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  • Chris Fairbanks

    Chris Fairbanks View Profile

    Chris Fairbanks, a young comic who left the scenic comfort of Big Sky Country in Montana ten years ago to join the Texas comedy circle, has been getting a lot of attention. In the past few years, Chris took first place in 2003's Funniest Person in Austin contest, attended Montreal's Just for Laughs festival in their "New Faces" showcase, starred as "Randy" on the MTV reality series "The 70's H...

  • Amy Fairchild

    Amy Fairchild View Profile

    Northampton, MA, 1994, marks the beginning of Fairchild's musical career with the release of her first record, "She's Not Herself' which quickly garnered high honors from local papers and revealed Amy to be a talented songwriter who deftly gets to the heart of the matter.  In 1997, Amy took off for New York where she won the Lilith Fair Talent Competition in 1999, and in 2001...

  • Miss Fairchild

    Miss Fairchild View Profile

    Boston’s R&B ensemble Miss Fairchild is joyfully committed to The Show; spectacle, musicianship, awe and entertainment. Performing in the grand tradition of the Motown/Stax innovators of the 60’s, and the glittery Pop-Funk icons of each succeeding decade, MF exists amongst a new tier of R&B showmanship. Channeling both the urban ferocity of The Dap Kings as well as the slick li...

  • Shelly Fairchild

    Shelly Fairchild View Profile

    Shelly Fairchild isn’t new to the industry – but she’s far from old news. A staple in the Nashville music community, Fairchild hit the scene to much acclaim with her Columbia Records debut album Ride. The project introduced the young artist’s soulful, gospel-tinged brand of alternative country and spawned a Top 40 hit with “You Don’t Lie Here Anymore.&...

  • Savior Faire

    Savior Faire View Profile

    Savoir Faire - a rock n roll provocateur, bleeding from the heart to the stage- the shot down soul brother bashing through the limitations of body and mind, grabbing and groping all manor of riff and burn. Born and bred in Hollywood proper, running in the streets as a teenage punk, high on the dope of underground rock n roll and outer urban soul- the man developed and cultivated his style and s...

  • SOR Fairfax

    SOR Fairfax View Profile

  • Frank Fairfield

    Frank Fairfield View Profile

    Frank Fairfield is a young man and old time folk musician who plays fiddle, guitar and banjo while singing and hollering. An unbelievable word of mouth sensation who channels the spirit of another era in his spellbinding live shows. From California, USA, Frank sings tunes he has worked hard to collect from around the world as well as his own well-dusted ditties. His eclectic sets f...

  • Hannah Fairlight

    Hannah Fairlight View Profile

  • Julia Fairlight

    Julia Fairlight View Profile



    KELLY FAIROAKS View Profile

    It all started in the streets of Washington D.C, where a young lad named Kelvin McGrue developed his freaky style wild. A one and only child can drive a family bonkers. Especially if you're caught up in the D.C Go-Go world of Rock Star Bad Baby Bruh. After numerous encounters with Mr. Watchy Man, it was time to re-evaluate the situation. Being introduced to the alternative world, and riding t...

  • The Fairview Union

    The Fairview Union View Profile

    You can be assured, when you come to see The Fairview Union live,we sweat and bleed high paced in your face rocking country music that comes at you with a double barrel blast of male and female lead vocals, a lead guitarist with enough versatiltiy and tone to take you from Slash to Cash in 5.0 seconds flat and the most rock solid high energy rhythm section you could ever ask for. Since 2011 we...

  • Little Faith

    Little Faith View Profile

    LITTLE FAITH is the West Coast’s hottest roots gospel band, playing to packed houses wherever they go. The band’s members have toured and recorded with Etta James, Patti LaBelle, the Chambers Brothers, Natalie Cole, Dr. John, Aaron Neville, Billy Ray Cyrus, Robbie Krieger, Pete Anderson and more. SHELTER, their newest release, features revved-up versions of traditional gospel standards...

  • Jah Faith & The Dub Elite

    Jah Faith & The Dub Elite View Profile

  • TKO Faith Healer

    TKO Faith Healer View Profile

    Musique de magnétisme animal.

  • No Faith In Fortune

    No Faith In Fortune View Profile

  •  Faith No More

    Faith No More View Profile

    With their fusion of heavy metal, funk, hip-hop, and progressive rock, Faith No More has earned a substantial cult following. By the time they recorded their first album in 1985, the band had already had a string of lead vocalists, including Courtney Love; their debut, We Care a Lot, featured Chuck Mosley's abrasive vocals but was driven by Jim Martin's metallic guitar. Faith No More's next album,...

  • Amy Faithe

    Amy Faithe View Profile

    Amy Faithe was born in Albuquerque, NM, in a nurturing environment fit for exceptional talent. Introduced to music at the tender age of 6, Faithe’s parents instilled confidence, self worth and esteem during her most impressionable years. Allowing her to freely express her life’s desires and passions, her family always supported her decisions to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. T...

  • April Faith-Slaker

    April Faith-Slaker View Profile

  •  Fake Blood

    Fake Blood View Profile

  • Like Fake Humans

    Like Fake Humans View Profile

    Pop/indie rock duo making music & playing shows with our band in NYC. Check out the debut EP "The Fall & Rise"!

  •  Fake Problems

    Fake Problems View Profile

    Originally planned as a solo project for vocalist/guitarist Chris Farren, Fake Problems are a four-piece band hailing from the Southern coastal vacation town of Naples, FL. Occupying the space between alt-country, folk, and indie pop with an added dose of punk D.I.Y. appeal, Farren ultimately got together with some high-school buddies -- bassist/vocalist Derek Perry, guitarist Casey Lee, and drumm...

  • Ultimate Fakebook

    Ultimate Fakebook View Profile

    Playing with perky rock riffs similar to the likes of Eve 6 and Matchbox Twenty, Ultimate Fakebook has touched upon the ever so popular three chords. Hailing from Manhattan, Kansas, Ultimate Fakebook is another alternative pop/rock band mixing old school rock music in the face of their successors such as Green Day. Coming together in 1994, third cousins Bill McShane (vocals/guitar) and Nick Colby ...

  • Foo Fakers

    Foo Fakers View Profile

  • Vanessa Falabella

    Vanessa Falabella View Profile

  • Tav Falco and the Panther Burns (Featuring Mike Watt!)

    Tav Falco and the Panther Burns (Featuring Mike Watt!) View Profile

    Tav Falco's Panther Burns, sometimes shortened to (The) Panther Burns, is a rock band originally from Memphis, Tennessee, United States, led by Tav Falco. They are best known for having been part of a set of bands emerging in the late 1970s and early 1980s who helped nationally popularize the blending of blues, country, and other American traditional music styles with rock music among groups p...

  • Billy Falcon

    Billy Falcon View Profile

    Someone once said that after silence, music comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible. Singer/songwriter Billy Falcon’s music has a way of doing just that. As an artist uses color, Falcon uses words and music to convey life’s beauty and fragility, the joy and the heartaches, the disappointemenr and always, the hope. The 11 songs on his latest record, “Holy Fire,” contin...

  • Mother Falcon

    Mother Falcon View Profile

    Mother Falcon is an orchestral indie band born in Austin, Texas that has quickly become an award winning recording act and a top concert draw, performing in rock clubs while maintaining a presence in the performing arts scene scoring plays and films. The group began to coalesce around multi-instrumentalist and composer Nick Gregg while the members were still teenagers, coming together via orche...

  • Rose Falcon

    Rose Falcon View Profile

  • Dana Falconberry

    Dana Falconberry View Profile

    The largely electronic arrangement on Dana Falconberry’s newest song “Palmless” may not make it so obvious, but the Austin songwriter is best known for her eloquent interpretations of nature and wildlife in her music. Her 2012 album Leelanau, written as an ode to her childhood vacations in the Michigan peninsula of the same name, is a more direct example of such inspiration. A metaphorical descrip...

  • Brianna Falcone

    Brianna Falcone View Profile

    Born and raised in a small town in Colorado, Brianna Falcone began writing music as a young child. She made the move to California at 16 to expand her horizons and explore an already promising career in music. Brianna's sound is a pleasing blend of acoustic and indie SoCal sound, grounded in Colorado's folk roots. Her catchy tunes and wise lyrics are carried out on a sweet and often entran...

  • Deb Falconer

    Deb Falconer View Profile

  • Deborah Falconer

    Deborah Falconer View Profile

  • Brian Falduto

    Brian Falduto View Profile

    Brian Falduto is an Actor & Singer-Songwriter best known for his work in the 2003 film School of Rock.  His debut, acoustic EP came out this past summer.  The album charted on iTunes in the US, the UK, and Norway and made international headlines in the LGBTQ community.  Titled Love One Another, the album is being followed up by a 2018 series of ongoing YouTube releases.  Th...

  • Bobby Falk

    Bobby Falk View Profile

  • Shadows Fall

    Shadows Fall View Profile

    Although their music sometimes bears strong similarities to the technical, progressive brand of death metal centered around Gothenburg, Sweden, and epitomized by bands like In Flames, Shadows Fall actually hails from Massachusetts. Guitarists Jonathan Donais and Matthew Bachand formed the band in 1996, and by the summer of the following year the lineup had solidified with vocalist Phil Lebonte, ba...

  • The Fall

    The Fall View Profile

  • Hard Fall Hearts

    Hard Fall Hearts View Profile

    Hard Fall Hearts are Bryan Kelly, Kyle Olson, and Eli Rinek. They are a positive, high energy trio that has been non-stop, playing great So Cal, US, and European venues. They have just returned from their 2nd European tour where they played Psychobilly Meeting in Pineda de Mar and Mid-Summer Jamboree in Finland this past June of 2012. Energetic and raw, their live show is guaranteed to make a ...

  • The Fall of April

    The Fall of April View Profile

  • The Fall Of Troy

    The Fall Of Troy View Profile

    Post-hardcore trio the Fall of Troy formed in Mukilteo, WA, in 2002. Singer/guitarist Thomas Erak, singer/bassist Tim Ward, and drummer Andrew Forsman previously collaborated in 30 Years War, a screamo outfit they formed with fellow high school classmate Mike Munro on guitar. After a pair of self-released 2002 EPs, Martyrs Among the Casualties and Live at the Paradox, Munro left the group, citing ...

  •  Fallen from the Sky

    Fallen from the Sky View Profile

    Contrary to their band name, Fallen from the Sky actually came together in a Boca Raton garage during the spring of 2002. The punk rock outfit formed around singer Ryan Loughney, drummer Giancarlo Aservi, bassist Marcus Kora, and guitarists Eric Jazvac and Ky Morland, with a sound similar to the Movielife and Rise Against. Spreading their name around their native Florida through the usual rounds o...

  • Delta Falling

    Delta Falling View Profile

    Over the centuries, many philosophers have argued in favor of the idea that destruction is a form of creation. It paves the way for something new to form out of ensuing chaos. It can bring an end to the stagnation of an imperfect system, so something young, and with potential growth, can take its place. As an outfit, Delta Falling follows this mentality as if it was a guiding siren. They are fo...

  • Jigsaw Falling

    Jigsaw Falling View Profile

    Jigsaw Falling is a progressive alternative/fusion band based in Los Angeles, CA. The band consists of members Roman Gastelum (Vocals, Bass, Lyrics), Arturo Lopez (Guitar, Engineer) and Jason Austan (Drums, Producer, Engineer). Jigsaw Falling's self-titled debut EP incorporates diverse influences - the melodic format, riffing and power of Rock/Pop, the textures and harmonic invention of "...

  • Londons Falling

    Londons Falling View Profile

    Londons Falling is a progressive punk band from San Diego, CA that originated from the hills and valleys of Ramona, CA in 2001. The members currently consist of Kevin White (lead vocals & guitar), Travis Dahl (lead guitar), Nick Rodney (bass) & Brant Bolton (drums). To date, the band has released 3 full length albums, 2 EPs, & 1 single through the small indie based label, Rodeo Records, and have c...

  • Ophelia Falling

    Ophelia Falling View Profile

  • The Falling Birds

    The Falling Birds View Profile

    The Falling Birds consists of Stephen Harausz on guitar, vocals and harmonica, David Burton on percussion, Jonathan Lee on bass and violin, and Nick Albury on guitar, mandolin and lap steel. Collectively, the band comes from a range of musical backgrounds and looks to put its own stamp on the history of rock and roll. Harausz leads the band with a guitar fed by years of punk, rock and roots music,...

  • Brian Fallon

    Brian Fallon View Profile

  • Brian Fallon & The Crowes

    Brian Fallon & The Crowes View Profile

    “This one is different,” says Brian Fallon. “This one is mine.”   Bursting at its seams with huge hooks, big choruses, and enormous heart, PAINKILLERS marks the first solo album from Brian Fallon, known far and wide as singer/guitarist of the Gaslight Anthem, as well as such acclaimed outfits as The Horrible Crowes and Molly & The Zombies. Produced by st...

  • DC Fallout

    DC Fallout View Profile

    Our old bio was out-dated. We'll get a new one as soon as one of us folds and decides to write it. In the meantime, we're a melodic punk rock band. We like playing and writing music. We're doing some nutty things in 2012, so stay tuned, and take your bets now as to who folds first and writes a proper bio. (Hint: It's not Terry) Feel free to send us fan mail and/or veiled threats at dcfallout@gm...

  • Asteroid Falls

    Asteroid Falls View Profile

  • February Falls

    February Falls View Profile

    Mikey, Jake & Oscar dig skateboarding along the boardwalk and Mikey often throws his clubs on his back and skates to the course to hit the back 9. Jake has a side project called the "Backseaters". Mikey's been riding dirtbikes since he was in kindergarten and wants a GSXR to speed through the LA traffic.

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