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  • The Feds

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  • They Feed at Night

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    Bursting onto the growing Deathrock scene revival in Southern California, San Diego based band They Feed at Night has played shows with the likes of The Order of The Fly, Kommunity Fk, The Deadfly Ensemble, and Stolen Babies. Although only performing together for a small amount of time they've already made a name for themselves in bars and clubs from Chula Vista to Los Angeles, even performing as ...

  • The Feejee Mermaids

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  • Heidi Feek

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  • Rory Feek

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    My name is Rory. I wear overalls most all of the time, but I’m not a farmer... yet. I love old cars, old farmhouses, old people, and pretty much anything nostalgic or that has character. I’m 53 years old on the outside and in my mid 20′s down deep.  I am a believer whose dreams have taken me places I’ve never imagined. I’m also a Believer who has a long, long way...

  • Shaky Feelin

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    Emerging from Ventura County’s fertile music scene, this powerhouse of a quintet is most noticeable for their eye-catching groove-based double drum sound and shredding guitar solos. Shaky Feelin’ is a Southern California jam band mixing the elements of high-energy rock, reggae, bluegrass and funk to create the most memorable live show you’ve yet to see! They draw inspiration f...

  • The Feeling

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  • Bad Feelings

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    Bad Feelings are an alternative-rock duo based in Los Angeles, California. Consisting of members Tyler Wilson and Daniel Geraghty, who first met in a dingy bathroom at a music venue in upstate New York when they were only 16, started producing music for this project in their bedrooms at their house in North Hollywood. The band released their first single "Do You Wanna Get High" only a fe...

  • The Feels

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    New band from Denver, CO. Get to know us at

  • Bobby Feeno

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    In 2016, Arian Foster retired from the NFL on a high note. He was a star four- time Pro Bowl running back, known for his epic Namaste bow that doubled as his victory dance whenever he scored a touchdown. Now he’s Bobby Feeno, critically acclaimed musician, though that musical trajectory was tightly woven into his narrative long before he ever picked up a football. As Bobby Feeno readies his...

  • Catherine Feeny

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    Catherine Feeny grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, part of a tight-knit family for whom music was a uniting force. Absorbing Springsteen through her older brother, Simon and Garfunkel through her parents and The Smiths through her elder sister, she early on developed a keen ear for songwriting. Feeny received classical training in voice at the Settlement School of Music and beg...

  • Catherine Feeny & Chris Johnedis

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    Sometimes two artists meet at exactly the right time. And in collaborating, they crack open a deeper vein of gold. Acclaimed songwriter Catherine Feeny met jazz drummer Chris Johnedis after recording her rebellious fourth solo album, "America." She had just come back from the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, and he was returning from 2 years of working and studying in Thailand. Johnedis he...

  • Forty Feet Tall

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    Though they’ve only been playing together a little over two years, Forty Feet Tall has made appearances at the Whisky A Go-Go, The Grammy Museum, The Roxy, and Topanga Days main stage, to name a few. Formerly known as Ote For President, they’ve also won runner-up in Club Nokia’s inaugural Battle of the Bands and first place in the prelims of Warped Tour Battle of the Bands. They&...

  • California Feetwarmers

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    A really authentic mix of young gents and a lady playing hot jazz. Playing songs from the 1920's, 30's and 40's. Songs that cater to all kinds of needs, feelings, and any shoe size! The band is made up of some members the Petrojvic Blasting Company & Capt. Jeffs Musical Chumbuckets. Always featuring Chloe Feoranzo, Andy Bean (two man gentlemen band), And Jerron Blind Boy Paxto! Check out all of th...

  •  Fei-Fei

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  • Ted Feighan

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  • Derik Fein

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    Born and raised in Miami, FL, Fein's father, an entrepreneur, is Jewish American and his mother is Cuban. He is the youngest of four sisters and three brothers. At the age of 13, he picked up his first Guitar, after trading his iPod for a broken Guitar that his friend had, and later took on singing. Fein attended Sunset High School; he later graduated from Belford. His parents wanted him to...

  • Michael Feinberg

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    Twenty five year old bassist/bandleader Michael Feinberg was particularly inspired by the core of Coltrane’s rhythm section: drummer Elvin Jones. While he perused his favorite drummer’s catalog, Feinberg found himself drawn to the interplay the legendary percussionist had with a multitude of bassists. Feinberg soon discovered that his favorite bassists had had a significant musical rel...

  • Ron Feingold

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    What is Comedy A Cappella? Comedy A Cappella is the creation of Orlando, Florida based comedian & entertainer Ron Feingold. It's a blend of traditional stand-up comedy and A Cappella music where Ron sings ALL of his own back-ups, lead vocals and even vocal percussion on his new CD Solo Effort. He is literally a one man vocal band, relying only on his voice as his sole instrument to create a truly ...

  • Rachel Feinstein

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    Rachel Feinstein's grew up outside Washington DC, the daughter of a civil rights lawyer and a blues musician, giving her a keen eye for the absurd and unjust. She developed her hilarious, character driven style by opening for her father's blues band as a kid and doing impressions of various loud and jarring relatives. Rachel has made numerous appearances on "Comedy Central" an...

  • Greg Felden

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  • Don Felder

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  • Nir Felder

    Nir Felder View Profile

    Called “the next big jazz guitarist” by NPR, hailed by the New York Times as a “whiz kid,” and dubbed “incredible” by the Montreal Gazette, Nir Felder is a new voice in jazz guitar. Growing up in the New York City suburbs, Felder spent his youth playing in rock bands while learning about jazz at the local record store, inspired by icons from John Coltrane to voodoo chile Jimi Hendrix. After attend...

  • David Feldman

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  • J. Michael Feldman

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    J. Michael Feldman, born Michael Feldman, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. The only child of a neurotic Jewish mother and a laid back Jewish father. He was first introduced to the world of theater in high school, acting in fourteen productions and writing two plays. After high school, he decided to pursue a career in the arts, to which his mother responded, “So one day we’ll see your name in lights…...

  • Felguk Felguk

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     Having just officially remixed Madonna's new single "Celebration", and frequently staring in the Myspace and Beatport top charts, Gustavo Rozenthal and Felipe Lozinsky, who form the duo Felguk, is a force to be reckoned with. Their massive bass-led pumping electro-house, is a genre of its own. Un-phased by clubs or open air-festivals, whether playing live or Djing, they are quit...

  • The Felice Brothers

    The Felice Brothers View Profile

    Cut live to tape with very little overdubbing, Undress was recorded in the late summer of 2018 in Tivoli, New York. Band members Ian Felice, James Felice, Will Lawrence (drums) and Jesske Hume (bass) teamed up with producer Jeremy Backofen to record their most personal and reflective album to date.  “Many of the songs on the new album a...

  •  Felix Da Housecat

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  • The Felix Martin Trio

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    Felix Martin has become a pioneer of a style of playing for his custom-made instrument called the 14-string guitar. He is known for his abilities to compose innovative, highly complex music and for his personal techniques at playing two-handed tapping on the guitar. Originally from Venezuela, Felix moved to the United States after graduating from high school to attend the prestigious Berklee C...

  • Los Feliz Quartet

    Los Feliz Quartet View Profile

    We're a jazz combo outfitted with sax, vocals, guitar, bass and drums.

  • harpers fellow

    harpers fellow View Profile

  • String Fellow Hawks

    String Fellow Hawks View Profile

    San Francisco born and bred, but now L.A. based; The String Fellow Hawks bring rock and roll to the stage. Influenced by the groove of the past and the loose change in their pockets, the String Fellow Hawks will be sure to play with awl their hearts. Don't ever miss the chance to see them perform live.

  • Joe Feloni

    Joe Feloni View Profile

    Renowned Boston artist, guitar sideman and producer, Joe Feloni has played in countless bands as a sideman as well as been a solo artist with his instrumental rock band “The Joe Feloni Trio”.  Joe started his musical journey with “Me And The Boys” in 1988, and he’s continued to make music through the years and is very excited about his recent collaboration with u...

  • Remy Felsch

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  • Brig Feltus

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  • Southern Femisphere

    Southern Femisphere View Profile

    one trembling star in the sky lights our way after an eclipse of the patriarchal sun.

  •  Femke

    Femke View Profile

     Femke Weidema started her musical career as a classical accordion player. At 18, she attended the Prins Claus Conservatory in Holland to peruse her dream of becoming a composer and classical musician. But a funny thing happened on the way to that dream, she discovered Pop Music! So she bought a guitar and piano, started writing songs and performing all over Europe. Upon graduating with a Deg...

  • La Femme

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  • White Fence

    White Fence View Profile

  • Picket Fence Cartel

    Picket Fence Cartel View Profile

  • Dirty Fences

    Dirty Fences View Profile

    Dirty Fences from New York City sling ‘70s street-level punk rock & roll. Tommy Ramone beat. Harmonies. Tons of vocals. From fast slasher power pop tunes to country ballads to Eddie Cochran style parents­just­dont­understand sex rock and roll, they know their stuff and have a lot of fun with it.

  • The Fenians

    The Fenians View Profile

    For nearly two decades now, The Fenians have delivered their potent mix of traditional Irish folk and good old rock n roll all across the USA and Ireland. With an ever expanding set of original creations, as well as contemporary and traditional tunes plucked from the panoply of the genre, these five lads put on a live show that is second to none. Their foundation is decidedly Celtic, but there is ...

  • Michael Fenimore

    Michael Fenimore View Profile

    From Phoenix to Louisville, Michael Fenimore has been touring in preparation for his much anticipated release of his new EP...... COMING 2014

  • Whitney Fenimore

    Whitney Fenimore View Profile

    Whitney Fenimore, 25, hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She began playing the guitar, piano and singing early on in her life. She picked up her dad's old acoustic around the age of 10 and hasn't stopped strumming since. Heavily influenced by Gospel,Pop, Country, Folk, Americana, and Rock, Fenimore's music brings a fresh new sound to the table.

  •  Fenix TX

    Fenix TX View Profile

    Previously known as Riverfenix, the Houston-based group Fenix TX consists of singer/guitarists Will Salazar and Chris Lewis, bassist Adam Lewis, and drummer Damon Delapaz (ex-30 Foot Fall). Riverfenix formed in 1995, but due to a shifting lineup didn't play or write much until the following year. 1997 saw the group play on the Mullets Across America Tour that also included other pop-punk groups li...

  • Ash Fenner

    Ash Fenner View Profile

  • Zak Fennie

    Zak Fennie View Profile

    Zak Fennie is a performing solo artist and songwriter who blends elements of indie, pop, rock, emo, folk and bluegrass along with the trials and tribulations of everyday life into a powerful and emotive sound. You can find him performing at venues of numerous shapes and sizes around the Napa Valley and Bay Area, from street corners and coffee shops to theaters, night clubs, wineries, and oper...

  • Henry Fenton

    Henry Fenton View Profile

    D Henry Fenton is a music artist who was born in New Zealand grew up in Australia and is now based in Los Angeles, California. He has opened shows for Eric Burdon, Keith Urban, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, and the Corrs, played guitar for Lissie and says his sound is a mix of Americana, Rock and Folk. Henry’s last album Autumn Sweet which was recorded with former REM producer, Mitch Easter ...

  • Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand View Profile

    Glasgow's art-damaged rock quartet Franz Ferdinand -- named for the Austro-Hungarian Archduke whose murder sparked World War I -- feature bassist Bob Hardy, guitarist Nick McCarthy, drummer Paul Thomson, and singer/guitarist Alex Kapranos. In late 2001, Kapranos and Hardy had begun working on music together when they met McCarthy, a classically trained pianist and double bass player who originally...

  • Jason Ferg

    Jason Ferg View Profile

    Jason Ferg is a singer, songwriter, and emcee from Chicago who blends soul, gospel, jazz, hip hop, and spoken word to deliver messages of love and inspiration to music lovers worldwide. He now lives in LA and has been making a name for himself on the west coast music and spoken word scenes. Check him out at

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