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  • Lucy Bell

    Lucy Bell View Profile

    Hailing from Downpatrick County Down, eighteen year old Lucy Bell began her musical adventure recording songs in her bedroom. In 2017 she was awarded the Panarts Young Songwriter of the Year Award which included this week’s trip to Nashville to showcase her talent.

  • Lurrie Bell

    Lurrie Bell View Profile

    Guitarist Lurrie Bell, son of harmonica legend Carey Bell, spent his childhood at the feet of such fabled bluesmen as Eddie Taylor, Big Walter Horton, and Pinetop Perkins. By his mid-20s Bell's resumé included recording sessions with Eddie C. Campbell and Eddy Clearwater, stints with Billy Branch's Sons of Blues and Koko Taylor, and several overseas tours. Bell’s elegant an...

  • Mariana Bell

    Mariana Bell View Profile

    LA-based singer songwriter Mariana Bell has been delivering her soulful brand of folk pop across clubs around the country, weaving elements of rock, jazz and country together with her trademark hook-filled melodies and evocative, passionate vocals. The Australian-born, Charlottesville-raised Mariana Bell began singing at age 6. As an alto in the Virginia Consort Youth Choir, she continued to h...

  • Mercy Bell

    Mercy Bell View Profile

    Americana & folk musician. Nashville by way of Brooklyn and Massachusetts and California and Arkansas.

  • Molly Bell

    Molly Bell View Profile

  • Nathan Bell

    Nathan Bell View Profile

  • Opening Bell

    Opening Bell View Profile

    "Being a symbolic gesture of globalized commerce rather than a functional indicator of the start of a day's trading, Wall Street's opening bell now acts as a signifier of a bygone era, one that was less of a total mindfuck. In effect, it is a cop out resorting to nostalgia and performativity. Opening Bell, on the other hand, accepts the truth-or-dare proposition of modern relevancy and meets this ...

  • Tone Bell

    Tone Bell View Profile

    Tone Bell, 2011 NBC Stand Up for Diversity WINNER, was raised in Decatur, GA. Tone attended Savannah State University to acquire a degree in TV/Film, minoring in Theater. While there starred in countless theater productions, and wrote, produced and hosted the school's first and only (local) Daily Show style series: "Tonee's Tiger Show." Since college TB has moved about the country, spending most o...

  • Tonee Bell

    Tonee Bell View Profile

    Tone (Tonee Bell), commands crowds without uttering a word. He takes ordinary everyday occurrences and turns them into extraordinary stories that people cant wait to tell again. His timing and cadence are unlike most in his generation. The Texas comedy circuit knighted him with the nickname your girlfriends favorite comic. By the time tonee exits the stage not only do the ladies think he's funny ...

  • Dani Bell & The Tarantist

    Dani Bell & The Tarantist View Profile

  • The Bell Brothers

    The Bell Brothers View Profile

    Since forming in 2005, The Bell Brothers have climbed to the top of California’s Country Music Scene, building a solid reputation as one of the area’s most in-demand live acts. Within two years of releasing their remarkable debut CD Watertank, The Bell Brothers were called “The Next Big Country/ Rock Phenomenon” by California radio personality Randy Jones (station 95.3 KRTY...

  • The Bell Hours

    The Bell Hours View Profile

    A cornerstone of The Bell Hours’ music is that it impresses so much upon you with so little. If you walked into their show, you wouldn’t be able to pick them out of the crowd, not until an awkward person shuffles onto stage from somewhere. In a way their normality shows something simple and pure and creates the flare in the music. The complexities come later when the music has set in, ...

  • Hiram Bell’s - Ukulele

    Hiram Bell’s - Ukulele View Profile

  •  Bella Ruse

    Bella Ruse View Profile

    In the last year Minneapolis folk pop duo Bella Ruse, fronted by singer Kay Gillette, have proven themselves to be a talented and hardworking band, going on three national tours and recording three EPs. Their simple but engagingly intimate show has impressed festival and club audiences from their hometown of Minneapolis to New York and Hollywood, including a stop at Lilith Fair with Sarah McLachla...

  • Bill Bellamy

    Bill Bellamy View Profile

    Biography Staying busy is not a problem for Bill Bellamy, whose flourishing career encompasses the worlds of feature film, television, comedy and more. His career is on the rise, yet his feet remain firmly planted on the ground. Over the last decade Bellamy has been a staple in the world of comedy, performing hundreds of shows to sold-out audiences across the country. Now Bill brings his humor an...

  • Charlene Bellamy

    Charlene Bellamy View Profile

    Born in Corona, Queens in a single parent household (raised by her mother), this sassy lady is kicking down doors in comedy. Making a late start, "Sugar" as she is known in the comedy circuit, is knocking the audiences dead with her quick-witted satirical humor. By day she is an Event/Conference planner with a major hospital in New York City and by night she is an innovative Stand Up comedian who ...

  • Michelle Bellamy

    Michelle Bellamy View Profile

    This Southern Oregon native brings a soulful flavor to the folk/americana scene in North America! With prolific lyrics and sweet melodies Michelle Bellamy is a delight to listen to. Bellamy's voice is her strong point with a timbre similar to Norah Jones. Michelle pulls from all sorts of styles of music but her music can be likened to Bonnie Raitt, an edgier Joan Baez, Paul Simon or Ray LaMontagne...

  • Zach Bellas & The Company Band

    Zach Bellas & The Company Band View Profile

  • Andree Belle

    Andree Belle View Profile

    Rising starlet Andrée Belle fuses together soul, funk, latin, jazz, and electronic elements with conscious and sultry lyrics to create her own poetic pop sound. Her debut project M.U.S.I.C. (Magnificent Unique Sexy Intelligent Creativity) solidly showcases her stratospherically soulful essence and superstar band. "Variety Pack," "Come a Little Closer," and "Dan...

  • Andrew Belle

    Andrew Belle View Profile

    Andrew Belle is an artist on the pop singer/songwriter scene. Residing in both Chicago and Nashville, he is currently a member of the critically acclaimed national tour Ten Out Of Tenn. Andrew released his debut EP All Those Pretty Lights in 2008, containing songs featured in hit TV shows including “90210” and “The Real World.” His song “I’ll Be Your Breeze&rdqu...

  • Former Belle

    Former Belle View Profile

    What used to be an angry kid in his basement plucking out lonely songs about falling in and out of years of angst and house-ridden days in his bedroom, morphed into what Bruno Joseph later named, 'Former Belle'. Seeking refuge in his mother's basement, Bruno and a few close friends sculpted what was to be their debut release, the Sounds From the Ground EP. Upon its release, the EP took Former B...

  • Madeleine Belle

    Madeleine Belle View Profile

    Madeleine Belle has been a performing flow artist since 2008 when she began hoop dancing in Philadelphia. Her specialty is in hoops and fire, however in the last 2 years she has taken on aerial hoop and stilt-walking. Over the years she has performed in various different venues from casinos and nightclubs to corporate events and private parties and has performed on stage with various artists such ...

  • Mother Belle

    Mother Belle View Profile

    Plundering on, under the malevolent sun, the coins in your gunna and the new curse you carry feel more lead than gold. From the distance, wind chimes trickle, and the tragically sweet banjo sound wraps you in memories of simpler times. As the drumming erupts into brilliant song, you give yourself, your sin, your heart to the beat, to the explosion of sound. Mother Belle has claimed you.

  • Old Belle

    Old Belle View Profile

    Old Belle doesn’t hail from the coal mining hills of Kentucky, and they don’t date back to the heyday of the folk revival. They formed last year in the wilds of San Francisco’s Outer Richmond district. The songs are unapologetically folk – simple chords, sweet and soulful melodies. They are so friendly and accessible you want to invite them over to the porch for some moon p...

  •  Belle and Sebastian

    Belle and Sebastian View Profile

  • The Belle Game

    The Belle Game View Profile

    The Belle Game take intricate guitar and keyboard lines, anchored by dark pop rhythms, and weave them into gorgeous, graceful melodies. . . the end result still retaining the rawness of a boozy confessional.

  • The Belle Sounds

    The Belle Sounds View Profile

    The Belle Sounds is the new Indie/Folk/Pop project from Singer/Songwriter Noëlle Hampton and her husband, André Moran from Austin, TX. The eponymous record, produced by Neilson Hubbard in East Nashville, TN, perfectly balances electric and acoustic instruments to surround Hampton with lush arrangements that compliment her passionate vocals. Moran’s understated guitar virtuos...

  • The Bellegards

    The Bellegards View Profile

    We were known as The Detours for six years, playing shows in the Long Island and New York City area but there have been other bands in he past with that name so we are now The Bellegards. We've been writing music since 2007 and for the past 2 years have been finishing up our first album, "The Difference Between". Now we're looking for more shows and the attention of any record label who's consider...

  • Geneviève Bellemare

    Geneviève Bellemare View Profile

    French Canadian born Geneviève Bellemare is a new voice collaborating with experienced producers, including Mitchell Froom (Paul McCartney, Randy Newman, Pearl Jam), Paul O'Duffy (Amy Winehouse and James Bond soundtracks), busbee (Katy Perry, Pink) and Tony Berg (Lucius, Edie Brickell). The music found on her new EP, Live and Die, out now on Verve Records, balances jazz w...

  • Hells Belles

    Hells Belles View Profile

  • Ryan Belleville

    Ryan Belleville View Profile

    Raised in a family of actors, Ryan got his comedy start at the Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary Alberta. He was the youngest person to get their own Comedy special in Canada. Winner of a Canadian Comedy Award, and the Phil Hartman Award, Ryan now makes his home in sunny Los Angeles. I think it is safe to say that Ryan totally doesn't suck.

  • Emanuela Bellezza

    Emanuela Bellezza View Profile

    “Emanuela Bellezza is like a glass of fresh water in the middle of the desert. She has everything that a voice needs to reach inevitably the heart of the listener”. Beto Cuevas (ex-vocalist of “La Ley”). Her presence and charisma on stage are fresh a genuine. Singer, pianist, guitarist, painter and polyglot, Emanuela is an artist that will certainly prevail the test of times and leave an impressi...

  • The Bellfuries

    The Bellfuries View Profile

    From their hometown of Austin, TX, The Bellfuries are constantly within earshot of the latest catchphrase and new brands are always within their peripheral view. “Well and good,” says vocalist/chief songwriter Joey Simeone, “but we’re a rock and roll band. People are obsessed with categories and sub-genres. We check into a hotel, and the guy or girl behind the desk a...

  • Beyond Belligerent

    Beyond Belligerent View Profile

    Straight out of New York City, Beyond Belligerent's Alternative Rock sound is fresh and alive with hard hitting lyrics, powerful vocals, and driving lead guitar. The band’s debut EP, "I May Be Dreaming" and their newly released EP "Beyond Belligerent" with their latest songs (This Kind of Love, Keep it a Secret and Stay With Me) are available on iTunes, Amazon and other...

  • Eric Bellinger

    Eric Bellinger View Profile

  • Jon Bellion

    Jon Bellion View Profile

    Jon Bellion is a singer, songwriter and producer from New York. After beginning his career as a songwriter, Bellion signed to Visionary Music Group, an independent label based out of New York in August of 2012. Jon's sound is an eclectic mix of pop, hip hop, rap and soul, citing musical influences like Andre 3000 and Kanye West.    Jon recently released “The Definiti...

  • Anthony Bello

    Anthony Bello View Profile

    Anthony Bello, alter ego of Anthony O'Bello, is a San Francisco Bay Area based singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist dedicated to modern indie folk, blues, and Americana while paying tribute to the folk music origins of the United States. In Northern California he has performed at The Fillmore, Freight & Salvage, Hotel Utah, and KC Turner House Concert Series, and many other venues. In...

  • Louie Bello

    Louie Bello View Profile

    Influenced by and compared to Motown artists, as well as classic crooners such as Sinatra, Louie Bello took some hometown notoriety and ran with it. Louie Bello’s vocal chops grew from as American a story as one could imagine: as though he were born of Doo-Wop, an adolescent Louie sang harmonies with friends on Boston street corners. Coming of age as New Kids and New Edition were hitting the...

  • Louie Bellow

    Louie Bellow View Profile

  • Jake Bellows

    Jake Bellows View Profile

    Jake Bellows had quit music. Or so he thought... After fronting Neva Dinova for more than 15 years which included five full-lengths, a split EP, and countless tours, he packed up his dog and moved from his native Omaha to his girlfriend's hometown of Los Angeles. The group reunited in Omaha to debut the new songs at a couple of shows one week the following June. Excited to release the new m...

  • The Bellrays

    The Bellrays View Profile

    The BellRays hail from Riverside, California and have been putting on the show of their lives since 1990. Punk, rock and soul have been used to try and categorize what they do but some how isn't enough. Seeing is believing and this is a band to see. You won't forget it! 

  • Death Bells

    Death Bells View Profile

    There’s something unmistakably grand about Death Bells. Many contemporary bands have incorporated sonic elements of the ‘80s into their sound, but few have managed to capture the sheer scope and allure of that era like Death Bells with their brand of searing post-punk and shimmering dream pop. Their songs are a study in contrast, effortlessly combining dark intrigue with unabashedly massive hook...

  • Methodist Bells

    Methodist Bells View Profile

    The Methodist Bells are centered around the songs of lead singer Clement Coleman, who moved to Syracuse in 2010 and brought with him a batch of fresh pop and rock and country rock songs. King Vidor, Coleman's previous band, had recorded a couple of records before disbanding. The name Methodist Bells comes from a lyric in the song "Sara" by Bob Dylan. A 1000 Miles of Turpent...

  • Western Bells

    Western Bells View Profile

    Husband and wife duo, WESTERN BELLS, formed following an impromptu sound bath in the Mojave Desert, after which they wrote a collection of modern cinematic soundscapes and shimmering soulful melodies backlit by classic 808 and 909 beats. The duo is releasing their debut collection as a series of singles throughout 2015. 

  • Sanctus Bellum

    Sanctus Bellum View Profile

    Bobby Liebling of Pentagram and James Rivera of Helstar will perform special one-time-only sets with members of Sanctus Bellum at The El Birthday Metal Fest II on December 22, 2012 at Rudyard’s British Pub in Houston, TX. The sets with Liebling and Rivera, styled Sanctus Bellum Sanctuary and Sanctus Bellum Sanctus respectively, will see the heavy metal icons performing songs that they have rarely...

  • Ariel Bellvallaire

    Ariel Bellvallaire View Profile

    Ariel is a singer, lead guitarist and performer currently in New York City who combines pop music with rock guitar solos. check her

  • The Bellwether Syndicate

    The Bellwether Syndicate View Profile

  • Hashbrown Belly Boys

    Hashbrown Belly Boys View Profile

    The Hashbrown Belly Boys is an ol' timey band based outta the Charlotte,NC area.

  • The Belmont Playboys

    The Belmont Playboys View Profile

    Launched in 1989 -- no, really -- the Playboys are still kicking ass and taking names. They've played with just about everybody you could think of and at least two you would never have imagined. They've done six CD's and the latest one is their best yet -- which, I'm not sure what that means. They've toured everywhere, and don't care if it's a tiny bar or a fifteen-hundred seat hall. They are true...

  •  Beloved

    Beloved View Profile

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