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  • The Fiery Furnaces

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  • Phantom Fifth

    Phantom Fifth View Profile

    Phantom Fifth is an alternative rock band from New York City comprised of Greg Delves (bass) from Melbourne, Australia, Colin McCarthy (drums) of Cork, Ireland and Paul Stinson (guitar, vocals) from San Francisco, California. Formed in 2015, the band embraces the sonic dreamscape of sound and dark energy staked out by such forebears as Nick Cave, Joy Division, The Strokes and The Stooges. The P...

  • Major Figgas

    Major Figgas View Profile

    Major Figgas is a rap septet from the Erie Avenue section of north Philadelphia. It began with childhood friends Gillie Da Kid and Rolx, who rapped together at Cabrini College with Bump J. The team of Dutch & Spade joined them, along with Ab Liva, and the group was completed by its sole female member, Bianca. By 1998, local tapes had brought them to the attention of the major record labels, but th...

  • Jean Fight

    Jean Fight View Profile

    Singer and bandleader, Erin Pellnat, formed the group in October of 2011. At first, the band directed itself toward pop/funk, but they have since been drifting into the soul/rock genres, though that is not to say that the groove has been hijacked. The band is performing all throughout New York City and continuing to grow musically with every performance. An honest, heartfelt band, Jean Fight bring...

  • Snail Fight

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  • The Fight

    The Fight View Profile

    Being whisked around the world, working with famous producers, and having music industry types beating down your door isn't exactly how most people spend their youthful teenage years. For The Fight, however, it's only the beginning of a most promising career. The Fight formed in 2000 and hail from Dudley, a small town outside of Birmingham, England. Long known as a breeding ground for caustic rock...

  •  Fight Like Apes

    Fight Like Apes View Profile

    Fight Like Apes are a synth pop/alternative rock group formed in Dublin, Ireland, in 2006. Taking influence from sources as diverse as alt-rock luminaries Pixies, Welsh underground punk legends Mclusky, and the short-lived teen sitcom California Dreams, Fight Like Apes' music is defined by sharply distorted synths, the complete absence of guitars, and singer Maykay's shrill tones and pop culture-r...

  •  Fight Paris

    Fight Paris View Profile

    Atlanta-based rock act Fight Paris formed in 2002 with Kevin Phillip on vocals, Jason Krutzky on drums, and Neil Warren on guitar. It wasn't until the summer of the following year that the group solidified the line-up with guitarist Matt Tanner and bassist Champ Champagne. Adhering to a "party hard, work harder" DIY credo, the quintet began recording all their own music and distributing their own ...

  • Bear Fight!

    Bear Fight! View Profile

    Hailing from Los Angeles, Bear Fight! is made up of electronic artists DeLeeT (Daniel Tibbett) and HmnAnml (Chris Mathers). Creating music together since before high school, the two DJs have developed a musical knowledge, rapport, and stage presence that is unequaled in the modern EDM scene. Their music bridges the gap between human musical creation and the pulse of wild beasts of the North Amer...

  • Lover Fighter

    Lover Fighter View Profile

    Lover Fighter is a Pop/Rock band from Seattle WA

  • The Fighter and The Kid

    The Fighter and The Kid View Profile

  • Foo Fighters

    Foo Fighters View Profile

  • Fooz Fighters

    Fooz Fighters View Profile

    Fooz Fighters are the ultimate Foo Fighters tribute capturing all of the sound and energy of a live concert performance by the Grammy Award winning band. From the primal screams and soothing low tenor vocals of Dave Grohl to the soaring guitars of Shiflett and Smear and the vicious drum attack of Taylor Hawkins, the Fooz Fighters deliver an accurate reproduction of the Foo Fighters studio and l...

  • Monkey Fighting Snakes

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  • Rachel Figley

    Rachel Figley View Profile

  • Big Figment

    Big Figment View Profile

    Adam and Peter did Magic in middle school together. Then Peter scooped ice cream with Andrew. A psycho opera Virgen asked Jennae to film Peter. Then everybody was in New York City and worked really hard and partied so much and made music.

  • Le Figs Duo

    Le Figs Duo View Profile

  • Diego Figueiredo

    Diego Figueiredo View Profile

    Diego Figueiredo (pronounced fig-a-reed-o) is considered one of the most talented guitar players in the world today. He is the winner of several important competitions including the Montreux Jazz Competition and the VISA Prize. Diego has released over nineteen albums to date, three DVD’s, and several instructional books. His music is a fusion between Jazz, Bossa Nova and Classical. Diego&rsq...

  • Figure Figure

    Figure Figure View Profile

     Figure aka Josh Gard as been having a amazing run these past years, truly defying the unsuccessful gravity of his home town Evansville , Indiana. For the past 3 years Figure has been moving around the United States to gain exposure and expand his musical skill set. Beat maker turned Turntablist turned traveling Hip Hop Dj turned Electronic party rocker , and finally throwing everything in th...

  • Sol Figure

    Sol Figure View Profile

    We are Sol Figure, a versatile band promoting good vibes that speak to the LA life. We came together in 2013, mixing heart-pounding rhythms and colorful melodies.

  • Soul Figure

    Soul Figure View Profile

  • Stick Figure

    Stick Figure View Profile

  • James Figurine

    James Figurine View Profile

    Better known perhaps for his work in bands like the Postal Service and Dntel, James Figurine (or Jimmy Tamborello) was inspired to create his own techno-pop solo album while on tour through Germany. Enlisting vocal help from Erlend Øye and Jenny Lewis, among others, James Figurine's debut solo album, Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake, was released in 2006. ~ Marisa Brown, Rovi

  • Dominic Fike

    Dominic Fike View Profile

  • Josh Filipowski

    Josh Filipowski View Profile

    Comedian, Impresario and Profesor de ingles will crack you up with sex, drugs & math 'n science.  Born in NYC, raised in Westchester, schooled at UW-Madison, hosted his own radio show in Costa Rica, and now lives in LA.   Photo by Chris Casaburi

  • DJ Fillmore Wax

    DJ Fillmore Wax View Profile

    From funky classics to the local Bay Area sounds to the bubble pop of DC GOGO congas, DJ Fillmore Wax knows how to keep the groove alive. This DJ has been winning new fans due to his non-stop dedication to spinning different types of music and not replicating what other DJs play. With just a few years of experience, Fillmore Wax has been making a name for himself, not just at the Fillmore or all o...

  • Short Film - GIRL AT THE DOOR

    Short Film - GIRL AT THE DOOR View Profile

  • 1970s Film Stock

    1970s Film Stock View Profile

    Eddie Garcia's new guitar+drums freakout duo. Serious pedal worship - a fuzzy wash of guitars that stagger between beauty & chaos. You could say its like Robert Fripp teaching Kevin Shields how to play Robyn Hitchcock tunes - but why would you?

  • Tyler Filmore

    Tyler Filmore View Profile

    Tyler is a bronie.

  •  Filo & Peri

    Filo & Peri View Profile

  • Naive Filter

    Naive Filter View Profile

  • The Filth

    The Filth View Profile

    The Filth sound is forged from the ashes of both freewheeling classic rock greats and the slick corporate cheese that’s its antithesis. There is a beating and raw rock and roll heart that drives the core of the band’s sound, but in the purest of rock and roll circles they would be considered heretics. The Filth combines equal parts epic 70’s guitar rock, 80’s synth pop, and...

  •  Filthee Immigrants

    Filthee Immigrants View Profile

    Live in L.A. and you've probably heard of them, or at least seen their logo stenciled on a bus stop or sidewalk near you... F.I.L.T.H.E.E. Immigrants consists of Filthee, Rif, and Dutch, who were brought together in 1997 with the intent of creating something new for hip hop. Though hip hop is their foundation, one listen to their debut album and you'll see that their influences stretch far across ...

  • Still Filthy

    Still Filthy View Profile

    till Filthy - Drew Campbell, Anthony Tilotta, Ryan Wusinich, & Charles Abel..The Bands first EP titled "Still Searching" was released in January 2011. The second set of songs was released in late June 2011 under the album title "Holding Patterns". Both records are can be downloaded for free at Help Still Filthy form a larger following by sharing their music to your fri...

  • The Filthy Souls

    The Filthy Souls View Profile

    The Filthy Souls, an indie-rock band hailing from Manchester, England, possess a creative energy that drives their music and electric live performances. Their strength of voice transcends any era classification, while still giving just a hint of their many musical influences. Their obvious appeal to the masses comes from, as the Sunday Telegraph Australia calls it, a mixture of “Part Indie p...

  • Alek Fin

    Alek Fin View Profile

    ALEK FIN is the moniker of the Los Angeles, CA based electronic musician and producer Adam Finkel. He has been releasing remixes and tracks since 2010 when he was named winner of the Philip Selway of Radiohead’s “Beyond Reason” Remix Contest. After the release of his debut single “Waiting Like A Wolf” premiered via Jay Z’s Life + Times in late 2012, the project ...

  • The Fin

    The Fin View Profile

    The fin. sounds like a cross between M83 and Phoenix, citing chillwave acts Toro y Moi and Washed Out as influences.   This 4 member indie band is based in Kobe.  Their soundscape, with a mix of 80's and 90's pop, shoegazer, real time US indie pop and chill wave influences have garnered widespread attention, with a focus on Night Time On Time,  t...

  • Frankie Finch

    Frankie Finch View Profile

    Rihanna, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra know her for her stylish fashion designs. Pharrell and Jimmy Iovine know her as a TV host. Remix titan Chew Fu knows her as a collaborator. Now, these entertainment industry visionaries are among those discovering Frankie Finch as a double threat singer-rapper in the vein of her inspiration Blondie, but with the spunk and attitude of a Gwen Stefani. And ...

  • Juliana Finch

    Juliana Finch View Profile

    Juliana Finch “sounds the way a good bourbon tastes.” A Georgia-based singer/songwriter with strong Americana roots, Juliana earns her spot in a long tradition of storytelling songwriters with a sultry, soothing voice and carefully crafted lyrics.

  • Thomas Finchum

    Thomas Finchum View Profile

    As a singer/songwriter, Thomas Finchum does a little bit of everything. Though he’ll joke he’s got a penchant for sad songs, a week’s writes can span the entire gamut of emotions. It’s the approach that sets Thomas’ songs apart: a lyric or melody that’s fresh but familiar, as if voicing a thought you didn’t know you had all along. Whether on a worktape or ...

  • Ahri Findling

    Ahri Findling View Profile

    Ahri Findling is a Jewish American standup Comedian, Writer, Actor, and in charge of almost everything he does. Growing up in Suburban Jew Jersey, New Jersey, Ahri started writing at a very young age. Early on, most of these were drawing's, much to his denial. When asked about how he got into writing at such an early age Ahri responds "Somebody had to put food on the table" Ahri con...

  • Erik Findling Entity

    Erik Findling Entity View Profile

    Erik was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Coming from a musical family, he was introduced to the guitar at a young age starting at just five years old. His older brother Kurt, played the drums and together they gigged all around the Chicago Club Circuit for a few years, playing all kinds of music. After actively performing live, Erik began to compose his original music and soon after, reco...

  • Debra Fine

    Debra Fine View Profile

    Debra met producer Scott Bennett while playing with Jeff Beck in Las Vegas. Her bluesy/country/POP voice, combined with her skills as a songwriter convinced him that her music would be "The real Deal", with the right songs at the right time.  Her sound is called a cross between Martina McBride and Nora Jones

  • Doryn Fine

    Doryn Fine View Profile

    Doryn Fine is an Alternative artist from Dallas, Texas who has been performing acoustically to audiences ranging from California to South Carolina since the age of 16. Doryn Fine performs a variety of engaging originals in addition to acoustic covers and medleys.

  • Jessica Fine

    Jessica Fine View Profile

    Jessica Fine is a singer/songwriter from Illinois. After graduating from the University of Miami's School of Music she traveled to New York City to pursue her music career. While in NYC she released two CDs, played countless shows at legendary venues and was a part of unbelievable musical experiences. Having said all that, she also knew that she had to give music everything she could so she decid...

  • Talk Fine

    Talk Fine View Profile

    Shimmering Electropop!

  • One Fine Damn Band and Bill Stroupe

    One Fine Damn Band and Bill Stroupe View Profile

    Bill Stroupe has been writing for years, performing from time to time and gaining a small audience. He has always called the style of music he plays "Bitching and Moaning in your Beer". Asked to fill in a bill at The World Famous Milestone Club in Charlotte, NC, He asked his son Ian Morgan Stroupe and Geoff White(both of Appalucia and several other bands around Charlotte) to join him on Stand Up B...

  •  Fine Frenzy

    Fine Frenzy View Profile

    Though she was born in Seattle, songwriter Alison Sudol spent most of her life in Los Angeles, having moved there with her mother when she was five years old. She began playing piano as a teenager, with bands like Coldplay and Keane inspiring her whimsical, pop-minded music. After recording several compositions and sending out the resulting demo, the singer received an immediate response from Capi...

  • One Fine Morning

    One Fine Morning View Profile

    "One Fine Morning’s reputation and fan-base, more than with records, has been built through their amazing performances. Their obvious dedication and the energy they transmit captivate anyone lucky to attend a One Fine Morning show, where you can’t help but be drawn into their funky, loose brand of acoustic rock. Although they’re still unsigned and self-releasing their materi...

  • A Fine Surprise

    A Fine Surprise View Profile

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