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  • The Big Fit

    The Big Fit View Profile

    Since 2005, the band Frobeck has been astonishing audiences throughout Northern California with their unique blend of Pop, Funk, and Rock music. Now, in 2018, the lineup has changed, along with the band name. Frobeck has become The Big Fit, and with the name change comes an even funkier new sound. With high-octane vocals, well crafted songs, and world-class musicianship, The Big Fit is as ready as...

  •  Big Game Hunters

    Big Game Hunters View Profile

  • The Big Gone

    The Big Gone View Profile

    Some people like to rock. Some people like to roll. We are The Big Gone.

  • Larry Big House David

    Larry Big House David View Profile

  •  Big Jay Oakerson

    Big Jay Oakerson View Profile

    From the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA, stand-up comedian Jay Oakerson has emerged as one of the most sought after attractions in the industry. Only a seven year veteran, a youngling in the world of stand-up, Jay has already performed at two of the most prestigious festivals in the business: the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, and the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen,...

  •  Big Kenny

    Big Kenny View Profile

  •  Big L

    Big L View Profile

    A member of Fat Joe's DITC crew, rapper Big L was born Lamont Coleman on May 30, 1974. He made his solo debut with 1995's Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, scoring a series of underground hits including "No Endz, No Skinz," "Street Struck" and "Da Graveyard"; Big L's best-known effort, the single "Ebonics," followed on his own Flamboyant label in the summer of 1998. Around the same time, he joine...

  •  Big Mike

    Big Mike View Profile

  • The Big Pink

    The Big Pink View Profile

    London residents Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell formed the Big Pink in their home studio, where the two musicians began mixing the droning soundscapes of Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine with the lush electronics of M83. Furze had previously cut his teeth as the guitarist for Panic DHH and Alec Empire, while Cordell's day job (founder and owner of Merok Records) saw him nurturing the talents of t...

  • Rapper Big Pooh

    Rapper Big Pooh View Profile

    Rapper Big Pooh is not a perfectionist about many things in life. But his music is something else entirely. For close to ten years, Pooh has been on a quest for perfection, driven by a determination to outdo himself at every turn and to exceed every critic’s expectations. Yet, as arrogant a pursuit as this may seem, it comes from a place of absolute humility.

  • The Big Poppies

    The Big Poppies View Profile

    The Big Poppies are a funky blues band that draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres including jazz, rock, funk, folk and pop. They play house shows and venues throughout Northern California. 

  • EMZ Big Sexy Music

    EMZ Big Sexy Music View Profile

    EmZ, is an international woman of mystery. Born in the lush tropical heat of Northern Australia her youth was spent frolicking in the untamed wilderness underneath the warm glow of the sun. Always listening to the songs within EmZ draws her influences from the landscape she grew up in and from the rich life experiences she has collected on her travels across continents. In the end EmZ has always b...

  • Go Big Shred 2: A skateboarding video by Jordan Johnson

    Go Big Shred 2: A skateboarding video by Jordan Johnson View Profile

    Go Big Shred 2: A skateboarding video by Jordan Johnson With performances by Midtown Mauraders   Music 9:00 PM Video 10:00 PM

  • The Big Surprise

    The Big Surprise View Profile

    Freshly formed and heavy horned, Los Angeles love child act The Big Surprise takes flight with cosmic modes and dulcet tones that leave thirsty ears quenched and hungry souls gormandized. Craigslist spawns yet another illegitimate musical son with: The Big Surprise WILL: Cheat on your taxes, fix you breakfast in the morning, clean behind your ears, paint you on a surfboard, find your soulmate,...

  • Little Big Town

    Little Big Town View Profile

  •  Big Tymers

    Big Tymers View Profile

    The Big Tymers, comprised of Cash Money Records co-founder Brian "Baby" Williams and in-house production workhorse Mannie Fresh, were a staple of the label, appearing as featured guests on most of the label's album releases and releasing several albums of their own, including a couple -- I Got That Work (2000) and Hood Rich (2002) -- that were quite successful. The duo made its recording debut, Ho...

  • The Big Tymers

    The Big Tymers View Profile

    The Big Tymers, comprised of Cash Money Records co-founder Brian "Baby" Williams and in-house production workhorse Mannie Fresh, were a staple of the label, appearing as featured guests on most of the label's album releases and releasing several albums of their own, including a couple -- I Got That Work (2000) and Hood Rich (2002) -- that were quite successful. The duo made its recording debut, Ho...

  •  BigDumbFace

    BigDumbFace View Profile

    When he's not wearing skeleton face makeup alongside Fred Durst in the more-macho-than-thou Limp Bizkit, Wes Borland tends to prefer a more subdued, playful brand of music. Big Dumb Face, which consists of him, his brother, and a group of pre-Limp Bizkit friends, reveals this softer, geekier side. And, because Limp Bizkit has been one of the most popular bands of the late '90s and beyond, this sid...

  • Chris Bigford

    Chris Bigford View Profile

  •  Bigg Weezy

    Bigg Weezy View Profile

    Bigg Weezy express's the views from a large person's prospective and incorporates into his comedy. He tells it like it is in relationships and child rearing. He is truly larger than life.

  • Bob Biggerstaff

    Bob Biggerstaff View Profile

    Houston, Texas has been the home of many greats. Nolan Ryan, Earl Campbell, Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Swayze, Beyonce and the guy that played Data on Star Trek The Next Generation among them. Add Bob Biggerstaff to that list. Bob came to Houston from Liverpool, NY while still in high school and attended the University of Houston. While still in colleg...

  • Travis Bigwood and the Lonesome Doves

    Travis Bigwood and the Lonesome Doves View Profile

  • Muuy Biien

    Muuy Biien View Profile

    Formed in 2011, Muuy Biien was conceived as a loud, fed-up response to what some would say was a stagnant and uninteresting music scene in the band’s hometown of Athens, GA. Initially the ambient project of lead singer Joshua Evans, Muuy Biien quickly expanded into a full-fledged band. Evans's hardcore ambitions were fully realized with the addition of guitarists Xander Witt and Robbie Rapp and...

  • Clara Bijl

    Clara Bijl View Profile

  • Family Bike

    Family Bike View Profile

    medium rock band from Southport, NC containing members of Museum Mouth

  • Free Bike Valet presents:

    Free Bike Valet presents: View Profile

    Free Bike Valet is a beach city music blog that focuses on capturing the coastal lifestyle, sand romanticism, brisk fog, desert dust, and gold rush nostalgia that characterizes the West Coast. Dan Frazier is an entertainment music journalist and has written for Entertainment Weekly, SPIN, Nylon, Paste, Filter, Alternative Press, Black Book, and Flaunt. He currently resides in Santa Monica, CA a...

  • The Bilinda Butchers

    The Bilinda Butchers View Profile

    The Bilinda Butchers are a dream pop group from San Francisco who take their name from Bilinda Butcher of My Bloody Valentine. Comprised of Michal, Ryan and Adam, the group writes songs that contrast idealistic nostalgia with romantic uncertainty and sorrow.

  • Bad Boy Bill

    Bad Boy Bill View Profile

     To call Bad Boy Bill accomplished would be a bit of an understatement. Voted America’s Favorite DJ (BPM Magazine). Winner of URB’s Massy Poll. Co-founder of, the leader in electronic dance music downloads. That might be enough success for some, but not for this world-renowned DJ. With over two decades of DJing under his belt, Bad Boy Bill is ready to release his ...

  • Bloodshot Bill

    Bloodshot Bill View Profile

    Greasy Canadian has travelled on his own, playin' all over USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico...all sortsa places too, from big festivals to tiny bars to trailer parks & truck stops...Tours mostly as a one man band, but has plenty of bands too...Has put out a tons of music, and has alot more comin'...Teams up with Mark Sultan (BBQ) as The Ding-Dongs...Also, teams up with King Khan as Tandoori Knig...

  • Mr. Bill

    Mr. Bill View Profile

    Bill started writing music by age 5 after being introduced to Bill Haley & The Comets and receiving a keyboard from his parents. As a teenager he acquired a guitar and joined various metal bands. He credits Metallica as one of his earliest influences, and later saw parallels between metal and electronic music. His first exposure to electronic music occurred at 18 when a friend took him ...

  • Uncle Bill

    Uncle Bill View Profile

    Old School Punk Rock, Our Way!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coyote Bill & Amanda Fish

    Coyote Bill & Amanda Fish View Profile

  • The Billie Holiday Project

    The Billie Holiday Project View Profile

    The Billie Holiday Project, led by Stella Heath, celebrates the music of Lady Day! Shrouded in mystery, as she was draped in furs, Billie was quintessentially multi-faceted, possessing the sensitivity and ability to make the songs she sang as personal as if she was singing them softly in your own very ear. Featuring some of the Bay Area’s finest Jazz musicians, The Billie Holiday Project evo...

  • The Billionaires

    The Billionaires View Profile

    The Billionaires are from Martha's Vineyard, children of the working class folks who make a living catering to the "summer people." The group is a collective effort and while they started on the island and recorded Really Real Forever, their charming debut there, they now reside in the smog-drenched environs of LA. Many groups claim to be pop bands, but they're usually short on songwriting craft a...

  • Blackjack Billy

    Blackjack Billy View Profile

    Once upon a time them boys started jammin’, and God looked down and said, “It is good.”

  • Bragg Billy

    Bragg Billy View Profile

    Finding inspiration in the righteous anger of punk rock and the socially conscious folk tradition of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg was the leading figure of the anti-folk movement of the '80s. For most of the decade, Bragg bashed out songs alone on his electric guitar, singing about politics and love. While his lyrics were bitingly intelligent and clever, they were also warm and humane,...

  •  Billy Boy On Poison

    Billy Boy On Poison View Profile

    Like the glittery offspring of the New York Dolls, Billy Boy on Poison create a debauched, glammy, gender-bending style of rock & roll. The co-ed band took shape in 2006, when L.A. native Davis LeDuke (vocals) began piecing together a lineup that included schoolmates Ryan Wallengren (guitar) and Julian Borrego (bass). LeDuke's female cousin, Jessi Calcaterra, relocated from Colorado to become the ...

  • DJ Billy Goods

    DJ Billy Goods View Profile

    AFROLATINFUNKDISKOTEKA / Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams/ Timbale player for The Boogaloo Assassins/ Resident DJ @Funkomosphere, PAYDAY!/DWN&DRT

  • Eden Billy Simpson

    Eden Billy Simpson View Profile

    UK National Busking finalist, Eden Billy Simpson kick started a career in music by becoming ‘Haringey’s Hearts Factor Winner’ at just 19. After making waves on the underground indie scene and headlining venues around the UK, his self released solo treat, 'Acoustic Vol.1', promises all the hooks and punchy choruses you’d expect from any great record. From gracing the stage of the Excel Centre, to p...

  • Michelle Biloon

    Michelle Biloon View Profile

    When Michelle Biloon was six years old, she had a fleeting thought about becoming a standup comic. It wasn't until around seven years ago in Austin, Texas did Michelle realize that thought during a three minute open mic set. Just about 30 years in the making, she is now a powerhouse standup comedian. She has been a repeat finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin, a semi-finalist in Comedy ...

  • The Bimarinal

    The Bimarinal View Profile

    The Bimarinal is a rock band from in Denver, Colorado. With one foot firmly rooted in rock and roll and the other in traditional American roots music, their sound spans musical genres and epochs. The Bimarinal played their first gig in May 2011 at a Boulder speakeasy and subsequently recorded their first EP at Swingfingers Studios in Fort Collins. Now equipped with more songs, The Bim...

  • Risa Binder

    Risa Binder View Profile

  • Kwame Binea

    Kwame Binea View Profile

    They say a man walks a long road before finding his path. The singer/songwriter Kwame Binéa has been paving his way through the art of music. Born Nana Kwame Biney Asiedu Agyemfra to a single Ghanaian mother in West London, he soon moved to live with his grandparents in Ghana, where music became his passion. Kwame was influenced by the rhythms of traditional Ghanaian and West African music as well...

  • The Bingamans

    The Bingamans View Profile

  • Ryan Bingham

    Ryan Bingham View Profile

  • Yummy Bingham

    Yummy Bingham View Profile

    19-year old R&B singer Elizabeth "Yummy" Bingham grew up in the Forty Housing Projects on the Southside of Jamaica, Queens. The daughter of noted music producer Osborne "Dinky" Bingham Jr. (New Edition, Kylie Minogue, Bobby Brown, Guy) Yummy is no stranger to the recording studio or the music industry.While she was still in junior high school, a demo she produced with her father caught the ear of ...

  • Eric Binkley

    Eric Binkley View Profile

    Los Angeles native Eric Binkley delivers raw torrential ballads and smoldering grooves. Old guitars resonate like stormy seas and midnite highways, while vocals are steely soul and sleepy love letters. Lean in as he whispers a tale of love's lost trail.  

  •  Bionic Jive

    Bionic Jive View Profile

  •  Bipolar Jazz Quintet

    Bipolar Jazz Quintet View Profile

  • Mike Birbiglia

    Mike Birbiglia View Profile

    is a comedian, writer, and actor. He has released three albums, including My Secret Public Journal Live, which was named one of the best comedy albums of the decade by the Onion AV Club. He also writes the blog My Secret Public Journal, and has starred in his own off-Broadway one man show Sleepwalk with Me. He's a regular contributor to This American Life on Public Radio International as well as T...

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