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  • Justine Bennett

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  • Kevin Bennett

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  • Matt Bennett

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    I grew up in Kennesaw, GA and spent most of my life pursuing my passion for baseball. Baseball lead to Birmingham, AL via Samford University and it is here where the real story begins. I have always been musical (I get it from my mother), but it always took a backseat to baseball. When my baseball career ended I came back to country music permanently. The very first show i ever played was in the b...

  • Ross Bennett

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  • Scott Bennett

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    Scott Bennett is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who has toured with Brian Wilson, the legendary founder of the Beach Boys, for the last 9 years. Wilson calls Scott “The most talented musician I’ve ever met” and hand selected him to co-write, co-produce and mix his latest album for Capitol. The collaboration has inspired 4 star reviews from Rolling Sto...

  • Tony Bennett

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  • DJ Bennett Harada

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  • D.C Benny

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  • D.C. Benny

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    D.C. Benny is a New York based stand up comic has been performing his story-telling style of stand-up comedy for the last 20 years. He tells stories about his unusual life and acts out each character, which adds another dimension of comedy to his funny narratives. He has acted in multiple national commercials, television shows, and feature films while constantly writing and producing a multitude ...

  • Eric Benny Bloom

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    In 2011 Eric joined Lettuce, one of the most critically-acclaimed funk bands in the world today. In 2016, Eric won a grammy for his performance on Jon Cleary's album "Go-Go Juice". He is now living in New Orleans, LA and can be seen performing around town with a number of artists ranging from the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Preservation Hall, Nigel Hall Band, Stanton Moore Trio,or hi...

  • Tab Benoit

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    You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! Tab Benoit’s amazing new Medicine, 100% pure musical snake-oil. A melodic potion that provides immediate and satisfying relief for all aches and pain. Benoit’s Medicine is a guaranteed cure for heartache. It’s the genuine article this Medicine is for whatever ails you. Medicine, Benoit’s seventh so...

  • Young Benoit

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    Young Benoit is the moniker of producer/instrumentalist Benett Schatz - a solo project based predominantly on live improvisational looping and creative sampling.  Born in the rays of the California sunshine, formed in the Northwest mist and back again to blossom in the rainless winters.

  • Julia Bensfield

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  • Brendan Benson

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    A Michigan-born songwriter who occupies the rockier end of the power pop spectrum (more indebted to the Who than the Raspberries, that is), Brendan Benson debuted at the age of 26 with a sterling first album, 1996's One Mississippi. He continued working as a solo artist for the better part of a decade, releasing three albums of his own while occasionally appearing on other artists' records. Howeve...

  • Doug Benson

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    It would take too long to cite all of his credits, but here’s a small sampling: He has his own documentary called Super High Me based on a joke from his standup act. It’s available on DVD! How does a little show called NBC’s Last Comic Standing grab you? Fact: he finished top six in the 2007 season, no big deal. Doug was a series regular on four seasons of VH-1’s Best We...

  • Lonely Benson

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  • Rhian Benson

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    Born in Ghana to a British mother and Ghanaian father, Rhian Benson had a globetrotting childhood moving from her birthplace to India and eventually settling in the U.K. She began playing piano at an early age, writing her first song at age nine. It wasn't until after college that she began to take her music seriously and began performing her smooth, jazzy soul songs in small clubs in London. Even...

  • Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel)

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    2011 Texan of the Year and 9-Time Grammy winning King of Western Swing At a towering 6’7”, the Philadelphia-born Ray Benson is considered a giant in the industry. However, it’s his contributions to music history, not his height, that have made him a dominant figure on the music scene since 1970. Ray Benson is the front man and founder of the world-renowned Western swing band &nda...

  •  Bent Fabric & His Piano

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    Although pianist Bent Fabric (born Bent Fabricius-Bjerre) formed his own jazz combo after WWII and his own label (Metronome) in 1950, it wasn't until 1961, when Fabric's Alley Cat single hit his native Denmark's airwaves, that he really became known in the music world. The song proved infectious, and was released worldwide in 1962, even garnering an American Grammy Award for Best Rock & Roll Recor...

  • Erin Bentlage

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    Hailing from the green mountains of Vermont, Erin Bentlage writes, sings, and plays music with an unquenchable thirst for organic sound. Raised in a small town near the city of Burlington, she developed her love for emotional musical expression through ballet and classical piano lessons, and in high school found herself involved in any musical activity possible, from performing a...

  • Brogan Bentley

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    "San Francisco artist Brogan Bentley is part of a new generation of music-makers unrestricted by the boundaries of genre, whose focus is on creating a spiritual experience that listeners must define for themselves. Growing up in a family of musicians in California, Bentley’s musical imprints range from jazz singers to skater soundtracks. " - S.F. Weekly 

  • Dierks Bentley

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      In the Fall of 2010, Dierks Bentley played four shows in four nights in New York City that illustrate just how unique he is among contemporary country music artists. First, Dierks the multi-platinum arena headliner played his hits at the Bowery Ballroom. Then Dierks the bluegrass student and devotee performed with the Del McCoury Band, and after that it was a songwriter's night with fellow...

  • DJ Bentley

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    Los Angeles DJ/Producer Bentley Foy has undoubtedly put a distinctive mark on EDM with his unique approach to producing multi-genre, bass heavy music. This energetic and versatile young artist is also one of the DJ's for the Rhythm Monks who recently headlined the COUNTERPOINT FESTIVAL and LIGHTS ALL NIGHT. His music has been released on every major store from Beatport to iTunes and on Syst...

  • Fonzworth Bentley

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  • Geno Bentley

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  • Jarren Benton

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  • Katelyn Benton

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    In the past, Katelyn Benton’s background in classical piano combined with exceptional songwriting and rock influence has shaped her music into something unique in a world of pop clones. Growing up between Colorado and Louisiana, Katelyn developed a wide variety of musical taste and performance experience, gigging regularly by age 12. In 1998, Katelyn’s song for Columbine High School got her not...

  • Aaron Benward

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  • Colin Benward

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    Hailing from Nashville, TN, Colin Benward found his songwriting craft through three generations of entertainers.  His sound and lyrics create an environment of authenticity and spirituality, giving definition to the beautiful struggle of life we all live in.  From session singing for Glee on Fox, to appearing on American Idol, his music is fueled by a desire to present an art that would ...

  • Craig Benzine

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  • Charlie Bereal

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  • Blue Berets for Hays - A Paris-inspired event to benefit the Hays family

    Blue Berets for Hays - A Paris-inspired event to benefit the Hays family View Profile

    Blue Berets for Hays a Paris-inspired event to benefit the Hays family Sunday, March 3, 2019 Buffalo Iron Works 3 pm – 8 pm   $35 individual ticket $50 pair of tickets   Please join us for an French-themed evening of food, drinks, and raffles to benefit the Hays family.   Tickets include open bar for the duration of the event as well as food served from 4 pm &ndas...

  • Daryl Berg

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    Daryl Berg launched Sound Canyon in Summer of 2013, after serving as Vice President of Music for Shine America from 2011 to 2013, where he was responsible for Shine America's music strategy, expanding the company's music portfolio, helping to develop music-based productions and building licensing properties across scripted, unscripted and digital productions. Prior to joining Shine America...

  • Dave Berg

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    Dave Berg is a singer/songwriter originally from Portland OR, now making his home in Nashville TN. His songs have been recorded by a wide variety of artists including Keith Urban, Bake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Jewel, Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Reba McEntire, Rodney Atkins, and Meatloaf to name a few. He’s hit the top of the country charts 5 times including the most played ...

  • Matraca Berg

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    Matraca Berg had her first No. 1 record as a songwriter at age 18. That, in turn, has qualified her to become one of the youngest Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame nominees in history: To be eligible, a writer must have first achieved prominence at least 25 years ago. She was inducted in October 2008.  That first hit was “Faking Love,” as sung by T.G. Sheppard and Karen B...

  • Z Berg

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  • The Bergamot

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    " Following in the footsteps as such duos as Simon & Garfunkel and Hall and Oates The Bergamot co-founders Jillian Speece and Nathan Hoff create seamless musical tapestry that span the genres of the pop music spectrum." -ICON Magazine Winners of the 2012 Bud Light Battle of the Bands, Brooklyn based husband wife duo Jillian Speece and Nathaniel Paul Hoff are the song...

  • Alex Berger

    Alex Berger View Profile

    When Tom Waits judges an artist’s work as noteworthy, people take notice. This was the case when Waits selected the title track from Berger’s debut record, ‘Snow Globe’ as Best Story Song at the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards. It announced the emergence of a mature, engaging songwriter, with an earnest commitment to his craft. Aside from the awards, ‘Snow...

  • Ricky Berger

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    Ricky Berger's music defies description or category. With influences as broad as Tchaikovsky and Chopin, Cat Stevens and Dolly Parton, and the Backstreet Boys and Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ricky's hauntingly intimate songwriting, invitingly soulful voice, and dazzling arrangements sound timeless and original in a way that is truly lacking in most of today's pop music. Born in Bakersfield,...

  • Paul Bergmann

    Paul Bergmann View Profile

    The Modern Folk Music of America blog has deemed Paul Bergmann the “champion of dark retro folk”. He is an old soul, the melancholy in his voice stemming from a place vast and warm, existing somewhere between the childish and morose, and rooted in deep Americana longing. His first album, 1, recorded with his band The Fair Moans, received 5 stars on Dying For Bad Music blog, and was sel...

  • Karen Bergreen

    Karen Bergreen View Profile

    Karen Bergreen Karen is known to her audiences as clever, quirky and geeky. Lurking beneath her wimpy exterior is a Harvard graduate, corporate litigator, and dictatorial mother of two. With a scathing wit, Karen surprises corporate and comedy club audiences alike with her unexpected jabs jumping from her otherwise benign demeanor. All this, and Karen has received a G rating from the motion pictur...

  • Gedina Bergstrom

    Gedina Bergstrom View Profile

    Gedina is an emerging artist, a soulful singer, and an impressive songwriter embodying the knack for cool. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Gedina brings the warmth and freshness of the California sun into her deep and heavy layers of synths, electrifying guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums. Her dark stories of love and loss are sown together by catchy melodic melodies that only the range and power ...

  • David Berkeley

    David Berkeley View Profile

    David Berkeley is a romantic realist, known for his ability to look at the human condition in all its complexity and give us luminous songs full of sunshine and anguish, melancholy and delight. He brings the people and situations he sings about to vibrant life with a warm, rich tenor that often slips into an aching falsetto to underline the overwhelming emotions that can move us to tears or lau...

  • Justin Berkman

    Justin Berkman View Profile

    Justin Berkman is an emerging star in stand-up comedy. This young comedian brings passion, wisdom, and an incredibly original and equally hilarious brand of comedy to the stage. Justin doesn't just tell jokes, he puts on a show. His likeability and widespread appeal are enabling his current rise to stardom. The Los Angeles native and Stanford University graduate appeared on three episodes of MTV'...

  • Alec Berlin

    Alec Berlin View Profile

    One day in the foot hills of the Sangre De Christo Mountains, while living in an adobe house on a dirt road, contemplating the New Mexican star-filled sky and nursing a broken heart, Alec Berlin noticed a crack in the Universe. Slowly but surely, over the next days and weeks, the crack expanded, eventually draining out all of the light until all was darkness. Many years later, jogging across ...

  • Dash Berlin

    Dash Berlin View Profile

     is a progressive-trance[1] project created in 2007 in The Hague, Netherlands by Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn [1]. The front man of the group is the DJ Jeffrey Sutorius [2]. Kalberg and Molijn have been contributing to the international dance scene for over ten years, with award-winning and platinum-selling hits for dance acts such as Alice Deejay, Vengaboys, Candee Jay, Pronti &...

  • Silke Berlin

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    Silke Berlinn is a singer, songwriter and author of “Queen of the Underground.” She began singing in girls’ choirs at the age of six, graduated high school at sixteen and left the Eastern Seaboard to join Fast Floyd & The Firebirds in San Francisco. When she left Fast Floyd, Silke formed The Addictions with ex-New York Dolls, ex-David Bowie guitarist, Keith Dailidenas (known variously as Keeth,...

  • Twin Berlin

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    In an age of electro-pop, over-produced, indie rock, Twin Berlin rebels against the passing fad to bring the revival of no-frills, in-your-face rock and roll. And 2011 is about to be their year. In 2009, Twin Berlin was recognized by MTV, being nominated as the Best Breakout Boston band and playing a show on the 2009 VMA tour alongside All Time Low and The White Tie Affair. Consequently, Twin B...

  • Dan Berman

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  • Deb Berman

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