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  •  Feste

    Feste View Profile

    FESTE is an alternative rock/pop/blues band from Anaheim, CA. FESTE's dark, gritty and aggressive sound is influenced by the works of artists such as Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys and William Shakespeare. FESTE recently participated in and won the Ernie Ball/Skinnie Magazine Battle for Warped Tour; which culminated with their tournament winning performance in front of over 400...

  • Buffer Festival

    Buffer Festival View Profile

  • 3er Festival de Rock en Español

    3er Festival de Rock en Español View Profile

    The Bay Area Spanish Rock Festival is an annual Festival that it takes place in the Bay Area, The Festival's goal is to support all the local Rock Bands that want to expose their music. This Festival brings you the best rock bands from the local scene. Don't Miss this great event and come support your Local Rock Bands and have a great time with good live music.

  • HONK! Festival Kickoff Party

    HONK! Festival Kickoff Party View Profile

    HONK! is a revolutionary street spectacle of never-before-seen proportions. Joyous community bands have begun to emerge in every corner of the world from the ashes of modern-day gloom. They now converge in Boston (, Texas ( and Seattle ( 3 times a year! Across the country and around the world, a new type of street band is emerging. Acoustic and mobile, borr...

  • The Fetching

    The Fetching View Profile

    The Fetching is a rock/pop band based in the Los Angeles, CA area. With its founding members from both Mexico and the USA. The Fetching's sound includes tastes of Americana, classic rock, folk, and world music. With songs primarily guitar driven from founding member Santiago, The Fetching also distinguishes itself with the unique voice of Tahkus. The band especially loves contrasting its strong gu...

  • Davis Fetter

    Davis Fetter View Profile

    Davis Fetter heard Chuck Berry at the age of 12 and picked up a Gibson 335. Music colored his childhood in California’s Inland Empire. Davis is inspired by the iconic songwriting of such artists as The Smiths, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Lou Reed, and John Lennon, along with the euphoric melodies of The Libertines, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Buddy Holly. This fusion of musical interests gives Davis a...

  • Bunny Fever

    Bunny Fever View Profile

  • Dengue Fever

    Dengue Fever View Profile

    Plunging headlong into their second decade as a band, DENGUE FEVER’s ( new album, The Deepest Lake, their fifth full-length of all-new material, comes at a critical juncture in the bands career. In 2013, after forming their own label Tuk Tuk Records, the band crossed over into a brave new world as both artist and record label owner’s. Today find themselves a...

  • Holy Fever

    Holy Fever View Profile

  • The Fever

    The Fever View Profile

  • Night Fevers

    Night Fevers View Profile

    "Frontman Jack Tangney is full of energy—to say the least. He puts on a Mick Jagger-esque performance that is more than memorable. He delivers spot on vocals that are the icing on the cake for these radio-worthy tracks...Night Fevers is on the edge of blowing up, and you heard it here first…it’s just a matter of time for these guys." -

  • Disreputable Few

    Disreputable Few View Profile

    So who are the Disreputable Few? Four musicians who've come together to play the music they love – Psychedelic Blues Rock.  Bassist/songwriter/singer PAUL ILL lists playing bass with the Willie Dixon Family at Mr. Dixon’s Los Angeles wake and tracking live with Tina Turner in a London studio as definitive career highlights. He's toured nationally and internationally with ...

  • The Few

    The Few View Profile

    The Few is a 90's style hard rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA. Formed during the summer of 2010, this unique group of regular working stiffs is truly 'in it for the music.' With a wide range of influences including Tool, Metallica, Pantera, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains, The Few delivers aggressive and melodic riffs, dynamically hard hitting beats, and artfully melodious vocal...

  • Tina Fey

    Tina Fey View Profile

    is an American actress, comedienne, writer, and producer. She has received seven Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Writers Guild of America Awards. She was singled out as the performer who had the greatest impact on culture and entertainment in 2008 by the Associated Press, who gave her their AP Entertainer of the Year award.[1] After graduating fro...

  •  FFacing orward

    FFacing orward View Profile

  • Alys Ffion

    Alys Ffion View Profile

  • Hard Fi

    Hard Fi View Profile

    Staines, England's Hard-Fi feature Richard Archer (vocals), Ross Philips (guitar), Kai Stephens (bass), and Steve Kemp (drums). The punk-inspired indie rock quintet formed in 2002; they feature a brash mix of Dexy's Midnight Runners melodies, Franz Ferdinand hooks, and the theatrics of the Dead 60s. Hard-Fi self-released Stars of CCTV in October 2004, and all 500 copies quickly sold out. The U.K. ...

  • Psy Fi

    Psy Fi View Profile

    Standing at the galactic crossroads of connectivity and combustion is melodic music manipulator Miles Ross, aka Psy Fi. His soulful, bass heavy yet playful rhythms spark a beautiful resonance in the ear and a swagger in the hips of the beholder. His music celebrates boundless splendor that pulls you through the looking glass into another place. The music is a passionate indefinable translation ...

  • General Fiasco

    General Fiasco View Profile

    Although formed in Northern Ireland, General Fiasco looked to America for inspiration, taking cues from guitar-driven bands like the Strokes, Foo Fighters, and Paramore. Shane Davey, Owen Strathern, and Enda Strathern launched the band in 2007, with Davey eventually leaving the lineup and drummer Stephen Leacock taking his place. By 2008, the group had begun attracting attention from U.K.-based pu...

  • Lupe Fiasco

    Lupe Fiasco View Profile

  • Peace Fiasco

    Peace Fiasco View Profile

    Peace Fiasco is a Nü Metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area, founded by guitarist Clark Straub and vocalist Justin Telmo. Influenced by the likes of Deftones, Linkin Park, and Korn, the band combines aggressive detuned riffs, funk-influenced grooves, and a variety of vocal styles resulting in a sound that is at once both heavy and catchy.

  • Primate Fiasco

    Primate Fiasco View Profile

    To a deaf person, they look like a New Orleans dixieland street band. To a blind person, they sound like a rave DJ mashing-up house beats with 60′s folk lyrics. To the police, it’s a busy day on the sidewalk. The Primate Fiasco uses instruments that are loud without electricity, giving them the opportunity to attack at any moment, in any location, with or without permission. No ...

  • Brandon Ficara

    Brandon Ficara View Profile

     Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in the seasonal beach community of Ocean City, New Jersey, Brandon used humor to combat the tribulations of life at an early age. Born with a Sprangles Deformity, a condition that required major back surgery when Brandon was three years old, Brandon used humor to combat pain and ostracism. His "unique look" would someday be the corner...

  • Jessica Fichot

    Jessica Fichot View Profile

    Los Angeles-based chanteuse/songwriter Jessica Fichot is a lot like her hometown of Paris: worldly, seductive, sassy, and ever-ripe for revolution. With a French/Chinese/American upbringing and a pioneering spirit all her own, Fichot has brought the exotic charms of her imagination to audiences across the world, backed by a fiery band (clarinet/sax, upright bass, d...

  • Thomas Fichter

    Thomas Fichter View Profile

  • Approaching Fiction

    Approaching Fiction View Profile

    Heavily influenced by the post-hardcore scene, Chase brings both dynamic melodies and lucid screams to the forefront of this powerful group. Drawing inspiration from guitar legends such as Satriani, Hammett, and Dimebag Darrell, Neal’s crushing leads are impactful, and sit tastefully over the gritty guitar playing of Jon, who comes from a punk music background. As a solid foundation, Christian bri...

  • Bible Fiction

    Bible Fiction View Profile

    Bible Fiction is a punk rock band from the ever so unfortunately popular Jersey Shore. Despite the name stirring up controversy and the assumption of disbelief, the name is more a willingness to live free of fear, judgement, and failure. With that being said, Bible Fiction's music can be viewed as being bipolar going from being manic and abrasive to composed and serene.

  • Pop Fiction

    Pop Fiction View Profile

    Pop! Fiction is an American pop band comprised of Justin Tyler, Tyler Nichols, Alex Pombar and Will McCoy. The band was founded in Orange County in 2011, where they wrote, recorded and released a five song EP, "Next Level". The EP was produced by Kyle Black at Mike Green's Treehouse Studios.  Pop! Fiction's second release, a Self-Titled EP released in 2012, featured produ...

  • Pop! Fiction

    Pop! Fiction View Profile

    Pop! Fiction is a pop American band comprised of Justin Tyler, Tyler Nichols, and Alex SkyWalker. The band was founded in Orange County in 2011, where they wrote, recorded and released a five song EP, "Next Level". The EP was produced by Kyle Black at Mike Green's Treehouse Studios.  Pop! Fiction's second release, a Self-Titled EP released in 2012, featured production and...

  • Rival Fiction

    Rival Fiction View Profile

    Formed in early 2014

  • Viktor Fiction

    Viktor Fiction View Profile

    Who is Viktor Fiction? This is a very good question and one on the minds of many encountering this new captivating music entity hailing from East LA... Viktor Fiction mysteriously  fell to earth late last century and took the form of a human infant boy named Dave Trumfio  (seasoned recording and production impresario known for work with the likes of Pulsars, The  ...

  • Vintage Fiction

    Vintage Fiction View Profile

    Indie Alternative based out of Los Angeles.

  • Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

    Nordic Fiddlers Bloc View Profile

    Johnny D's is a mix of table seating and standing room. This event is being promoted through World Music/CRASHarts. Tickets for this event can be purchased here; Once you have purchased your tickets please call 617-776-2004 after 4PM for table reservations. $15 food minimum per person applies for all ta...

  • Lynne Fiddmont

    Lynne Fiddmont View Profile

    St Louis native, Lynne Fiddmont grew up in the close-knit community of Maplewood/Richmond Heights. Her early years consisted of school, hopscotch, Double Dutch, selling Girl Scout cookies and things every other little girl in Richmond Heights was doing. Hers is a life that took a turn that changed an ordinary life into what many would consider extraordinary. Besides an occasional Easter speech o...

  • Lexington Field

    Lexington Field View Profile

    Lexington Field is an American Fiddle Rock band from San Diego, CA. Formed in 2007, they have played hundreds of shows and released a 5-song EP "The Streets of Dover" (2010) and an all-original, full-length album called "Old Dirt Road" (2011). Joining New Folk Records in October of 2011, Lexington Field returned into the studio to record a new 6-song EP titled "Poor Troubled Life" (set to be relea...

  • Poppy's Field

    Poppy's Field View Profile

    Poppy's Field is a London-based folk act who dares to break conformity by weaving pop and even urban elements into their overarching sound. The stage moniker of Whitechapel singer-songwriter Santino Payne, Poppy's Field has been a project under development for him since the age of 14. Those close to him had quickly discovered that, even at such a tender developmental age, Payne had the...

  • Sense Field

    Sense Field View Profile

    California's Sense Field originally consisted of vocalist Jonathan Bunch, guitarist Chris Evenson, guitarist Rodney Sellars, bassist John Stockberger, and drummer Scott McPherson. They began playing together in 1990, forming from the ashes of Evenson, Stockberger, and Bunch's prior group Reason to Believe. The following year the group released their self-titled EP on their own record label, Run H2...

  • The Field Holler

    The Field Holler View Profile

  • Mia Fieldes

    Mia Fieldes View Profile

    Mia Fieldes is a Grammy award nominated songwriter originally from Sydney Australia. Songs written by Mia include ‘Peace Be Still’, ‘Fierce', ‘Tremble’, ‘Yes I Will’ and no. 1 radio hits 'He Knows My Name', 'Chainbreaker' and 'First'. 

  • Lewis Fieldhouse

    Lewis Fieldhouse View Profile

    Born in the wilds of Yorkshire in the UK, Lewis Fieldhouse is a songwriter and producer in Los Angeles on a musical pilgrimage. Drawing his influence from classic songwriters like The Beach Boys and Paul Simon before meshing them with his own contemporary brand of infectious, upbeat sun-soaked acoustic alt-pop, Lewis makes his Los Angeles debut at The Mint on the 18th of august. His new EP 'Born H...

  • Amanda Fields

    Amanda Fields View Profile

    2018 MerleFest Chris Austin Songwriting Contest winner Amanda Fields uses the subtleties of songwriting and music to express what regular words can’t. Born in Southwestern Virginia, Fields grew up singing traditional music in church with her family. She had been writing songs since early childhood but was inspired to pursue music and songwriting professionally after seeing Loretta Lynn&rsquo...

  • Bob Fields

    Bob Fields View Profile

    I'm Happy and I'm Singling and a 1 2 3 4

  • Dean Fields

    Dean Fields View Profile

    Over 1000 shows, 10 years, and 200,000 miles have passed since Dean Fields went on the road to pursue a career in music. During that time his address changed from Richmond VA to Miami to Boston until most recently settling in Nashville TN. Now, he hits the road again to promote his most recent release "Any Minute Now." His recent homecoming has found Fields selling out shows in R...

  • Elysian Fields

    Elysian Fields View Profile

    Legendary cult heroes Elysian Fields have always travelled in mysterious waters. Led by the enigmatic New York co-composers Jennifer Charles (vocals) and Oren Bloedow (guitar), the music born of their collaboration is impossible to categorize. They carry a torch for nature, sex, love, the cycle of death and rebirth, and the sounds of folk and jazz ballads, no wave and classical music, seamlessly i...

  • Jake Fields

    Jake Fields View Profile

    Jake Fields is a Los Angeles Based Singer-Songwriter.  Towards the end of a college life dedicated to playing baseball, he dropped his bat and picked up the guitar, where he fell deeply in love with songwriting and performing.  Fields recently teamed up with established producer Jim McGorman to record the EP “Someday You’ll Be Mine”, expecte...

  • Lavender Fields

    Lavender Fields View Profile

    Lavender Fields is California based musician and a producer. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres including reggae, dub, psychedelic, dance and electronic music, Lavender Fields creates her unique sound. Her lyrical themes draw inspiration from spiritual knowledge and nature. Utilizing latest music production technologies, healing frequencies and analog equipment, Lavender Fields ...

  • Vivid Fields

    Vivid Fields View Profile

    Vivid Fields was formed in April 2017 in Corona CA, with members Sebastian Luna Luquin (Bass), Anastasia Sterlacci (Lead Vocalist), Brent Gilson (Guitar), and Christian Rodgers (Drums).  In 2016, Anastasia and Sebastian met through a music class at Norco College and wrote & collaborated on a song together ("They Told Me") with Sebastian on Bass, Anastasia on vocals and help f...

  • Green Fiend

    Green Fiend View Profile

    3-piece Midwood stoner metal (feat members of Scowl Brow, Viajando)

  • Suzahn Fiering

    Suzahn Fiering View Profile

  • Miguel Fierro

    Miguel Fierro View Profile

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