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  • Sugar Daddy

    Sugar Daddy View Profile

    Sugar Daddy formed in early 2013.  Featuring members from Bad Little Doggie, 3MI and the Resonatorz, Sugar Daddy plays rock favorites from the 70's to the 2000's, including artists like; ZZ Top, Zeppelin, Robyn Trower, Pat Travers, Lenny Kravitz, Journey, Clapton, DIO, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more!  With Sugar Daddy, you might just hear some music ...

  • Trick Daddy

    Trick Daddy View Profile

    One of the most thuggish rappers ever embraced by the mainstream, Trick Daddy broke out of the South in 2001 with "I'm a Thug" and established himself as an unlikely national superstar. Before his breakthrough, he scored a few regional hits here and there but remained largely an underground rapper. In particular, he became known for his club anthems, which were characterized by their rousing beats...

  • Uncle Daddy

    Uncle Daddy View Profile

    Uncle Daddy is a brotherhood of guys who have only one thing in common: An unflinching need to make music that inspires and electrifies. As one eloquent fan put it: “They sound like watching Mumford & Sons play the Black Keys while Led Zeppelin punches out Toby Keith on Johnny Cash’s pool table.” “This is the first time I’ve ever made music that is the perfect mi...

  • Anna Dadnia

    Anna Dadnia View Profile

    Anna Dadnia is a singer & songwriter with german and afghan roots. Influenced by her father and brother at a young age, music has been an essential part of her life ever since she can think back and getting into singing and songwriting was only a matter of time. She took her first vocal classes at the age of 10, had her first live gig at 13 and just three years later, when she was 16 she beg...

  • Weekend Dads

    Weekend Dads View Profile

    Los Angeles based group with 4 members: Ryan Johnson - Vocals/Guitar, David Johnson - Guitar, Dan Clearly - Drums, Shawn Giragosian - Vocals/Bass playing a Rock n Roll-Indie-Blues sound with all original songs.

  • Claudi Dae

    Claudi Dae View Profile

    Claudi Dae is a guitarist/singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. Per the L.A. Record, “Claudi Dae plays a heavy, growly guitar set and displays muscular bluesy/punk vocals.” Inspirations include blues masters such as Robert Johnson, Muddy waters, and Jack White.

  • Damon Dae

    Damon Dae View Profile

    Any singer worth their salt was influenced by the greatest entertainers of eras gone by. Most have taken these inspirations to unique heights of flattery and imitation but nothing more. Its time for a new day. Damon Dae. Original. Uniquely his own. With his easily identifiable sultry tenor voice, he is destined to find his place in history amongst the best. He has the ability-- a gift really--...

  • Daedelus Daedelus

    Daedelus Daedelus View Profile

     Alfred Darlington isn’t your average cookie-cutter musician. From how he looks (early Victorian Dandism), to how he makes music, to how he expresses himself and views the world, his is a very individual, a ‘bespoke’ outlook. Alfred was born in Santa Monica in 1977 to an artist mother and psychologist father. Musical from very early on, as a child he was classically and...

  • Bonnie Daffoe

    Bonnie Daffoe View Profile

  •  Daft Punk

    Daft Punk View Profile

    In similar company with new-school French progressive dance artists such as Motorbass, Air, Cassius, and Dimitri from Paris, Parisian duo Daft Punk quickly rose to acclaim by adapting a love for first-wave acid house and techno to their younger roots in pop, indie rock, and hip-hop. The combined talents of DJs Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, the pair's first projects together inc...

  • Happy Dagger

    Happy Dagger View Profile

    Psych band from Portland, OR. 

  • Silver Daggers

    Silver Daggers View Profile

  • Colleen D'Agostino

    Colleen D'Agostino View Profile

    Colleen D’Agostino is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter.  Known by many as the soulful and raspy lead vocalist of LA rock band The Material, D’Agostino has unleashed another dimension of her artistic identity with her new electro-pop solo project and collaboration with deadmau5.   After years of touring in the rock world, including performances at Warped Tour, SXSW,...

  • John D'agostino

    John D'agostino View Profile

  • C. Dahl

    C. Dahl View Profile

  • Trevor Dahl

    Trevor Dahl View Profile

  • John Dahlback

    John Dahlback View Profile

    Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1985. Both his mother and father are musicians, and almost everyone in his family is too, which probably explains his prodigious output. Dalhback first got in touch with house music through his cousin Jesper Dahlbäck. His first track was released by Pawel Kobak's label Route 33 and his first 12" came out on the Chicago-based label Deep4life. John has since then rele...

  • Quinn Dahle

    Quinn Dahle View Profile

    Quinn Dahle grew up in Minnesota, finished high school in Colorado and went to college in Arizona. He stepped onstage for the first time while attending Arizona State University and left soon after for the bright lights of Los Angeles. People in and out of the comedy business consider Quinn to be a smart, clean and witty stand-up comic with impeccable timing. Young Mr. Dahle is already working ...

  • Eric Dahlman // Ripped Echo

    Eric Dahlman // Ripped Echo View Profile

    Eric Dahlman has a long and varied musical history having performed with the late great free jazz icon Hal Russell and his NRG Ensemble, The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra, The Travis Chandler Philharmonic, Auddity, The Calypso Invaders, Little Mystery, and others. He has also appeared on Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty's Discovery Channel soundtrack "Bridges." He has performed on the new Trid...

  • The Dahls

    The Dahls View Profile

    Drifting slightly above the frantic clamor of L.A.’s diverse and chaotic independent music scene, “The Dahls” –(twin sisters Melinda and Caitlin) – have crafted a unique and transcendent flight path of their own design. With a series of club appearances throughout the Los Angeles basin, The Dahls have built a solid fan base that grows increasingly with each live performance. And while their journe...

  • Jim Dailakis

    Jim Dailakis View Profile

  • Johnny Dailey

    Johnny Dailey View Profile

    Johnny Dailey grew up in a small town by the name of Argo, Alabama. He has always been a creative person and at a young age that naturally flowed into learning the guitar and singing. Johnny started writing songs after he graduated high school and kept progressing his singing and writing on through college while he lived in Charleston, SC.  Johnny continues to be creative wherever he can...

  • Scott Dailey

    Scott Dailey View Profile

  • E.G. Daily

    E.G. Daily View Profile

  • Peter Daily

    Peter Daily View Profile

    Peter Daily is a singer/songwriter whose home base is in Los Angeles, though his roots lay deep in the heart of Texas. Peter Daily comes from a musical family, and was particularly influenced by his father, who sang in a gospel group out of Dallas in the 1970's. Peter spent much of his childhood on the group's tour bus. Daily inherited his father's knack for performance early on; he began singing ...

  • Frank Dain

    Frank Dain View Profile

  • Melting Daisies

    Melting Daisies View Profile

  • Blacktop Daisy

    Blacktop Daisy View Profile

    Blacktop Daisy incite dance parties at every venue they hit, harnessing sounds from funk, rock, disco and new wave into modern indie pop. The beats are hard and the hooks melodic, with rock n’ roll grit, dark nostalgia, and dreamy harmonies permeating their sound, this is music that you won’t feel ashamed to blast from your stereo. Blacktop Daisy. No shame.

  • Pushing Daisy

    Pushing Daisy View Profile

  • Tripping Daisy

    Tripping Daisy View Profile

    Pleasantly inspired by the Beatles' psychedelic period as well as the more heavy riffers of the 1970s, alternative popsters Tripping Daisy came together in Dallas in 1991. Comprising vocalist/guitarist Tim DeLaughter, guitarist Wes Berggren, bassist Mark Pirro and drummer Mitch Marine, the band gigged around the area and began recording soon after. One of the session highlights, "Lost and Found," ...

  • Khaled Dajani

    Khaled Dajani View Profile

    Khaled is a groundbreaking artist whose unique brand of Alternative World Fusion music combines hard rock, Spanish style guitar and Middle Eastern music elements into one explosive listening experience. His new album Luci – an 11-track concept album based on themes of temptation - will be unleashed to the world on January 2013.

  • Dj Dakini

    Dj Dakini View Profile

    Bass priestess & underground festival culture pioneer ~ Dakini has been a pivotal part of the creation of Australia’s electronic music festival culture since the turn of the millennium. She is Australia’s most renowned underground female dj with a growing global fan base particularly in the USA & Canada.    International label dj for Merkaba Music & Ome...

  • Kylie Dakota

    Kylie Dakota View Profile


  • Slingshot Dakota

    Slingshot Dakota View Profile

    writing the new album and IT'S GOING TO BLOW YOUR MIND.

  • Miss Dakota, a.k.a. Dakota Ferreiro

    Miss Dakota, a.k.a. Dakota Ferreiro View Profile

    A technically trained dancer in Russian Ballet, Jazz, and Latin Ballroom. This Bronx native has been a professional dancer since the age of 14 and has been featured on stage, film, and television. Dakota is an experienced Burlesque dancer, choreographer, and director who formally stared as the headline dancer at the famed Forty Deuce Las Vegas and Hollywood. She has moved on to produce and direct ...

  • Miss Dakota's Gypsy Rose

    Miss Dakota's Gypsy Rose View Profile

    GYPSY ROSE is dance extravaganza in the spirit of Burlesque & Classic Cabaret starring MISS DAKOTA along side a bouquet of talented beauties teasing you with dances to an array of music and styles including Jazz, Latin & even a little Ballet. In Addition, specialty acts and guest musicians are scheduled for your entertainment.

  • Peter Daldry Celtic Music

    Peter Daldry Celtic Music View Profile

  • Dick Dale

    Dick Dale View Profile

  • Thomas Dale

    Thomas Dale View Profile

     Born to Brooklyn parents, Thomas Dale was raised on the south shore of Long Island. From a young age Thomas knew he’d make an impact on society with his ability to bring people together. Thomas realized that his talents on stage as a comedian would be the best way to do it. Armed with a fresh and diverse voice, Thomas has been known to tackle the most complicated social issues whil...

  • Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners

    Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners View Profile

    I believe blues music is a conduit for the human spirit. I grew up on the southside of Chicago, and have been privileged to either perform with, share a stage with or meet many of the blues masters including Lowell Fulson, Muddy Waters, Pee Wee Crayton, Albert King, Etta James, Willie Dixon, B.B. King and Honeyboy Edwards. Since I wrote my first blues song at the age of 14, this music has linked m...

  • Steven Dale Jones

    Steven Dale Jones View Profile

  • The Dales

    The Dales View Profile

  • Eric DAlessandro

    Eric DAlessandro View Profile

    Eric is like gravity, drawing people to him. When he speaks it’s electric. His audience is excited by his words regardless of how many times they’ve heard him.   With over 89K followers on Instagram and millions of views on YouTube, Eric D’Alessandro is taking the comedy world by storm. Social media has given him the ability to create content that is both relatable and tim...

  • David D'Alessio

    David D'Alessio View Profile

    Born in Hawaii, educated in Arizona and currently residing in New York City, David D’Alessio has drawn comparisons to his geographic counterparts: the "Jack Johnson of the Southwest"; a voice with the "plaintive heights of Damien Rice"; "tenor reminiscent of Duncan Sheik." His songs sit comfortably in the realm of singer/songwriter-pop and share tasty bits from his diverse landscapes. To be ce...

  • Troubadour Dali

    Troubadour Dali View Profile

    A Saint Louis, MO band, formed in 2005, that subsumes hypnotic grooves, verby space guitar hooks, and potent sound wave crescendos that evoke your primal pulses to electric shakes and moves...

  • Sonia Dali & The Bohemians

    Sonia Dali & The Bohemians View Profile

    Sonia Dali & The Bohemians are an up and coming band based in Los Angeles. With influences from the electro bass that booms through the streets of London to the soulful powers from Paris, The Bohemians are an electric SoCal twist on today's modern day music scene.  Started in 2016 ,  the band of six has backgrounds from all over. They bring together their diversity...

  • Micah Dalton

    Micah Dalton View Profile

    "He may sound like an earthier, cleverer Ben Harper, but musically Dalton suggests mid-'80s Prince in the way he defiantly straddles so many styles, requiring an enormous musical arsenal to get his point across. These juxtapositions of sounds and style rarely feel forced or even deliberate, courtesy of Dalton's soulful vocals and incisive songwriting."- PASTE MAGAZINE

  • Ryan Dalton

    Ryan Dalton View Profile

    Who ever said people with A/D/D should be medicated? Ryan can't remember. But whoever said it was wrong! No meds required. Just give him a stage, a mic and you've got a comic with an erratic style and constantly fresh material. Ryan Dalton is a homegrown Cleveland favorite. Ryan attended the prestigious Kent State University. After college, Ryan went on to hold part time jobs in such world-rekno...

  • Andrew Daly

    Andrew Daly View Profile

    Andy “Andrew” Daly was born on the mean streets of Westchester County, New York, raised amid the verdant gardens of the great state of New Jersey and educated in the whipping ice-winds off the finger lakes in Ithaca, New York.  He (I [no, okay, he])  was one of the earliest students of The Upright Citizens Brigade when they arrived in New York in 1996 and has been improvis...

  • Sharon Daly

    Sharon Daly View Profile

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