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  • Dave Farina

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  • Mark Farina

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    Modern day record minstrel, Mark Farina, has thrilled crowds globally, entertaining over 1 million fans per year. As one of the most ubiquitous DJs in Dance Music, Farina's known for both his unique style of mixing Jazz, Downtempo and House Music as well as being the creator of Mushroom Jazz: West Coast jazzy, organic productions combined with East Coast Hip-Hop, Urban beats.  Drawing ...

  • Bella Farinas

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    Seattle singer/songwriter Bella Farinas is an eighteen year-old self taught musician. Growing up, she admired her two older sisters who were dancers and singers. At the age of fifteen, Bella was inspired to pursue music on her own. Bella has been mentored by Nancy Wilson (The Band Heart), Ricardo Fraizer (CEO of ZakiRose Media), songwriter Sue Ennis, and Micheal Shrieve (Drummer for Carlos...

  • Vieux Farka Toure

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    Vieux Farka Touré crafts Malian blues in the rich Songhai tradition of his late father, famed guitarist Ali Farka Touré. Vieux draws on haunting Saharan blues and traditional Malian melodies and infuses them with his own global influences to create an irresistible Afropop sound all his own. He will be touring with his band in support of his new release, Touristes, a collaborative alb...

  • Kathleen Farless

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    Kathleen started playing the piano when she was 9 years old. She had an informal training from her neighbor in Manila whom she called "Lola Lourdes" (Grandma Lourdes), who taught her how to play classical music. With her passion growing for music, she started playing on her own. She played by ear, developed her own tunes, and eventually wrote original songs at an early age. When she was ...

  • Brothers Farley

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  • Charlie Farley

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    I never dreamed I'd be making music for a living. I started out writing poetry and it turned into what it is now. Like anyone else who has walked a day in this crazy world, I have been through a lot to get to where I am at. I won't get into all that but what I will say is that God has blessed me with a gift to take everything I have been through, bottle it up inside my mind and then p...

  • Corey Farlow

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  • Grant Farm

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    Cosmic-Americana band Grant Farm has entertained an ever-growing fan base since its founding in 2009 by vocalist and National Flatpicking Guitar Champion Tyler Grant. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the free-spirited, creative group is comprised of “some of the ablest musicians not only in the state of Colorado, but in the nation,” wrote Daniel Mescher, of Colorado Public Radio. Players in...

  • Ethan Farmer

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    Ethan “Ebassman" Farmer is a highly visible first call bad boy bassist, and is one of the "who’s who” in the music industry. As a native of Chicago, Ethan has established himself as an incredible talent among bass players in the industry today. While his talent speaks volumes on its own, his charisma and authenticity have propelled his career way beyond the recording...

  • International Farmers

    International Farmers View Profile

    International Farmers is a persistent bunch. Anchored by Preston Nelson on drums (son of longtime Ben Harper bassist, Juan Nelson), the band interweaves a highly danceable form of modern reggae. The band was originally formed by childhood friends Daniel Primavera (guitar) and Jeremy Odom (bass). Their deep passion for reggae, hip hop, and punk came together in Atlanta, GA around the summer of 2000...

  • Llama Farmers

    Llama Farmers View Profile

    Greenwich, England grunge-pop quartet the Llama Farmers was formed by guitarist William Briggs and drummer Brooke Rogers in 1997; after sacking their original frontman and bassist, the schoolmates tapped singer Bernie Simpson and his bassist sister Jenni, and although none of the four was yet out of their teens, they soon opened for the Foo Fighters, recording their debut session for Radio 1's Ste...

  • Pindhurst Farms

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    You probably have a lot of questions surrounding the name ‘Pindhurst Farms.’ Well, our answer to any of those would simply be, use your imagination. The Long Island based band was officially formed in spring 2011 by Jeff Johnson and Drew Pouliot as a jam/indie/pop project. The band was soon joined by Drummer Jenna Noe. After some time, bassist Pouliot, had stepped up to guitar and the band then ob...

  • Rachel Faro

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  • Jason Farol

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    Jason Farol was born and raised in Torrance, CA.  In early 2012 while studying Kinesiology at California State University, Dominguez Hills Jason was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: to sing alongside Kelly Clarkson on the hit, summer, show Duets. While on the show Jason showcased and fine-tuned his talents and earned himself a spot in the Duets season finale.  Singing a broa...


    JOSH FAROL View Profile

    Born and raised in Southern California, Josh Farol has been fine tuning his musical talent along side his brother and 2nd runner up on ABC's Duets- Jason Farol. Since Jason's Farol set tour in the Philippines, Josh Farol has joined forces with Doap Opera's Arkae Tuazon- a singer/songwriter and a melodic mastermind. A combination of Jazz, Rock, Blues and Electronic Pop will be sure to gratify the ...

  • Tyler Farr

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    Tyler Farr was born and raised in the small town of Garden City, Missouri. The singer was first introduced to country music at age 16, when he spent a summer on the road with his stepfather, who played lead guitar for country icon George Jones. Farr grew to love country music, and he decided to make the move to Nashville to pursue a career as an artist. He landed a job working as a bouncer at ...

  • Lauren Farrah

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  • Brian Farrell

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  • Frida Farrell

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    Frida Farrell is the dynamic pop-duo. Frida Farrell (singer/songwriter) and Isabel Latz (guitarist/songwriter) have recently been joined by creative Tom Camillo (bass) and playful Sam DiGlovanni (percussion/drums). Since their first rehearsal amongst 4 dogs in April 2013, they have written over 20 original songs and performed at various locations throughout LA, including the Viper Room and ...

  • Meaghan Farrell

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  • Perry Farrell

    Perry Farrell View Profile

    Perry Farrell is quite simply, one of the most important and original musical figures of the '90s. Born Perry Bernstein in New York City on March 29, 1959, Perry moved with his family to Miami, FL as a youngster, and eventually wound up in Los Angeles, CA, where he discovered the liberating punk rock movement. By the early '80s, goth rock was sweeping across L.A. -- as a result, Perry changed his ...

  • Tom Farrell

    Tom Farrell View Profile

     Local musician and educator, Tom Farrell, presents his students in showcase with acts ranging from solo classical guitar, string trios, rock bands and jazz ensembles. Tom's creativity and community approach to teaching has made him one of the most sought after music teachers in Los Angeles. With an M.M. from Northwestern University and his experience traveling and playing around the w...

  • Charlie Farren

    Charlie Farren View Profile

    Charlie FARREN has long been known for great songs, great singing, and for outstanding live solo acoustic performances. Charlie captures an audience with his unique delivery, insightful lyrics, soaring vocal, and intricate and distinctive, 'Full Band' guitar style that distinguishes him among the country’s elite musical artists. Charlie’s solo performances have the energy an...

  • Chris Farren

    Chris Farren View Profile

    Chris Farren will be the first to tell you he’s a “musician’s musician” although he’s not really sure what that means. Maybe it means that the Florida-based musician has been grinding it out for over a decade, making endless friends along the way. The charismatic frontman of the Naples band Fake Problems has toured with everyone from Against Me! to The Gaslight A...

  • Courteney Farren

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  • Justin Farren

    Justin Farren View Profile

    Justin Farren is an unassuming singer-songwriter from Sacramento, CA. where he lives in a house that he literally built with his own two hands, about which he says "it's like living in a museum of my own mistakes". When it comes to his songs, Justin Farren is nothing short of a master craftsman painting lyrical pictures that are firmly rooted in the reality of day-t...

  • Michael Farren

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  • Lia Farrington

    Lia Farrington View Profile

    Singing from an early age, Lia Farrington has a rich classical and musical theater background that helps give her the versatility, vocal power, and stamina needed to maintain her soulful, rock-infused crooning. Described by her peers as a "heartfelt poet with a rock and blues, melancholy way", Lia cites her biggest inspirations as varied as Jack White, Radiohead, Christina Aguilera, and ...

  • Clive Farrington of WHEN IN ROME

    Clive Farrington of WHEN IN ROME View Profile

    New Wave dance trio When in Rome originally got together in England, with vocalists Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann, and keyboard player Michael Floreale. Their big hit, "The Promise," reached 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1988 and was featured in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" in 2004. Today, there are two versions of the band - Floreale holds the trademark to the band's name in the US, wh...

  • Allie Farris

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  • Clayton Farris

    Clayton Farris View Profile

    Born and raised in Dallas, TX , Clayton Farris loves the simple things in life.  After moving to Los Angeles in 2007 his penchant for comedy was stroked pretty hard until shooting all over the Los Angeles comedy scene.  Whether he is riffing on cat owners vs. dog owners, unemployment or his fear of turning 30, he tells it like it is and spares no one.  He's been descr...

  • Davion Farris

    Davion Farris View Profile

    DAVION FARRIS is one of L.A.’s premier talents today. Hailing from Inglewood Ca, he’s been making waves as a part of the WoodWorks artist camp, including his brother and TDE recording artist Sir, his cousin soulful songstress Tiffany Gouche, and his brother and artist/writer/producer D-Smoke. As a writer, he’s been in the game for over 10 years, with his first accomplishment ...

  • Matt Farris

    Matt Farris View Profile

    With a positive energy and incredible talent, Matt Farris is a singer-songwriter with a redneck style. Entertaining family and friends from the moment he spoke his first word, the Arizona native’s passion for entertainment has always been apparent. With an early exchange of lullabies for classic country tunes sung by his mother, Farris has since gravitated toward the country genre. Farris co...

  • Matthew Farris

    Matthew Farris View Profile

  • Mike Farris

    Mike Farris View Profile

    “Farris surrounds himself with a heavenly soundtrack that slides effortlessly between Stax soul, New Orleans gospel and shuffling Southern blues, all of it punctuated with Farris’ smoldering vocals and clear message of redemption.” - HARP "Mike Farris has enough heart, soul, and power to light up a city. He mixes up the elements and turns them into something new, beautiful, and uniquely his own...

  • Rachel Farris

    Rachel Farris View Profile

    Rachel Farris was playing piano, singing, and writing her own music before turning 13. She majored in music while in college and formed her own group, featuring songs she had written, but the project was nixed when she realized that it involved too much compromise. Determined to go it alone, Farris recorded a ten-song demo that earned her a contract with the Big 3 label. Soak, her debut album, was...

  • Andrew Farriss

    Andrew Farriss View Profile

    Andrew Charles Farriss is a Co-Founder, Main Composer, Keyboardist, Guitarist, Percussion, and Vocalist for the band INXS. Andrew has also worked internationally as an independent record producer, songwriter, and performance artist .  Within INXS, massive hit singles such as ‘Original Sin’ (first Australian Number One), ‘What You Need’ (first Top 10 in the US),...

  • The Farthest Edge

    The Farthest Edge View Profile

    The Farthest Edge was formed in the summer of 2011, by veteran musicians Rich Candelaria, Patrick Michaelis, and Matt Ryan. Candelaria came across Patrick Lee who was performing at a local venue, and asked if he'd be interested in writing some material. Matt Ryan, who had just made the decision to postpone a move to Connecticut, had been in touch with Candelaria and hopped onboard. Shortly thereaf...

  • Chris Farzanrad

    Chris Farzanrad View Profile

    Chris Farzanrad, a native Floridian, came to Southern California to attend CSU Fullerton's film program. Along with acting, he is a talented multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter who is dedicated to creating original music. As the lead singer of Transient Orca, he has written and produced their two albums. Influences include Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Weeze...

  • DJ Fashen

    DJ Fashen View Profile

    Phoenix, Arizona native Daniel Kutz, better known as Fashen became an essential part of the budding Los Angeles club circuit in the early 90’s. With over 10 years of radio under his belt and almost 2 decades behind the turntables performing at concerts, clubs, and producing multiple mix CDs and remixes, Fashen continues to dominate and secure his position at the forefront in the evolving world of ...

  • Hi Fashion

    Hi Fashion View Profile

    Described by Jen DM as an “all sensory take-over,” HI FASHION’s live show combines dancers, video, and experimental performance to blur the line between spectator and performer and offer an opportunity for a visceral and primal experience. Their eclectic blend of electronic dance-pop draws comparison to the likes of Scissor Sisters, Grace Jones, and Peaches. Their track "...

  • Smash Fashion

    Smash Fashion View Profile

  • The Fashion

    The Fashion View Profile

    Singer Jakob Printzlau, guitarist Anders Find Axelsen and bassist Christian Lignell Bækholm have been playing together in bands around their hometown of Svendborg, Denmark, since the mid 1990s, the best known of which was Joyphilters. It was after that band's drummer left and they drafted Jakob Ankær Johansen (formerly of hardcore band Lack) to sit behind the kit and invited keyboardist ...

  • The Fast Sails

    The Fast Sails View Profile

    "An inspired sound – plinky electronica matched with occasional riffs of heavy electric guitar but, best of all, a glorious, soaring, saccharine, balladeering voice...visceral, vulnerable and very inviting...well worth a listen" - For Folk's Sake

  • Wo Fat

    Wo Fat View Profile

    You can wade through as many press quotes about “Texas-sized” as you want or see how many top-whatever lists Wo Fat have made since the Dallas trio got started in 2003, but none of that is going to be the same as staring down their swampadelic fuzz groove for yourself. If you want to know the monster, shake its hand.

  •  Fat Boys

    Fat Boys View Profile

    One of early rap's most successful acts, the Fat Boys parlayed a combined weight of over 750 pounds into a comic novelty act that sustained them through several albums and hit singles. Originally known as the Disco 3, Brooklynites Mark "Prince Markie Dee" Morales, Damon "Kool Rock-Ski" Wimbley, and Darren "Buff the Human Beat Box" Robinson won a talent contest at Radio City Music Hall in 1983, tha...

  • The Fat Boys

    The Fat Boys View Profile

    One of early rap's most successful acts, the Fat Boys parlayed a combined weight of over 750 pounds into a comic novelty act that sustained them through several albums and hit singles. Originally known as the Disco 3, Brooklynites Mark "Prince Markie Dee" Morales, Damon "Kool Rock-Ski" Wimbley, and Darren "Buff the Human Beat Box" Robinson won a talent contest at Radio City Music Hall in 1983, tha...

  • The Fat Face Band

    The Fat Face Band View Profile

    FATTY FATTY FAT FAT!!! New Orleans Jazz, Old Jazz, Polka, Mariachi!

  •  Fat Joe

    Fat Joe View Profile

    Latino rapper Fat Joe (aka Fat Joe da Gangsta, Joey Crack, and his real name, Joe Cartagena) was raised in the South Bronx area of New York. It was through an older brother that Cartagena learned the ways of the street, as well as discovering rap music via the sounds of such groundbreaking artists as Theodore, Funky 4 + 1, and the Furious Five. Eventually going by the name of Fat Joe, the rapper s...

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