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  • High Falls

    High Falls View Profile

    High Falls is a high energy Brooklyn three-piece that does a mixture of indie punk and feel good dance tunes.

  • Manzanita Falls

    Manzanita Falls View Profile

    Manzanita Falls is 4-piece indie rock band out of Santa Rosa, California. Over the two years of their existence, the band has produced a hearty following in their home town and are excited to be bringing their tunes to a national audience in support of their new album "Vinyl Ghost" (out now). Taking inspiration from artists like Wilco, The National, and Whiskeytown, Manzanita Falls showcase their ...

  • Ramona Falls

    Ramona Falls View Profile

    Portland, OR-based outfit Ramona Falls was formed in 2009 as a solo vehicle for Menomena multi-instrumentalist Brent Knopf. Named in honor of a childhood hiking trail on Mt. Hood, Ramona Falls' alternately whimsical and brooding blend of electro-acoustic pop and left-field indie rock made its public debut in 2009 with the album Intuit on the Seattle-based Barsuk label. ~ James Christopher Monger, ...

  • Society Falls

    Society Falls View Profile

  • Woodbine Falls

    Woodbine Falls View Profile

    The atypical, and powerfully emotive sounds of Woodbine Falls draw from the many rivers of influence that comprise it. Represented within are the varied worlds of classical, jazz, blues and rock, combined with an experimental twist. This confluence produces sounds that are flowing and entrancing, with a roaring under current of crashing force. New York City based, Woodbine Falls' unique instru...

  • DJ Fallup

    DJ Fallup View Profile

    What goes down must fall up.

  • Emily Falvey

    Emily Falvey View Profile

    Emily Falvey began playing classical piano music at just 5 years old, and after being emotionally inspired following a devastating event, she wrote her first song at age 12. The amount of power and passion within her first song illuminated her gift for songwriting. A recent graduate of Belmont University’s esteemed music program, Falvey earned a BA in Songwriting and a BBA in Music Business....

  • Mike Falzone

    Mike Falzone View Profile

    I make music. I make People laugh. I do neither on purpose. Host of TweetTap on #waywire. Author of the book Never Stop Shutting Up

  • Ross Falzone

    Ross Falzone View Profile

  • Feli Fame

    Feli Fame View Profile

  • Dr Fameus

    Dr Fameus View Profile

  • SM Familia

    SM Familia View Profile

    Latin/funk/cumbia reggae band from beautiful SD. They blend in insatiable mix of latin/funk/cumbia/reggae music that is high energy and top musicanship.

  • La Familia Music

    La Familia Music View Profile

  • Farewell Familiar

    Farewell Familiar View Profile

    Farewell Familiar (formally known as Listening Young) was formed only a few years ago and has now taken off in a new direction starting late 2014 and early this new year 2015. The band writes and performs all original songs written by members, Tony Helou (lead singer & guitar), TJay Colamaria (bass & backup vocals) and Zack Detamore (drums). Their style is a tasteful combination of alternative roc...

  • Alien Family

    Alien Family View Profile


  • Courteous Family

    Courteous Family View Profile

    Courteous Family is a group of artists who have come together to learn from one another, collaborate, and ultimately progress each individual in their own trade.  A young, passionate, and eager group of creative minds not afraid to push boundaries and determined to provide new sights and sounds to popular culture. Their multi-faceted brand incorporates various aesthetic mediums into live even...

  • Extended Family

    Extended Family View Profile

    Extended Family has performed in bars, clubs, festivals, and music halls across NY state including Party in the Park, East End Fest, Lovin' Cup, Water Street Music Hall, Homegrown and Park Ave Festival.  Accomplishments include opening for Dark Star Orchestra, Max Creek, 7 Walkers w- Bill Kreutzmann, Rubblebucket, and Alan Evans.  We have been featured in Freetime and City and ...

  • Glass Family

    Glass Family View Profile

  • Postmodern Family

    Postmodern Family View Profile

    Postmodern Family is an American indie rock band from New York City consisting of Matt Osburn on guitar and vocals, John Crites on drums, Isaac Slutzky on keyboards, and Max Bezanson on bass and backing vocals. Osburn formed the band in the summer of 2014. The band has a variety of influences: Rebecca Martin, trucker music, Judy Henske, The Shins, Wilco, Poor Moon, Deep Sea Diver, My Morning Jack...

  • Random Family

    Random Family View Profile

    Random Family is a Los Angeles-based band. Drawing from many influences, the group creates music which spans R&B, Rock, Funk and DownTempo. Shawna Wright, a veteran of the LA scene, fronts the band with a powerful, soulful voice. Random Family produces captivating music meant to be experienced live.

  • Skeletal Family

    Skeletal Family View Profile

    Originating from the the Post Punk/Goth movement in the early 1980's, Skeletal Family are still performing and recording material, gaining worldwide followers and popularity in the Goth/Darkwave subculture.

  • Sona Family

    Sona Family View Profile

    The Sona Family is a British Asian hip-hop collective whose members include Harry Sona, Mr. Riz, Kazz, and DJ JC. Their 2006 single "Glassy" became a worldwide hit, and the group embarked on number of international dates, including a spot at the Dubai Rain Festival in 2006. Their debut album, Make Some Noise/Taali Bajow, was released the same year. ~ Katherine Fulton, Rovi

  • Valleyheart Family Band

    Valleyheart Family Band View Profile

    Country/Reggae/Folk/Blues band from LA, CA

  • The Family Crest

    The Family Crest View Profile

    From the onset, Liam McCormick, the mastermind behind The Family Crest, knew that Beneath the Brine was an audacious project. But so is The Family Crest itself. The brainchild of McCormick, The Family Crest was started as a recording project in 2009 with co-founder John Seeterlin (bass). “We were in another band and had become disillusioned,” explains McCormick. &ldqu...

  • The Family Dinner

    The Family Dinner View Profile

    Five piece instrumental hip-hop group trying to infuse multiple genres into one raw sound. With a variety of musical backgrounds, The Family Dinner will serve you the most savory spoonfuls.

  • The Family Flaw

    The Family Flaw View Profile

    The Family Flaw is a commune of cinematic indie-garage music. Having flaws is proof that you're alive and real. Join us if you're real and want to escape from the plastic mundane.   Our songs are soundtracks to looking beyond the surface of life. The sexy call-and-response chorus in the song “How Long Can You Stay?” unfolds with the protagonist searching for som...

  •  Family of the Year

    Family of the Year View Profile

    To say that Family of the Year has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time would be an understatement. In addition to Songbook, the band has issued a pair of EPs on its own Washashore Records imprint - 2009’s Where’s The Sun, 2010’s Through The Trees – in addition to last year’s 2011’s St. Croix. Songs from all four discs have made their way onto various in...

  • Spirit Family Reunion

    Spirit Family Reunion View Profile

    After over 300 live shows in support of their debut album, No Separation, Spirit Family Reunion have become a live favorite and have stunned audiences at consecutive Newport Folk Festival appearances, Stage Coach, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and many more as well as sharing the stage on tour with Levon Helm, Alabama Shakes, Dr. Dog, Blitzen Trapper, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Felic...

  • Folk Family Revival

    Folk Family Revival View Profile

  • Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Singers

    Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Singers View Profile

    The offbeat Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players are not so much a band as they are an art project. Deriving their song topics from vintage slides of random family vacations, the trio (keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Jason Trachtenburg, slide projector/costume designer Tina Piña Trachtenburg, and preteen drummer Rachel Piña Trachtenburg) live a nomadic lifestyle, driving from show to sho...

  • Almost Famous Band

    Almost Famous Band View Profile

  •  Fan Halen

    Fan Halen View Profile

    After literally exploding onto the music scene during the late ‘70’s, the Mighty Van Halen emerged as the hottest rock and roll band on the Sunset Strip. With the ever flamboyant Diamond David Lee Roth and guitarist extraordinaire Edward Van Halen spearheading their attack, Van Halen became the quintessential “party” band. By 1984 Van Halen had become the biggest and most popular rock and roll ...

  • Vagrant Fancy

    Vagrant Fancy View Profile

  • Corporate Fandango

    Corporate Fandango View Profile

    Corporate Fandango is a salubrious ska septet of kindred spirits that haunt the streets of Greensboro, North Carolina. Come meet us! Let us play you the songs of our people!

  • Golden Fang

    Golden Fang View Profile

  • Bat Fangs

    Bat Fangs View Profile

    Formed in 2016 by guitarist/singer Betsy Wright (Ex Hex) and drummer Laura King (Flesh Wounds, Speed Stick), the duo specialize in prescription-strength shred and churn meant to stiffen the upper lip and crack the third-eye. Slick and sick visions channeled from the midnight mirror world. Acid-soaked hard-rock to thrill the living and raise dead. The band began just as Wright’s other gig, Ex He...

  • Happy Fangs

    Happy Fangs View Profile

    Happy Fangs is San Francisco's war-painted and wiry rock trio poised to release their first LP, Capricorn on January 27, 2015. SPIN has already praising their song, In The Morning, for its "righteous guitar crunch and relentlessly chugging drums.” Controlled Burn is commended by HuffPo Entertainment for its "pure raw energy and powerful vocals with a sexy edge in a free-for-...

  • Soft Fangs

    Soft Fangs View Profile

  • Julia Fanning

    Julia Fanning View Profile

  • King Fantastic

    King Fantastic View Profile

    King Fantastic is a hip hop duo from Los Angeles, CA consisting of rapper Killer Reese One and DJ/Producer Troublemaker. Killer Reese One is also one half of LA underground rap duo Bleu Collar. Troublemaker is an internationally known DJ and producer who is also one half of the electronic group Rad Omen, and has remixed and worked with diverse acts such as Johnny Cash, Linkin Park, Matt and Kim fe...

  • Light Fantastic

    Light Fantastic View Profile

    While a musical project that had been in the works for a few years, Light Fantastic was officially hatched recently, during the warmest San Francisco winter in memory. In an effort to harness the unusually blue skies, Terry Sowers (who has played with Farmer Dave’s SF live band) and Jeremy Bringetto (Tamaryn, Bellavista) paired up to realize the sunnier side of pop music, inspired as much by...

  •  Fantastic Plastic Machine

    Fantastic Plastic Machine View Profile

    The most producer-driven act in the Japanese pop movement known as Shibuya-kei, Fantastic Plastic Machine was formed by Tomoyuki Tanaka. Though he has the basic stylistic tastes requisite of the Shibuya-kei artist (namely lounge music, bossa nova, French pop, and soft rock), Tanaka has more of a club mentality, driven by his long experience as a DJ. Born in Kyoto, he entered the music business in ...

  • The Fantastic Toes

    The Fantastic Toes View Profile

  • Ricky Fante

    Ricky Fante View Profile

    Southeast Washington, D.C. native, and soul revivalist Ricky Fanté, was weaned on endless Motown, Stax, and Blue Note records. The former choirboy developed his soulful vocal style during his teen years, mimicking Stevie Wonder and Elvis Presley on neighborhood street corners. His love of gospel came from the church, and his love of everything else came form his parents, whose eclectic tastes...

  •  Far East Movement

    Far East Movement View Profile

  • Those Far Out Arrows

    Those Far Out Arrows View Profile

    Those Far Out Arrows, an Omaha-based rock duet consisting of brothers Evan and Ben Keelan-White, kicked off the night in a timeless style. Simply a drummer and guitarist/vocalist, TFOA is an homage to the purest era of rock and roll. Not only does their sound evoke this sentiment, the fact that the two brothers simply traded places halfway through their set is proof positive that these guys h...

  • The Far West

    The Far West View Profile

    The Far West have an authentically Americana sound that’s been described as something like Waylon’s band jamming with Wilco. Their songs are highly personal, introspective and original and betray a deep love of American music. In keeping with the W theme one also hears a little Willie, Whiskeytown and Woody, as in Guthrie, in their music. Their songs are highly personal, introspect...

  • Ben Farahi Trio

    Ben Farahi Trio View Profile

  • Nico Farias

    Nico Farias View Profile

  • Dan Farina

    Dan Farina View Profile

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