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  • Carlos Fischer Power Quartet

    Carlos Fischer Power Quartet View Profile

  •  Fischerspooner

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     Fischerspooner is an art pop performance project created and helmed by Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner that makes music, dance, fashion, film and photography. Their work fuses fine art and pop culture, as in their renowned outsider pop shows bursting with stage effects presented in both art galleries and traditional concert halls. Their full-length albums of music include #1, a punked-up di...

  • Samantha Fish

    Samantha Fish View Profile

    "You should always get outside of the box," Samantha Fish says while discussing her boundary-breaking new album Belle of the West. "Challenging yourself is how you grow." After launching her recording career in 2009, Samantha Fish quickly established herself as a rising star in the contemporary blues world.  Since then, the charismatic young singer-guitarist-songwri...

  • Steel Fish & Incense

    Steel Fish & Incense View Profile

    Indie punks from Motown with a psych rock folky feel

  • Mike Fish & Karen Less

    Mike Fish & Karen Less View Profile

    It just makes sense for me to express myself, reach out and uplift others through hip hop, the same medium that reached out and uplifted me.

  • Angie Fisher

    Angie Fisher View Profile

    At 4 years old, Angie Fisher was playing in the closet trying on her mother’s shoes and started to sing. Her mother, standing just outside the door asked Angie to keep singing because it was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard and that it sounded like an angel! As cliché as it may sound, Angie Fisher, who was born and raised in Pasadena, California to parents who sing, was born to sing an...

  • Cevin Fisher

    Cevin Fisher View Profile

    "I Love The Music ",“The Way We Used to Do It,” “The Freaks Come Out,” “House is a Feeling,” “You Got Me Burning Up,” “Love You Some More” and on and on... There are very few people whose name is synonymous with the term “house anthem” ...but all these tracks were created by one man... Cevin Fisher. Does he rest o...

  • Conrad Fisher

    Conrad Fisher View Profile

    Conrad Fisher is an energetic old soul who plays music steeped in Americana roots. He is passionate about writing and performing songs that tell stories, lift spirits, and express American thought and life. Conrad’s musical influences are Willie Nelson, John Prine, Johnny Cash, Hymns of the church, Merle Haggard, and Don Williams. He takes song writing seriously and has become intentional ab...

  • Jeremy Fisher

    Jeremy Fisher View Profile

    Singer/songwriter Jeremy Fisher is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Born Jeremy Binns, he was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, before moving on to perform in various projects. He self-released his first solo recording, Back Porch Spirituals, in 2001 and toured from Seattle, WA, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on bicycle to promote it, also busking on the streets in between scheduled tour dates....

  • Kevin Fisher

    Kevin Fisher View Profile

    Kevin Fisher is a songwriter…..solid and successful. He took his skills he learned from singing and writing for the SoCal band Naked to the World, voted Acoustic Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters, and put it into a Gold and Platinum record with country singer Sara Evans, a Gold and Platinum record with the amazing Rascal Flatts, excellent cuts by Uncle Kracker, Tim Rushlow (...

  • Steven Fisher

    Steven Fisher View Profile

  • The Fisherman Band

    The Fisherman Band View Profile

    The Fishermen Band is a blend of all your favorite ingredients…..Funk, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Reggae…..Quiet or Loud. ROCKIN, or sweet. TFB delivers all and adds kick ass 4 part harmony to give you a truly unique musical experience. A staple in DC music for over a decade, TFB has played over a thousand shows, and are regulars on local radio and television. Lindsay and Phillip Hough have been writing m...

  • Trout Fishing In America

    Trout Fishing In America View Profile

  • The Fishing Journal

    The Fishing Journal View Profile

    Three piece band from Columbia, SC. Its a good place. We're a good band. Loud and/or quiet indypunk. No bullshit.

  • Howard Fishman

    Howard Fishman View Profile

  • Mingo Fishtrap

    Mingo Fishtrap View Profile

    Mingo's fourth full-length record, the aptly-named On Time on Blue Corn Music, blends punchy horns and gritty Memphis grooves with N'awlins funk to create sounds steeped in both modern pop and sixties soul sensibilities, that transcend both era and genre. “My first love is classic sixties soul, funk, and Motown,” says Roger. As the band has grown, this early love af...

  • Schuyler Fisk

    Schuyler Fisk View Profile

  • Two Fisted Law

    Two Fisted Law View Profile

    Drinking, Meeting other indie punk bands that bleed on their records and on the road.

  • A Fistful of Blue

    A Fistful of Blue View Profile

    Four Southern Californians got together, tired of the direction pop music is headed and nostalgic for the good old Claption, Zeppelin, Petty, and Motown days, and much like Voltron, formed a dynamic amalgamation of influences that sounds unlike anything you have ever heard.

  • Max Fite

    Max Fite View Profile

    Through the power of music, ‘Max Fite' strives to enrich their songs with life’s passion. SHAKE IT ON DOWN brings tones of rock ’n’ roll, blues and folk together, forming a striking and visual experience. Acting as a road map to life’s struggles and successes, the album showcases the art that comes out of triumph and loss.  Since coming together in 2015, t...

  • The Fites

    The Fites View Profile

    Just a guy and a girl making music.

  • DJ Fitsum

    DJ Fitsum View Profile

  • K.P. Fitz

    K.P. Fitz View Profile

    A different kind of country singer, Kelly thinks outside the box when it comes to his style of music. Kelly’s new CD entitled “Different Kinda’ Country” has a fresh new sound with potential crossover to POP, R&B and is tailored for today’s radio. At his electrifying performances, crowds are seen bobbing their heads, stomping their feet, clapping their hands ... and always asking for more. ! ! Pass...

  • Kelly Fitzgerald

    Kelly Fitzgerald View Profile

    Playing over 200 nights a year, Singer/Songwriter Kelly Fitzgerald has toured all over the world as a solo and ensemble performer. She and her band have shared stages with artists such as John Hiatt, Shelby Lynn, Nancy Griffith, Cheap Trick, Eddie Money, The Gin Blossoms, Vonda Shepard, The BoDeans and others. Her much- anticipated album, “Be,” is her fifth release, following “That and Change,” “...

  • Keven Fitzgerald

    Keven Fitzgerald View Profile

    Based out of Los Angeles, Keven Fitzgerald creates timeless music that holds no boundaries. With his smooth 90's style soulistic voice, Keven blends melody and chords with his vibrant personality to create music set for a quiet night at home, perfecting the mellow setting experience. Find a quiet place, expect serenity, and indulge in the artist known as Keven Fitzgerald.

  • Tim Fitzgerald

    Tim Fitzgerald View Profile

    Tim Fitzgerald is a Chicago based guitarist and bandleader. He is also author of the book 625 Alive: the Wes Montgomery BBC Concert Transcribed, which has been hailed as the "Ultimate Study of Wes Montgomery's music" (Just Jazz Guitar Magazine) and “One of the 50 greatest guitar books of all time” (The 50 Greatest Guitar Books). He has written columns fo...

  • Buddy Fitzpatrick

    Buddy Fitzpatrick View Profile

    A native of Philadelphia, Buddy Fitzpatrick is currently a New York City club favorite sharing his comedy perspective. His act combines the skill of a great monologist with a physical style that brings his observations to life. At the age of 18, he left Philadelphia to pursue a career in the arts. He enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and has never looked back. He w...

  • Simon Fitzpatrick

    Simon Fitzpatrick View Profile

    UK bassist Simon Fitzpatrick has toured and recorded with Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Asia), Joe Lynn-Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen), Kee Marcello (Europe) and Michael Hill (B.B. King) among others. Not content with simply being in the background, Fitzpatrick has always tried to take bass guitar playing as far as possible. Usi...

  • Greg Fitzsimmons

    Greg Fitzsimmons View Profile

    With a lethal (and improbably likeable) mix of wit and sarcasm Greg Fitzsimmons has achieved success as a stand-up, Emmy Award winning writer/producer and Radio/TV host. A regular with David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jay Leno, Greg has made more than 60 visits to “The Howard Stern Show” and hosts his own weekly radio show on Sirius XM’s "Howard 101&r...

  • robbie FITZSIMMONS

    robbie FITZSIMMONS View Profile

    Robbie entered this world singing. While the nurses were scared he was moaning in pain, his grandmother, Precious, recognized the sounds as humming, and so it began... Since then he has been playing his music in various forms all over the world! Namely, Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Electric Forest Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Snowball Festival as well as major clubs around L.A.. New...

  • William Fitzsimmons

    William Fitzsimmons View Profile

    Therapist turned indie troubador, William Fitzsimmons, has been described as equal parts songwriter and psychotherapist, creating captivating music, which uniquely melds depravity, honesty, and autobiography into a counter-intuitive seamless whole. Growing up with two blind parents, sound became extremely important in communicating and relating to one another. After growing up around music, he set...

  • David Fiuczynski

    David Fiuczynski View Profile

    Guitarist Dave Fiuczynski came to prominence with the 1994 release, Lunar Crush, showcasing his angular and often unorthodox phrasing along with ferocious chops and an expansive jazz fusion/rock vernacular. "Fuze" has recorded with drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson's high-octane ensembles, trumpeter Jack Walrath, New York City "Downtown" composer/saxophonist John Zorn, the lat...

  • B Five

    B Five View Profile

    In every family there's usually one kid that stands out; one that has exceptional talent, dashing good looks and irresistible charm. Not so in this family. Most would agree that of the five boys born to Adrian Breeding not one of them stands out. They all do.Dustin, 16, Kelly, 15, Patrick, 14, Carnell, 13, and Bryan, 10, known collectively as B5, merge the old school flair and finesse of the Jacks...

  • DJ Five

    DJ Five View Profile

  • Shy Five

    Shy Five View Profile

     Never an easy band to label, Shy Five was once described as Bob Marley meets Joy Division. The pulsating, intertwining rhythms, wonderful harmonies and hypnotic bass meld in a net of melodic guitar lines and arpeggios. Their music evokes primitive, moody feelings that make it great to dance to. Shy Five makes music for the ages – not for the weekend. A musical must! Band Membe...

  •  Five For Fighting

    Five For Fighting View Profile

  •  Five O'Clock Heroes

    Five O'Clock Heroes View Profile

  •  Five Play

    Five Play View Profile

    Five Play - a Bay Area improvisation and sketch group entertaining audiences everywhere with their hilarious interactive show. The cast explores the fun, exciting, and silly nature of human relationships in a fast paced and unforgettable show of sketches and completely improvised scenes, games, musicals, and stories—all made up on the spot! For a night of big laughs, come watch them play!

  •  Five Times August

    Five Times August View Profile

  • Future Fix

    Future Fix View Profile

  • Pleasure Fix

    Pleasure Fix View Profile

    Ariel- Bassist/Vocalist Emily- Drummer/Vocalist Rudy- Guitarist

  • Sin Fix

    Sin Fix View Profile


    SWEET FIX View Profile

    We sound like cyber rockets exploding in the night sky.

  • The Fixx

    The Fixx View Profile

    Not sixty seconds into Beautiful Friction and it is clear; the haunting guitar of Jamie West-Oram, expressive synth of Rupert Greenall, pounding bass of Dan K. Brown, steady beat of Adam Woods and unforgettable vocals of Cy Curnin add up to the undeniable sound that could only be The Fixx. Apart, you couldn’t refute their talent, yet it’s together that they shine. Together, The Fixx has an incredi...

  • The Fixxers

    The Fixxers View Profile

  • Jennifer Flack

    Jennifer Flack View Profile

  • Animal Flag

    Animal Flag View Profile

    "Animal Flag is the musical project of songwriter Matthew Politoski. Starting in 2011, the band has self-released 2 full length albums, 4 EPs, and toured on both the East and West coast. Being based in the Northeast, they have acquired loyal home based followings in Boston and New York with their packed and energetic live shows. They also have growing fan bases in places like Nashville, Philadelph...

  • Black Flag

    Black Flag View Profile

  • US Flag

    US Flag View Profile

  • Josh Flagg

    Josh Flagg View Profile

    No life spent in rock & roll comes without its share of close calls and run-ins with the law, and Josh Flagg's is no different. A lifetime musician - he started playing mandolin under his father's tutelage before he was out of grade school and was playing all-ages shows in Philadelphia ahead of Orange 9mm at the ripe old age of 13 - Flagg encountered no shortage of unsavory characters. "I remember...

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