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  • Martha Davis & The Motels

    Martha Davis & The Motels View Profile

    For Martha Davis, the most important thing has always been the songs she writes. Born and raised in Berkeley, California, she moved to Los Angeles in the early ‘70s, along with the first incarnation of The Motels. The band reformed in 1978 and was immediately signed to Capitol Records in 1979. The Motels' self-titled debut was greeted with positive critical reviews in 1979 and explo...

  • Wiles Davis / Cosmal acoustic set

    Wiles Davis / Cosmal acoustic set View Profile

  • Wiles Davis acoustic set

    Wiles Davis acoustic set View Profile

  • Harold Davis aka FRO

    Harold Davis aka FRO View Profile

    Harold Davis Jr. (otherwise known as FRO) creates music that equally draws from jazz, rock, funk, electronica, blues, latin and more. FRO has opened and/or appeared with diverse national acts including Tower Of Power, Screaming Headless Torsos, Toots and the Maytals, Deep Banana Blackout, the Alex Skolnick Trio and Garaj Mahal. FRO has released three self-produced CDs: "On Your Mark, Get Set,...

  • Alex Davis and The Ary Sisters

    Alex Davis and The Ary Sisters View Profile

  • Emily Davis and the Murder Police

    Emily Davis and the Murder Police View Profile

    A petite frame hardly limits the energy detonating from Emily Davis, a folk singer/songwriter whose lyrics strive to provoke thought and whose stage presence could be captured in two words: firework pixie. Wearing punk on her chest and her lyrical heart on her sleeve, Emily turns the act of singing into soulful storytelling. Two back-to-back albums between 2010 and 2011 introduce the first...

  • Orville Davis and the Wild Bunch

    Orville Davis and the Wild Bunch View Profile

    Old School country in the 21st Century!

  • Wiles Davis DJ Set

    Wiles Davis DJ Set View Profile

  • James Davy

    James Davy View Profile

    In the summer of 2018, songwriter James Davy left his home in Raleigh, North Carolina searching for something more — what for — he still isn’t exactly sure. James traveled through the plains of Oklahoma, up the Pacific coast, and eventually into the dense woods of the Northwest. As he traversed new landscape - of both country and mind – he was searching for “it” while feeling — lost, then found,...

  • The Dawdlers

    The Dawdlers View Profile

    Inspired by the avalanche of great pop music that's come from Britain and its Commonwealth since The Beatles started that train down the tracks, and much American pop since which was in turn inspired by that, The Dawdlers play a mixture of cover and original music, including songs by British artists Squeeze, Crowded House, Elvis Costello, The Police & Sting, Keane, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel,...

  • Simon Dawes

    Simon Dawes View Profile

    Freshly scrubbed alternative rockers from the upper-class Los Angeles beach suburb of Malibu, Simon Dawes is an inoffensive blend of the Shins' quirky, '60s-inspired melodicism and the radio-ready commercial sheen of the Killers or Maroon 5. Fronted by high school friends Taylor Goldsmith (lead singer) and Blake Mills (guitar), the lineup is rounded out by bassist Wylie Slam and drummer Stuart Joh...

  • Digger Dawg

    Digger Dawg View Profile

    DIGGER DAWG has been performing in and around New England and beyond since early 2004. The group was formed by singer/keyboard player Joe Scopa. Over the years... DIGGER DAWG has had some great success. Opening for country super stars like: Alan Jackson, Gretchen Wilson, Sugarland, Montgomery Gentry, Reba McEntire, Travis Tritt, Tim McGraw, Steve Azar, Josh Turner, Kellie Pickler, Keith Anderson, ...

  • Jayme Dawicki

    Jayme Dawicki View Profile

  • James Dawkins

    James Dawkins View Profile

  • Bloodshot Dawn

    Bloodshot Dawn View Profile

  • Whiskey Dawn

    Whiskey Dawn View Profile

  • The Dawn Drapes

    The Dawn Drapes View Profile

    Soulful. Psychedelic. Rock.

  • Carolyn Dawn Johnson

    Carolyn Dawn Johnson View Profile

    The life and career of hit singer-songwriter Carolyn Dawn Johnson has been a steady climb to the top, as she remains a staple in the country music industry nearly 20 years after setting out to pursue her dreams in Nashville. Just four short years after making the 60-hour drive from Vancouver, BC Canada to Music City U.S.A., Johnson scored her first chart-topping hit as a songwriter when Chely Wrig...


    ALL.HAIL DAWSON View Profile

       all.hail is an ambient alternative & folk band that was formed by high school friends in the SF valley as a collaboration project before two of the members begin college. However, the chemistry between the members and their ideas and tastes promises that this project will last long past the summer.  

  • Derek Dawson

    Derek Dawson View Profile

    Derek Dawson is a creative, up and coming comedian that has performed numerous times at the Funny Stop, Bogey’s, private parties and festivals throughout Ohio. He has also performed at the Improv in Pittsburgh, PA. Derek has experience with radio, television, freelance D.J. work, and of course, live, stand up comedy. In addition, he has recently graduated from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting w...

  • Devin Dawson

    Devin Dawson View Profile

  • Kimya Dawson

    Kimya Dawson View Profile

    Kimya Dawson was born and raised in Bedford Hills, NY. After meeting Adam Green in a record store in upstate New York, the duo formed a band called the Moldy Peaches. They began playing the anti-folk scene in New York City and slowly built a very loyal following. Since the Moldy Peaches went on hiatus, she has opened for artists like They Might Be Giants, Regina Spektor and Third Eye Blind. She...

  • Roy Dawson and the Bootleggers

    Roy Dawson and the Bootleggers View Profile

    Roy Dawson & the Bootleggers band was founded on May 21, 2007 by Roy Dawson. The band set out with the intentions of becoming the best band in the Twin Cities area. Roy pieced together a formidable lineup of talent, though he had no connections to the musical community. With a mix of old and new country as well as a blend of the distinct personalities involved, the band set out to establish th...

  • Derek Day

    Derek Day View Profile

  • Derran Day

    Derran Day View Profile

    Returning to Los Angeles, his native city, Derran is a young, standout talent and natural singer-songwriter-producer. At 24-years old, he could be considered a music industry veteran, having come from a well-known family. His father, Morris Day (Morris Day & The Time, Purple Rain), remains an 80’s R&B icon.

  • Division Day

    Division Day View Profile

    Eclectic Santa Cruz indie rockers Division Day formed in 2001. Excellently named singer and keyboardist Rohner Segnitz, guitarist Ryan Wilson, bassist Seb Bailey, and drummer Kevin Lenhart recorded their self-titled debut EP that summer before the band ever played a single gig. Mixing the cool electronic vibe of Broadcast or Boards of Canada with the lysergic dream pop of the Grandaddy/Flaming Lip...

  • Forrest Day

    Forrest Day View Profile

    "Idiosyncratic. Original. Novel. Call it whatever you like, but let this be known: Bay Area musician Forrest Day is easily one of the most captivating individuals the cultural-rich locale has ever produced. Yes, ever. Throw him in the mix with RHCP, Sublime, Jane's Addiction and Green Day, this genre-bending wizard is something else altogether." --

  • Green Day

    Green Day View Profile

    Out of all the post-Nirvana alternative bands to break into the pop mainstream, Green Day were second only to Pearl Jam in terms of influence. At their core, Green Day were simply punk revivalists who recharged the energy of speedy, catchy three-chord punk-pop songs. Though their music wasn't particularly innovative, they brought the sound of late-'70s punk to a new, younger generation with Dookie...

  • Harold Day

    Harold Day View Profile

  • Howie Day

    Howie Day View Profile

    Howie Day’s emotionally resonant lyrics and inventive melodies have earned him both critical praise and a legion of devoted fans. He is known for his energetic, heartfelt shows, where he connects with audiences through the strength of his songwriting and his quirky sense of humor. Day’s warm tenor voice “soars into fluttering, high registers, but also gra...

  • Jaxon Day

    Jaxon Day View Profile

  • Morris Day

    Morris Day View Profile

  • Ronnie Day

    Ronnie Day View Profile

    Testing out of high school at 16 and armed with his guitar, singer/songwriter Ronnie Day (b. Jan. 18, 1988) -- no relation to fellow musician Howie Day; he simply adopted the stage surname based on MySpace fan suggestions -- was free to take on the music industry. Hailing from Redwood City, CA, he initially taught guitar lessons to earn the necessary cash for recording equipment, and upon getting ...

  • Skyler Day

    Skyler Day View Profile

    Born and raised in Cumming, GA, Skyler got her start in the entertainment industry at age 6. At 10 years old after working in print, commercials and voiceovers she made a deal with her parents that if she were cast as the lead in a film by her 11th birthday they would move to California so she could pursue her acting career. Skyler reached her goal. Since then, she has developed a strong resume in...

  • Spencer Day

    Spencer Day View Profile

  • Zella Day

    Zella Day View Profile

    Pisces water sign, Arizona native raised in the mountains. Elevated 7,200 feet above the Phoenix valley, Zella was nestled into a log cabin with an acoustic guitar in a town surrounded by the Sitgreaves National Forest and Apache reservation. Immersed in music at a young age, her family owning the only coffee house in town with life music, Z was apart of a very small artist community that supporte...

  • Hot Day at the Zoo

    Hot Day at the Zoo View Profile

    New England's genre-bending American roots string band, Hot Day at the Zoo, is spreading their "zoograss" sound nationwide. The high-energy quartet mixes folk, blues, ragtime and jazz with progressive bluegrass and Americana-infused rock and roll. Hot Day at the Zoo is pioneering their sound in a way that is reminiscent of how Johnny Cash transformed traditional country music. They have the songwr...

  • Latter Day Bard

    Latter Day Bard View Profile

  • Game Day Packages

    Game Day Packages View Profile

    Game Day Packages   Serve CP while rooting on your favorite team this Bowl & Playoff season. Packages can be scaled up for larger groups and additional items can be added and our full catering menu is always available.    Email with questions or to place an order (please place orders with at least 72 hours notice).    Bar menu @ Brick & M...

  • Seven Day Sleep

    Seven Day Sleep View Profile

    With roots in the US, Turkey and Switzerland the alt hard rock/metal trio, Seven Day Sleep takes an eclectic approach to their sound on their forthcoming summer EP release “A Home For Disgusting Fairies”. The EP was recorded at MDDN studios and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer, Evren Goknar (Carole King, SteveVai, The Cult), at Capitol Records. Officially forming in June 2016, the...

  • Seventh Day Slumber

    Seventh Day Slumber View Profile

    As an independent band for over five years, Seventh Day Slumber has toured all over the country sharing their edgy, modern rock sound and the message of salvation with anyone who will listen. The band performs 150 shows each year and is always welcomed back with open arms. After their first project- PICKING UP THE PIECES-produced five Top Ten Christian Rock hits, Seventh Day Slumber moved to ...

  • Chloe Day Zilliac, Rosie Woloshyn, and Cybill Greenburg

    Chloe Day Zilliac, Rosie Woloshyn, and Cybill Greenburg View Profile

  • The Daybreaks

    The Daybreaks View Profile

    The Daybreaks sophomore album, The Idea of You, is an inspired exploration of cinematic retro-pop, showcasing confident, perfectly blended vocal harmonies floating over a shimmering electro canvas. Since forming in 2015, The Daybreaks have been named “Nashville’s next supergroup” by respected independent radio station Lightning 100, as well as earning high praise from the Huff...

  • Mare Dayco

    Mare Dayco View Profile

    Mare Dayco aka The Spitfire is an up and coming Filipina-American hip-hop/dance-pop/rap artist from San Francisco, CA. She takes pride in her Philippine-American culture, and writes, performs, and co-produces all her own copyrighted songs & material. She is a singer/songwriter/rapper with BMI. She is sponsored by Goldilocks Restaurants. Mare is being produced by both Multi-Platinum producer, Je...

  •  Daydream Nation

    Daydream Nation View Profile

    Ottawa, Canada's Daydream Nation features Pat Vaz (guitar/vocals) and Hunter Crowley (drums). Naming themselves after Sonic Youth's epic 1988 release, Daydream Nation, the duo has more in common with the Church, Ride, and the Jesus and Mary Chain than the experimental indie rock noise of Thurston Moore and company. Crowley got his start playing with the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Warlocks be...

  • The Daydreamers

    The Daydreamers View Profile

    Hailing from Woodstock, NY, The Daydreamers are a four-piece pop/indie rock band that has been playing together for five years. They released a self-produced EP "Someday, Everyday" in the fall of 2008. The band made it to the final round of the 2009 Break Contest, and have played venues such as The Stone Pony and The Chance. In 2009, The Daydreamers were in the top ten finalists for the MTV VMA Be...

  • Sarah Daye

    Sarah Daye View Profile

    Sarah Daye is an internationally seasoned songstress that has created a shining star for herself that won’t be going out anytime soon. Equipped with true soul music, a powerful voice and vibrant energy, Lady Daye has built a dedicated following that stretches from Asia to Hollywood. She cultivated her soulful voice while growing up in a cultured neighborhood in Toronto, Canada and being...

  • Demi Daygo

    Demi Daygo View Profile

  • Living Daylights

    Living Daylights View Profile

    This explosive jazz trio is one of the most exciting jazz groups in the country today, mixing the fun of funk and soul-jazz grooves with the edgy punch and teeth of the avant-garde. They tour nationally and internationally, in festival and clubs, opening for and playing with the likes of John Scofield, Groove Collective, Wayne Shorter, Maceo Parker, Soul Live, Deep Banana Blackout, and many o...

  • Living Daylights Seattle

    Living Daylights Seattle View Profile

    A Seattle bred composer and woodwinder, Jessica Lurie performs and records worldwide with The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet and the Living Daylights, and collaborates with local and national artists such as Ellen Fullman, Amy Denio, The Indigo Girls, The Shakin’ Ray Levis Society, Eyvind Kang, and Wayne Horvitz. In addition to composing for dance, film, and multi-media performan...

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