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  • Dear Beloveds

    Dear Beloveds View Profile

    Dear Beloveds began as a folk band consisting of siblings Elisa and Gunnar, based in Ojai, California. After performing duo for two years they met bassist and electronic music producer Oliwa (He's My Brother, She's My Sister) at Burning Man and instantly fell in love. They invited him to join them as a bandmate and co-producer for their debut EP, Emergence. Through this fruitful collaboration, Dea...

  • 32 Below

    32 Below View Profile

    32 Below takes no breaks. As a result of their hard-working roots and their respect for the crowd, when this band takes the stage the music does not stop. Combining their inspired original music with songs by artists they love, 32 Below has rolled their spectacle to venues across the country, leaving behind only wide eyes and dropped jaws. The combination of over three hours of unparalleled ene...

  • 7 Below

    7 Below View Profile

    Playing accurate compositions and patient jams, 7 Below skews the timeline of Phish's many eras. From short, tight rock and roll to cow funk, 7 Below will create a familiar experience for Phans old and new. Formed in the Fall of 2012 and winners of the CT Music Award for Best Tribute Band in 2013, 7 Below has quickly become a phavorite tribute in the Northeast USA and beyond. Band Member...

  • From Below

    From Below View Profile

    From Below is a rock 'n roll band based in New York City.Based on the idea that there are irrevocable and unspoken forces within us just waiting to be given a voice, From Below uses churning rhythms, wailing guitar, and arresting yet melodic vocals to illuminate the landscape of the primal unconscious.

  • Heaven Below

    Heaven Below View Profile

    "Number 1 in sales at, top 10 on New Hard Rock Release Chart, Top 20 on Music Choice." These positions are usually acquired by established household name rock bands, but new comers Heaven Below have already taken home these accolades in the short time this Los Angeles based unit has been together. Fronted by Patrick Kennison on lead vocals & gui...

  • Forty Below Zero

    Forty Below Zero View Profile

    It’s been a long road to get to 40 Below Zero, and back to the Blues both literally and figuratively.  Rich Giglio one of the guitarists hails from upstate New York.   Jerry Basic our bluesy oriented guitarist grew up in Brooklyn NY.  The drummer Jim Roepstorff calls his childhood home Kokomo, Indiana.  While the bassist Steve Mares was born and raised in Denver, he ...

  • Blue Belt

    Blue Belt View Profile

  • Chastity Belt

    Chastity Belt View Profile

    Chastity Belt is a rock band consisting of four friends - guitarists Julia Shapiro and Lydia Lund, bassist Annie Truscott, and drummer Gretchen Grimm. They met in a tiny college town in Eastern Washington, but their story begins for real in Seattle, that celebrated home of Macklemore and the Twelfth Man. Following a post-grad summer apart, a handful of shows and enthusiastic responses from the ...

  • Jayson Belt

    Jayson Belt View Profile

    Jayson Belt’s career began as the front man for the Los Angeles based recording group, The Red West. The Red West formed in late 2001 and was signed by Atlantic Records in early 2003. Their self-titled debut album opened to great reviews nationally. All songs were either written or co-written by Belt and touring through the first few years was extensive. The band partnered with artists including t...

  • Black Belt Eagle Scout

    Black Belt Eagle Scout View Profile

    Katherine Paul is Black Belt Eagle Scout, and after releasing an EP in 2014 Paul has wrapped up the band’s first full-length. Recorded in the middle of winter near her hometown in Northwest Washington, the landscape’s eerie beauty and Paul’s connection to it are palpable on Mother of My Children. Stemming from this place, the album traces the full spectrum of confronting buried feelings and the ...

  • Black Belt Karate

    Black Belt Karate View Profile

  •  Beltek

    Beltek View Profile

  • Margaret Belton

    Margaret Belton View Profile

  • Richard Belzer

    Richard Belzer View Profile

  •  Ben O'Neill

    Ben O'Neill View Profile

    When Philadelphia songwriter-guitarist, Ben O’Neill, took the stage at Jay-Z’s Made In America Fest in September 2012, his resume as a sideman was ripe with some of the best known names in hip-hop, pop and gospel music: Kanye West, Common, Erykah Badu, Kid Cudi, Christina Aguilera and Tye Tribbett. In addition to receiving a 2010 Grammy nomination, his televised appearances have includ...

  • Geroge Ben Sun (AM Sounds)

    Geroge Ben Sun (AM Sounds) View Profile

    Celestial Electric finds L.A.-based indie-pop auteur AM and London-based groovemaster/experimentalist Lee pooling their talents to create a unique brand of electro-soul that achieves seamless pop perfection, while mining a startlingly broad array of stylistic influences. The resulting blend of heartfelt, warmly melodic songcraft and vivid, inventive soundscapes underlines the artists' abiding love...

  • George Ben Sun aka AM

    George Ben Sun aka AM View Profile

    Celestial Electric finds L.A.-based indie-pop auteur AM and London-based groovemaster/experimentalist Lee pooling their talents to create a unique brand of electro-soul that achieves seamless pop perfection, while mining a startlingly broad array of stylistic influences. The resulting blend of heartfelt, warmly melodic songcraft and vivid, inventive soundscapes underlines the artists' abiding love...

  • George Ben Sun aka AM Sounds

    George Ben Sun aka AM Sounds View Profile

    Celestial Electric finds L.A.-based indie-pop auteur AM and London-based groovemaster/experimentalist Lee pooling their talents to create a unique brand of electro-soul that achieves seamless pop perfection, while mining a startlingly broad array of stylistic influences. The resulting blend of heartfelt, warmly melodic songcraft and vivid, inventive soundscapes underlines the artists' abiding love...

  • Mika Ben Yami

    Mika Ben Yami View Profile

    ? Best Music Video- La Femme Film Festival 2011 ? Grand Prize Winner- OnVidi Student Video Contest 2011 ? 2011 HMMA Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nominee ? Nominee for Best Folk/Acoustic Artist in All Indie Music Awards

  • Miri Ben-Ari

    Miri Ben-Ari View Profile

    How many artists can say they got props from both superstar rapper Jay-Z and Carnegie Hall favorite Isaac Stern? Hip-hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari can. When the Israeli-born virtuoso's family couldn't afford her violin lessons anymore, it was Stern who stepped in and recommended Ben-Ari for an America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship. She was later chosen to play in the prestigious Israeli Army...

  • Benny Benassi

    Benny Benassi View Profile

     Benny Benassi is known for his cheery demeanour, but as we reach the fag-end of 2010, the great man is in particularly fine fettle. That's because his new album is almost in the bag (completed with his producer cousin Alle) and the fact that he can look back on the last 12 months with some degree of pride: in particular, his smash 12-inch, 'Spaceship' recorded with futuristic r&b icon Ke...

  • Pat Benatar

    Pat Benatar View Profile

    Pat Benatar's polished mainstream pop/rock made her one of the more popular female vocalists of the early '80s. Although she came on like an arena rocker with her power chords, tough sexuality, and powerful vocals, her music was straight pop/rock underneath all the bluster. Born Patricia Andrzejewski on January 10, 1953, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the singer was raised in the nearby town of Lindenhu...

  • Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo

    Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo View Profile

  • Allison Bencar

    Allison Bencar View Profile

    Allison Bencar is an artist on the rise in Nashville, Tennessee! Her style ranges from stripped down Americana/Country to sultry ballads to blistering Rock, and everything in between. It’s a rare artist that can handle so many variations and not sound clichéd. Bencar doesn’t only handle it; those styles all come to her naturally. Unlike a lot of things we see and hear today. ...

  • JD Bender

    JD Bender View Profile

    JD Bender is an American original. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he is the sole creator of the “Bakerbilly” sound which blends the old time Bakersfield honky tonk with classic 50’s rockabilly to create the kind of good time country music that makes you want to laugh at your worries and pour another drink. The tunes on this album are soulful, dark and funny. They come from that raw place inside ...

  • Marcia Bender

    Marcia Bender View Profile

  • Al Del Bene

    Al Del Bene View Profile

  • Mike Benecke

    Mike Benecke View Profile

    mike benecke is a singer/songwriter based in Culver City, CA. Featured on KCRW, finalist for NPR Mountain Stage songwriting contest 2012, debut ep recorded by Local Natives producer Raymond Richards.

  • Nathan Benedict

    Nathan Benedict View Profile

  • A Benefit for Rene Orduna

    A Benefit for Rene Orduna View Profile

    We all know him- the heart and soul and master chef of our beloved Dixie Quicks- Rene Orduna. Rene has recently been diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer and is currently bravely battling for his life with his husband, Rob Gilmer at his side. Rene will be traveling to the Mayo Clinic soon for life saving treatment. We have all been touched in so many ways by Rob and Rene's continuing gen...

  • Eric Benet

    Eric Benet View Profile

    Eric Benét is a contemporary R&B singer with mild hip-hop and strong adult contemporary influences. As a teenager, he performed in a family vocal group (appropriately named Benét) with his sister and cousin. The group signed with Capitol Records and released an eponymous album in 1992 that largely went unnoticed. Eric blazed his own trail as a solo artist shortly afterward, signing to Wa...

  • India Benet

    India Benet View Profile

  • Marco Benevento

    Marco Benevento View Profile

    It’s impossible not to hear freedom and excitement coursing through the veins of Marco Benevento’s new studio album, ‘Let It Slide.’ Produced by Leon Michels (The Arcs, Lee Fields), the record introduces a gritty, soulful edge to Benevento’s brand of high-octane keyboard wizardry—an uptempo, uplifting sound he playfully describes as “hot dance piano rock.&...

  • Garrin Benfield

    Garrin Benfield View Profile

    “The Wave Organ Song” is Garrin Benfield’s fifth full length CD of original songs. He gained notice in 2000 with his stark tribute to Matthew Shepard, “What You’re Hiding”, which was used in a production of the Laramie Project. In 2002, after recording his second CD, “Nowhere is Brighter” with Bonnie Raitt’s rhythm section and guest Boz Scaggs, Benfield took up a relentless touring schedule, both ...

  • Julia Benfield

    Julia Benfield View Profile

  • Lior Ben-Hur

    Lior Ben-Hur View Profile

    With their positive message, uplifting melodies and unique and refreshing approach to Reggae, this San Francisco based band represents a new generation of Reggae and World music.   Born in Jerusalem, Israel with Greek and Iraqi roots, Lior Ben-Hur has traveled to over a dozen countries where he spent time learning, performing and sharing experiences with musicians and artists aroun...

  • Sara Benincasa

    Sara Benincasa View Profile

    Sara Benincasa ( is a comedian and author. She has appeared on MTV, VH1, CNN, Fuse, the History Channel, FX, NBC's "Today Show," CBS, Japan's TV-Asahi, Russia Today TV, and Norwegian national television. Her 2013 memoir, Agorafabulous: Dispatches From My Bedroom (William Morrow/HarperCollins 2012). Her most recent TV credits include FX's ...

  • Laura Benitez & the Heartache

    Laura Benitez & the Heartache View Profile

    Laura Benitez and the Heartache use the three chord tools of country music to tell the simple, unvarnished truth about love, too much whiskey, and the call of the road. Their songs range from honky-tonk shuffles to rock 'n' roll numbers to sweet old time waltzes, and cover everything from unwed motherhood ("Me or the Baby") to mean drunks ("Don't Wake the Devil"), with a whole lot of heartbreak in...

  • Alec Benjamin

    Alec Benjamin View Profile

  • Andrew Benjamin

    Andrew Benjamin View Profile

  • Breaking Benjamin

    Breaking Benjamin View Profile

    In late 2000, guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark James Klepaski made a surprising and unexpected decision: they left Lifer, an alternative metal band that was not only signed to a major label (Universal,) but was gaining major acceptance. Fink and Klepaski departed in order to join forces with singer Ben Burnley and drummer Jeremy Hummel, forming Breaking Benjamin. Why would Fink and Klepaski l...

  • Noah Benjamin

    Noah Benjamin View Profile

  • Owen Benjamin

    Owen Benjamin View Profile

    Owen Benjamin started his comedy career in music. Growing up with an opera singer father, Owen has played classical piano since childhood. Owen was a regular on MTV’s PUNK’D, and has appeared on E!’s CHELSEA LATELY and Comedy Central’s LIVE AT GOTHAM. Owen feature credits include I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY and THE HOUSE BUNNY and he can soon be seen in ALL’S FAIRE IN LOVE with Ch...

  • Ron Benjamin of Midnite

    Ron Benjamin of Midnite View Profile

    Midnite weaves the cultural lyrics of "old school" roots music with modern day experiences to create a unique listening encounter. Roots Reggae - naked and raw is an apt description for Midnite's musical style, in which they forgo the frills of extensive remixes, overdubbing and other musical refinements. 

  • The Benjees

    The Benjees View Profile

    The Benjees are a power quartet from Bushwick, Brooklyn. Formed like a sandlot team from dismembered bands- they're a energetic combination of rock-funk-soul-punk- bringing a gritty edge to pop hooks and melodies . They just finished recoding their first EP and are currently playing shows in New York City and the East Coast.

  • Susan Benjey

    Susan Benjey View Profile

  • David Benji Kuriakose

    David Benji Kuriakose View Profile

  • Mitch Benn

    Mitch Benn View Profile

    MITCH BENN is not only one of the most sought-after acts on the comedy circuit but is widely acknowledged as one of the best writer/performers of comic songs in the country. Mitch began his comedy career in Edinburgh in 1994. He moved to London in 1996 and quickly established himself as a comedy club "headliner" as well as a favourite on the university circuit. Mitch is a regular wri...

  • Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett View Profile

    I am Chris Bennett. I have been a stand up since 2002. I spend most of my time performing in clubs and bars around Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA and was seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I also produce a monthly show in Hollywood called The Calendar Boys and Girls of Comedy, showcasing the best stand-up comics on the scene today.

  • Darin Bennett

    Darin Bennett View Profile

    Darin Bennett's dark, bluesy, soul searching music represents the new breed of the old school singer, songwriter and guitarist. He plays a combination of gritty delta blues with elements of classic rock and a bucket of raw soul. He tops it off with a powerful voice that rises from a mysterious whisper to a raging growl. His influences range from Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, to Robert ...

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