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  •  Fine Young Cannibals

    Fine Young Cannibals View Profile

    When the Beat (known as the English Beat in the U.S. only) split in 1983, it came as a surprise to guitarist Dave Cox and bassist David Steele. The first time they realized that the group's vocalists, Ranking Roger and Dave Wakelin, had gone off to form a group without them was when their accountant phoned to finalize the divorce. While the defectors had formed General Public, Cox and Steele set a...

  • The Finelines

    The Finelines View Profile

    he Finelines have formed through the merging of a solo artist and and members from another band. The summer of 2008 saw The Finelines first outing and since, the lads have not stopped. In October 2008 the lads got hold of their own recording studio where they recorded their first EP 'Behind Opened Eyes' was released November 2009 and is available for a free download at their myspace website ww...

  • The Finesse

    The Finesse View Profile

    At The End Of The Day It Is Really Not An Issue.

  • NY's Finest

    NY's Finest View Profile

    Featuring Mark Rinzel (The Jupiter Deluxe, The Neutron Drivers and Bubble) – one of the few humans who can play bass and sing like 70?s era Sting, New York’s Finest boasts Oscar Bautista (Session musician, Broadway sub guitarist “American Idiot” ) on guitar and Alan Camlet (Paul Collins Beat, Hoboken Recorders recording studio Producer/Engineer) on drums. They play with the...

  • World's Finest

    World's Finest View Profile

    Creating what could best be described as Neo-Americana, World’s Finest has bridged the gap between ska, Americana, dub and bluegrass. Hailing from all over the country the band is comprised of five members: Chris Couch (acoustic guitar, vocals), Dan Hurley (electric banjo, vocals), Sean McLean (sax, electric guitar, vocals), Evan Malfer (electric + upright bass), and Mike Apodaca (drums)....

  • Dead Finger

    Dead Finger View Profile

    Genre: Rock, Grunge, Indie, Punk Members: Indio Downey, Kyle McNeil, Ralph Alexander Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

  • Father Finger

    Father Finger View Profile

  • Five Finger Death Punch

    Five Finger Death Punch View Profile

  • Five Finger Death Punch

    Five Finger Death Punch View Profile

  • Tin Fingers

    Tin Fingers View Profile

    Brooklyn/Manhattan four-piece rock band.

  • Sticky Fingers (AUS)

    Sticky Fingers (AUS) View Profile

    Sticky Fingers (AUS) Some bands meet from lame shit like gumtree advertisements, while others are formed with a touch of the divine. One Summers night some years ago, on a drunken street in Newtown. Dylan Frost was wrapping up a fruitless nights busking. Paddy walked past, when a by-standing bouncer commanded he, “give the bloke some coin, brew!?”
 Instead, Paddy and Dyz str...

  • Sticky Fingers: The #1 Tribute to the Rolling Stones

    Sticky Fingers: The #1 Tribute to the Rolling Stones View Profile

    STICKY FINGERS The #1 ranked International Rolling Stones Tribute Band Successful Fortune 500 companies such as CBS, MTV, VH1, The World Bank, Pitney Bowes, and Genentech as well as super celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Ted Turner, and Chris Martin have all insisted on hiring Sticky Fingers for their special events and so can you. These are just a few of the many satisfied clients that Sticky Fingers...

  • Hugh Fink

    Hugh Fink View Profile

     As an Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer and producer, Hugh Fink has established himself as one of the leading voices of cutting-edge humor in late night television. During his tenure as a writer for NBC’s famed “Saturday Night Live” alongside future stars Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon, Mr. Fink not only earned a reputation for his fearless lampooning of pop culture, b...

  • Orenda Fink

    Orenda Fink View Profile

    Throughout her time with Azure Ray and over the course of her solo career, Orenda Fink has never shied from exploring the darker edges of spirituality and the human condition. On her debut solo album Invisible Ones, Orenda explored traditional Haitian ritual and mysticism. She then followed that up with an examination of the Southern Gothic subconscious on Ask the Night. Needless to say, death ...

  • Brian Finkelstein

    Brian Finkelstein View Profile

    Brian Finkelstein is a regular performer at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, as well as the host of the LA Moth Story-slams. He has performed his solo shows in a variety of venues, from the HBO/US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen to the 2012 Summer Nights Festival in Perth, Australia. He’s also an Emmy-nominated writer for his work on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Currently his screen...

  • Leah Finkelstein

    Leah Finkelstein View Profile


  • Bonne Finken

    Bonne Finken View Profile

    To hear her sing, you’d never know Bonne Finken was once a shy, small-town-Iowa girl. Her confident, passionate vocals demand the attention she used to studiously avoid. As Finken embarks on 2014, she is set to reveal her most ambitious, honest, and vulnerable release to date. On the heels of a new single and music video for the robust pop anthem “Step Back Baby,&rdq...

  • Rees Finley

    Rees Finley View Profile

    Vintage Pop with a love of 90's emo punk and indie rock, 70's singer songwriter, and 60's AM psychedelia.

  • Craig Finn

    Craig Finn View Profile

    Craig Finn is an American singer and guitarist, best known as the front man for The Hold Steady and his former band, Lifter Puller. Described by Pitchfork as "a born storyteller who's chosen rock as his medium," Finn's lyrics are often noted for having a strong literary bent, stringing together recurring characters and storylines throughout.   During a five-month brea...

  • Forrest Finn

    Forrest Finn View Profile

    Singer-Songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Forrest Finn was born and raised in Ipswich, Massachusetts and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee pursuing a career as an artist, songwriter, and producer. After graduating from Belmont University with a degree in songwriting in 2018 Finn spent time in the different pop and country circles as a songwriter and producer securing over 10 cut...

  • Neil Finn

    Neil Finn View Profile

    Neil Finn has consistently proven his knack for crafting high-quality songs that combine irresistible melodies with meticulous lyrical detail, from his beginnings as the precocious junior member of Split Enz, through his leadership of Crowded House, and, finally, in his distinguished solo career. He has also earned considerable international commercial success, respect from his peers, praise from ...

  • Clara Finn Band

    Clara Finn Band View Profile

    Clara Finn is a powerful Denver rock band that delivers heavy grooves with strong melodies at high energy levels. The band is currently playing live shows in the Denver area while recording their first release.

  • Christian Finnegan

    Christian Finnegan View Profile

    Christian Finnegan is a stand up comedian. He appears frequently on the television and also writes things, for both money and for kicks. Christian is perhaps best known as one of the original cast members of VH1’s “Best Week Ever”, where he offered keen insight into the workings of popular culture and the ubiquity of celebrity genitalia. “Chappelle’s Show” fans ...

  • Grace Finnigan Fox

    Grace Finnigan Fox View Profile

  • Nick Finzer

    Nick Finzer View Profile

    An award-winning composer, arranger, and trombonist, Finzer is bringing the joy and power of Jazz to both traditional fans and the most modern 21st century audiences. He’s on a mission to be a passionate voice defining the sound of Jazz in this age while also bringing street cred to the trombone with a bold, tight sound.  Born into the musical world (Mom Sherry Finzer is an inter...

  • Apple Fiona

    Apple Fiona View Profile

    Fiona Apple defied categorization or any easy career path, almost running the pattern in reverse, opening her career as a highly touted and popular alternative singer/songwriter then transitioning into a cult artist. Apple certainly benefited from the open-door policy of modern rock in the mid-'90s, following the path of crossover alt rock piano-based songwriters like Tori Amos, but Apple was hard...

  • Michael Fiore

    Michael Fiore View Profile

    Michael Fiore currently plays in Criminal Hygiene, and is working on his 3rd solo album under the name "Fiore" titled Mara.

  • Steve Fiore

    Steve Fiore View Profile

  • Steven Fiore

    Steven Fiore View Profile

  • Balla Fire

    Balla Fire View Profile

    Executive Lady of Leisure, NewBrow Stripper, Rounder

  • Belly Fire

    Belly Fire View Profile

  • Jungle Fire

    Jungle Fire View Profile

    Jungle Fire Jungle Fire's highly infectious and explosive sound draws inspiration from the groundbreaking rhythm sections behind James Brown, Fela Kuti, Ray Barretto and Irakere; a musical recipe consisting of West African and Afro-Caribbean styles layered with heavy break-beat funk, all spiced with a dose of uniquely Angeleno grit.

  • Justice Fire

    Justice Fire View Profile

    The Justice Fire are a 4 piece Alt-Punk/Rock band (Sosam- guitar and vox, Danny B.- guitar and vox, Julia- Bass and vox) that came together under the insane and witty lyricism of "Madera Sun". Together they have shocked and awed people across the internet as they carve out their own genre of Rock Music. Rules were meant to be broken.

  • Magnolia Fire

    Magnolia Fire View Profile

  • Palm Fire

    Palm Fire View Profile

    Guitar, drums, bass. Singing at times. Rock n roll like we're all young again.

  • Purest Fire

    Purest Fire View Profile

  • Stoned Fire

    Stoned Fire View Profile

    "Stoned Fire represents the NYC rock scene and is here to bring rock n' roll back to what it once was."

  • That Fire

    That Fire View Profile

    "That Fire is a collective of studio and live musicians out of LA. doing a mixture of music styles that include but are not limited to rock, blues, psychedelic, pop that they call Neo-Funk”

  • The Fire & The Phoenix

    The Fire & The Phoenix View Profile

    Dreams, Passion, Heart, Fire. Those are the elements in the world of The Fire & The Phoenix. We are a band that focuses on delivering songs that resonate in the heart. Only the heart is capable of feeling such passion and such excitement. The guitars sing loud and proud like the running of a hot rod engine, with the bass guitar bringing flares of early mod rock aggression. The drums rhythmically ...

  • The Fire and Reason

    The Fire and Reason View Profile

    "It's no shocker that NY's own electro-clash Svengali, DJ and club impresario, Larry Tee is releasing the debut EP from this fresh-from-the-streets-electro-rock act on his label DJs Are Not Rockstars. A combination of Lower East Side rock chick, '80s Madonna, South American hipster and global jetsetter, Saona has that effortless star quality that sets some electro-rockers a few nothches higher rig...

  • The Fire Department

    The Fire Department View Profile

    Performing in front of a crowd has never been an issue for The Fire Department. Dubbed as “party rockers” by The Santa Barbara Independent, the musicians first gained notoriety in the Isla Vista, CA party scene while the members attended the University of California, Santa Barbara. Following in the footsteps of other Isla Vista standouts, such as Rebelution and Jack Johnson, the artist...

  • The Fire Theft

    The Fire Theft View Profile

    The final implosion of Seattle's Sunny Day Real Estate in 2001 was pretty anticlimactic, since at that point the band had splintered and re-formed at least three times during its temperamental yet influential existence. Quests for faith and gigs with the Foo Fighters had caused them to part, but in 2003 the Fire Theft brought them back together. Or, three quarters of them, anyway. Vocalist/guitari...

  • The Fire Tonight

    The Fire Tonight View Profile

    Collin Derrick, Jesse James, and Stephen Russ have a vision that all kinds of music should work together to make life better, especially when that music is supported by a solid foundation of rock. With this mission in their hearts, the three multi-instrumentalists of The Fire Tonight are out to change your mind... about everything.

  •  Fireball Ministry

    Fireball Ministry View Profile

    The members of hard rock trio Fireball Ministry -- Emily J. Burton, James A. Rota, and Helen Storer -- christened themselves with religious titles (bishop, reverend, and sister, respectively) in keeping with their band name, and issued their debut album, Ou Est La Rock?, in 1999 on Bong Load Records. By 2001, Storer left the band and John Oreshneck (drums) and Janis Tanaka (bass) joined the group ...

  • Synapses Firing

    Synapses Firing View Profile

  • The First Victim

    The First Victim View Profile

  • Joe Firstman

    Joe Firstman View Profile

    Joe Firstman bought an $18 cross-country Greyhound ticket from his home in North Carolina to Los Angeles, arriving with a beat-up guitar and head full of songs. He quickly found the big stage. It all happened quickly: first came the big Hollywood gigs, then the industry buzz, then the big deal with Atlantic Records and national tours with big rock stars like Sheryl Crow, Jewel, and Willie Nelso...

  • Jon Fisch

    Jon Fisch View Profile

    on's appearances on Last Comic Standing 4, where he was the New York City Capital One Audience Favorite, gained him wide recognition and a new legion of fans. He has also been seen on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, was invited to perform at the 2007 HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and is a host of 3 Men and a Chick Flick this season on the WE network. A prolific monologist with universal appea...

  • Josh Fischel

    Josh Fischel View Profile

  • Joshua Fischel

    Joshua Fischel View Profile

    Josh Fischel is a Long Beach, CA based singer/songwriter. He spent nine years with the band Bargain Music touring the country and putting out seven albums under the Bargain Music name. He has sang and/or played with artists like Los Lobos, Dr. Dog, Run DMC, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Buju Banton, Mike Watt, Monsieur LeRoc, Stephen Perkins, Spearhead, Abstract Rude, Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson from sublime...

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