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  • The Beatles

    The Beatles View Profile

    So much has been said and written about the Beatles -- and their story is so mythic in its sweep -- that it's difficult to summarize their career without restating clichés that have already been digested by tens of millions of rock fans. To start with the obvious, they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era, and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other...


    WITZEND BEATLES View Profile

  • BritishMania Beatles Tribute Band

    BritishMania Beatles Tribute Band View Profile

    Having performed at hundreds of theaters, clubs, festivals, corporate parties and the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, Britishmania,presented by JDF Promotions, invites you to take a memorable journey through the historic career of The Beatles! The show can feature a spectacular multimedia video from the early 1960s and includes up to 5 costume eras! It begins with The Bea...

  • The Beatnuts

    The Beatnuts View Profile

    An underground Latino crew who moved from being strictly producers to make some action on the other side of the mixing board as well, the Beatnuts first hooked up in the late '80s, with Junkyard Ju-Ju (aka JuJu, born Jerry Tineo) and Psycho Les (born Lester Fernandez) being joined by Fashion (aka Kool Fashion, born Berntony Smalls). After working with the Jungle Brothers, the trio connected with M...

  • Empire Beats

    Empire Beats View Profile

    Sultry New Orleans vocalist Miss Camille Atkinson fronts drummer Mark Boquist’s five to seven piece rhythm band as they explore an expanding book of RockRoll&Soul music ~ familiar and forgotten hits from the past and funky new originals. With songs from every side of the love equation – from joy to lust to heartbreak – EMPIRE BEATS energetic review recalls showcases of another era. It’s great musi...

  • Jack Beats

    Jack Beats View Profile

     The brainchild of Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts), a production duo from London, UK who are not only veterans of the music scene but also multiple DJ champions, and award winning DJs.  Jack Beats represents everything you love about the new wave of British house music. Wobbly basslines, big breakdowns and edgy accapella’s are cut, copied and pasted together to...

  • Sage Beats

    Sage Beats View Profile

    Music producer and DJ from the San Francisco Bay Area. Fusions of Hip-Hop and Electronic/Electronic Dance Music influences.

  • Stylust Beats

    Stylust Beats View Profile

    Known for his sleeveless, whimsical synergy with the fans, Geoff “Stylust Beats” Reich has been creating his own counterculture since he was a teenager. A skate punk and hip-hop devotee, this groundbreaking DJ’s talent for fusing rap hooks and dubstep bass with multiple music genres has earned him the rep as a creative renegade carving his own path. With a style that captivate...

  • Zeke Beats

    Zeke Beats View Profile

    Pay Attention EP now available for free download via Saturate Records.

  • Ryan Beatty

    Ryan Beatty View Profile

  • Erin Beaty

    Erin Beaty View Profile

    Erin Beaty is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Signed to her first record label at the age of 15, she has worked with Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters, opened for and/or performed with some of today's most beloved artists. She finds herself fusing genres with influences such as Sara Bareilles, Grace Potter, and Bonnie Raitt to create an lyrically-driven indie, ...

  • The beau & Bell

    The beau & Bell View Profile

  • The Beau and Belle

    The Beau and Belle View Profile

    Pop music from sunny Southern California's Beach Cities. Writing music from the heart!

  • Mercy Beaucoup

    Mercy Beaucoup View Profile

    The explosive Mercy Beaucoup, Dynamo of Bump and Grind. “Nothing emboldens sin so much as MERCY.” William Shakespeare “I have always found that MERCY bears richer fruits than strict justice.” Abraham Lincoln. Mercy Beaucoup first discovered the lure of the stage through music. A trained classical pianist from the age of 5, she studied with the renowned Francis Ange...

  • Phil Beaudreau

    Phil Beaudreau View Profile

  • Skunky Beaumont

    Skunky Beaumont View Profile

  • Marc Beauregard

    Marc Beauregard View Profile

    For the better part of five years, Marc Beauregard has been scouring the Western United states for waves and writing about his experiences.  A coastal California native, Beauregard studied the songwriters that came before him, taking a particular liking to the lineages of Jackson Browne and James Taylor.  In his search, Beauregard found much more than waves and his documentation of these...

  • Young Beautiful In a Hurry

    Young Beautiful In a Hurry View Profile

    Young Beautiful in a Hurry formed in Los Angeles in 2011. Frontman Brendan McCreary and bandmates Bryan Taylor, Chris Norton, and Pete Griffin create a highly acclaimed sound of classic rock influenced by Queen, Bowie, and Elvis. Their newest record, the Royalty EP, was released this March.

  •  Beautiful South

    Beautiful South View Profile

    Following the disbandment of the British indie pop group the Housemartins in 1989, vocalist Paul Heaton and drummer David Hemmingway formed the Beautiful South. Where their previous group relied on jazzy guitars and witty, wry lyrics, the Beautiful South boasted a more sophisticated, jazzy pop sound, layered with keyboards, R&B-inflected female backing vocals and, occasionally, light orchestration...

  •  Beautiful Things

    Beautiful Things View Profile

    Singer, songwriter and guitar player Dina D’Alessandro was a solo artist who released two full-length albums under her unique but complicated name. She started the ambient pop-rock band Beautiful Things with fellow Los Angeles music scene veterans Billy Budd,Toby Swinehart and Sean X for one reason only: “I wanted to call my music by a name that was easy to say and spell.” The na...

  • The Beauty Room

    The Beauty Room View Profile

    The core of the Beauty Room is Kirk Degiorgio (producer, keyboards, vocals) and Jinadu (lead vocals, keyboards). Though the group didn't make its recorded debut until late 2005, with a low-key 10" single on the New Religion label, Degiorgio and Jinadu first collaborated four years prior, when the latter provided vocals on the former's 21st Century Soul album. For Degiorgio, an early champion of De...

  • Leslie Beauvais

    Leslie Beauvais View Profile

    Born and raised in New Orleans, Leslie Beauvais has music in her genes, heart and soul. She has shared her gift of song around the world, traveling with the Young Americans, performing in the National Broadway touring company of “Les Miserables”, and Off-Broadway in “Hidden Sky”, winner of the Richard Rogers Award. Along the way, Leslie began writing and recording her own s...

  • Darla Beaux

    Darla Beaux View Profile

    Darla Beaux was born to stand center stage. Full of a fiery charisma and charm, not to mention a unique and emotional voice that is far beyond her 14 years of age, she's worked hard to develop a sound that is all her own. Darla caught the performance bug at just ten years old and shortly after was accepted to a Las Vegas-based performing arts school, where she immediately excelled and found her ca...

  • Ed Beaver

    Ed Beaver View Profile

  • Evil Beaver

    Evil Beaver View Profile

    Avant-garde bass n' drum, punk rock duo, Evil Beaver has shared the stage with a diversity of musical artists including notable acts; Agent Orange, Chevelle, David J, Fu Manchu, The Gossip, Nina Hagen, Peaches, The Vibrators, The Briefs, The Objex, Polysics, Rasputina, Semi Precious Weapons, Shellac, The UK Subs, The White Stripes.   EVIL BEAVER was founded in 1998 in Chicago b...

  • Ryan Beaver

    Ryan Beaver View Profile

    Ryan Beaver is a country singer/songwriter signed to music publishing company SMACKSongs. The Texas native moved to Nashville in 2013 to continue pursuing his songwriting and artist career. His latest album, Rx, was critically acclaimed for its “visceral emotional work” (NPR) and Beaver has been heralded as an “Artist You Need to Know” by Rolling Stone. He has wri...

  • Jim Beavers

    Jim Beavers View Profile

    A Texas native, Jim has been an active NSAI member and a valued member of the Nashville songwriter community for many years. He moved to Nashville to pursue a career on the business side of music and spent time as Director of Marketing for both Capitol Records and Virgin Records as well as being a professor at Middle Tennessee State University. His songwriting credits include Luke Bryan’s &l...

  • Killer Beaz

    Killer Beaz View Profile

    With his trademark "Save Up!" refrain, Killer Beaz has become a familiar, beloved performer to millions of comedy fans nationwide. Beaz delivers edgy, high-energy "everyman" style humor that appeals to a wide audience from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida. A gifted storyteller, with tons of punch lines, his shows are fast paced and fun! Beaz's quick wit and mastery of th...

  • Felony Bebop Club

    Felony Bebop Club View Profile

    Felony Bebop Club has been described by many in a dark alley as "a choir with beer." Known for their buzzsaw guitar sound & gritty lyrics reflecting life, love & lust in NYC- this sophomore release will have you short of breath, awaiting the next beatdown.

  • Drew Beck

    Drew Beck View Profile

    : Drew Beck is a bold and unique artist with idiosyncratic guitar skills and a musical creativity that sets him apart from other musicians. Drew’s ability to create sound that is unfamiliar and unconventional yet pleasing to the ear, brings a new meaning to the words “singer-songwriter/indie artist.” His daring sonic style can be heard throughout most of his recorded work. Drew&r...

  • Howie Beck

    Howie Beck View Profile

    Canadian singer/songwriter Howie Beck plays pop music that balances a melancholy undertow with the bright buoyancy of superbly crafted melodies, and the result has made him an international phenomenon almost in spite of himself. Toronto-based Beck made his first album in 1997; the home-recorded and self-released Pop and Crash was primarily made while Beck was stuck in the house getting over a case...

  • Jeff Beck

    Jeff Beck View Profile

  • Cecilie Beck & The Elements

    Cecilie Beck & The Elements View Profile

    Cecilie Beck is a Danish artist and musician, who earned a Master of Fine Arts from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in May 2013. At the Academy's School of Walls and Space department, Beck studied along other artists developing Art-as-Activism in public spaces. During her education she did an internship for Berlin-based artist Annika Lundgren, and went on educational exchanges to Kons...

  • Cory Becker

    Cory Becker View Profile

    It really isn’t surprising that the driftwood-like songs on Cory Becker’s breakthrough self-titled album are the fruit of a man who has spent his life on the road. Moving, yet somewhat distant, this other-worldly essence particularly glows through on the forthcoming single “Under a Tree”. The track brings among us a fast incoming tide of haunting melodies and delicate lyric...

  • Jacq Becker

    Jacq Becker View Profile

  • Jacqueline Becker

    Jacqueline Becker View Profile

    Following the release of her self-titled debut album in July 2010, Jacqueline Becker, a Yale graduate hailing from Orange County, CA, embarked on a three-week tour of Europe, where she received an incredibly warm welcome playing to sold out audiences. While drawing on an array of pop, soul and jazz influences, Jacqueline creates her own refreshing, contemporary work. Her songs combine the surging ...

  • Margaret Becker

    Margaret Becker View Profile

  • Jacq Becker & Marty Rod

    Jacq Becker & Marty Rod View Profile

  • Jacq Becker with Marty Rod

    Jacq Becker with Marty Rod View Profile

  • The Becket Players

    The Becket Players View Profile

    Each spring, we raise funds by presenting a fabulous performance which combines theatre, dancing, singing and a live band. Funds for the Becket Players are raised through ticket sales, advertisements in our program, refreshments sold at the performances, private donations, and generous sponsorships by a wide range of local businesses both large and smallBased in Montreal, Quebec, Becket Players is...

  • Clark Beckham

    Clark Beckham View Profile

    Clark's killer vocals and profound music abilities as a multi-instrumentalist has led him on a journey from busking on the streets to performing on national television in front of millions of viewers. On American Idol, Clark's soulful, bluesy voice outsold every other contestant combined on iTunes and placed him as THE fan favorite and runner-up of the 2015 season. Since Idol, Clark has pe...

  • Tay Beckham

    Tay Beckham View Profile

  • Petula Beckles

    Petula Beckles View Profile

  • Da Beckoning Band

    Da Beckoning Band View Profile

    Rock/reggae fusion band that aims to make you dance and sing. 

  • Elizabeth Beckwith

    Elizabeth Beckwith View Profile

  • Carter Beckworth

    Carter Beckworth View Profile

    Carter Beckworth is a musician based out of Austin, Texas. He released his debut album, Fairweather Grace in 2007. He is also the lead vocalist of the acclaimed hard-rock band, Baker Hotel, with whom he has released two albums, 2008's Baker Hotel, and Hard To Prove (2010). “Beckworth’s voice is smooth, with just the right amount of soulful g...

  • Cloud Becomes Your Hand (ft. members of the Dan Deacon Ensemble)

    Cloud Becomes Your Hand (ft. members of the Dan Deacon Ensemble) View Profile

    CBYH is the live manifestation of a recording project started by Stephe Cooper in 2010: "avant-prog bumping insect rock & roll" (or) "a renaissance faire acid trip underwater in grandma's winnebago." currently working on our first FULL LENGTH album!

  • Gayle Becwar

    Gayle Becwar View Profile

  • Her Bed of Thorns

    Her Bed of Thorns View Profile

    In a music scene where most bands pretty much share the same sound or variations of it, you might be hard-pressed to find a band that stands out. For something different, try Her Bed of Thorns, or sometimes referred to as HBoT. This four piece rock outfit hailing out of Encinitas, CA brings their blend of hard rock and soulful singing that stands out in a scene where screaming reigns king. Armed w...

  • Cameron Bedell

    Cameron Bedell View Profile

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