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  • Daniel Bedingfield

    Daniel Bedingfield View Profile

    Daniel Bedingfield's pop wizardry earned him a BRIT Award, six U.K. Top 10 singles and 4 million in album sales from 2001 to ’04. Now, after eight years, the songwriter who rocketed to the top of the pop world with “Gotta Get Thru This” is back in a huge way, with new batches of genre-splicing, pulse-pounding music that not only appeals to a broad spectrum of fans but reveals Bed...

  • Natasha Bedingfield

    Natasha Bedingfield View Profile

  • Geneva Bedlam

    Geneva Bedlam View Profile

    Adam Lee Robinson, Joao Vincient Lewis, Erick Garnica, Corbin DeClercq

  • Tim Bedore

    Tim Bedore View Profile

    Over the past 20 years Tim Bedore has spent thousands of hours entertaining audiences, first on the radio and then as a comedian, headlining comedy clubs across the country. One of the few young comics to have combined the disciplines of stand-up comedy and broadcasting, Tim knows the rigors of working within demanding parameters. Tim has kept his hand in the radio business through his radio co...

  •  Bedroom Walls

    Bedroom Walls View Profile

    Adam Goldman (guitar/vocals), Kris Canning (bass), Sean Hoffman (guitar), Vanessa Kaufman (drums), and Aurisha Smolarski (violin) compose the romanticore sounds of Bedroom Walls. The bandmembers themselves coined the term romanticore to describe the dreamy, bittersweet, and sometimes moody atmosphere surrounding the sound of this Los Angeles-based indie rock group. In 2002, engineer Rafter Roberts...

  • Samantha Bee

    Samantha Bee View Profile

    Samantha Bee was born and raised in Toronto Canada and understands that, yes, it's very clean there. Having no appreciable skill set or professional aspirations, she turned to acting and found it compatible with her lazy lifestyle. She began her career by doing numerous commercial campaigns, as well as participating in the all-female sketch troupe The Atomic Fireballs. In 2003 she joined the ...

  • Lil Bee Dee & The Doo Rites

    Lil Bee Dee & The Doo Rites View Profile

    Li'l BeeDee & the Doo-Rites - a 5-piece combo featuring old-school rhythm & blues with an infusion of rockabilly. Betsy-Dawn Williams & Jeff Potter are at the helm bringing in original material as well as conducting musical archaeological digs for scrumptious gems from the rockabilly and rhythm & blues camps. Both are recording artists for European indie roots music label El...

  •  Bee Gees

    Bee Gees View Profile

  • The Bee Gees

    The Bee Gees View Profile

    No popular music act of the '60s, '70s, '80s, or '90s attracted a more varied audience than the Bee Gees. Beginning in the mid- to late '60s as a Beatlesque ensemble, they quickly developed as songwriters and singers to create a style of their own that carried them from psychedelia to progressive pop. Then, after hitting a popular trough, they reinvented themselves as perhaps the most successful w...

  • The Beekeepers

    The Beekeepers View Profile

    "The quaint town of Oakland has many a group putting out their own twisted spew of rock, but somewhere among the avenues, four lads are hacking away at their instruments till blood soaks the scales. Frontman Kyle Day's guitar hits the ears like a fork in an electrical socket as a jagged maelstrom of rage burns through his mouth. Beside him, Marius Atherton and Alex Rather-Taylor weave dual scorche...

  • Daddys Beemer

    Daddys Beemer View Profile

    Daddy’s Beemer is an Slack Rock 4 piece from Clemson South Carolina. Daddy’s Beemer was created in October of 2016 when long-time collaborators and roommates Wesley Heaton and Dan Fetterolf joined forces with college radio friends Brady Sklar and Luke Waldrop. After forming and writing some material, the band made their way into the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts Studio in Cl...

  • Madison Beer

    Madison Beer View Profile

  • Craft Beer and Football

    Craft Beer and Football View Profile

  • Bolzen Beer Band

    Bolzen Beer Band View Profile

    We're more fun when you dance, sound better when you sing along, and we're way better looking when you're drunk!

  • Craft Beer Event

    Craft Beer Event View Profile

    "First annual Easy Reader Beer Experience and Froth Awards" celebrating the breweries of the South Bay! Celeb judges, tasters, and live music. 

  • Killing Bees

    Killing Bees View Profile

    Experimental Rock and Roll

  • Marc Beeson

    Marc Beeson View Profile

    This Illinois native and 25 year Nashville veteran has had over 100 cuts including songs recorded by Reba McEntire, Jason Aldean, Kenny Rogers, Martina McBride, Peter Cetera, Billy Currington, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, Garth Brooks and Chicago, among others. He has won 10 ASCAP awards including both Country and Pop Song of the Year for his #1, "When She Cries"... As an artist,...

  • Yella Beezy

    Yella Beezy View Profile

  • Lou Bega

    Lou Bega View Profile

    Like the Afro-Cuban and mambo music that inspires his music, Lou Bega is a hybrid, born and raised in Germany as the son of a Sicillian mother and Ugandan father. He sang and danced as a child and listened to R&B and reggae as a teenager, but a trip to Miami as an 18-year old acquainted him with the songs of the mambo kings of the '30s and '40s. Fascinated by mambo's sounds and stylish fashions, B...

  • Foreign Beggars

    Foreign Beggars View Profile

     Foreign Beggars are a critically acclaimed Rap, Grime and Dubstep group based in London, UK. The group consists of MCs Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis, producer Dag Nabbit and DJ Nonames. Foreign Beggars are renowned for their eclectic and energetic live shows. Currently performing well over a hundred shows a year the group have performed with a number of high profile artists spanning a ...

  • Tim Begley

    Tim Begley View Profile

  • Scarlet Begonias Grateful Dead Tribute

    Scarlet Begonias Grateful Dead Tribute View Profile

    Scarlet Begonias plays the Grateful Dead catalog with precision, while making the improvisational jams all our own! Todd Eberwine  Matt Felski Gavin Petrie Tony Petrocelli Jason Staniszewski

  • Elijah Behar

    Elijah Behar View Profile

    Elijah Behar is an experimental folk musician living in Santa Monica. Currently playing behind his first EP ("Hollow Body"), his live shows challenge the preconceived notion of what one voice and a guitar can accomplish on stage. By combining strong songwriting, and a unique effect driven guitar style, Elijah keeps his audience on the edge of their seats and takes them on a true sonic jo...

  • Joy Behar

    Joy Behar View Profile

  • Greg Behrendt

    Greg Behrendt View Profile

    Greg Behrendt is busier than ever. In 2009, “Greg Behrendt’s Wake-up Call,” a show that taps into Behrendt's no-nonsense approach to relationships, launched on ABC’s SoapNet. “He’s Just Not That Into”, the movie based on his bestselling book, opened in theaters nationwide and was America’s number one movie. Behrendt’s second comedy special, &ld...

  • Behrouz Behrouz

    Behrouz Behrouz View Profile

     San Francisco-based producer and long time dance music veteran, Behrouz Nazari is difficult to label as he reflects the music he creates and spins. “My sound is impossible to categorize, but if I were to give it my best shot, I would describe it as a Myriad of different subgenres of music I have experimented with during my past 20 years of DJ’ing. It’s composed of sexy ...

  • Sam Behymer

    Sam Behymer View Profile

    Sam, a Texas native, always felt out of place growing up until she moved to California and found other artists like her. She is a Pepperdine graduate and a full-time nanny, living in Los Angeles. With her new zip code and confidence, Sam is stepping into the spotlight in the hopes of making it on The Voice.  Sam auditioned for The Voice with "Royals" by Lorde. She managed to turn Ad...

  • Tara Beier

    Tara Beier View Profile

    “Drawing influences from Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell, to Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac… brilliant song composition with an original voice.” Indie Spoonful (US) “One-of-a kind Canadian indie rock… definitely worth hearing.” Popmatters “Beier’s combination of styles and sounds, ranging from simple acoustic ballads to catchy pop-l...

  • Beth Beighey

    Beth Beighey View Profile

    Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan & nearly 10 years spent on the emerald beaches of the deep south, Beth Beighey's soulful mixture of rock and country will allow you to appreciate ANY genre. Nashville newcomer Beth Beighey has opened for national acts such as CCR, Luke Bryan, Blackberry Smoke & Taylor Hicks. Projects including BB & the Wild Boys keep her busy writing and perform...

  • Perfect Beings

    Perfect Beings View Profile

  • Supreme Beings Of Leisure

    Supreme Beings Of Leisure View Profile

    The electronic pop/trip-hop group Supreme Beings of Leisure formed out of the ashes of Oversoul Seven, the hip-hop project of guitarist/programmer Rick Torres, bassist/programmer Kiran Shahani, and keyboardist/programmer Ramin Sakurai. While they were recording demos, the trio asked their friend singer/songwriter Geri Soriano-Lightwood to collaborate with them. Newly christened the Supreme Beings ...

  • Paula Bel

    Paula Bel View Profile

    Paula Bel from "Last Comic Standing 2010" is one of the comedians competing in Season 7 of the NBC reality competition series. Headlining in clubs across the country, a favored performer in Europe and having toured with the USO, Paula ("Last Comic Standing 2010") is a true original. Only six years into her stand-up career, Paula Bel performed on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Being one of th...

  • William Belasco

    William Belasco View Profile

  • The Belated BDay Throwback

    The Belated BDay Throwback View Profile

    Cal Parmer Presents and I Am Will Promotions: - The Bleated BDay Throwback feat. Moe Badger, Preach Freedom, Dana "DNA" Lewis & Lamont Josey Doors at 7:00pm, Show at 8:30pm We'll see you down at Buffalo Iron Works!


    MAKE BELEIVE View Profile

    Not many bands in the world can say they’ve played their first show ever in front of 5,500 people together with 30 Seconds to Mars. Nor that they’ve written and recorded with people who wrote music for Train, Adèle, Miley Cyrus and Jason Mraz. Believe it or not, the Dutch six piece pop rock formation MakeBelieve did it all! Right from the start in 2009 they managed to put themselves in the spotlig...

  • Cody Belew

    Cody Belew View Profile

  • Pam Belford

    Pam Belford View Profile

    Pam Belford’s songs have been recorded by Dean Dillon, Doug Stone, Rich McCready and a variety of other artists. She wrote the title cut on the George Strait album, “Holding My Own,” and her song, “If I Know Me”, also recorded by George Strait, was number one on the Billboard Country Chart for two weeks in a row.

  • Melisa Belgrade

    Melisa Belgrade View Profile

    Born in New York and raised in LA’s free-spirited Topanga Canyon, Belgrade was surrounded by the music of rock and folk musicians who shaped her early appreciation of music and a desire to follow a musical path. As a young adult in LA, Belgrade‘s musical interests expanded to include the Pretenders, Patti Smith, David Bowie, and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Also influential were ...

  • Make Believe Recordings

    Make Believe Recordings View Profile

    Make Believe Recordings was started out of Make Believe Studios in Omaha, Nebraska in the Spring of 2012 by Rick Carson and Keith Rodger. Since then, they have signed a wide variety of artists that take on no limitation to their creativity and expression. MBR’s main goal is to give the artist the chance to write, record, and produce music completely in house so they know exactly what they wa...

  • True Believer

    True Believer View Profile

    Shoegaze/Dream pop from Winston-Salem

  • The Believers

    The Believers View Profile

    THE BELIEVERS have a serious love for old school Country and Soul music. Founding members Craig Aspen & Cynthia Frazzini formed THE BELIEVERS ten years ago in Seattle during the Alt. Country - No Depression era and have been recording and performing ever since. After three albums and touring at home and abroad, they’ve stayed true to a roots sound that has earned them praise from contemporar...

  • Andrey Belikov

    Andrey Belikov View Profile

    Born in Kiev, Ukraine. Andrey spent most of his Childhood in NYC and the Bay Area till he moved to Santa Barbara for college. Having done Improv & Theatre for 5 years he quit abruptly in 2001 to persue a "more reliable" career in Graphics Design. Even though his first Stand Up expirience was as early as 2001 - it would not be till 5 years later (2006) that Andrey would make the de...

  • Chase Bell

    Chase Bell View Profile

    Chase Bell is a LA based pop songwriter/composer who writes, produces, and performs his own unique mix of cinematic pop and funk pop. Chase performs his original music regularly in LA with his funk trio and excites audiences while singing exciting and sexualized lyrics while playing guitar solo’s behind his head!

  • Chrysta Bell

    Chrysta Bell View Profile

    Chrysta Bell(her first name) is a performing artist, recording artist and actress who incorporates dynamic theatrical and multimedia elements into unforgettable performance experiences. Her most recent collaboration with Lynch was on set of the internationally acclaimed Twin Peaks: The Return. In her television acting debut, Lynch cast Chrysta Bell in a leading role of FBI Agent Tammy Preston, ...

  • Drake Bell

    Drake Bell View Profile

    Though he had been acting since he was five, when he filmed in his first commercial, Drake Bell (born Jared Drake Bell in Orange County, CA) didn't start playing the guitar until he was cast in the 2001 TV movie Chasing Destiny, also starring the Who's Roger Daltrey, who gave the young performer his initial lessons. As a teenager, though Bell was focusing on acting, he continued to play mu...

  • Finnegan Bell

    Finnegan Bell View Profile

    Shane Williams and Warren Bazemore have been playing music together since the Honeycombs of USC housed them both in 1994. Through the next decade they would go on to sell over 70,000 independent albums as Silers Bald (along with Jason Jacobs, Marcus Myers, and Laura Story) touring over 200 days a year and landing a record deal with Essential Records in Nashville. After a three year break from play...

  • Gillian Bell

    Gillian Bell View Profile

    Gillian Bell is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music Vocal Performance program. She is no stranger to the stage, having performed in numerous opera and musical theater productions, scene studies and extensive song recitals. She finds herself in constant musical evolution as she explores genres. Miss Bell is currently developing a solo album with Dave Veslocki and Dalton Ridenhour that will f...

  • Jennah Bell

    Jennah Bell View Profile

    Jennah Bell is an Oakland-grown singer/songwriter whose ravenous musical curiosities inspired her own creative wonderland; her quirky songwriting and undefinable genre is a direct product of her proud Bay Area roots. As the architect of all aspects of her musical endeavours, Jennah pulls from a colorful palette of Folk, Soul, R&B, Hip‐Hop, and Bluegrass. Jennah was selected by the Gramm...

  • Jimi Bell

    Jimi Bell View Profile

  • Kenan Bell

    Kenan Bell View Profile

    You can think of Kenan Bell’s arrival as a shining star in the constellation of hip-hop as one of the slowest-developing coming-out parties ever. Bell grew up in the lily-white Los Angeles suburbs challenging stereotypes. He’d look askance at anybody who assumed because he was black and tall he played basketball. He’d smile knowingly at anybody who expected him to be more gangsta than skater. H...

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