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  • Long Beach Zombie Walk After Party

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  • The Beaches

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  • Bruce Beacom

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    Bruce was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC. He had an affinity for music at an early age and sang and played in bands throughout high school. He moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 1990 where he went to college and received his Bachelors Degree from California Institute of The Arts in 1994. Bruce returned to the east coast in 1995 and lived in New York City thru 200...

  • The Beagles

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    In Mid-Town Nashville, near Music Row, is a popular drinking spot called, The Red Door. Many nights over the last few years, Ward Davis, Rick Huckaby, and Matt Nolen sat, drinking a brew, talking of all that was going in the Music Biz. All three writer/artists, trying to make things happen in the unforgiving structures that line 16th and 17th Avenue, talking of how it should be, and how it used ...

  • Alicia Beale

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  • Ngaio Bealum

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  • Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop

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    Love Letter for Fire is the name of the collaborative record from songwriters Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) and Jesca Hoop. It’s collection of songs steeped in the tradition of the male/female duet where love – requited and unrequited - takes center stage. Contemplating a duets album for some time, Beam was never able to find the right voice - until Jesca’s music found its way to...

  • Roof Beam Carpenters

    Roof Beam Carpenters View Profile

    the roof beam carpenters are an experimental pop collaboration between songwriter jon titterington and a collective of producers and session players in the los angeles music community. they released an EP in 2011 and a full length record in 2014.

  • Ikaika Beamer

    Ikaika Beamer View Profile

    Born in 1978, Ikaika Makanui Beamer was raised in Hanalei, on the island of Kauai, surrounded by members of Hawaii’s most beloved musical families. Ikaika established his love for music early. A child with a love for reggae, hip-hop and Hawaiian music, he has always been on the edge of the reggae sound creating a style with a combination of the three genres. After college, Ikaika moved to San D...

  • Richard Bean

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  • Sawney Bean

    Sawney Bean View Profile

    Sawney Bean is a punk group from the depths of Bergen County New Jersey. Quite literally considered "bottom of the barrel types" by the community, Sawney Bean produces hi energy, no bullshit rock music. Forced into a D.I.Y mentality at an early age, Sawney Bean produces a raw melodic sound that has not been properly represented in a very, VERY long time. We're doin' it.

  • Shoshana Bean

    Shoshana Bean View Profile

    Shoshana Bean is best known for her roles on Broadway in the smash hits WICKED and HAIRSPRAY, and televised performances alongside Brian McKnight and Bebe Winans. She has performed solo concerts around the world and headlined in the Las Vegas Burlesque revue Peepshow opposite Holly Madison. Her debut solo album Superhero hit #5 on the iTunes R&B charts and her work as a singer/songwriter has b...

  • Soshana Bean

    Soshana Bean View Profile

    Shoshana Bean’s independent solo releases have topped the iTunes R&B and Blues charts in the US and UK in peak positions 5, 3 and now #1 with the release of her latest EP Shadows to Light. Known for her powerhouse vocals, impressive range and energetic and emotional performances, her third studio project gives fans exactly what they want: direct,...

  • Sunflower Bean

    Sunflower Bean View Profile

    Sunflower Bean Set to Return with “Twentytwo in Blue,” a Second Album Made For Today Blue, as Julia Cumming of Brooklyn’s Sunflower Bean points out, is something of a “loaded color.” The word is of course often synonymous with sadness-certainly blues music isn’t known for its laughs. But blue is also the United Nations’ internationally recognized color of peace; the stripe in the rainbow on the...

  • Magic Beans

    Magic Beans View Profile

    The Magic Beans are a band sprouted from the cultural island of Colorado that are set out to bring their unique, genre-blending music to the masses and inspire good times. In the modern age, where things are no longer quite as black and white; the Beans strive to be as inclusive as possible by skirting the lines between many genres within their unique sound. Music can encompass so many differ...

  • Chasing Bear

    Chasing Bear View Profile

    We're going to keep it short and sweet. Self-indulgent story telling just isn't something we're good at. Chasing Bear is an indie/alternative rock band from New Jersey and New York. This little location discrepancy has been somewhat of an issue in regards to playing out, but we're working on it. In the meantime, we have our homemade demos we've released back in July of 2011. We're a fairly new ban...

  • Father Bear

    Father Bear View Profile

    Father Bear is a dimension-splitting gypsy, who chronicles his adventures through time and space with hip-hop infused booty bass.  Los Angeles producers BSTEE and B'Rok are the conduit through which Father Bear communicates, and their stage presence, positive energy, and thunderous bass put the bounce in every party they play.  And while the musical voice of Father Bear fu...

  • Grizzly Bear

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  • Morning Bear

    Morning Bear View Profile

    The brainchild of Denver-based singer/songwriter John Runnels, Morning Bear is an orchestral indie folk project that channels emotion through vivid imagery and intricate melodies. Morning Bear was formed when Runnels quit his dayjob as an engineer and took a one-way ticket to Europe. From the streets of Sevilla, Spain to the botanic gardens of Copenhagen, the songs touch on following your dreams, ...

  • Sugar Bear

    Sugar Bear View Profile

    This is a page for friends and fans of the band Sugar Beat. Like us to keep updated with our shows and newest music!

  • Papa Bear and the Easy Love

    Papa Bear and the Easy Love View Profile

    Music with the intention of connection :)

  •  Bear Hug Jersey

    Bear Hug Jersey View Profile

  •  Bear In Heaven

    Bear In Heaven View Profile

  • Black Bear Tribe

    Black Bear Tribe View Profile

    Lusty and adventurous, Black Bear Tribe is an homage to rock's classic and blues roots, amalgamating its brashness with its capacity for beauty. Whether the hulking trudge of hard rock or the finespun thread of folk music, Black Bear Tribe is a bold cry in the wilderness. Sam Perry's guitars growl with a banshee-echo through leafy canopies; Trevor Ezell's drums thunder the shamanistic whisper;...

  • New Beard

    New Beard View Profile New Beard - strange but beautiful. Creative rock fueled by electrified Tuba, featuring a hobbit with the voice of an angel, a legend-in-japan drummer, a blues-tinged lefty guitar player, and a sweet sax chick!

  • Hunter Beard and Keddy Mac

    Hunter Beard and Keddy Mac View Profile

    Hunter Beard “I’m just a nice guy........just loving life.” Hunter will tell you with a sly smile. At first look you would never know the hardships and turmoil he’s had to face and overcome. And that’s the way he would have it. Growing up in Little Rock Arkansas, Hunter made a name for himself for all the wrong reasons, l...

  • Brown Beard and Von Holt

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  • Epic Beard Men

    Epic Beard Men View Profile

  • Matt Bearden

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  • Battle Beast

    Battle Beast View Profile

    Founded in 2008 on the southern edge of Finland, BATTLE BEAST stands for everything that is good and pure in metal music - crunching riffs, high screams, blistering solos and strong choruses. The sextet takes all the classical elements of traditional heavy metal without being afraid of adding its own flavor to the recipe. Already in the early stages of their career, BATTLE BEAST were to be ...

  • Mechanical Beast

    Mechanical Beast View Profile

  • Midnight Beast

    Midnight Beast View Profile

    A trio of comedy upstarts with musical know-how, The Midnight Beast detonated their very own viral bomb in December 2009 – ‘Tik Tok’. A hilarious parody of the Ke$ha song, it wracked up over 25,000 YouTube hits by the end of the first day and subsequently turned the group into bona fide Internet sensations. Things were never going to be the same again. TMB (for short) – s...

  • Black Beast Revival

    Black Beast Revival View Profile

    Black Beast Revival is high energy dark sexy rock and roll characterized by heavy drumbeats, torrid guitar solos and heavy bass lines with a vocal soul that rein in an eclectic and satisfying sound. Good looking and talented Black Beast Revival is Rock

  • Wild Beasts

    Wild Beasts View Profile

  • Action Beat

    Action Beat View Profile

    The best thing we did was playing a show on a bridge on Christmas day 2005. Everything else is irrelevant.

  • Brut Beat

    Brut Beat View Profile

    Brut Beat is what could be considered as abrasive jazz influenced by an assortment of musical styles from afro-beat to heavy punk, free/bebop/cool jazz and old school hip hop mixing a blend of intricate rhythms.

  • Cold Beat

    Cold Beat View Profile

    Following the release of Cold Beat’s “Worms/Year 5772” EP via bandleader Hannah Lew’s (Grass Widow) Crime on the Moon imprint, Over Me is the Bay Area act’s debut album. Propulsive and taut performances from guitarist Kyle King and drummer Bianca Sparta (Erase Errata) bely Lew’s glassy vocal melodies. A cathartic album, Lew sourced difficult personal experiences...


    CREEP BEAT View Profile

    satan's children never leave him 

  • Dead Beat

    Dead Beat View Profile

  • Evolution Beat

    Evolution Beat View Profile

    Evolution Beat’s fusion of pop and contemporary ska began in the Ventura County/LA underground, where Garrett Stevens built a strong following as the main songwriter, vocalist and guitarist in the band, ElevatorSka (and a history of other SoCal bands) prior to teaming up with producer and studio musician, Kerwin “Skooter” Williams. Williams has worked with artists such as Snoop D...

  • Heavenly Beat

    Heavenly Beat View Profile

    Former Beach Fossils member John Peña has a project called Heavenly Beat, which makes music that sounds exactly like it’s name. 

  • Sugar Beat

    Sugar Beat View Profile

    This is a page for friends and fans of the band Sugar Beat. Like us to keep updated with our shows and newest music!

  • New Beat Fund

    New Beat Fund View Profile

    New Beat Fund birthed when a piggy bank with the words “New Beat Fund” encrypted on it was catapulted into the facade of a corporate building. No joke. Somewhere in that transaction it became apparent a jar full of “fuck you’s” and “I owe you’s” would no longer lend it’s help to an artist. So we started our own fund; no debts to the bullshit, j...

  • Dynamite Beat Puppy

    Dynamite Beat Puppy View Profile

  •  Beat Union

    Beat Union View Profile

    A new wave-influenced punk-pop band from Birmingham, England, Beat Union made their full-length recording debut in 2008 and played a long streak of live shows in support, including the summer's Warped Tour. Citing British new wave influences such as the Clash, the Police, Elvis Costello, the Jam, Squeeze, and Joe Jackson, the band is comprised of Dave Warsop (lead vocals, guitar), Dean Ashton (lea...

  • Jase Beatboxer

    Jase Beatboxer View Profile

    Pushing the boundaries, multi-talented vocal specialist, Jase Beatboxer’s live performances display his talents of vocal percussion and vocal sound effects through live vocal looping.  His improv and interactive performances display a unique blend of human sound effects, beatboxing, DJ-ing, voice-over and stand up comedy, all while encompassing todays technology through electronic ha...

  • The Beatdowns

    The Beatdowns View Profile

    The Beatdowns are an Oi! band formed out of North Carolina in 1997. Ask us if you really care enough to know anything else.

  • Casey Beathard

    Casey Beathard View Profile

  • Tucker Beathard

    Tucker Beathard View Profile

    The first country artist to release a debut double album, singer/songwriter Tucker Beathard’s first installment, NOBODY’S EVERYTHING, was immediately praised as Beathard “bares his soul” (Billboard) on the vulnerable collection. Beathard’s new single “Better Than Me,” taken from the second installment of his debut double ...

  • The Beatjackers

    The Beatjackers View Profile

    The BeatJackers are an alternative/electro/hip-hop quartet made up of artists Lumis, DJ CVD, TES, Yuichi, and the late, great Daniel Blak. We make high-energy party music for the underground. But we'll let the above grounders listen too. In fact, we'll play for just about anyone, just about anywhere. Cuz we love to rock!

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