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  • $ir C

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  • Agent C

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    Who is Agent C? It was fate, and a shared zip-code, that brought together Cinzia Moniaci and Rico Quevedo of Bionica and Jonas Yip of Momzer. Discovering a common passion, they thought they'd play a little music, jam a bit. You know, sometimes the chemistry is there, sometimes it just isn't. This time it was definitely there. The chemical formula for this line-up breaks down to somethin...

  • Andy C

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  • Melanie C

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    The world-famous Sporty Spice, singer Melanie Chisholm was born January 12, 1975, in Liverpool, England; a onetime session vocalist and ballet dancer, in March of 1994 she answered an advertisement for an all-girl vocal group, and with fellow applicants Geri Halliwell, Victoria Adams, and Melanie Brown formed the nucleus of what later (with the addition of fifth member Emma Bunton) became the Spic...

  • Special C

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    Special "C" a product of Redondo Beach, South Bay, Los Angeles, California. Dustin Jones - Vocals/Guitar ; Evan Pershing - Bass ; Jason “Bubba” McMackin - Drums Special “C” has a laid back approach at bringing the garage to the stage. Influenced by local bands, like Pennywise, Sublime, and Black Flag. Special “C” gives you their version of reggae/roots/punk rock....

  • Steve C

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    Steve C has worked as a sideman for people like VanZant (Johnny and Donny from Skynyrd and 38 Special,Jeffrey Steele (Hall of Fame songwriter -What hurts the most etc) Alison Moorer - Shawn Camp.I've backed up people like Miley Cyrus,Billy Ray Cyrus,Michael Mcdonald,Delbert Mclinton,Steve Cropper,Mac Davis,Martina Mcbride,Montgomery Gentry,Emerson Hart from Tonic etc. in one off situation...

  • Vitamin C

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    Most teen pop singers are actual teenagers who ostensibly try to shed their bubblegum image and shoot for credibility once they get older. Vitamin C is a strange exception: The onetime Colleen Fitzpatrick was lead singer of the punk-pop band Eve's Plum first, and then made the switch to explicitly teen-oriented dance-pop when that band broke up, by which time she was well into her late twenties. F...

  • Will C

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    Will C grew up in a Midwest farming community near the blazing bright lights of Kansas City Missouri. As a child he was often dubbed: "the chubby kid" by classmates and: "the class clown" by his teachers. Not wanting these talents to go to "waist", Will C. began to aggressively pursue a career in acting and stand-up comedy.   Will C can be heard on the comedy c...

  • Thabz C and the HeadKnoKas

    Thabz C and the HeadKnoKas View Profile

    Grammy-Songwriter Teddy Riley, Kurupt from the Dogg Pound Family, Bob Dylan son-Jakob Dylan & Grammy-Award winner Stevey Wonder are just few people who have worked with and seen the performing live, songwriting, and music production group HeadKnokas. HeadKnokas is a production team that has no limits on their songwriting and performing-high quality produce music like as: Pop, Rock, RnB, Jazz, Gosp...

  • Mary C and the Stellars

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    New York City based Artist, Mary C and her band, The Stellars are one of the most buzzed about artists in the music scene. Mary C’s captivating performances continue to electrify and energize crowds everywhere and has drawn the attention of various music media outlets, including AOL Music, MTV, MUSIC CHOICE, FUSE, BRAVO, Rachael Ray, Elle Magazine, The Huffington Post, USA Today, Blue Rock M...

  • Kenny C Band

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    The KENNY C BAND Rated # 12 on the west coast original rock n roll with some flavorful copy's Neal young ,Beatles ,and specialty we have the joe cocker voice that's unique in style the kenny c band is coming out with a cd in 2013 called "Say goodbye" it will be in stores where ever you buy music !, also kenny Cederholm will be appearing on the voice as a solo artist

  •  C Rayz Walz

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    Socially conscious and a skilled freestyler, underground rapper C-Rayz Walz participated in open-mike nights around New York City before hooking with the Stronghold collective. Walz's earliest appearances included mixtapes, an AWOL magazine compilation, and Single Minded Pros' Session 2 EP. A demo-filled debut album, The Prelude, appeared on his own Sun Cycle Entertainment imprint in late 2001 and...

  • Mike C The Maitre'D

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    DJ/Engineer/Producer/Remixer/Sound Designer/Instructor/Music Lover...

  • Justin C. Cross

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    Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Justin C. Cross, isn't your average singer-songwriter. You may expect a twang, or southern twist, but Justin Cross is not about the expected. Cross, whose music can be best described as introspective, indie-pop, has been on the scene for just a short while, but is already making big waves. Having spent his earlier years from everything from corporate america...

  • John C. Reilly

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  • John C. Reilly & Friends feat. Becky Stark and Tom Brosseau

    John C. Reilly & Friends feat. Becky Stark and Tom Brosseau View Profile

    Actor and musician John C. Reilly brings a group of amazing musician friends together for a rare intimate night of harmony and song from the roots of the tree of american music. Close harmony, classic country, ancient spirituals and timeless folk music rekindled by a rotating cast of exceptional performers. A down to earth good time that just might warm your heart.

  • Big C.A.E

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    I'M AN ARTIST BRINGING U THAT NEW SOUND! Carlos E. Alvarez Was Born On November 8th, 1989, And Goes By The Name BIG C.A.E. He Has Lived In The Eastside Of Oceanside All His Life, But Does Not Claim Or Bang Or Is Apart Of Any Gang. He Writes What He Sees In His Music, He Says “All I’m Trying To Do Is Something W My Life That Has a Powerful Message And Meaning, I Also Write About My Personal Exp...

  • Louis C.K.

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    Louis was born in 1967. Then, in 1984, he went on a stage for the first time. It was open mike night at a comedy club in Boston Massachusettes. Louis found that he had only enough "material" to stay on the stage for two minutes. It was a terrible experience. Louis did not try comedy again until two years later. After much struggling and humiliating failure, Louis became a part of the bur...

  • D.O.T.S. C.O.N.F.U.S.E. M.I.N.D.S.

    D.O.T.S. C.O.N.F.U.S.E. M.I.N.D.S. View Profile

  •  C+C Music Factory

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    C+C Music Factory wasn't really a group -- it was the product of Robert Clivillés and David Cole, two pop-savvy dance producers. In 1989, Clivillés and Cole hired all the singers and created all the tracks for Gonna Make You Sweat, C+C Music Factory's first album. While it was prepackaged, it wasn't necessarily faceless; in Freedom Williams, the producers had a solid, if not original or ...

  • The Cab

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    Inspired by groups such as Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco, Las Vegas quintet the Cab was founded by then-students Alex DeLeon (vocals) and Cash Colligan (bass) in 2005 after the two met during high school. The duo began recording demos and broadcasting them via MySpace, but it quickly became evident that a complete band would be needed for them to realize their full potential. DeLeon and Coll...

  •  Cab 20

    Cab 20 View Profile

    "Inspired by an array of acts like Queens of The Stone Age, Faces, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rolling Stones, T. Rex, The Willows, Kyuss, The Greenhornes, Sleep, and Fu Manchu, this local rock band boasts a raw punchiness in its otherwise difficult to describe sound. They’re heavy, but not enough to be hard rock. They’re indie, but not enough to be boring and flat. They wander, ...

  • Death Cab For Cutie

    Death Cab For Cutie View Profile

    Death Cab for Cutie's rise from small-time solo project to Grammy-nominated rock band is one of indie rock's greatest success stories. Launched in the bayside college town of Bellingham, Washington, the group was originally a side project for singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard, an engineering student at Western Washington University who split his time between school and music. Taking a break from his lo...

  • Rouge Cabaret

    Rouge Cabaret View Profile

    Lisa Eaton's Rouge Cabaret: Reminiscent of old Vaudeville theatrics, takes you through the roaring 20's, to the iconoclastic 50's & 60's, ending in the upbeat electro 80's.

  • The Cabin Fever

    The Cabin Fever View Profile

    The Cabin Fever is a melodic post-shoegaze rock band from LA founded a short time ago by Sean Moriarty.  After many years of searching, a group of like-minded musicians quickly turned a solo studio project into a meaningful inter-humanoid experience.    Sean Moriarty (guitar/vocals) has played in bands as a drummer and worked as an engineer in studios along side great producers, m...

  • The Cabin Project

    The Cabin Project View Profile

    The Cabin Project is an orchestral indie pop band from the Portland whose sound stems from anthemic choruses, three-part harmonies, loop pedals, and string sections. The songs are musically expansive, yet retain an intimacy similar to that of The National, Bon Iver, Feist, and Mates of State. Born in an attic studio lined with Douglas Fir, the band started as a project of Katie Sawicki, a forme...

  • The Cabot

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  • Jessica Cabral

    Jessica Cabral View Profile

    Jessica Cabral began singing at the age of 4, she was surrounded by a very musical family, all of whom were a part of a touring acapella group in Brazil before them emigrated to the United States. Jessica has marked herself in the music industry having been nominated for a Dove award for Latin Album of the year in 2014. She has toured internationally with Christian artists, but is in the process o...

  • Jonah Cabral

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  • Ryan Cabrera

    Ryan Cabrera View Profile

    Guitarist, songwriter, and Texas native Ryan Cabrera never planned on a career in music. His hobby turned into a passion after hearing Dave Matthews, causing him to turn his back on the noisy punk rock of his high-school band, Caine, and pick up an acoustic guitar for the newly minted Rubic's Groove. The group found popularity in the Dallas area, sharing stages with Cheap Trick, Ben Harper, an...

  • Sangre Cabrona

    Sangre Cabrona View Profile

    bleeps y bloops

  • Lulu Cachoo

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  • King Cackle

    King Cackle View Profile

    Dirty blues two piece with folk, bluegrass, punk and roots Aaron Rogers - drums/vocals Joe Nelson - strings/vocals

  • Stone Cactus

    Stone Cactus View Profile

    Bringing you back to down to earth. ~Wormhole resident Dj ~

  • Kid Cadaver

    Kid Cadaver View Profile

    With humble beginnings, as an almost backing band for a solo album release by eventual band member Ray Venta, along with drummer Kenzo Cardenas and guitarist Jeremy Harris, Kid Cadaver has taken the chemistry discovered at those few garage jam sessions in 2011 and made the most of it. A late 2011 demo was well received by audiences but those same audiences have been caught off guard with their lat...

  • Mad Caddies

    Mad Caddies View Profile

    The Mad Caddies have always had a diverse set of influences. Since forming in Solvang, California back in 1995, the band has channeled their love of classic reggae, dub, ska, dancehall, two-tone, and punk into something that’s distinctly theirs. Over the past twenty years, the Mad Caddies have made music that slipped between genre lines, and with Punk Rocksteady, they offer a record of punk ...

  • The Caddies

    The Caddies View Profile

    Southern California-based rock band, The Caddies, was founded in 2017 by members Jake Hernandez, Nelson Cuevas, and Taylor Wendel. The three have brought their own take to the alternative music scene, taking notes from classic and contemporary artists alike to create music that incorporates 80’s synth nostalgia, heart-pounding drum beats, and anthemic vocal melodies.

  • Jacob Cade Project

    Jacob Cade Project View Profile

    Jacob Cade(lead guitar/vocals)-born in El Paso, Texas. Currently 14 yrs old and headed to Ponderosa High School in Parker in the Fall. Moved to Colorado 8 years ago with family. Started strumming a guitar at age 4 while watching Dad play guitar. Learned from Dad most of the time in between but has been self taught for the past 2-3 years. Also plays violin and drums. Writes...

  • Hello Caden

    Hello Caden View Profile

  • Streetlight Cadence

    Streetlight Cadence View Profile

    Streetlight Cadence is a four-piece Alternative Folk Pop band that started  on the streets of historic Waikiki. What began as a means to pay for groceries has now turned into a full-time career for this group of friends. The band has spent the last six years honing their craft as songwriters and entertainers. Although  they come from a strict classical background of musical perfor...

  • Space Cadets

    Space Cadets View Profile

    Mixing blues, funk, alternative, rock, and even some hip-hop, Space Cadets defy easy categorization. Zachary Wexelman (vocalist/guitarist) was raised in St. Louis playing guitar and has been creating music for as long as he can remember. He moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and started playing open mics around town. In late 2013, friend and fellow Boston University alum Dan Creed (bass, backing voca...

  • Moon Cadillac

    Moon Cadillac View Profile

    We are party people

  • Great Caesar

    Great Caesar View Profile

    Great Caesar aims for the heart with a vulnerable blend of brass, voice, and indie-rock, drawing from acts like Arcade Fire and Beirut to create music that confronts the things that really matter: love, legacy, and the complexity of human relationships.   The NYC band’s 2014 debut phenomenon, Don’t Ask Me Why, combines art and activism in a video that juxtaposes the civ...

  • Red Cafe

    Red Cafe View Profile

    Born in Guyana, Brooklyn rapper Red Café immigrated to New York with his family when he was young, settling in the Caribbean-populated Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Hip-hop music suddenly became an obsession for him after he first heard the Slick Rick/Doug E. Fresh classic "The Show." However, his real interest was turn toward the streets, where his life of crime eventually landed him in pris...

  • Science Cafe

    Science Cafe View Profile

    Science Cafés involve a face-to-face conversation with a scientist about current science topics. They are open to everyone (21 and older), and take place in casual settings like pubs and coffeehouses. A science café's casual meeting place, plain language, and inclusive conversation create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for people with no science background. Each meeting i...

  • Storyteller Cafe

    Storyteller Cafe View Profile

    From the producer/host of Radio Comedy Presents: "Bleed Out" comes STORYTELLER CAFE, showcasing the best of Boston comedy with a personal spin. True stories with fantastic performers like Josh Poirier, Allen McRae, Caitlin Durante, Jere Pilapil, Kristin Seltman, Diana Valentine, Drew Cook, Matt Kona, Dennis Hurley, Kenice Mobley, Ethan Marsh, Kaitlin Buckley, Dan Martin, AND MORE...

  • Science Cafe And Pub Quiz

    Science Cafe And Pub Quiz View Profile

    Science Cafés involve a face-to-face conversation with a scientist about current science topics. They are open to everyone (21 and older), and take place in casual settings like pubs and coffeehouses. A science café's casual meeting place, plain language, and inclusive conversation create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for people with no science background. Each meeting i...

  • The Cafe Wha? House Band

    The Cafe Wha? House Band View Profile

    They are a rainbow of talent, known to many as the best damn band in New York City. Capable of showcasing a variety of music, the Cafe Wha? House Band entertains any judging ear. Song to song, musician, the power of melody is underlined and highlighted by individual passions. Every band member possesses an allure that stands on its own and compliments another. Forget about in one night, but in the...

  • Las Cafeteras

    Las Cafeteras View Profile

    “blending contemporary Afro-Mexican rhythms and hip-hop beats with the centuries-old musical genre…Las Cafeteras aim to represent the culture of East L.A. in music.” -LA Magazine   “uniquely Angeleno mishmash…. hip-hop, beat music, cumbia and rock … Live, they’re magnetic.” – LA Times   Rooted in Son Jarocho, Las...

  • John Cafferty & The Beaver Band

    John Cafferty & The Beaver Band View Profile

    After a decade-long run on the Northeast music scene during which they became recognized as one of the best and most popular unsigned acts in the country, John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band broke through in a big way in 1983 with John's score for the motion picture “Eddie & The Cruisers” which reach reached #9 on the Billboard Top Albums chart and was certified Triple Pl...

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