'm Fluffy". The nickname is derived from his own joke about th...

  •  Iglu & Hartly

    Iglu & Hartly View Profile

    Formed by University of Colorado students Jarvis Anderson (keyboards, vocals), Sam Martin (keyboards, vocals), and Simon Katz (guitar), new wave revivalists Iglu & Hartly came together after the three relocated to California to pursue their musical aspirations. Soon after, they were joined by Chicago drummer Luis Rosiles and Los Angeles native Michael Bucher on bass. The group released its debut s...

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